[eBook] EHR Implementation: The Ultimate Guide to Change Management

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  • EHR ImplementationThe Ultimate Guide to Change Management

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    Table of Contents

    IntroductionHow to Prepare for Change Management Prepare to be a Good Pack Leader Prepare Your Practice



    ConclusionImplementation Kit




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    IntroductionIn the wild world of healthcare, change doesnt come in small doses. Instead, it comes in the form of new regulations and mandates that can be hard to keep up with. Its likely that your practice is facing the challenge of adopting a new EHR. Some practices get started with EHR implementation feeling excited about their new system, only to end up feeling like they are up a creek without a paddle. We think that one of the easiest ways to avoid that stranded feeling in your practice is to have an Office Manager that takes an active role in managing the change the EHR will bring.

    Think of the implementation process like a camping trip youre going to take with your staff. Someone needs to take on the responsibility of being the pack leader and getting everyone through the camping trip safely, and thats the Office Manager. Like camping, EHR implementation brings out mixed feelings. Some people love the adventure and see themselves becoming one with nature, some people loathe the idea and only picture themselves sleeping on dirt and swatting away bugs. The bottom line is this: some of your team members may find it exciting while others might fear it.


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    IntroductionThose who are afraid of change will be resistant at some point, so you need to be prepared for that resistance and have a plan to help alleviate it, just as you would on a camping trip. (Ex: Oh you hate bugs? Good thing I, the fearless Pack Leader, thought ahead and brought bug spray!) Anticipating change is what change management is all about!

    We want you to be a prepared Pack Leader, so weve put this eBook together to make change management a positive and memorable experience for your practice.

    Were going to cover:

    plus, were giving you an Implementation Kit!

    So strap on your hiking boots because were walking you through the steps of how to prepare your practice and yourself for change management!

    How to Prepare for Change Management How to Get Yourself Ready for EHR Implementation How to Get Your Practice Ready for the Change How to Maximize Training How to Go-Live Successfully


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    How to Prepare Your Practice for Change Management

    You wouldnt lead a bunch of adults on camping trip without a clear and detailed plan, right? The same goes for your EHR implementation process. Preparing your practice for a new EHR ahead of time can minimize the stress and costs that come with the process. With proper planning and training, youll be able to spend your time and effort in places that need the most attention and use the time you saved to focus on your patients.

    Prepare to be a Good Pack Lead


    - Lead the Project

    - Understand Change from Your

    Staffs Perspective

    - Understand Impact on Your Sta

    ffs Workflow

    - Communicate Vision and Bene


    Prepare Your Practice

    - Evaluate Staffs Computer Profi


    - Make Sure Everything Works

    Training- Dedicate Time

    to Training

    - Know Your Resources and Use T


    - Stay in Contact with the Trainin

    g Team

    - Track Training Progress





    X- Take It Slow- Communicate Regularly- Refer to Support Options- Expect HurdlesGo-Live


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    Weve broken the implementation process down into 4 phases to help you better manage the changes you should expect. Follow the map to get to your destination!

    Prepare to be a Good Pack Leader- Lead the Project- Understand Change from Your Staffs Perspective - Understand Impact on Your Staffs Workflow- Communicate Vision and Benefits

    Prepare Your Practice - Evaluate Staffs Computer Proficiency- Make Sure Everything Works

    Training- Dedicate Time to Training - Know Your Resources and Use Them- Stay in Contact with the Training Team- Track Training Progress





    X- Take It Slow- Communicate Regularly- Refer to Support Options- Expect HurdlesGo-Live


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    Prepare to be a Good Pack Leader The first phase of the implementation process starts with you! Youre taking on the role of Pack Leader, so it is your responsibility to take care of your team and get them through the process with as few bumps, bruises, and bites as possible. In addition to helping everyone survive in the wilderness, its your job to get everyone on board with the changes. Its the best first step to making sure that the implementation process runs smoothly.

    Remember, your team needs a leader they can count on. Start by preparing yourself and understanding the responsibilities that come with overseeing the implementation process.

