What are digital badges

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What are Digital Badges. A quick guide to digital badges


1. What are Digital Badges? Kathleen Radionoff Dean of Continuing Education Madison College kradionoff@madisoncollege.edu (608) 258-2309 2. Keep learning. Digital Badge Definition An open standard to recognize and verify learning using a rigorous curriculum, clear learning outcomes and issued by a trusted source. 3. Keep learning. 4. Keep learning. { "uid": "f2c20", "recipient": { "type": "email", "hashed": true, "salt": "deadsea", "identity": "sha256$c7ef86405ba71b85acd8e2e95166c4b111448089f2e1599f42fe1bba46e865c5" }, "image": "https://example.org/beths-robot-badge.png", "evidence": "https://example.org/beths-robot- work.html", "issuedOn": 1359217910, "badge": "https://example.org/robotics-badge.json", "verify": { "type": "hosted", "url": "https://example.org/beths-robotics-badge.json" } } Metadata standardizes information ensuring that the badge is genuine. Name Description Issuer Criteria Evidence Standards Dates: Issue / Expiration Keyword tags (skills) 5. Keep learning. Open Badges Simplified What did they do? Who did it? Who says they did it? 6. Keep learning. Elements of a Quality Badge Must come from a recognized brand Must have some form of rigor behind it Must represent marketable skills Should have resume potential 7. Keep learning. Madison College Continuing Education Program Madison Area Technical College serves more than 44,000 students at 11 locations in portions of 12 counties Continuing Education served 14440 during FY12-13 individuals and year-to-date FY13-14 14265 Broad programming range 8. Keep learning. Madison College Non-Credit Badges Madison College Continuing Education Department is a recognized national leader and expert in the development, design and implementation of rigorous digital badges. 9. Keep learning. 1st badge in the series to earn the Food Service Management 1 course completion badge. This image is what the issuer would see. 10. Keep learning. The email that the student receives upon earning a badge 11. Keep learning. What the student sees upon clicking view this and your other accepted badges from the previous email 12. Keep learning. Sharing Badges Earned 13. Keep learning. Instructional Design Plan 14. Keep learning. Questions? Thank you! Contact information: kradionoff@madisoncollege.edu (608)258-2309


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