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Photo by Mike Fernwood, Flic.kr/p/2MbaLz ShellyTerrell.com/comics Teaching with Comics! Image by Susana Fernandez, Flic.kr/p/9bvGPF At a young age, I was interested in comic books, which was really how I learnt to read. - Nicolas Cage Photo by Johnny Ashburn, Flic.kr/p/63AC9g Comics as learning materials Character Texts Comixology.com Marvel Comics App Character Texts Kidscomics.com Grammarmancomic.com Image, Superhero by Marionberries, Flic.kr/p/6hVmLM Comic Creator Tools & Apps & Lesson Ideas Idea: Create dialogues Toondoo.com Makebeliefscomix.com- Web tool, iPad app, 350+ Free Printables, no registration, many languages Idea: Blog & journal prompts Comic by Carmen Soto Fernndez Pinterest.com/pin/393220611187549952 Created with Marvel.com/games/play/34/create_your_own_comic Ideas: Explore a character or highlight grammar structures Created with Garfield.com/game/comic-creator Idea: Share digital stories Phrase.it/show/woiadn Idea: Animate an animal or object Rothinks.wordpress.com Bitstripsforschools.comIdea: Math Word Problems Rothinks.wordpress.com Bitstripsforschools.com Idea: Math word problems Pride & Prejudice by Raquel Len Jimenez, Pixton.com Idea: Transform a piece of literature Comic by Carmen Soto Fernndez Created with Comicshead.com IOS & Android App Idea: Visualize poetry Introduce a lesson ComicLife.com Idea: Summarize readings Idea: Create political comics Wittycomics.com Creaza.com Idea: Different ending or point-of-view, Creaza.com Photo by pasukaru76, Flic.kr/p/9y5wxh Interviews Idea: Explore societal issues Stripgenerator.com Idea: Recreate a scene from history Patricia Lucas, Phrase.it, Pinterest.com/pin/393220611186213680 Explore the language in jokes Idea: Show how to accomplish a goal Garfield.com/fungames/comiccreator.html Idea: Give visual instructions Howtoons.com Idea: Highlight the rules Explore the definitions of a word Spinweaveandcut.com by Nick Sousanis, graphic dissertation Idea: Visualize research Chogger.com http://digitalstorytellingevo2013.posthaven.com/trying-out-chogger Bookmarks Pearltrees.com/p/bYc3P Symbaloo.com/mix/comiccreation Get a copy of Learning to Go- Gum.co/learn2go ShellyTerrell.com/webinars Facebook.com/ShellyTerrell Twitter.com/ShellTerrell Google.com/+ShellySanchezTerrell Pearltrees.com/p/bYc3P ShellyTerrell.com/comics