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Interesting random facts about cool stuff. Things you may not have known if you like to learn something new hope you enjoy them.


1. Get Ready for some FUN Facts 2. FUN FactsDuring the 1600s, boys and girls in Englandwore dresses until theywere about seven years old. 3. FUN FactsMost of a hogs sweat glandsare in its snout. 4. FUN FactsThree consectivestrikes in bowlingis called a turkey. 5. FUN Facts George Washington and Thomas Jeffersongrew marijuana on their plantations! 6. FUN Facts Barbies fullname is Barbara Millicent Roberts. 7. FUN Facts Extremely highpressured water caneasily cut through a steel beam. 8. FUN Facts Ninety-nine percent of pumpkins sold inthe United States are for the sole purpose of decoration. 9. FUN Facts AlfredHitchcock didnt have a belly button 10. FUN Facts The Chinese ideogram fortrouble depicts two women living under one roof. 11. FUN FactsCatgut comes from sheep not cats. 12. FUN Facts Greyhounds have the besteyesight of any breed of dog. 13. Thanks for watching, dont forget to comment What is a favorite Subscribe Visit www Mobile Games Site Play Free


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