    To prepare yourself as the office manager, youll need to:

    Lead the Project Understand Change from Your Staffs Perspective Understand Impact on Your Staffs Workflow Communicate Vision and Benefits

    Being the pack leader is a lot to take on, but its a whole lot easier when you know what to expect.


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    All good pack leaders lead by example. That means you getting excited for the change that the new EHR will bring! If youre negative about the EHR implementation your team will be too. Keep it positive and remember that with the new EHR, youll be able to manage the practice better and see more patients, which can lead to improved patient care and more efficiencies in the way you do your daily tasks, just to name a few.

    Leading the EHR implementation process means staying involved every step of the way and overseeing the process from start to finish. Youll be doing everything from working with the EHR vendor, to coordinating staff training, to making sure that everyone is still following best practices after go-live.

    This means that your responsibilities include: scheduling and assigning individuals and teams to complete tasks, setting up meetings with the staff and EHR vendor, adjusting schedules to accommodate training sessions, and everything in between.

    Its a big task, but we know that you are up for it!

    Prepare to be a Good Pack Leader

    Lead the Project


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    This is a big one, possibly one of the most critical aspects of change management when it comes to EHR implementation. Unfortunately, its often one of the most overlooked too. Before you can get your staff on-board with the change that is coming their way, you have to really understand their perspective.

    Like planning a camping trip, you and some of the staff may be really excited while the rest of the team doesnt feel the same. You cant ease their fears and get them to embrace the adventure if you dont know how they feel. So try putting yourself in their shoes.

    Some common reasons for change resistance include:

    We explore these reasons further in the next page.

    Prepare to be a Good Pack Leader

    Understand Change from Your Staffs Perspective

    Fear of learning something new Not understanding the vision of the new process Seeing change as a top down appraoch Management failing to create and demonstrate benefits


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    Fear of learning something new: There might be fear of not being able to learn the new system fast enough, which can impact your staffs perceptions of their job stability.

    Prepare to be a Good Pack Leader

    Reasons for Change Resistance:

    Not understanding the vision of the new process: Your staff may think that the change is a management decision and they are being forced to learn something they did not have a say in.

    Seeing change as a top down approach: Because your staff wasnt involved in the buying process of the new system, they may feel like their opinion doesnt matter and no one considered the impact it would have on them.

    Management failing to create and demonstrate benefits: Learning a different way to complete the same task can seem like extra work, especially if your staff thinks that the old way of doing things is best. Your staff may not see the point of the hassle of learning something new.


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    Their concerns may result in negative attitudes and a lack of cooperation. And lets be honest, its crummy to feel like you or your opinions arent valued. Its your job to keep the team from regressing in to one big ol pity party, even if you feel that your staff isnt entitled to feel this way. Just acknowledge the fact that it could happen and have a plan to address the resistance.

    Show the team that change isnt necessarily a bad thing! They might be surprised to know that often times, the things they fear might not be as scary as they think!

    Talk to your staff to see how they feel about the change and be there to offer individual support if needed. Be the person that your staff can approach when they have questions.

    Prepare to be a Good Pack Leader


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    Its not enough to simply understand why your staff will be resistant to change. You need to have a good understanding of how the change is going to impact their workflow. Everyone will be impacted differently, depending on his or her role in the practice. So, do you know what everyone does? Do you understand their day-to-day tasks? If you give them advice, will they think that you are stepping in when you dont know their tasks as well as they do themselves?

    Youve got to have a real, credible understanding of what your team does and what impacts them on a daily basis. Start by thinking of your office in terms of the different areas of focus like front-office, exam lane, and back office. What are they doing now? How will their jobs change when the new EHR arrives?

    If you havent participated in every different aspect of the practice, take some time to spend time with them now. When you understand your staffs workflow, youll be better prepared to explain the benefits that theyll experience with the new system.

