Introduction to Growth Hacking

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What is Growth Hacking? You will learn 3 key things about growth hacking as well as famous examples of growth hacking ideas and techniques. This slides were presented during Barcelona Growth Hacking Meetup on 21.10.2013.


Introduction to Growth Hacking + Networking Growth Hacking Barcelona Meetup 21.10.2013 Radek Grabarek Radek Grabarek Senior editor at Softonic 4 years in Barcelona From Warsaw, Poland Geek, startup & mobile app enthusiast @radekg What is Growth Hacking? Simple definition: Growth hacking is a set of tactics and best practices for dealing with the problem of user growth Mattan Griffel - 3 key things about Growth Hacking 1) Intersection Growth hacking is an intersection of 3 areas: PROGRAMMING MARKETING DATA ANALYSIS 2) Based on DATA! - A/B tests Landing page optimization Key metrics Email marketing Onboarding SEO UX 3) Disruption - Growth hacking is disrupting the way companies are organised - Big companies structures: Marketing Data analytics / business optimization Content / products Several teams one team focused on growth Who is responsible for growth? Why do we need Growth hacking? - Its quite easy to build a startup but... Its hard to grow it. - Most companies track only topline and bottomline metrics --> Traffic and Revenue - To grow, we need pirating skills... Growth hacking is for pirates! AARRR! Dave McClure Startup metrics for pirates A: Acquisition - where / what channels do users come from? A: Activation - what % have a "happy" initial experience? R: Retention - do they come back & re-visit over time? R: Referral - do they like it enough to tell their friends? R: Revenue - can you monetize any of this Source behaviour? Best practices: Famous examples Hotmail This email sent with Hotmail. Join Hotmail now AND Get your free email at Hotmail. Airbnb Post to Craigslist feature More info: Andrew Chen Dropbox Incentivized Referral Program Mailbox waitlist More info: The Verge Mint content/SEO strategy More info: Okdork Growth hacking - critics Is a growth hacking just a buzzword? Yes No Growth hacking - something new Google trends - Worldwide - 2004 - present Growth hacking - trendy only in USA Google trends - Worldwide - 2004 - present - regional interest Growth hacking - last 12 months Google trends - Worldwide - past 12 months Growth hacking - critics - Growth hacking is just a bunch of tricks and gimmicks. NO: Without a great product, you cant succeed! Why Growth hacking is great? - It gives you a simple framework, a simple path - AARRR! - One key metric - Experiment, measure, optimise, repeat... SPAII - our hosts Big THANKS to Marc and Xavi Spaii is a cultural center in Barcelona for the outreach of science and technology in space, providing activities for people from all ages including workshops, conferences and spacecamps. Thank you! Growth Hacking Barcelona Meetup 21.10.2013 Radek Grabarek