Innovation for financial inclusion

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1 INNOVATION FOR FINANCIAL INCLUSION ! SYNERGETIC PARTNERSHIP WITH POST-OFFICES CHALLENGES TO BE ADDRESSED! Time to Re-Building the foundation for a bank that truly served everybody including the citizens not served by financial institutions and regardless their financial status! Tackle Financial exclusion Close the `financial gap` between Banking system and clients at the bottom of the pyramid (BOP) Capture the under-serviced and unbanked segment of informal market which represent 80% of the economy Virtual account & cashless financial platform: Creating single cashless financial platform spanning multiple payment channels and authentication mechanisms, enabling payment transactions process with Speed, Affordability and High level of Security. Mobile banking & High Value Added Services (VAS): Going beyond money transfer scheme by offering a complete mobile banking system with high VAS : savings accounts; money transfer, micro-insurance, retail payment, utility bills payment, micro-credits, etc. Our Basic approach & Solutions Convenience! You can transact Anywhere at Anytime! Every channel represents a PAYMENT INSTRUMENT: Load, Transfer, Pay, Give or Retrieve Cash from Your PHONE! Your FINGER! Your CARD! Your VOICE! Multiple Payment channels & Authentication mechanism Technology & Payment instruments Payment instruments Mcard Payment NFC Magstripe Chip Biometric Point of Sales - NFC - Fingerprint Biometrics - Card magnetic stripe & smartcard Tablets & Smartphones - NFC - Fingerprint Biometrics PARTNERSHIP MODEL: IVORY-COAST VALUE-ADDED SERVICES MobiWatt Electricity Bills payment MicroCash Micro Lending, Credit, loans MobiRemit Domestic & International remitance MobiBills TV, Bills payment MobiRisk Mylife, Insurance coverage & Premium payment MobiSend Transfer & Receive money MobiPayroll Bulk payment salaries, grants, benefits MobiAir Airtime Top up MobiPay Merchand Payment MobiTicket Pay your public transport, stadiums ticketing MobiKids Educate & control your kids spendings MobiStores Ecommercce MobiLotto Lottery & betting MobiGift Electronic gifts MobiTax Tax Collection System MobiCoupon Vouchers % Loyalty programs MobiGrant Government, social grants 8 Let us capitalize on these emerging technologies and standards and work to promote and support their implementation. In doing so, we will surely be laying a solid foundation for poverty alleviation upon which the financial inclusion will be bridged! Moving from Rhetoric to Reality through Cooperation!


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