Top 5 Ways to Get More Marketing Investment in Your Community

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The Top Five Ways to Get More Marketing Investment in Your CommunityPresented by Atlas Advertising & Resource Development GroupApril 4, 2017Atlas is a niche place-marketing agency that brings a strategic approach to connect people to places and goals to results. We work with communities all over the world to grow their economies, attract tourists and talent, and compete for jobs through a modern, strategic approach. About AtlasAbout AtlasStates Countries Communities48 6 450+ MARKET RESEARCH MARKETING STRATEGY CREATIVE DIGITAL1. Develop Your StoryCreate your positioningHow Your Story Comes ThroughThe Promise that you makeThe Value that you can deliverThe Personality of your communityThe Cleveland Story 1. Cleveland is not what you think it is.2. Cleveland isnt dying its growing. 3. Cleveland isnt rust belt its home to the countrys most efficient steel mill.4. Cleveland isnt stuck in the past its companies are reinventing health care and diagnostics. 5. Clevelanders arent self conscious they are proud of where theyre from.2. Know Your Competitors & Create Your Business CaseCraft your story of differentiationWhats Your Selling Point?Tennessee Valley AuthorityThe Tennessee Valley Authority makes it clear why theyre different, and they know the things that make them special. Shown here are digital ads that present not just points of differentiation, but strong reasons for consideration from prospects and investors.Affordability ConnectionShared ecosystem of existing talentTalentConnected to the Bay Area innovation hub as well as 2 top UC schoolsConnectionAffordable real estate, distribution & talent solutionsAffordabilityGreater Sacramentos Value PropositionGreater Sacramento provides access to talent and resources through UC Davis and UC Berkeley, as well as the innovation being developed at both top schools, providing a sustainable environment for the next generation of tech start ups. TalentThe Greater Sacramento Region10 states with the most Fortune 500 HQsCalifornia has 51 Fortune 500 HQs. California companies are 2156% more profitable than Texas companies and 38% more profitable than New York companies. This profit amount includes California state taxes and regulations.CaliforniaMost ProfitableTexasCA is 2156% more profitableIllinoisCA is 120%more profitableMichiganCA is 102%more profitableOhioCA is 272%more profitableNew YorkCA is 38%more profitableNew JerseyCA is 120%more profitablePennsylvaniaCA is 291%more profitableVirginiaCA is 193%more profitableGeorgiaCA is 115%more profitableConnecticutCA is 393%more profitableNOTE: Eleven states included due to a tie between Georgia and Michigan for 10th place.SOURCE: Fortune 500, 2016 3. Do Something, Not Nothing at AllFrom a free economic development website, to a low cost videoLow Cost Value-Adds: VideoGoodyear, ArizonaGoodyear Arizona Economic Development put together a video of companies in the area talking about strategic advantages, quality of life, and business assets. Its a compelling video that shows real examples of businesses and people thriving and why they ultimately chose Goodyear as a backdrop for success. Cost Value-Adds: SoftwareGoogle Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. Google launched the service in November 2005. Google Analytics is now the most widely used web analytics service on the Internet.Google Analytics (FREE)>20% of EDOS USE GOOGLE ANALYTICS REGULARLYLow Cost Value-Adds: SoftwareCrystal is a relatively new Chrome extension that analyzes public data to tell you exactly how to communicate with different individuals with startling accuracy! Using personality detection technology, the Crystal for LinkedIn Chrome extension creates unique personality profiles for every person with an online presence to show you how to communicate with them in the most effective way.