5 Methods to Get More Backlinks to Your Site

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1. How To Build Quality Backlinks That Drive Visitor & Conversions. 5 Methods For Getting Backlinks Roy Povarchik July 2015 Webinar 2. Roy Povarchik Content Marketing & Growth roy@roypovarchik.com @roypovar 3. Getting Backlinks Using Quality Content 4. Today we will cover: The basics of backlinks and content marketing 4 Traits you need to start building links today 5 Ways to build backlinks 5. What You Need To Know About Backlinks To Get Going 6. What Are Backlinks 7. Link building is the process of acquiring links from other websites to your own. 8. Google Ranking Traffic sources 9. Doesnt Google Punish Sites For Link Building? 10. Focus On Quality 11. Link Building And Content marketing are a Great Match 12. Trustworthy Quality New opportunities Exactly what google wants 13. Anchor text distribution Link to Inner-landing pages Quality over quantity 14. 4 Traits You Need To Have To Start Building Links Today 15. Basic research Content Creation Write Good Emails Social Media 16. 5 Ways To Build Backlinks 17. Guest Blogging Resource Pages Useful Content Stock Images Related articles 18. Guest Blogging 19. Write Blogposts For Other Blogs 20. Quality content Aim for high PR Context Brand awareness Multiple links 21. Look for relevant blogs 22. Blogs youre already reading keyword + submit a guest post See where other influencers write Traffic sources Search Twitter: keyword + guest post 23. Choose the right topic 24. General blog agenda Content focus What works best Writing Style Content depth 25. Pitch Your Guest Post 26. Network beforehand Send a well crafted email 27. The Email 28. Subject line Readership Proof Who Am I Reason for pitching introduce your topic introduce your main points CTA 29. The Backlinks 30. Author bio Contextual links Inbound Links 31. Resource Pages 32. Get Other Websites To Add You To Their Resource Page 33. Google Search 34. Keyword + inurl:links Keyword + inurl:resource site:edu keywords links 35. Check Authority With Mozbar 36. Check: Are they linking to homepages or deep links? 37. Send An Email And Reason Why You Should Be On Their Resource Page 38. Create A Link Worthy Resource 39. Create A Resource Other People Will Need To Link To 40. Ultimate guides Glossary Interviews Stats & Research Infographic How-Tos 41. How To Create The Right Content 42. Google Keyword planner SEMrush Buzzsumo Quora 43. Find what existing resources are out there and create something much better 44. Up to date More in-depth Better design More details 45. Reach out to site owners that have already linked out to similar content 46. Contact The Sites That Are Linking The Content Youve Improved 47. Brian Deans Email Template 48. Stock Photos 49. Stock Photos Are In High Demand 50. As blogging gets bigger, people will need more real-life sock photos. 51. Visit blogs in your niche Understand what photos they need Take a camera / hire a photographer Create 50 stock photos Royalty Free - Include link Reach out to blogs in your niche Reach out to stock photo sites 52. 52 Related Articles 53. Enrich Others Articles 54. Instead of creating even more content, leverage the one you already have 55. Search Google For relevant Keywords Map best results from 10 pages Remove all sketchy / too big Send email suggesting your article 56. It All Comes Down To One Thing 57. Its all about creating quality content worth linking to and reaching out to the right people 58. Thank you! 59. Roy Povarchik Content Marketing & Growth roy@roypovarchik.com @roypovar