10 things not to say to your CMO

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10 things not to say to your CMOFrom the Marketing Nation Summit (Las Vegas)May 11th, 2016Based on Bryan Semples talk2+ 7500 attendees+ 100 latest marketing trends talksWill Smith, Alison Levine, Gary Briggs,1 2 33# 1Happy FridayWhat the CMO hears:I dont like working here and I cant wait for the weekend4# 2The event was greatWhat the CMO hears:I ordered chairs, sat behind a table and took badge swipes handing out $10 goodies5# 3Happy Monday (sarcastic)What the CMO hears:My happy weekend is gone and now I am back working for you L6# 4Lets brainstorm on thatWhat the CMO hears:I dont want to work on this, so I am going to lock you in a room for an hour and make you do it for me.7# 5Dont worryWhat the CMO hears:You should worry8# 6I am in charge of strategyWhat the CMO hears:I dont do anything.9# 7I am the support for project ___What the CMO hears:See #610# 8In my opinion ___What the CMO hears:I hope that for once I will see the data that supports this opinion11# 9I will put something on your calendarWhat the CMO hears:You just lost an hour12# 10Sales isnt ___What the CMO hears:I have a poor relationship with the people at sales13Want to know more?#THoMinVegas&@THoM_newsThe House of MarketingCulliganlaan, 2cB-1831 DiegemBelgiumOffice +32 (0)2 704 91 61www.thehouseofmarketing.beJoin us on LinkedInFollow us on Twitter