Strategies for Managing Human Centered Design Projects_Alva

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<ul><li><p>THE ROLE OF DESIGN IN </p><p>RESEARCH AND THE ROLE OF RESEARCH IN </p><p>DESIGN </p><p>Soumya Alva Anne LaFond </p><p>Core Group Spring </p><p>Meeting 2015 </p></li><li><p> Impact of public health programs Did the intervention work? What was the effect on the target group? </p><p> Performance evaluation To improve the quality of the program </p><p> Other questions How or why did the intervention work? Implementation research Operations research </p><p>Research and Evaluation in Public Health Programs </p></li><li><p> Input of the end user in program design and planning </p><p> Continuous process of iteration and program adaptation </p><p> Pivot or change in design </p><p>Programs using Human Centered Design are Different </p><p>Evaluation is challenging </p></li><li><p> How have things changed during the life of the project? </p><p> Attribution: What is the impact of the intervention? </p><p> Is the Theory of Change valid? What is the value/effect of design? Is the project different because of the </p><p>application of HCD? </p><p>Evaluation Questions to be Answered in HCD Programs </p></li><li><p> Document how design thinking approaches were applied at different stages of the project </p><p> Document the effect of applying design thinking techniques </p><p> What are the supporting factors and barriers to success? What was the role of design thinking? </p><p>Additional Analyses to be Conducted in HCD Programs </p></li><li><p> Example: CARE COMMUNITY HUB (CCH) &amp; the CHN on the Go Mobile App in Ghana </p></li><li><p>Where: 5 districts in Great Accra and Volta Regions, Ghana </p><p>The hypothesis: community health nurse motivation and job satisfaction can be improved through development and deployment of a mobile suite of tools (CHN on the GO mobile app) </p><p>Partners: Concern Worldwide, JSI, Grameen Foundation, and ILC Africa </p><p>Care Community Hub (CCH) </p></li><li><p>Includes the perspective of Community Health Nurses and Supervisors in designing the mobile app </p><p>Ongoing process of obtaining and incorporating feedback from users (CHNs and Supervisors) to modify modules and content of the mobile app </p><p>The Use of HCD in CCH </p></li><li><p>Answer questions relevant to public health programs in general </p><p>Answer questions on the role of HCD for example Empathy Problem definition with user needs User buy-in and sense of ownership Pace of uptake of the intervention </p><p>Evaluating CCH in the Context of Design </p></li><li><p>Multiple data collection methods Baseline data collection Endline data collection Performance monitoring Ongoing Process documentation Interviews with end users involved in the design </p><p>process Interviews with other program end users Interviews with program implementers Interviews with clients/community members </p><p>Mixed Method Approach: Triangulation of Data </p><p>The Role of Design in Research and the Role of Research in DesignResearch and Evaluation in Public Health ProgramsPrograms using Human Centered Design are DifferentEvaluation Questions to be Answered in HCD ProgramsAdditional Analyses to be Conducted in HCD ProgramsSlide Number 6Care Community Hub (CCH)The Use of HCD in CCHEvaluating CCH in the Context of DesignMixed Method Approach: Triangulation of Data</p></li></ul>


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