Desperate Spaces A Choral Room Makeover

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1. Desperate Spaces A Choral Room MakeoverLangley High SchoolJan-Feb 2008 2. Challenge Redecorate the Choir RoomPurpose To promote the professionalism of the choral department and to provide a classroom environment conducive to learning and practicing the choral artsTimeframe 3 weeks To be completed prior to hosting theFairfax County Public School District XII Choral Festival 3. Before 4. Dismantling 5. 6. Cleaning and prepping 7. Ready to paint 8. Weekend warriors 9. An inadvertent oops setting off the schools fire alarm, and the good humor of the McLean Fire Department! 10. Getting close 11. Ready for finishing touches 12. After 13. View from the risers 14. View from the directors podium 15. My initial paint calculations


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