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pokemon diamond action replay codes

by tanman6652



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some action replay codes
Download pokemon diamond action replay codes


  • 1. Tired of long action replay codes Me too Here are some short ones and one long one
  • 2. #1. Pokemon modifier{the long one} 94000130 FDFF0000B21C4D28 00000000B0000004 0000000094000130 FEFF000000000890 01ED0001D0000000 00000000DA000000 00000892DC000000 00024620C0000000 0000000BD7000000 00000000DC000000 00000006D2000000 00000000To use it press L+R and in your items section you will have 493 master balls. 493 is the number of pokemon in the national dex and you just discard master balls until you have the number of the pokemon in the pokedex that you want. Then you go in the grass holding the L button and you will find the pokemon
  • 3. #2. The shiny code {press L+R+select} 12068ac6 000046c0 Makes pokemon in your box, wild, trainers etc. shiny
  • 4. #3. Stat modifiers Protein maxes your attack stat: 120845e2 000046c0 12084b5c 000020ff Iron maxes your Def stat: 1208464e 000046co 12084bbc 000020ff Hp Up maxes your Hp stat: 12084576 000046c0 12084afc 000020ff Zinc maxes your Sp. Def stat: 12084796 000046c0 12084cdc 000020ff Calcium maxes your Sp.attack stat: 1208472a 000046c0 12084c7c 000020ff Carbos maxes your Speed stat: 120846bc 000046c0 12084c1c 000020ff
  • 5. Thanks for watching I hoped you enjoyed it and yes I will make other cheat videos Now watch the nice credits
  • 6. Cheat from yahoo answersMusic from nowhere !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you have any cheat suggestions put them in the comments sectionHAPPY FACE PRODUCTIONS
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