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Power Point -Diana SanchezWriting a BiographyEnglish IIDiana Snchez L.Universidad El Bosque1Index Introduction: A short biographyWhat is a biography ?Outline or StructureAspects to consider when writing a biography3.1 Early Life and Childhood3.2 Adulthood and Major Events in Life3.3 Lifetime Accomplishments3.4 Life at the moment /Later Life4. Final Remarks5. Transition Words and Phrases6. Review: Grammar Structures Review: Vocabulary and Grammar Review: Some Examples7. Example 1. Biography. Reading Practice Example 2. Biography. Listening Practice8. Further Practice on Biographies9. References22Introduction: Mark ZuckerbergA short biography3Watch the video about Mark Zuckerberg.Try to write the main ideas you can understand about important events in his lifeLink:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCqzT3ezz0AINDEX31. What is a Biography ?A biography is: a written account of the events that make up a person's life.the story of someones life- going beyond a list of events, dates, and times.4Source: : http://slideplayer.com/slide/9104015/INDEX45Fuente: http://mappio.com/mindmap/miwisdom/william-shakespeare-short-biography-mind-mapWhat information is included in a biography ?....Lets brainstorming some ideas with this mapINDEX52. Outline or Structure A biography will include the basic details:Date and place of birth and death.Early life and Childhood information.Lifetime accomplishments.Major events of life.Effects/impact on society, historical significance.6What to include in a biography ?INDEX63. Aspects to consider in your biographyWas there something in your subject's childhood that shaped his/her personality?Was there a personality trait that drove him/her to succeed or impeded his progress?What adjectives would you use to describe him/her?What were some turning points in this life?What was his/her impact on history?7Fuentehttps://es.pinterest.com/cynthiabean/school-stuff/INDEX78Fuentehttp://www.thebluediamondgallery.com/tablet/b/biography.htmlLets look at the different aspects that are considered when writing a biography.INDEX83.1 Early life and ChildhoodWho is the famous person?Where was he/she born?When was he/she born?What did his/her parents do?What kind of childhood did he/she have?Where did he/she live as a child?Where did he/she go to school?9INDEX93.2 Adulthood Major events of life Did he/she have any further education?What was he/she first job?What other jobs did he/she do?Did he/she marry? If so, who did they marry?Did he/she have any children? How many?Where did he/she live?What was life in he/she hometown or country like at this time?10INDEX103.3 Lifetime accomplishmentsImpact on societyWhat area of life is the person famous for? e.g. politics, music, film etc.How did he/she first become interested/involved in this area?When did he/she first become well known?What were the most important events during the time t he/she famous?What were the most difficult/exciting times?Did he/she travel to other countries?Did he/she meet any very interesting people?Did he/she receive any awards for their work/achievements?11INDEX113.4 Life at the moment (if the person is still alive) Later life (if the person is no longer living)Where is the person living now?How old is he/she now?What is his/her life like now?Has he/she had any important events in his/her life recently?Where was the person living at the end of their life?When did they die?Where did he/she die?Where is he/she buried?12INDEX124. Final RemarksRevise grammar, vocabulary and spelling. Use transitional words and phrases. The next slide provides explanations and examples.In particular, with biographies, past simple is mainly used, however, other verbs tenses such as present simple and present perfect might be considered to express specific ideas. Next slides provide a summary of the basic verb tenses and vocabulary used in this type of writing.Proofread your paper and check for mistakes. Follow teacher's instructions regarding submission of work.Increase your practice by revising the resources recommended at the end of this document. 13INDEX135. TRANSITION WORDS AND PHRASESUse transitional phrases and words to link your paragraphs and make your composition paragraphs flow. This video will provide additional recommendations:Transition Words and Phrases in your biography14Source: https://www.teachstarter.com/teaching-resource/biography-sentence-starters/INDEX146. Review: Grammar Structures15MAIN VERB TENSES:Past Simple (affirmative and negative sentences)Regular verbs in Past SimpleIrregular verbs in Past SimpleOTHER VERB TENSES THAT MIGHT BE USED:Present SimplePresent PerfectINDEX156. Review:Vocabulary and GrammarUseful LanguageLIFE EVENTSPAST TIME PHRASESHe/she was born in.As a child, he/she loved.He went to school inWhen he/she was a childHe/she studied /did not study very hard at school When he/she was 18..He/she studiedThen, when he/she was 25, he/she ..He/she did not go to university/ went to universityHe/she graduated at the age of 24.He/she got married inAfter that, he/she got a job as a He/she decided to live inIn the end, he/sheHe/she moved to He/she started work16INDEX166. Review: Some Examples 17Structure ExamplePast Simple (Regular Verbs)Martin Luther King liked to learn, and