Twelve Ways to Better Your Community

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YOUR COMMUNITYDR. LORI GORE-GREENBETTERTWELVE WAYS TOT H E R E A R EC O U N T L E S S W A Y S A NI N D I V I D U A L C A NI M P R O V E T H E I RC O M M U N I T Y ;W H E T H E R T H A TM E A N SR E C O N S T R U C T I N G AP L A Y G R O U N D O RC L E A R I N G T R A S H . 1. Volunteer to clean up trash around aneighborhood.2. Plant a community garden.3. Provide dog-walking services to thosewho cant give their pets the properamount of exercise.4. Organize community yoga or pilatesessions to advertise the importance ofgood health.5. Help cook/serve meals at a homelessshelter.6. Deliver meals to shut-in individuals.7. Organize a free, public nutritionawareness campaign.8. Teach a senior how to use a computeror the Internet.9. Gather tampons, pads, razors, etc. todistribute to make "I Care" kits forpeople who are homeless.10. When fall comes around, distributeleaf bags and offer to assist neighborswith raking their yards. This can be agreat form of exercise.11. Offer to repair or alter clothes forpeople who are homeless.12. Learn about raising and training a petto give to a disable person, and considerwhether it is an option for you and yourfamily.Please visit to learnmore!