    Prepare to be a Good Pack Leader

    Understand Impact on Your Staffs Workflow


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    Once you really understand your staffs perspective, and how the new EHR will impact their daily tasks, its time to address their concerns. Help them see that even though this EHR adventure may have some rough terrain, its going to be rewarding in the end. If they have a specific concern, counter it with concrete benefits and aspects in which their work-life will improve, if they hunker down and embrace the process!

    You dont want your team to just go through the motions, and you dont want them to feel like there is no end in sight. Mitigate that by keeping them excited along the way. Everyone feels better about doing something if they see it as a team effort and if they understand that they are in this together. Communication is key to ensuring that your staffs concerns are addressed and it is important that everybody shares the same vision.

    Dont simply start leading the project and telling your staff what to do. You need to keep your staff informed. Let them know that everyone is valuable to the team effort and everybody will play a role in the implementation process and use of the EHR system.

    Prepare to be a Good Pack Leader

    Communicate the Vision and Benefits


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    Prepare Your PracticeOnce youre prepared to lead the project, its time to get your practice in fighting shape. You wouldnt start camping without making sure that everyone has what they need and knows the plans, so dont venture into EHR implementation that way.

    Do you know everyones strengths and weaknesses? Do you have a timeline? Do you know whats going to happen throughout the implementation process? You need to get answers to all of these questions in order to really prepare your practice.

    So just like how youd prepare for your camping trip, youll need to get your practice in shape by:

    Evaluating your staffs computer proficiency Knowing the implementation plan


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    How proficient is your staff with using technology? Are they afraid of it or do they embrace it? EHRs are a major introduction of technology, so know what their computer-threshold looks like. Your most tech-savvy team members are like the experienced campers. They will know how to pitch a tent and use a compass. Those that arent as savvy will need more instruction. It doesnt mean they cant do it, it just means they need a Pack Leader who is patient and will show them the way.

    But, if your practice is moving from another system, is your staff only useing it to complete a task a certain way? How adaptable are they to different platforms? Most importantly, can they think critically about how to interact with a different system? Some of your staff might need a refresher course on their basic computer skills to get them prepared.

    Find out if anyone is uncomfortable using the computer and get them up-to-speed with basic computer training, either through resources online, or a community college if your practice has the budget for it.

    Prepare Your Practice

    Evaluate Staffs Computer Proficiency


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    Youll need a solid plan that you and your staff can follow throughout the implementation process. Think of it as creating a camping environment with an agenda. When everyone knows what they can expect and when, they can be better participants in the process.

    Communicate your expectations to your vendor of when you would like the system to be available and work with them to come up with a timeline and a go-live date. Also, make sure that you know what tasks you and your vendor are responsible for. Many EHR implementations get delayed because the practice is slow to provide information to their vendor. You dont want to be the one holding things up!

    Get answers to the following questions to help build a timeline:

    Prepare Your Practice

    Know the Implementation Plan

    When can you and your staff start training? How long will training take? When will the system be complete with your special feature

    requests, integrations, and data migrations? Is there anything you need to submit to your EHR vendor to

    move the process along?


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    TrainingOnce youve assessed your team and prepared them with basic skills, and youve got a solid grasp on the implementation plan, its time to venture out into training! Lets go back to that familiar camping analogy for a minute. You need everyone to not only know what they need to do when, but also how to do the things that they are assigned. So it goes without saying that youll need to learn how to use the system before you can go-live.

    It can be frustrating for your staff if they are having a hard time learning the new system, and it might validate their fear of not being able to learn something new. There are many ways that change management can help you and your staff cope with training. All it takes it some dedication and your part as a manager to make sure that everyone is on track.

    Steps to ensure the success of the training process include:

    Dedicate time to training Know your resources and use them Stay in contact with the training team Track your staffs training progress


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    Training is absolutely critical to the success of the implementation process. Thats why you did a good amount research on your vendor and their training program, right? Now its all about staying on course and dedicating time to training.

    Lets be clear, when we say that we want you to dedicate time to training, we dont mean that we want you to only focus on training. Training can get intense and stressful when done without a break. On top of majorly impeding upon your ability to serve your patients, closing your practice for a whole week to train your staff may be counterproductive when they cant get a break from the software. So thats not what were talking about doing.

