5 ways to make your brand more memorable

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<p>Whimsy and Wonder</p> <p>I Think An Idea 1-888-240-0606info@ithinkanidea.com5 Ways to Make Your Brand More Memorable</p> <p>Is there a right and wrong way to brand yourself (or a company)?</p> <p>If you ask any marketing expert, the answer is yes. So how you build your branding strategy is crucial. </p> <p>After all, its why some brands fail and others excel. </p> <p>If youre currently attempting to make a name for yourself, then you need to ensure your branding is memorable. Heres how you can do just that. </p> <p>Come up with a unique name. Generic names are the fastest way to make your brand forgettable. Think Google, Yahoo and SnapChat. </p> <p>Remember, less is more when it comes to products and services. Being a Walmart or typical diner that offers pretty much everything, wont make you stand out. Delve into a niche. </p> <p>When expanding, opt for beginning a new brand. Expanding your brand can spell trouble for your business if what youre offering is a little out-of-the-box. </p> <p>Advertise what you do, not your products and services. In other words, sell the sizzle not the burger. Emphasize the benefits of what you offer, not the features. </p> <p>Ask leads for reviews and ratings. Eighty-eight percent of consumers rely on them when deciding to purchase from a brand. </p> <p>www.ithinkanidea.com/ www.facebook.com/ithinkanidea www.youtube.com/user/ithinkanideasem www.twitter.com/ithinkanidea </p>