How to Launch an Enterprise-Wide Content Strategy

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PowerPoint Presentation3/23/16How to Launch an Enterprise-Wide Content Strategy1Email questions to TownHall.QA@cision.comTodays Participation2During todays webinar, attendees will be in listen-only modeIf you are experiencing audio issues, please use the chat box to contact the webinar host.Submit text questions: Q&A addressed at the end of todays session#CisionWebinar2Email questions to TownHall.QA@cision.com3Bernie BorgesCEO of Find and Convert@BernieBorgesCarlos AblerLeader of Content Marketing and Strategy at 3M@Carlos_AblerCaitlin JamaliResearch Analyst, Cision Global InsightsTodays Presenters3Email questions to TownHall.QA@cision.comHow can brands reach the right audience with the right message at the right time?4THREElenses@bernieborges1. Corporate experience.2. Agency experience.3. Podcast interviewer.@bernieborgesdigital Transformation@bernieborgesThe Deck is Stacked Against the Traditional Marketing Department.@bernieborgesDemands from the C-Suite to demonstrate ROI are at an all time high@bernieborgesMarketing is not the sole responsibility of a traditional marketing department.@bernieborgesCross-functional marketing is not an option@bernieborgesThree-Layerframework fororganization-widemarketing@bernieborgesIce Cream SandwichFRAMEWORK@bernieborgesThree characteristics to effective storytelling:AuthenticRelevantActionableStorytelling@bernieborgesSkills needed:Part Quant@bernieborgesSkills needed:Part Crayola@bernieborgesIts the role of marketing to be part networker.@bernieborgesIts the role of marketing to be part detective.@bernieborgesIts the role of marketing to be part journalist.@bernieborgesThe Marketing is Not One Department Mindset@bernieborgesHow does an enterprise business roll out a successful content strategy?21@Carlos_AblerDriving cultural transformation22@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_AblerThe Thought LeaderThe DiagnosticianThe MentorThe AssistantThe EntertainerThe JournalistSpiritual Advisor@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_AblerRelationship vs. transactional38@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_AblerDriving cultural transformation44@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_AblerDriving cultural transformation45@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_AblerQ A, B,Q C, D,Q E, F,Q G, ,,,Visions and Roadmaps for Content/Engagement, Customer Platform and Human Resource RequirementsDeploy, optimize, iterate. Walk and run states.INFORMED Engagement-Tech RequirementsINFORMED Content and application initiative finalization and production requirements. INFORMED strategic plans and further opportunity extraction.Iterate Content-Product, Engagement-Tech and Organization vision. Start human resource planSegment and portfolio-level workshops to develop preliminary engagement plans. Informs opps. planEngagement-Tech focused workshops. Engagement-tech vision and Roadmap.Content-Product and Engagement-Vision and Road-map workshops.Title[Stakeholders identified]ActivitiesActivities@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_Abler@Carlos_AblerUnderstanding Your Audience and Developing Relevant Content5758Curate based on:Demographic / psychographic profileMindsets/Personas Influence, KloutPurchase FunnelKey Stakeholders (investors, employees, partners)Focus groups for product lines Consumer, B2B, specific linesFocus groups for audiences investors, moms, studentsFocus groups for PR/AR/IR high-reach pubs, key commentatorsExamine Key Groups in aggregate Create and amplify relevant contentUnderstanding your target audience (digital ethnographies)5859Case Study: Digital Ethnography on MomsMoms technology use and opinions were driven by how it benefits her family or makes her life easier.How were moms using technology? (entertainment vs. function)What apps were most popular and why?Intersection of parenting and technology5960Insights based on integrated data sets (e.g. traditional and social media channels)Findings that connect the findings from multiple research modalitiesTying multiple sources of data together to understand the big picture6061Case Study: Integrating Business DataA brands offer enrollment data was analyzed in conjunction with social discussion about each of the offers for a more comprehensive view of the initiative.In most cases, buzz ranking aligned with enrollment ranking; cases where that pattern did not persist may indicate that the audience enrolling for certain types of offers were more or less active in social.Assessment of the types of offers that were most popular (i.e. entertainment vs. technology).Did the merchants participate to help boost participation?6162Using social to augment/align with brand tracking dataTraditional survey-based trackers allow a consistent framework to monitor brand healthPositiveNeutralNegativeOver a 20 week periodwhile online listening provides a means to observe how brands are being talked about in an unfiltered environmentWhen paired together, this unfiltered consumer voice uncovers emerging issues not asked about in survey research, and can also serve as a diagnostic tool bringing in an additional layer of depth. 6263Case Study: Brand Health TrackingTraditional survey data noted a lift in NPS, which social insights helped explain.What topics are driving positive discussion for the brand? Are they related to an event?Is the conversation organic? Or are consumers reposting content?Is there a related hashtag? Did it surface organically or is it tied to the brand?63Purchase Decision64Leveraging segmentations and customer journey frameworks to analyze what triggers move someone through the path to purchase.Brand health attributes Decision journeyAudience segmentationsBehavioral segments Media Channels Product categories Reputation drivers Card Members, Cardholders and Prospects Life stages Passions (sports, reading, fitness, gardening, etc.) Mindsets Seasons Holidays Purchase channel Purchase categories (restaurants, shopping, donation, travel)Advertising spotsAwarenessPurchase EvaluationConsiderationCompetitive EvaluationCustomer Decision Journey6465Case Study: An insurance company would like to understand how prospects and customers discuss the purchase of long-term care insuranceKey Findings:Seeking/Exploring consumers were driven toward LTCi because of personal experience with a loved one or by advice from an advisor. Planning consumers were looking for more information and reached out to others on forums for advice. When in the Shopping/Buying stage, consumers were looking for reassurance that they were making a sound decision.Aside from personal experience with a family member, a life event such as a marriage or the birth of a child triggered LTCi discussion. Advice from financial planners also played a role.Some consumers who were early on their path to purchase were seeking information about costs and advice about companies. As consumers moved along in the process, some had specific questions about premiums and coverage and turned to people who had already purchased to get answers.For some, LTCi seemed like a risky purchase if they wound up never needing long-term care. For those who were in the early stages of purchase, the intricacies of some policies were confusing.65Understand linkages between earned media and socialSocial analysis helps to demonstrate impact of news on perceptions and behaviors.See.What content is your target audience seeing?Act.What content prompts engagement?Say.What content drives discussion? What are people saying?Think.What do people think about the content theyve seen? How does it impact perceptions?Do.What will people do/what have they done in response to what theyve seen? 66Conclusion67Questions & Answers68Please enter your questions for the speaker in the chat box of your webinar console or tweet them to #CisionWebinar.Thank you for attending!About CisionCision is a leading global media intelligence company, serving the complete workflow of todays communications, social media and content marketing professionals. By offering the industrys most comprehensive PR and social software, rich analytics and a Global Insights team, Cision enables clients to improve their marketing and strengthen data-driven decision making.Cision also represents:69100,000+ CUSTOMERS@CisionOFFICES IN:Chicago (HQ), Canada, U.K., France, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, Finland and China


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