    Were saying that you should make time in the day where your staff can focus on training. A good way to get your staff to complete training is to bring lunch in, so they can learn during their lunch hour. If you choose a cloud-based system, you can assign homework so that your staff may practice and complete tutorials from home.


    Dedicate Time to Training

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    A common misconception practices have is thinking that every employee needs to learn every feature of the EHR software. This will only lead to confusion and frustration among staff. Your staff should only be trained on areas that they are going to use. After you define their roles and tasks, certain EHR vendors allow you to assign separate training modules.

    This is another area where many practices slip up in EHR implementation. The practice is busy and they put off training repeatedly. Before they know it, weeks or months have gone by and no one is trained. Thats a good way to get stranded, so dont let it happen to your practice!



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    A good EHR vendor will have detailed training programs and resources for their customers. These resources are like a good camping tool kit. By reviewing whats available, youll know what youve got available to use. Most resources are usually made available online so you can learn at your own pace and convenience.

    Utilize all the resources, even if you think you already know how to use the system. Are there videos and tutorials to show you how the system works? Are there quizzes that you and your staff can take to test your knowledge? What about a knowledge base to refer to if you have a quick question? There will also be times when you need live help. Does your EHR vendor have live training or Q&A sessions with your trainer?

    These are all good resources to use during your training. And if your vendor offers them, make sure that your staff is using them.


    Know Your Resources and Use Them


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    We all know that it takes two hands to clap! So its not enough to just count on your vendor to do the work for you. Work closely with your vendor to make sure that everything is on track.

    If they prescribe a certain course of training action, follow it! Complete all the assignments and homework tasked to you by your trainer or account manager, and keep in contact with them about your progress to make sure youre on schedule for go-live.

    Its completely normal to go through some S.O.S moments, so resist the urge to take the figure it out approach. That would be like having a map of the campgrounds but deciding to venture out without it. You might be okay, but whats the point? Youre making things a lot harder, and a lot scarier, than if you just relied on the map. The same goes for training.

    Reach out to your vendor when you need help. Your vendor should be willing to hold your hand through the process and offer support as needed.


    Stay in Contact with the Training Team


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    You wouldnt send a team member off the campsite alone if they dont know how to get back. Letting your team jump in to using an EHR without being sure they are trained is not much different. They are probably going to get lost and someone is going to have to rescue them, there might even be tears involved.

    So, lets avoid that! Plus, your go-live date may vary depending on how fast you and your staff learn to use the software. As the Pack Leader, youll need to track everyones progress, help those who might be falling behind, and seek out resources that can help with training. Some EHRs have training programs that allow you to track the progress of your staff, such as the number of online lessons theyve completed or quizzes theyve passed.

    Tracking your teams progress also allows you to make sure that the new process is implemented correctly and its actually whats best for your practice. See if your team has become inefficient with the new software. Find the cracks within the workflow. Think about what information the next person who deals with the patient needs, and how everyone can ensure that he/she has all the information they need. Its important to point out inefficiency with the new system at this point, and fix it as fast as possible.


    Track Your Staffs Training Progress


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    Go-Live Youve prepped, youve planned, youve trained, and maybe youve all gotten matching khaki shorts! So what does that mean? Its time to go-live! Your go-live day is basically when you and your staff show up at the campsite in a big company van, pile out, and start camping. Some people are setting up tents, some are getting food organized, some are collecting fire wood, and youre overseeing it all.

    Going live is not that much different. Everyone is now playing their part! Your practice is finally ready for patients and everybody knows what they are supposed to do. But dont forget that everyone is still getting use to the system and processes can still change. (You do your best to keep it on course, but remember you have to be flexible.)

    Change management doesnt stop at go-live, you should still:

    Take it slow Communicate regularly Refer to Training and Support Options Expect hurdles


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    It is very important that your practice goes live with the new system only when youre ready. Youre dealing with actual patient data so make sure that everyone is comfortable with the system and using it efficiently. Your EHR vendor knows your go-live date and they should be on standby for support if any issues pop up.

