Marketing (Automation) Across The Full Customer Journey

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PowerPoint PresentationMarketing (Automation) Across the Full Customer JourneyBuild Your Brand, Drive Demand, and Expand Customer Relationships1DOUG RICKARDChannel Manager, US West / APACAct-On SoftwareCHRISTINE SLOCUMBPresidentClarity Quest Marketing2Overview Recording and Deck will be available What is Marketing Automation? The Buyers Journey Welcome to the Act-On Platform MA & CRM Success Story Q & A3What is Marketing Automation?4MARKETING AUTOMATION? WHAT IS IT?Marketing automation is a category of software that streamlines, automates, and measures marketing tasks and workflows so that companies can increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster. Marketing Automation includes and tracks the digital footprint of multiple channels of marketing, such as: 5BUT WHAT IS IT REALLY?The RightMessageTo theRight PersonAt theRightTimeThe Buyers Journey778% of all buyers start their Purchase with a web search50% turn to social media to look at peer reviews 8The Buyers Journey: Its a Map that you can provideThe Buyers Journey: The way we make decisions nowUnderstand your customers decision making processThese individuals are on an individual journeyThey are at different stages of making a decisionWe need to target them in a relevant fashionQuestions to ask yourself:What would cause them to need you?How will this help them?Why are you better than their other options?MARKETING ACROSS THE FULL CUSTOMER JOURNEYBrand Building and Social Marketing,Getting and Retaining MindshareBRANDDemand Generation & Lead Acquisition,Inbound & Outbound, Working TogetherDEMANDCustomer and Partner Marketing,Generating Advocacy and Reducing ChurnEXPANDTHE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE11It all starts here.BRAND: ATTRACTMARKETING AUTOMATION EMPOWERS YOU WITH:Website trackingCompetitorsSEO auditingAct-On AnywhereProspect starts online.Prospect researches & begins inquiryLocates attractive content based on search resultsProspect identified as anonymous visitor in Website ProspectorFollows social media and continues to interact with contentGOALS: Attract visitors to website Leverage current content to build landing pagesUse social media to find customersGet your content foundLanding pagesA/B test contentTwitter ProspectorSocial PublishThe attract phase is quite simply the one where you get out and get known.Act-On has several important components to help marketers attract customers form SEO, SEM, content marketing and social marketing. Unlike some other systems out there, we dont try to force you to build everything with Act-On. Instead, we seamlessly connect with external systems. For example, if you need to create content, we seamlessly integrate with WordPress, Drupal and many other CMS systems. 12Start to build a relationship with your future customer.DEMAND: CAPTUREMARKETING AUTOMATION EMPOWERS YOU WITH:Contact Us formNewsletter sign-up formGated contentProgressive profilingGOALS: Capture prospect info via formsIdentify content that could be gated with a formInvite prospects to exclusive content, webinars, eventsForm confirmation emailsWebinarsOffline eventsProspect provides contact info through forms, and becomes known visitorProspect locates gated content and submits more contact info to download PDFs or attend webinarsAct-On provides best in class capabilities to capture leads using email, forms and landing pages, your website and online events. Act-On integrates with the major webinar providers and also has an open API to integrate with more systems13Educate your future customer through the buyers journey.MARKETING AUTOMATION EMPOWERS YOU WITH:Buying stages segmentsPersona segmentsDrip campaign for buying stagesA/B test emailsGOALS: Use drip campaigns to nurture contactsSend targeted, dynamic contentCombine profile information with behaviors, and promote more exclusive content Dynamic content for personasContent strategy for exclusive targeted contentCRM adminProspect is nurtured through drip programs with content based on buying stage & persona infoProspect is sent emails with various content to gauge interest & behaviorProspect engages with high-value assets and increases behavior scoreDEMAND: NURTURENurturing is one of the signature capabilities