Celebrate Learning with Health Promotion Programs

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An overview of learning opportunities offered by Health Promotion Programs. Presented as part of "Plan Your Learning Path! An Open House Demonstrating Learning Opportunities for Staff and Faculty" (a UBC Celebrate Learning Week program- October 26, 2009)


1. Learning Opportunities from Health Promotion Programs Suzanne Jolly, M. Ed HSE Coordinator (Health Promotion Programs) Department of Health, Safety and Environment 2. Health Promotion Health promotion is the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve, their health. World Health Organization, 2009 3. Why Invest in Prevention? The cost of prevention is less than the cost of treatment. 4. Why do we care about health/wellness at work? Reduce absenteeism Increase retention and recruitment Increase productivity and work satisfaction Increase communication and teamwork Develop further safety and security in the workplace 5. Healthy UBC Programs Free Health Prevention Programs for Faculty and Staff 6. Upcoming Large Scale Programs Faculty Culture and Meaning-Making (Oct. 27) THRIVE Week (Nov. 2-6) Mental Health First Aid Training (4 sessions- Wednesdays, Nov.4-Dec. 2) Amazing Race Health Challenge (5 weeks- starts Nov. 2) QPR Gatekeeper Training (Nov. 20 and Dec. 8) Screening Mammography Program (Nov. 25-26) 7. One Hour Workshops Power Walking Club (Mondays & Fridays) Caregiver Education Information Workshop (Oct. 28) Resilience: Learning to Roll with Lifes Punches (Oct. 30) Communication in Family Life (Nov. 4) Balance in Life (Nov. 16) Managing Stress (Nov. 20) Newlywed and Building a Future (Dec. 4) 8. Learn with the Healthy UBC Network The Network is a group of individuals who (often on a volunteer basis) coordinate health programs for their units/departments Join the network and become a health ambassador We offer semi-annual Retreats that feature training on health Winter 2009 Training- December 3, 2009 9. Sign Up for the Healthy UBC E-Newsletter Its the easiest way to be informed about health programs on campus. 10. Healthy Workplace Initiatives Program Fund A fund designed to support health workplace initiatives and share examples of good practice. It is available to all UBC departments, units and operational committees. 11. Other Opportunities from Health Promotion Programs Breastfeeding-Friendly Spaces Healthy UBC Network Office Ergonomics Representative Program Healthy UBC Twitter ( www.twitter.com/healthyubc ) 12. Free (and Sustainable) Ways to Promote Health Potlucks Walking, Running, Stretching Programs Community Resources Support Groups Staff/Faculty Resources Organizational Changes (policies and practices) Show and Tell, Share and Do Partnership programs with HPP 13. Check our website for more information: www.hse.ubc.ca Suzanne Jolly, M.Ed HSE Coordinator (Health Promotion Programs) Phone: 604-822-8762 Email: [email_address] Website: www.hse.ubc.ca Twitter: www.twitter.com/healthyubc


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