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Things NOT to do in PowerPoint

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Things not to do in PowerPoint *#1. Not using all the space on the slide.*HobbiesGolf Ive been golfing for 24 years and my best score for a round is an 86. Cirque du Soleil A unique version of the circus, minus the animals.Toy Story I have a collection of over 350 things.*Hobbies**#2. Too much animation.*FavoritesSubject MathSport FootballFood Moms cookingBook/Author The 39 Clues SeriesHoliday ChristmasCandy - Skittles**Subject MathSport FootballFood Moms cookingBook/Author The 39 Clues SeriesHoliday ChristmasCandy - SkittlesCelebrity Rupert BonehamColor - OrangeMovie Toy Story SeriesTV Show - SurvivorMusic Top 40Drink MilkFavorites*#3. Incorrect font sizes.*Toy Story is my favorite movie.* Story is my favorite movie.*#4. Stop putting text over pictures.*This is my mom, Bernice.This is my sister, Deanna.This is my brother, BradThis is my dad, Ron.This is my new brother, Joe.This is me.**#5. Too many pictures*My buddy, Toby, representing OHIO in Las VegasVacations*#5. Too much text*FriendsI have friends from all over the world. My first friend is Jan Schmidt. Jan is from Germany. He was an exchange student my senior year in high school. He hung out with my group of friends and he told us, when he moved back to Germany, that we could come and visit him any time. Four years after we graduated, my buddy and I went to visit him. We had such a good time and we actually got a lot closer. In 2007, he got married to Sabina and I was invited to their wedding. In 2009, he and Sabine had a little girl, Anna. Before she was born, he asked me if Id be her Godfather. I was so honored and graciously accepted. So, I now have a Goddaughter that I cant talk to because she speaks German and I speak English. Im hoping some day I learn German so I can at least speak to my Goddaughter.Now, I dont only have friends from other countries. I do have friends from America, too. My closest friends are guys from a leadership seminar I do in the summer. Theyre from all over so its hard to see them often, so we got together and said were going to hang out at least once every 3 months. The guy to the right of me is Patrick. Patrick is from Danville, IL. He and I have done a lot of traveling. Together, we have traveled over 9,000 miles and through 32 states. We did this in the summers of 2012 and 2013. He is an amazing friend. The guy next to him is Loren. Loren is from Franklin, IN. He is the most outgoing guy I know. He is so much fun to be around and could probably make friends with just about anyone. Next to Loren is Cory. Cory is from Toledo, OH, and he is just the nicest guy youd ever meet. He is so friendly, theres no doubt in my mind he would give you the shirt off his back or the money in his pocket if you needed it. Just a super guy.******************