    Especially challenging is moving away from paper records, its going to take some getting used to. To make the transition easier, you dont have to start with electronic records right at go-live. Here are some suggestions on how to take things slow:


    Take it Slow

    Chart only new patients electronically while the patient is in the office. The established patients can be entered at the end of the day, then slowly increase volume of electronically charted patients.

    Chart only particular kinds of exams electronically with the patient present, i.e. only Comprehensive exam, or only CL Fittings, then increase to include more exam types.

    Chart one patient per day electronically with the patient present, and increase as you go.


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    Sitting around a campfire and reflecting on the day is a nice way to create a sense of unity when camping. Regular meetings about the EHR implementation process can have the same effect on your team. They dont have to be long, but you should use these meetings to encourage your staff to ask questions and ask for help when needed. Dont let them struggle through the process without communicating.

    Get your staff to note issues that arise throughout the week and bring them to the meetings so everyone can review and compare notes and work together to solve them, and prevent it from happening in the future.

    Keep your staff involved by asking them to seek ways to improve the practices workflow, especially parts they are in-charge of, and communicate their suggestions and feedback to you. You should work to continually improve your workflow, even after go-live.


    Communicate Regularly


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    Remember those resources provided by your vendor for training? Those will still come in handy after go-live. If you see your staff struggling to use the system after go-live, send them through training again. Get them to watch the training videos, review the knowledge base, and if your vendor offers structured learning, get them to take the quizzes again. Instead of just making sure that they pass the quiz, make sure that they are getting perfect test scores.

    And, if you need further support from your EHR vendor, do not hesitate to reach out to the support team to answer any questions you have.


    Refer to Support and Training Options


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    Just like any worthy adventure, you are bound to face some obstacles and rocky waters. Things are not always going to be smooth sailing, and youll still face some hurdles even if you think youre prepared. But dont let that discourage you or your staff. Everyone is still new to the system and it will take some getting used to.

    While you are working through those hurdles, it is a good idea to notify your patients of the new system so you can request their patience for any delays.

    Remember, change management doesnt stop the day of go-live. You should continue to provide support to your staff and learn new things along the way. You and your team have come this far, so dont let obstacles stop you. A good leader should be adaptable, so expect the unexpected and work as a team to get through it.


    Expect Hurdles


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    ConclusionWeve reached the end of our adventure with this eBook, but its time to start yours! We know that managing change in your practice can be tough, but we hope that weve prepared you to be a great leader so that you can navigate your team through your EHR implementation journey.

    By preparing yourself and your practice, staying dedicated to training, and taking it slow at go-live, youll be able to help your practice cope with change management and start seeing the benefits and even a positive return on investment for your EHR. Dont fear change, embrace it!

    Be sure to check out the implementation kit weve included at the end of this eBook to help you get started with your adventure!


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    EHR Success

    Time for ChangeReady to get a new system implemented in your practice? Check out Uprise, Practice Management & EHR by VisionWeb. Its our cloud-based practice management and EHR software, and it has complete certification for 2014 Meaningful Use.

    Wed be happy to answer any question you have about the system and the implementation process. Well be here to help you through all the stages of the process and make the transition as smooth as possible!


  • Implementation Kit for Office Managers

  • StartYourUprise.com

    Implementation KitImplementing a new system and process is hard for any practice. To help you get started, we developed this implementation kit to give you a number of templates and checklists that will guide you through each step of the process mentioned in the eBook.

    The Implementation Kit includes the following:

    Talking Points: Benefits of an EHR Talking Points: Impact on Workflow Computer Proficiency Test Go-Live Timeline Template Training Assignment Template Go-Live Checklist


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    Talking Points: Benefits of an EHR Think of this as a pep talk for your staff if they are having trouble understanding why your practice needs a new EHR. Just like how a Swiss army knife is a staple to any adventure kit, a practice management and EHR solution has many tools packed into one, and is integral to the success of a practice! Refer to pages 11-12 of the eBook.

