The 5 Marketing Automation Conditions for Success

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Quantifying Explicit ValueGenerating FullAlignmentShowcasingSponsorship &AccountabilityThere is a specific plan associated with the marketing automation project. The sponsoring executive and the project team mutually agreed a business case that is clearly defined and measurable in terms of strategic, operational, economic and organizational benefit; and a case for user adoption at an individual level.Securing Active CommitmentThere is a track of work for testing active commitment regularly with leadership and the project team. Rooting out passive commitment to the project and/or passive aggressive behaviors regarding marketing automation is imperative. Marketing leaders take personal responsibility for the program, take a stand for success and are seen to take sides on conflicts and difficult issues.Managing Performance RiskManaging Performance Risk Activities are defined in the plan to assure that team performance is routinely monitored and risks are mitigated. Scope for the marketing automation team must be appropriate to obtain the business results desired. A performance evaluation process is in place to assure that the project is appropriately staffed - representing the cross-functional expertise needed to meet the business objectives.The process is defined for generating and sustaining executive alignment; the executive sponsor and associated business leaders are aligned of the marketing automation effort and achievement of intended business outcomes. There is an informed understanding about the complete journey to marketing automation results, and its many challenges and personal implications for employees in their role.Activities are outlined in the plan to demonstrate how leadership is personally at stake and visible to the organization throughout the project. An executive leader or executive leadership team is in place with the positional authority, credibility, skill, resolve, and time to get the marketing automation implementation moving, and maintain its momentum through to results.