Who Says You Can’t Be a Millionaire

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Who Says You Cant Be A Millionaire? Think of what is holding you back and take away all the excuses and blame. Learn more about self growth and personality development to achieve your dreams.


  • 2. Who Says You Cant Be A Millionaire It wasnt too many years ago I realized how I got in my own way, sometimes without evening being aware of it. I was a realist and I was proud of it. Dreams dont always come true, you dont get everything you want in life and life is just hard, sometimes for reasons unknown. To back my beliefs, I took a close look around the world and saw that everything I believed in was true and boy did it feel good to be right. Only a small percentage of people live the lives they dream of and I was not one of them, but that did not feel good. Then one day it hit me like a ton of bricks. I had heard someone say, who says you cant be a millionaire? and before anything else could be said, a little voice in my head said, you. That voice was talking to me, and for first time I truly understood that it was only me that stood in my way. Person A tells you that you can get anything you want in life, doesnt matter how big or how small, you can get it. Your dream job, house, car, money, wife, kids, holidays, it doesnt matter what it is. Person B tells you the complete opposite and will make a very strong case, by proving that if you look at the world, there is plenty evidence that person A is wrong. In this example, persons A and B are both right. It is your choice whom to believe in and if you take a close look at the world, most choose to listen to person B. I know I did for many years and for me it was a wrong choice. I wasnt living to my fullest potential. Are you living to your fullest potential? Please dont tell me that you are happy, because that is not the question I asked. The truth is that most of us dont like taking the time to
  • 3. analyze our lives properly, so we quickly revert to saying, but Im happy. We get up everyday, go to work and go through the motions of life. It is scary and heartbreaking when we look at our lives and realize weve accomplished a fraction what we desired or hoped to accomplish. Yes, you may very well be happy knowing that things could be much worse and that you are happy with life in general. This is a perfect start! But are you living to your fullest potential? Think about everything youve dreamed of doing with your life thus far. How many things have you accomplished? Do you have the career, relationships or freedom you wished youd had? If youve dreamed of traveling, experiencing all of the adventure there is to experience in this world, why havent you done it? If theres any thing youve thought of doing but havent done it as of yet, whats holding you back? Think really hard and then take away all excuses and blame, and you will find that it is only you, and the way youve chosen to think that stops you. Some of you probably hate me right now, because you have a million excuses and reasons as to why you are unable to live the life you dream of. I can relate. I was one of those people who had a smart and sarcastic answer for everything. But put your dislike for me a side for the moment. Dont blame your parents, politicians, the system or society in general. Look at all the people you admire in this world, your favorite sport stars, musicians, movie stars or entrepreneurs and ask yourself, what is the difference between those people and you? Theres only one answer; theyve chosen to believe in person A. So Ill ask you again, Who says you cant be a millionaire? Here are some people you may or may not have heard of before. I think you may find it inspirational to watch. Click on each name to watch the videos. John Ilhan Magnus Scheving (Icelandic Cartoonist) Arlene Dickinson Steve Jobs Heres a kool program called, The Science of getting Rich, to help you wrap your head around money and financial issues.