Their eyes were watching god . Joe stark

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Their eyes were watching god . Joe stark


1. Joe stark o Joe is Janie's second husband Joe was well dressed Joe Does not love jaine Page : 30 .last paragraph 2. Introduction to janie Janie is immediately attracted to joe his suave stylish looks. Janie makes a show of pumping water to offer him a cool drink. Page33 : 2nd paragraph 3. Joes Destination We learn that Joe is headed for a town built and run entirely by black people. He hopes to be a big man in the town and find his fortune. Page 33 Para 3 4. Joes plans for Janie He and Janie talk on and off for two weeks. Joe tells Janie that he wants to marry her, take her to the city, and make her a proper lady. Soon, Janie runs away with him and they head to Eatonville. Joes business savvy quickly reaps profits for them. He acquires more land for the town, opens a successful grocery store, and is elected mayor. But his new wealth and position go to his head. Page 40 page 48 paragraph 2. . 5. Joes Jealousy At the store opening after his speech . The audience asked to hear from the mayors wife But Joe refused it . He was jealous of others touching or seeing her hair so he made he wear a head_reg Page 51 6. Growing Old While Joe is growing old, he insults Janie to deflect people from noticing his age, but Janie wont take it. Eventually, she fires back and insults his manhood, shaming Joe publicly. 7. Joe Getting sick Joe becomes increasingly ill and takes to his bed, refusing to see or speak to Janie. The doctor diagnoses Joe with fatal liver failure. Janie visits Joe to tell him how he treated him and why she never loved him Joe wished dead upon her. PAGE 101 last


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