    Why Your Practice Needs an EHR:

    On top of just staying compliant, a certified EHR: Helps improve patient care significantly by reducing the risk of medical errors and

    increasing accuracy of the diagnosis with the help of clinical decision support in the system

    Improves care coordination within the healthcare industry and allows patients to be more involved in their health

    Streamlines your workflow Reduces billing errors Cuts down mundane administrative tasks Helps manage both the medical and financial aspects of your practice

    Electronic health records are becoming a government mandate and practices will start getting financial penalties under the Meaningful Use Program if they do not participate with a certified EHR by 2015.


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    Talking Points: Impact on WorkflowThe big picture benefits of an EHR may be great, but your staff would probably be more interested in how an EHR will impact them directly. Weve provided talking points of the benefits related to each feature according to the workflow.

    We realize that some roles may overlap in your office, but this is meant to give you a starting point you can tailor to your practice. Refer to pages 11-12 of the eBook.

    Weve broken down the standard workflow into three sections: Understanding the Front-Office Workflow Understanding the Exam Lane Workflow Understanding the Back-Office Workflow


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    Scheduling: The front-desk staff can stop relying on a scheduling book or Excel sheets to schedule patients. Your practice management system will be able to help them schedule patients and check on their status. Multiple staff members can view and edit the schedule as needed, so the next staff member checking the schedule will always have the most updated version.

    Pre-Testing: All equipment being used to complete the pre-test should be synced up to the EHR, which means that the technician or optician wont have to deal with reporting the results on a paper form and handing it over to the next staff. Data can now be directly imported into the EHR for the doctor to use.

    Patient Recall: Instead of setting reminders on the calendar to call patients and making follow-up calls, the system may have automated solutions for patient recall and reminders.

    Patient Portal: Patients will be able to make appointments through the patient portal which reduces your time spent on the phone. The front office staff will also be able to receive questionnaires through the patient portal before the appointment, reducing time it takes for staff to fill out administrative forms.

    Understanding the Front-Office Workflow


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    EHR: No more paper charts for the doctor! An exam can be completed in just a few clicks and even in less time when using the EHR correctly. The doctors job is made even easier if the system automatically populates diagnosis and treatment.

    E-Prescribing: Sending in all prescriptions electronically reduces time spent on the phone with pharmacies. The E-Prescribing tool in the EHR system should also allow the doctor to view patients insurance eligibility to help determine the most cost effective medication for them. The doctor will be able to verify accuracy of the patients medication history through the E-Prescribing tool of the EHR.

    Patient Education: Written care instructions take time away from the doctor and may easily be forgotten by the patient. EHRs allow you to send educational materials to patients electronically and can help reinforce the diagnosis by ensuring your patients remember their in-office discussion.

    Patient Portal: Simply send all follow-up care instructions electronically during the exam to the patient portal, and the patient will be able to review it after the appointment. This reduces the hassle of printing or writing out instructions, and increases the patients retention of the information.

    Understanding the Exam Lane Workflow


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    Claims Management: If you are currently submitting paper claims, a practice management system can relieve a lot of the burden of manually filling out forms and reconciling payments, and ensure that you get paid faster. If you are using a clearinghouse, you should be able to integrate it with your practice management system. That way, your staff wont have to relearn how to file a claim.

    Reporting and Analytics: A practice management and EHR can provide you with more analytics to manage the financial side of the business. Instead of just looking at the books and your profit margins, many practice management systems come with reporting tools that can help identify issues such as billing errors and unusual billing patterns.

    Ophthalmic Product Ordering: Calling or faxing in orders to the lab is an inefficient way to order ophthalmic products. Sending orders through your practice management system will ensure that your orders are correct when you submit them to the lab. And if you already use an online ordering solution, just like a clearinghouse solution, its one less thing for your staff to learn if you can integrate it with your practice management system.

