E-shop Survival Kit in a Comparison Shopping Engine - 6+1 Dos & Dont's

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E-shop Survival Kit in a Comparison Shopping EngineThe Skroutz experienceChristos ChionisAccount Managerchionis@skroutz.grmailto:g.dimitriou@Skroutz.gr232005 2013 2015#A few things about us4100+ Greece12 TurkeySkroutz HQ1.600m2#The most popular website in Greece51.780+ merchants10,2million products150 mil.pageviews880.000 searches/day5,4 mil.unique visitors#The power of Skroutz community62.500+product reviews / month1.100+shop reviews / month75.000Total User feedbacks380.000 registered usersWhere are all these data coming from?Survival Kit6+1 Dos & Donts#1. Make your e-shop visible9 . . ; www.kostaspapadopouloskinita.gr deco ;What do visitors say:10 Simple, easy to remember domain name Short & descriptive URLs Search Engine Marketing techniques Presence in Comparison Shopping Engines #1. Make your e-shop visible#1Make your site more visible to everyone (Google included) #2. Offer a unique 1st time experience11 xx , ; site . . ; ; What do visitors say:12 Interesting welcome page Detailed privacy policy & Terms of use Accept & show customers reviews Track pages where people bounce#2. Offer a unique 1st time experience#2Take care of your first impression#3. Help visitors find what they search for13 HDMI ! . ! !What do visitors say:14 Website easy to navigate Reasonable product categories Your search button works properly Study what people are searching for Up sell & cross sell techniques Deliver state-of-the-art Customer Service! #3. Help visitors find what they search for#3Help visitors find what they want#4. Focus on your products15 Watt ! ... , ; ;What do visitors say:16 Original content & informative product descriptions Tell a story for every product Answer frequently asked questions Be accurate about price & stock levels#4. Focus on your products17 Use beautiful, high quality photography Provide alternative angles of the product Give multiple color options (if available) Provide videos (if possible) Utilize a blog for product presentations#4. Focus on your products#4Present products the way they deserve it!#5. Dont let visitors abandon you18 ( ) ; , ; !!! ;;;What do visitors say:19 Show all charges up front Offer appealing shipment methods and costs Provide various payment methods - Payments via credit Card is not optional, its a must!- Have at least one online card payment method- Provide installments if possible#5. Dont let visitors abandon you Orders* with credit card20% (200 - 400 cart)30% (400+ cart)*Post capital control data20 Less clicks to the destination = Checkout Provide a quick, easy & clean checkout page Look for exit pages Introduce online chat to help with the procedure #5. Dont let visitors abandon you#5Reduce customer abandonment!#6. Convert visitors to loyal customers21 ! 30 , . 50 . , ;What do visitors say:22 The first purchase should be absolutely right! Send promotions & incentives via e-mail Design & communicate a loyalty reward scheme Ask your customers for feedback after the purchase#6. Convert visitors to loyal customers#6Encourage repeat purchases23#6+1. Mobile usability8%59%23%11%17%Continue using a smartphoneContinue with another deviceFind another site that works betteron a smartphoneCall or visit storeTry again laterWhat do people do after encountering issues accessing websites via smartphone ?Source: The Consumer Barometer Survey 2014 / 2015#6+1. Mobile usability25 Resize to fit: use Responsive design for your site Design a mobile friendly checkout Create a mobile native app Avoid technologies which do not work well on mobile (e.g. Flash elements) #6+1. Mobile usability#6+1Go mobile!26Listen to the voice of your customers!&- Honest- PatientThank you!