fight anxiety and depression with activity

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Fight Anxiety and Depression With Activity /blog/general-tips/fight-anxiety-depression-activity/We frequently talk about ways to live a healthier and happier life. However, most of theinformation that we discuss is about physical health. In order to be truly healthy, its alsoimportant to focus on positive mental health. May 2nd to 8th is Mental Health Week inCanada. During this week, all Canadians are encouraged to talk, learn, engage andreflect with others on issues relating to mental health. There are a number of reasonswhy a focus on mental health is so important. Your mental health impacts just aboutevery aspect of your life. If you are not feeling well mentally, your work, personalrelationships, family life and physical health will suffer. Therefore, its extremelyimportant to focus on mental health and to take steps to ensure that you are doing whatyou can to care for both your physical and emotional well-being. Exercise can help with mental health, especiallywhen it comes to anxiety and depression. Not only does exercise help you feel physically stronger, but it alsoimproves your mood and gives you a stronger sense of well-being. Nearly all physical activity has benefits for bothyour body and your mind, however, here are a few specific activities that can help improve your mental health:YOGA: Yoga is often considered a complimentary treatment for depression. Those who take yoga classesregularly report significant reductions in stress, anxiety, anger and depression. Not only does yoga helpimprove your range of motion and core strength, but it also helps you focus on your breathing, which iscalming and helps your mind slow down and focus.HIKING: Hiking, especially in the wild, has a calming effect on the mind. It helps reduce anxiety and stressand provides your brain with a mental break that is good for your mental health and well-being.RUNNING: Running has been shown to improve mood in many ways. It has a positive affect onneurotransmitters such as serotonin and norepinephrine, which improve mood and create feelings ofhappiness and energy. Running may also make it easier for you to sleep at night, which has many positivebenefits ranging from lower stress levels to improved memory.Unfortunately, for many people, there is a stigma around getting help for mental health issues. They are worriedabout admitting that something is wrong, afraid of appearing weak or concerned about what other people maythink of them. However, getting help is part of the recovery and it takes courage that should be celebrated. Gettingprofessional help for a mental health issue is just as important as getting help for a physical issue. Each personspath to positive mental health is different. Talk to a doctor or counsellor if you are having mental health issues thatare affecting your life. For example, if you experience dramatic changes in sleeping or eating habits, if you feelunable to cope with daily life, if you experience delusions, hallucinations or suicidal thoughts or if you turn tosubstance abuse to deal with your problems, you should speak with a professional. 1/1 Anxiety and Depression With Activity


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