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How to Trade a Red Paperclip for a House - Part 2

by kyle-macdonald



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Part 2 of the true story of how Kyle MacDonald traded a red paperclip for a house! -
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  • There’s also a book about the story. It’s called: one red paperclip. and is translated into more than 14 different languages! click here to purchase the book
  • They asked:
  • Of all things,why do you have a red paperclip in your wallet?
  • so we opened up craigslist.
  • And sure enough
  • It had a barter section
  • Filled with people who wanted to trade things.
  • I created a listing
  • within minutes it was live on the siteand emails started to arrive in my inbox
  • But almost all theemails were from peoplewho thought I was joking.
  • They thought nobody would actually want totrade away a red paperclip
  • But later that night
  • the phone
  • a pen shaped like a fish
  • a pen shaped like a fishWhich was much bigger and better than a red paperclip
  • The
  • The
  • Thewas
  • Thewas gone.
  • I posted the fish pen in thebarter section of craigslist
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