(FREE/$49/mo)Low Cost Value-Adds: Software4. Find Your Business ChampionsTell them your story, and ask about participation in your organizationWho Are The People That Make Your Community Move?Chris CiaccioVice President of Marketing and Sales, IMG PerformanceRob Cohen Chairman and CEO of The IMA Financial Group, Inc..Storytelling & InfluencingCalgary, ABThe Calgary region is a great example of an organization leveraging economic outcomes to educate stakeholders. They developed an event called Reimagine: Report to the Community, which is intended to be an engaging discussion about how their economic development work, new ideas, and collaboration are shaping the way they share their story. 5. Show Impact and ResultsThroughmetrics,provethatwhatyouredoingmakesadifferenceforyourcommunityWorkforce + EmployerDataCommunity + Demographic DataMarketing + Peer Benchmarking DataSee Greater Madison region for sample peer benchmarking dashboardOrganizational PerformanceDataSouthwest Michigan First Generating Awareness in Rhode IslandAssignment$24,000/8 monthsReach Results4 Million Targets168 MQLsGuillermo Mazier, CEO1860 Blake Street, Suite B101 Denver, CO 80202913 742-1720 (Cell) 303 292-3300 (Office) Thank You + QuestionsConnect With Us!Atlas exists to empower community greatness. We help community leaders be great because better leaders produce better communities and better communities create more jobs, retain more companies, and attract more visitors. And were constantly motivated in knowing that jobs change the futures of millions of people in communities across the world, raising their standard of living, and improving their outlook. EDC Fundraising Trends Since Global RecessionApril 4, 2017 RDGfundraising.comTRENDS SINCE THE RECESSION PIVOT FROM BUSINESS RECRUITMENT TO PRODUCT IMPROVEMENT 2016 NUMBERS38% 36%32% PIVOT FROM BUSINESS RECRUITMENT TO PRODUCT IMPROVEMENT PIVOT FROM BUSINESS RECRUITMENT TO PRODUCT IMPROVEMENT Talentistopofmind. Shiftingattentiontoworkforcedevelopmenthasbeenstrikingsincethe2016EDIndex.90%ofsurveyrespondentsbelievethathavingaskilledworkforceandalignedtrainingprogramshasbecomeevenmoreimportanttothesiteselectionprocessoverthepastyear.Whenaskedwhathaschangedabouttheireconomicdevelopmentactivitiesoverthepast five years,participantsoverwhelminglycitedtheirincreasedattentiontotalentdevelopment(#1among12factors).Source:AvalancheConsultings2017EDIndexPIVOT FROM BUSINESS RECRUITMENT TO PRODUCT IMPROVEMENT Source: Lakey Boyd, AICP, CEcD Re:Posit Strategies Presentation 01/30/2017 RESPONSE- HOLISTIC, ALIGNED STRATEGY RESPONSE- HOLISTIC, ALIGNED STRATEGY REVENUE ON THE RISE! BUT DIFFERENT SOURCES AND MORE STRATEGICWhile local government funding for economic development has been on a steady decline for the past decade, total available corporate funds are at their highest level ever.Source: Giving USA 2016 Annual Report CORPORATE PHILANTHROPY TRENDSMORE COMPETITION1,571,056# of registered nonprofits in 2016; 50% more than 2006Source: National Center for Charitable Statistics RESPONSE: BETTER STRATEGIES AND BENCHMARKING RESPONSE: BETTER STRATEGIES AND BENCHMARKINGEVOLUTION OF COMMUNICATION In a world of over-communication, EDOs and Chambers of Commerce have had to find new and innovative ways to stand out among the crowd HOW CAN WE STAND OUT?INTERNET DEPLOYMENT Surveys Social Media Crowd FundingCEOS ORGANIZING Minneapolis - St. Paul Greater Milwaukee Committee Saint Louis FINAL THOUGHTS RDG PhilosophyStrategy v. OrganizationTransformational Change v. Transactional RelationshipStrong leadership trumps all other factors Penetrating at the right level = better result Holistic v. A la carte20% of good results come from solicitation; 80% come from prep and follow-upChallenges and OpportunitiesWhats the plan? What is your unique value proposition? Are you aligned? Investor engagement =revenue retentionAre we leveraging our leaders? Dont make promises you cant keep