Editing Images: How to Edit Images Using Picmonkey

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Tutorial 1: How to Use Editing Tools of PicMonkey to edit an image and create a wonderful picture ready for Facebook or blog posts.


  • 1. HOW I0 Edit images Using P i W/ i ()sfs1si:i i-. r t l l - Colors I IAuto adjust Neutral picker r .sample:cropped + flipped toright + warmied 89. ~31 EflilitlAuto adjust Cl. -iAli: *.i?El T:click the button to clarify the image 90. Auto adjust5E ,1c, =:i_i' l Tt : tfit 2 rm lSlilplie * Clarty v Unsharp rriaskCancelOren V Szrve Share 0 I click and drag the bar to adjust claritylax 91. ~31 Eflilitl Auto adjust 3.1:,I , cItaShar it Sharp I click Apply to set the changes ordone 92. ~31 EflilitlAuto adjust I sample:cropped + ipped toright + warmied + claried 93. ital ll 5 o o :3: i ' iiir Resize ii:if XC size to 525E [l{7CERiSgE"$ -1 ('1 ** r- vi: iL1c, :-. b_1::click the button ifCancelon this stage 94. L.74-31 ll si,. i :3:E percentagesCancelT %.j.ofI you decide to change the sizeof the image 95. ll 31~. r1drli 2.:5 rci II. . . Tlll'd'T ~'%~*"il Resize Cliawge 'Z: lZE to 77.X 525 Use percentages Keep proportions CancelV_Slzaie.v, .._,,_ 9- F fV!I*' 7 iv:v- .s.x.in ft 3*V; _. '4' Iclick Save 96. CF; Save this masterpiece to my computerFile nan-9 2ede. elr3:ertea'*ilZlE lug AQtialitjF Pi: -e Sean I .at quality grind le size Di! -? li3lC iii : x 525Fire size Hit it KBtlanrelHaing truutte SC-irilig _iIll, lI photo?give the image a new name 97. CF; Save this masterpiece to my computer Quaht; Rug-FF H: -': eGreat QLISW, good me weUm-znarana 7711x525He 5.129 H3 C!VB CameHa. mgtr:3ut19 aamg _p]LJLChC1ID7choose an image le type 98. 9; Save this masterpiece to my computer We nan2EIi>? .EiDCiEi7.>?3"iUE log 'Quaiit, Ri: iger Pi: -is SeanGreat quaiity gizicd ie 5iZ9Um-aiisraiia Vi 1x525Fiie size iii?it KB CarineHairig trciutie saying _iIii, ii chCitc7select a file size (quality) 99. CF; Save this masterpiece to my computer Frie nan2e: ie. eir3:xertea'*ii]E log 'Quaiit, Rrager Fr: -': e Seam < SGreat quaiity gizicd ie 5iZ9Di! i-Eii3iJii3 Vi Ix 525Fiie size iii?it KB CarineHairig trcrutte aamg _Ir: ii, ir chCitc7Did you enjoy the cool names 100. 9; Save this masterpiece to my computerFiie hate2e: ie. eii3:xertea'*iUE log 'Quaiit; Fxr: iger Pr: -: e Sean