7 Ways to Get Your Ship Together

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7 Ways to Get YourShip TogetherYour Guide to Staying Organizedand Minimizing StressMulti-Tasking is a MythTools to Keep You OrganizedTake Notes and Follow-ThroughClearly CommunicateEat. Break. Sleep.Stop Looking Like a Hot MessFollow the ProcessHow to Stay Organized at Work"Multi-tasking arises out of distraction itself."- Marilyn vos SavantMultiTaskingisaMythIt's Time to Get OrganizedStart scheduling your daysand consider your priorities.What'sapriority?Whatneedsmoretime?Whatcanbereasonablyachieved?Howmuchtimeisneededtocompleteeachtask?Learn to Say "No"... but Stay Positive!I dont have time at the moment, but can I work that into my scheduleand get it over to you at a later date?I understand this is a priority. Is it possible to reschedule one of mycurrent tasks to make room for this request?Id love to assist. However, Im currently working on a project and wontbe able to give the task my full attention. Is it possible to find anotherteam member who can assist?ConsiderYour Responsehmm...Equip Yourself with the RightOrganizational ToolsEvernoteTeamworkPM GoogleDriveQuipTake Notes that Make Sense!Make sure your notes are relevant. Do they tie into a goal?Do your notes make sense to you? If they dont, how is your teamgoing to understand what needs to be done? Make it simple and clear.Organize your notes. Have separate tasks and requests tied to aspecific goal rather than creating a long list.Live in the moment. As soon as youve finished with your meeting,prepare your notes and communicate them to the team. Youll befresh out of a meeting and will have a better attention to detail.How to Take NotesCommunicateand be clear.Ask the RightQuestionsWhat has been requested?What has made the request?Is this a fire alarm?Does this fall within their scope of work?Are there any extra costs?Give Yourself a Break!EAT!SLEEP!BREAK!Be Happy!Get YourselfTogetherStop Looking Like a HOT MESS!!!!Follow the ProcessStop Taking Shortcuts!!!!Work with your teamto achieve your best results.StaytheCourse!Avoid sinking your ship.Follow our Blog!http://www.revitalagency.com/digital-marketing-agency-blog/@RevitalAgency RevitalAgency RevitalAgency