of the Act-On platform. It enables you to score leads based on demographic and behavioral profiles and develop automated nurturing programs that use behavior and demographics to better engage with various types of prospects.14MARKETING AUTOMATION EMPOWERS YOU WITH:CRM sales enablementWebsite Prospector alertsTemplates for salesIdentify Hot ProspectsGOALS: Focus on hot prospectsEmpower your sales team with marketing-approved email templates Give sales all the tools and information tofocus on the best and most qualified leadsGmail/Outlook pluginPersonalized email campaignFunnel reportWebsite Prospector daily reportSales accepts the lead. Prospect visits highly valued content & triggers Website ProspectorProspect receives personal emails from sales rep who tracks engagementProspect classified as hot prospect based on behaviorsSales rep leads prospect to closeTime to close the deal.DEMAND: CONVERT15MARKETING AUTOMATION EMPOWERS YOU WITH:Purchased product segmentsOnboarding drip programTraining webinarsSubscription managementGOALS: Lets keep the momentum goingSupply info and training about purchased productLook for opportunities to upgrade & cross-sellStay engaged - create advocates for your brandCustomer newsletter emailsCustomer milestone drip programExclusive content email (support, upgrade)Now you begin a lasting relationship.Prospect continues to receive exclusive content to promote customer successProspect receives onboarding emailsfrom drip program Prospect joins training webinars and learns about the productEXPAND: EXPAND16Welcome to theThe Act-On Platform17Businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience a 451% increase in qualified leads.(The Annuitas Group) 181920212223242526Marketing Automation & CRM2761% of marketers send all leads directly to sales; however only 27% of those leads will be qualified.(MarketingSherpa) 28MA & CRM: Lead ScoringLead scoring in CRM gives your sales reps an objective system for ranking your leads and taking action.Most scoring systems use ranking criteria that fall into two categories:DemographicsBehaviorPersonaGroup 1: Fixed Data (CRM)Is the user qualified?Group 2: Behavioral DataIs the user engaged?Webpage visitsOpens and clicksTrade show attendanceWebinars attendedIndustryLocation (city, state)TitleAnd all of these benefits are possible because lead scoring gives your company an objective system for ranking your leads.Most scoring systems use ranking criteria that fall into two categories:Category 1 Is the user profileThis answers the question is the prospect qualified to buy?The user profile is primarily composed of demographic and firmographic data, but some elements of persona might also come into play here (e.g. asking whats your biggest challenge in IT today, on a lead gen form)And in Category 2 the behavior dataThis answers the question is the prospect engaged with the brand?This categories measures digital body language like email clicks, website page visits, and interaction on social media. It also looks at offline interactions like sales interactions, or a visit to a tradeshow booth, which we mentioned previously as part of our behavioral layer of segmentation. 29MA & CRM: Lead Scores and Funnel StagesLead Score: 0 10Nurture in Act-OnLead Score: 11 29Nurture in Act-OnLead Score: 30 39Push to Sales via CRM30MA & CRM: Marketing & Sales AlignmentCRM + MARKETING AUTOMATION = THE ENGINE FOR SALES-READY LEADS AND ROI CRM + MARKETING AUTOMATION = THE ENGINE FOR SALES-READY LEADS AND ROI 61% of B2B marketers send all leads directly to sales, only 27% of those leads are actually qualified or ready to talk to sales. CRM and marketing automation working together allow marketers to generate sales-ready leads and provide salespeople with real data to close more business.Success Stories32Clarity Quest: Agency OverviewServices PerformedStrategic, integrated marketing planMarketing budget optimizationBrand architectureMessagingTactical programsCampaigns Marketing automation strategy Content strategy & creation Content syndication Webinars Search engine optimization Public relations Trade showsHealth IT Success StoriesDrip & Nurture Campaigns using Marketing AutomationSEO/Content MarketingHighest ROI CampaignsBased on 15 years of marketing experience. 3586% of all conversions from marketingImproved RFP invitation rate from