he passed through school very quickly.Martin continued his studies in religion for almost ten years. When he was twenty-two, he moved north to study in Boston.Past Simple (Irregular verb)Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany, in 1879.Albert was a quiet child who spent much of his time alone. He was slow to talk and had difficulty learning to read.Past simple (Negative sentence)Martin Luther King did not know about racial separation when he was young.Blacks did not have the same rights as white people, and were often poorer and less educated.Present Simple and Present Continuous Barack Obama is the 44 President of the United States of America. He is also the winner of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. Obama is currently battling with serious issues such as the economy.Present PerfectObama's charisma, intelligence, and powerful speeches have made him extremely popular with many Americans. He has been very successful with his message for change.Transition words and phrasesWithin a few years, she changed from being a shy teenager to the most photographed person on the planet. (Princess Diana of Wales)From an early age she decided to communicate with the world, despite her barriers to communication. (Hellen Keller)By the age of seven, Helen was using over 60 signs with her family.Life EventsDiana was a kindergarten teacher in London when she caught the interest of Prince Charles.Diana and Charles divorced in 1996. She struggled with depression and eating disorders for many years after.INDEX177. Example 1 Reading Practice18INDEX18197. Example 1 Reading PracticeINDEX197. Example 2 -Listening PracticeWhat do you know about Albert Einstein ?20Listen to the text in the next slide and try to fill in the chart with information about his life. Then compare your answers with the transcript.INDEX207. Example 2 Listening PracticeAlbert Einstein (1879-1955)21INDEX217. Example 2Albert Einstein (1879-1955)22Listen to the text and write sentences for each aspectEarly Life and ChildhoodMajor events of lifeLifetime AccomplishmentsINDEX2223TAPESCRIPTAlbert Einstein was a German-born physicist, although most people probably know him as the most intelligent person who ever lived. His name has become part of many languages when we want to say someone is a genius, as in the phrase, Shes a real Einstein. He must have been pretty brainy to discover the Theory of Relativity and the equation E=mc2.In 1999, Time magazine named Einstein as the Person of the Century. No one could have guessed this would happen when he was at school. He was extremely interested in science but hated the system of learning by heart. He said it destroyed learning and creativity. He had already done many experiments, but failed the entrance exams to a technical college.He didnt let this setback stop him. When he was 16, he performed his famous experiment of imagining traveling alongside a beam of light. He eventually graduated from university, in 1900, with a degree in physics. Twelve years later he was a university professor and in 1921, he won the Nobel Prize for Physics. He went on to publish over 300 scientific papers.Einstein is the only scientist to become a cult figure, a household name, and part of everyday culture. He once joked that when people stopped him in the street, he always replied: "Pardon me, sorry! Always I am mistaken for Professor Einstein. Today, he is seen as the typical mad, absent-minded professor, who just happened to change our world.INDEX238. Further Practice on BiographiesLanguage skillsBiography of Walt Disney VideoBiography of Edgar Allan Poe-VideoAudio and Text- Biography of Celia CruzWeb sites recommended:Reading and Listening: Biographies. Text and Audio http://www.manythings.org/voa/people/Reading and Listening: Biographies. Text and Audio http://www.famouspeoplelessons.com/Listening: Videos Biographies on Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/BiographyChannelReading: Text http://www.biography.com/peopleReading: Text http://www.thefamouspeople.com/Video: Transition words in a biography https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Qac4frHiRU24INDEX249. References 25Plantilla Power Point www.brainybetty.comhttp://www.about.com/www.macmillanenglish.comhttp://www.famouspeoplelessons.com/a/albert_einstein.htmlhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCqzT3ezz0Ahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Qac4frHiRUhttps://www.teachstarter.com/teaching-resource/biography-sentence-starters/Imgeneshttp://www.graceland.com/elvis/biography/elvisearlychildhood.aspxhttp://www.memrise.com/blog/why-childhood-memories-are-dangerous/http://mappio.com/mindmap/miwisdom/william-shakespeare-short-biography-mind-maphttps://www.iconfinder.com/search/?q=biographyhttps://es.pinterest.com/cynthiabean/school-stuff/https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Einsteinhttp://blog.firstnational.com/blg/html/en/2011/february/cust_022811_5lifechanges.htmlhttp://www.amazon.com/Biographyhttp://www.biography.com/people/groups/famous-leftieshttp://www.biography.com/people/groups/born-1809http://slideplayer.com/slide/9104015/INDEX25Albert EinsteinSean Banvillewww.FamousPeopleLessons.comBlues111910.984VOA Special EnglishAbout People in VOA Special English846120.8