Teaching New Literacy in a Digital World

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What is/are the common things or aids that the 21st century teachers bringsTeaching New Literacy in a Digital EnvironmentWhat is digital literacy?has been variously defined in the literature, but all definitions agree that it is more than the ability to read and write.The need for a shift in teaching and learning is therefore the focus our society today.User- friendly sites for TeachersTRADITIONALDIGITAL LITERACIES (3 Rs) * READING * READING * RITING * WRITING * RITHMITIC * RITHMITIC* ELECTRONIC READING* INTERNET SURFING(e-mail, blogging, editing, photo-video posting)Changes of Teacher role using ICTA shift fromKnowledge transmitterPrimary source of informationControl and management of learningTo Facilitator, collaborator, coachNavigator of knowledge, co-learnerTeacher gives students options & responsibilities for their own learningChanges of Students roleA shift fromPassive recipient of knowledgeRecall of knowledgeIndividual learningToActive participant in learningProducing knowledgeCollaborative learning