How To Create Walkaround Videos [That Don't Suck!]

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HOW TO CREATE WALKAROUND VIDEOS [THAT DONT SUCK!]Timmy D James, COOt.james@flickfusion.comTHE TWO TYPES OF WALKAROUND VIDEOS1.Inventoryvehicle details pages (VDPs)2. Personalizedlead follow-upINVENTORY WALKAROUND VIDEOSI have to go find the vehicle on the lot, check out keys, repark...UGH!!TThis sounds time consuming!Its raining!Upload video..send to my CRM....Its HOT!80-85%WHY INVENTORY WALKAROUNDS?completion rate600%WHY INVENTORY WALKAROUNDS?more engagementWHY INVENTORY WALKAROUNDS?The top types of videos auto shoppers search for include vehicle test drives, highlights of features and options, and walkthroughs of the interior or exterior of the vehicle. Time spent watching these kinds of auto videos is up nearly 2X in the past year alone.!4XWHY INVENTORY WALKAROUNDS?Search interest for INVENTORY, to find the right car in stock, is growing more than FOUR TIMES faster than overall auto search interest!TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR VDPsYOUR INVENTORY IS YOUR BIGGEST COMMERCIAL ASSET!Spokesperson / Spokesperson Individual Hybrid (Live Video/Automated Audio)- In-House Photographers (Extract Images)- Photography CompaniesPost Production AudioStyles QUALITYEQUIPMENT:CameraStabilizationAudioWhat style of video will you shoot?VIDEO QUALITYCamera:Mobile PhoneDSLRGoPro4K CameraGet to know your equipment (Exposure Triangle)STABILIZATION MAY DEPEND ON VIDEO STYLEAudio QualityTHREE OPTIONS FOR VIDEO AUDIO1.Talk & shootcontrol your environment!use a wireless microphone!2.Post productionreplace poor audio tracks!3.AutomatedSome use all three!TIPS!Be informative, but EMOTION SELLS!(sell why not just what) The shopper wants to know what is unique or different about this vehicle. (even if just a $1 difference, tell me why) Include CPA Benefits, CARFAX Status, One Owner, Non-Smoker, New Tires, etc. Include dealership USPs (value prop) Do not mention time sensitive data What is your Completion Rate?VIDEO/AUDIO CONTENTINFORMATIONAL & EMOTIONAL ENHANCEMENTS:Use data & integration to add value! MSRP Rebates & Incentives Price Changes CPO content CARFAX Customized specials Time sensitive data can update automatically!TIPS! Dont like them? SUCK IT UP! (they DO have an emotional impact & the consumer WANTS a video presentation) Average 70%-75% Completion Rate Increase Time on Site an Average of 25% Increase Leads an Average of 25%YOU GET THE DATA!Video isnt just about the video(stitch photos at MINIMUM!)VIDEO/AUDIO CONTENTDATA IS THE FUTURE OF ONLINE MARKETING:VIDEO/AUDIO CONTENTToday, half of all car shoppers use their smartphones while at the dealershipThe top action people perform with their phones while on the lot is confirming that they are getting a good price on a vehicle.INFORMATIONAL & EMOTIONAL ENHANCEMENTS:VIDEO/AUDIO CONTENTGeo-targetingVisibilityPSSSSSST.YOUR VIDEO IS WORTHLESS......IF IT ISNT SEEN...BY THE RIGHT SHOPPERTIP!Get more leads from ALL touchpointsBEST PRACTICETo maximize your exposure, SEO value, and Real-Time utilization of your data, YouTube may not be your best hosting option! Blog PostDELIVER ON A LANDING PAGE WITH:1. Dealership Proposition Value Videos2. Testimonial VideosTIP! WALKAROUND VIDEOS35%WHY PERSONALIZED WALKAROUNDS?increase in re-engagement25%WHY PERSONALIZED WALKAROUNDS?increase in lead/appointment rates25%WHY PERSONALIZED WALKAROUNDS?increase in appointment/show ratesI have to go find the vehicle on the lot, check out keys, repark...UGH!!TThis sounds time consuming!Its raining!Upload video..send to my CRM....Its HOT!Mobile Apps Can still be a time consuming process: Check out the keys Find the vehicle on the lot Move the vehicle Do your walkaround Park the vehicle Walk back inside Check in the keys Upload your video (if sending out via CRM)CustomVoiceoverCustomVoiceover Eliminate shooting multiple videos of the same vehicle Use high quality inventory video Video plays while personalizing audio Faster than walking out to the vehicle again Can do off-site Can add background music Easy to send to via CRM Same host means more data Use Landing Page WAYS TO PERSONALIZE YOUR WALKAROUND VIDEOS1. Use a gimbal & wireless mic OR Custom Voiceover2. Say the shoppers name3. Answer their questions4. Sell WHY not just WHAT5. Sell the appointment6. Add website call-to-action to request a personalized walk-around7. Use data to trigger alerts or messages via all of your other videosUSE A LANDING PAGE Include your dealerships Value Proposition Video Include your Introduction Video Include a Customer Testimonial Include a similar vehicle walkaround video or the Model Test Drive videoTIP!Sell the dealership, sell yourself, sell the car!Timmy D JamesChief Operating