    Frame Catalogs: Frame sales are a big source of revenue for your practice, so you want to make sure that you are pricing your frames accurately. With the right system, you wont have to spend time manually importing pricing data or looking up the frame measurements from catalogs, your practice management system will be able to help you manage inventory.

    Understanding the Back-Office Workflow


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    Computer Proficiency TestOne of the first steps to preparing your practice for the EHRs arrival is to assess your staffs computer proficiency. Print the following template for each staff member. Refer to page 15 of the eBook.

    Staff Name: Role:

    Yes / No

    Yes / No

    Yes / No

    Basic Computer Skills

    Recognize and start a software application / program

    Save a document

    Locate and open a saved file

    Basic Email Skills

    Access e-mail system using username and password

    Compose and send an original e-mail message

    Reply and attach a file to an e-mail message

    Basic Internet Skills

    Recognize and launch a Web Browser

    Go to a specific web address

    Scroll through a Web Page and click on links

    Yes / No

    Yes / No

    Yes / No

    Yes / No

    Yes / No

    Yes / No

    Needs to work on basic computer skills

    Needs to work on basic email skills

    Needs to work on basic internet skills

    Ready for EHR Training


    Which best describes your staff?

    Comfortable with computers and prefer paper records

    Familiar with routine tasks, but struggle if updates are made to the software

    Comfortable with computer programs and can pick up changes relatively easily

    Well versed in using computers and have no trouble adopting new software

    Computer guru can answer questions about computers and technology


  • StartYourUprise.com

    Preferred Learning Style Questionnaire Use this questionnaire to ask your staff their preferred training method and match the available resources provided by your vendor according to your staffs preferences. Refer to page 20 of the eBook.

    Staff Name: Role:

    Quick basic overview and can figure out the rest by playing with the tool

    Help documentation and video tutorials

    To be part of a community and search through a forum

    A step-by-step guide

    Structured online seminars

    Interactive webinars or online workshops




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    Go-Live Timeline TemplateUse the template below to build a timeline for your go-live date. Work with your vendor to get these dates scheduled and be clear of the responsibilities you and your vendor are in charge of. Refer to page 16 of the eBook.

    EHR Vendor Your Practice

    Integrations - Labs - Suppliers - Equipment/ Devices - Third Party Tools Data MigrationSpecial Feature Request - Request 1: _______________________ - Request 2: _______________________ - Request 3: _______________________Other Setup (e.g.: Insurance) - Setup 1 : _______________________ - Setup 2: _______________________ - Setup 3: _______________________Data VerificationTraining

    Date of Completion(Check whos in charge)

    Go-Live Data:


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    Training Assignment TemplateRemember, not every employee needs to learn every feature of the system. They only need to be trained in areas they are going to use and are relevant to their roles. Check only the modules that each staff needs to be trained in. Refer to page 19 of the eBook.

    Staff Name: Role:



    Patient Recall

    Complete training for the following checked:

    Additional modules:



    Patient Education

    Patient Portal

    Claims Management

    Ophthalmic Product Ordering

    Frame Catalogs



  • StartYourUprise.com

    Go-Live ChecklistThink your practice is ready to go-live? Use this final checklist to make sure youve completed all the tasks needed to go-live!

    All features in the system works seamlessly together

    System is complete with integrations and data migrations

    Staff have completed training and are comfortable using the system

    Update phone messages and signs in the practice notifying patients of new system and requesting their patience

    Go-live date has been confirmed, and EHR vendor is on standby for support


  • Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Uprise is a product of VisionWeb, the leading provider of software and technology solutions to the optical industry. As a technology pioneer in the eyecare industry, VisionWeb aims to drive practice efficiency through the delivery of dynamic solutions, all available via the Internet. Services include direct-to-supplier online ordering, online multi payer insurance transaction processing, and Uprise, a completely cloud-based practice management and EHR solution. With over 30,000 connected ECPs, over 400 suppliers, and thousands of insurance payers, VisionWeb services are to the benefit of opticians, optometrists, oph-thalmologists, optical manufacturers, laboratories, distributors, and payers alike.

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