Use of mobile technology by healthcare professionals - part 1

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La rivoluzione digitale in sanit spinta anche dal fatto che sempre pi medici e professionisti sanitari si avvalgono della tecnologia digitale per migliorare le loro prestazioni professionali, semplificare le parti burocratiche del loro lavoro, archiviare i dati dei loro pazienti, migliorare lerogazione del servizio sanitario, implementando soluzioni digitali per il monitoraggio dei loro pazienti.


<ul><li> 1. FONTI: Epocrates - USEOFMOBILETECHNOLOGYBY HEALTHCAREPROFESSIONALS By next year, 9 in 10 healthcare providers will use smartphones, and nearly as many will have adopted tablets Almost half of all respondents are digital omnivores, defined as clinicians who utilize a tablet, smartphone and laptop/desktop computer routinely in a professional capacity. DIGITAL OMNIVORES DIGITAL OMNIVORES DIGITAL OMNIVORES Mobile devices continue to transform the work lives of physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. More than half of physicians affirm daily tablet use, as do about 2/5nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Leading the charge of mobile technology integration in healthcare are digital omnivores, who utilize a tablet, smartphone and laptop/desktop computer routinely in a professional capacity. increase in digital omnivores in the last year 68% of healthcare professionals expect to utilize all three digital platforms within the next twelve months. 83% 2012 99% 2013 100% expected by june 2014 100% 2012 76% 2013 86% expected by june 2014 94% 2012 34% 2013 53% expected by june 2014 85% 2012 28% 2013 47% expected by june 2014 82% Digital Omnivores to be continued use of... use of... use of... METHODOLOGY This report is based on a quantitative survey of 1,063 healthcare providers from the Epocrates market research panel, conducted in May 2013. Of the 1,063 healthcare providers who participated in this survey, the specialty and occupation representation was as follows: 128 Physician Assistant 125 Nurse Practitioner 204 Primary Care 202 Oncology 203 Cardiology Psychiatry 201 On average, respondents saw 308patients during a typical month spent 93%of their time providing direct patient care Average years of experience of respondents were 13-27years </li></ul>


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