Unicorn Network - How to start earning with fun

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Welcome to Unicorn networkWonderful Opportunity to Enjoy...Power of FREEPower of WE1Welcome to Unicorn networkUnicorn networkUnicorn network Is a Network of Websites with Highest Privacy & Security Standards. With just one Log in you have access to all Advantages & Rewards for FREE.- Enjoy Benefits of all Sites.Unicorn networkUnicorn network is always FREE to join No Investment as Start Up No Compulsion to Buy anything No Monthly Repurchase / Maintenance Just Use Online Services & Get Reward Share it with Friends & Get Reward Get Reward on Earnings of your 5 Level Family Same Family Structure is retained for All SitesGetting StartedUnicorn network is always FREE to join First login to http://www.wesharesuccess.com Update your Personal Details & Self Picture Update Proof of Identity (Aadhar Card or Passport Both Pages in one file) Getting Started Login to http://www.perfectinter.net Set Up 5 Boxes on Home Page & Earn 100 DP Perfect Search Worried about Privacy while Search ? Use Perfect Search7Perfect Search Worried about Security while Search ? Use Perfect Search8Perfect Search Easy Search Options from all sitesAll Member sites of UNICORN NETWORK has Search Option on Left Top of HeaderJust Click it & Pull down menu will appear with variety of options for Secured Search 9Perfect Search Earn While you SearchSearch Bonus : Earn 0.1 DP (Deal Point) per Search you Do. Family Incentive: (Power of We) Earn 10 % of DP (Deal Point) Earned by your 1 5 level Family Members 1 DP = 10 Search 1 DP = 1 Cent10Bobl fun & earn Go to Settings of your BrowserMay be Google Internet Explorer - Mozilla etc.Set BOBL as Start Up Page http://www.bobl.us Bobl fun & earn - Using BOBL is a Great Fun with colorful PAD. BOBL is much Better Experience than other Social Sites You can Post on FB / Twitter etc from BOBL- Get Reward for using BOBLBobl fun & earn Using BOBL is a Great Fun - Invite Friends Share Picture Video Text Link etc Categarised Search makes you more Comfortable Earn 1 BC (Bobl Cash) / 10 Minutes of using BOBL Maximum security Using Pernum is a Great Security Being UNICORN Member you are also part of Pernum Pernum is Unique Online & Privacy System in Pre Launch.Maximum security Using Pernum is a Great Security Login to www.pernum.com & get your FREE Pernum number. You can get your Choice Pernum by making payment through your Earned Deal Point also.Jackpot directory Wanna Enjoy FREE Jackpot ? Login to http://lottomadness.net16Jackpot directory Wanna Enjoy FREE Jackpot ? Login to http://lottomadness.net17Cashback marketing Wanna Boost your Marketing Power ? Login to http://cashbackmarketing.online - Buy Marketing Units - Use Innovative Marketing Strategies & - Expand your Business18Cashback marketing Dont have Sufficient Budget ? Login to http://cashbackmarketing.online - Buy Marketing Units - Park it with GMP & Earn up to 1% Daily Cashback - Use Later for your Advertisement Campaign.19Cashback marketing Dont have Budget at all ? -Promote Marketing Unit.Earn 20 % Commission on your Direct Sell Earn 2% Family Bonus on Sell by your 5level Team -Buy Later & Start your Advertisement Campaign.20FREE shopping club Wanna Use DP Earned for Shopping? Log in to http://www.freeshopping.club Choose you Product Pay with DP 21Power of FREEpower of weRule is very Simple.. Use FREE Services & Earn DPSell Services / Products & Earn $sBuild your Team (Unlimited Direct Referrals)Help them to Build their Team Earn Family Incentives on DP / $s Earned by 1-5 level Family Members22How to Build Team ? It is very Simple.. - You have wide range of sites at Unicorn Network But People will join the site having activity of their choice. Identify interest of your Friend & send Invitation Link accordingly. General Format of link is www./ Examples PERNUM http://www.pernum.com/ CBM http://cashbackmarketing.online/ Unicorn http://unicorn.network/23Use Support SystemThis is Online System so you must have Speedy Internet Connection Laptop / Desktop / Smart-Phone / Tablet Skype ID / Hang Out ID / WhatsApp cell no Share it with your Sponsor or me Communicate for support you needDr. Harish Dave WhatsApp 091 9925025728Skype ID AmpleMoneyHang Out ID dave.harish24Great Future awaits for you.Dont under estimatePower of FREEPower of WE25