EHR Implementation: The Ultimate Guide to Change Management

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  • 1. EHR Implementation The Ultimate Guide to Change Management

2. Table of Contents Introduction How to Prepare for Change Management Prepare to be a Good Pack Leader Prepare Your Practice Training Go-Live Conclusion Implementation Kit 3 5 7 14 17 23 28 31 2 3. Introduction In the wild world of healthcare, change doesnt come in small doses. Instead, it comes in the form of new regulations and mandates that can be hard to keep up with. Its likely that your practice is facing the challenge of adopting a new EHR. Some practices get started with EHR implementation feeling excited about their new system, only to end up feeling like they are up a creek without a paddle. We think that one of the easiest ways to avoid that stranded feeling in your practice is to have an Office Manager that takes an active role in managing the change the EHRs will bring. Think of the implementation process like a camping trip youre going to take with your staff. Someone needs to take on the responsibility of being the pack leader and getting everyone through the camping trip safely, and thats the Office Manager. Like camping, EHR implementation brings out mixed feelings. Some people love the adventure and see themselves becoming one with nature, some people loathe the idea and only picture themselves sleeping on dirt and swatting away bugs. The bottom line is this: some of your team members may find it exciting while others might fear it. 3 4. Introduction Those who are afraid of change will be resistant at some point, so you need to be prepared for that resistance and have a plan to help alleviate it, just as you would on a camping trip. (Ex: Oh you hate bugs? Good thing I, the fearless Pack Leader, thought ahead and brought bug spray!) Anticipating change is what change management is all about! We want you to be a prepared Pack Leader, so weve put this eBook together to make change management a positive and memorable experience for your practice. Were going to cover: How to Prepare for Change Management How to Get Yourself Ready for EHR Implementation How to Get Your Practice Ready for the Change How to Maximize Training How to Go-Live Successfully plus, were giving you an Implementation Kit! So strap on your hiking boots because were walking you through the steps of how to prepare your practice and yourself for change management! 4 5. Like what you see so far? Fill out the form and download our free eBook now! For more eBooks, visit


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