What your phone can teach you about your mind

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Slide 1What your phone can teach you about your mind1Gitas tripartite model of the selfBody Hardware Mind SoftwareSoul User 2Eg auto-correct goes incorrectLook at the mind before you look with the mind Eg whatsapp message with link3The media is a weapon of mass distraction and so is the mind To be distracted = to be disempowered 4The mind shows a free horror movieWorry is the interest we pay on loans we have not yet taken5Improving hardware cant treat corrupted software Physical progress cant bring mental peace 6We need the mind but we dont need to be controlled the mindEg need software, but dont need to do whatever software prompts7Dont do everything that the phone promptsDont identify with the mind identify the mind 8Grants Higher wisdom&Higher happiness9Questions www.thespiritualscientist.comDaily spiritual reflections:www.gitadaily.com 10