Social Mobile Learning: A Living and Learning Experience

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This presentation aims to show the attendants the process and technologies involved in a solution designed so the student can have access to it in an informal learning online platform and through a tablet application. We call it a Social Mobile Learning Experience: after the base material is delivered, students, teachers and tutors can interact and collaborate with it. Indeed, it is a learning and living experience, since the interaction enriches the content, turning it into a unique experience, depending on how the community contributes and adds value to the resources.


  • 1. mLearning 2011 DevConSocial Mobile Learning: A Livingand Learning ExperienceOctober 2011

2. Beto Lucena? 3. Beto Lucena?Academic profile Design: Human Computer Interaction (HCI)UndergraduateGraduate PhD K12 online Accessibility (ongoing) Learningin e-learning Mobile and Environmentscontent informal learning4 4. Beto Lucena?Professional profile1998 2009:Co-founder, Director - Content Development Team-------------------------------------------------------------------2009 2010:Manager - Content Development Team2010 2011:Product Manager5 5. Affero? 6. 160+ clients 300+ Collaborators Largest company in the humancapital management sector in Brazil Offices in Rio and So Paulo andpresent with dedicated teams allover Brazil. Member of BR Educacional group(HSM Management e AbrilEducao).+ ++ 7. AfferoMissionOur mission is to leverage theresult of our clients through thecontinuum development of theircollaborators.8 8. Alguns Clientes 9. Awards and Certifications Developmentof web Category:E-learning E-learning solutions Category: development(ISV) and Distance projectsSegmento advanced Education / e- infrastructure learning Publishing network 10. The challenge 11. HSM EducationVisionAn educational hub that aims to give a new meaning to executiveeducation in order to develop competencies and relationships and topromote concrete transformations in the life of contemporaryprofessionals.EssenceA new perspective. 12. A field of opportunityReality: Problems and opportunities in Brazil. Academically driven institutions. Teachers with low professional experience. Focus in research and academic publications. Market is yet little explored. It s not about being better, its about being different. Opportunity to approach new problems. New leaders: a new way of thinking, of creation and ofmanagement 13. The studentContemporary professionalHSM Education was created to address the needs of people whosee the world in a different perspective, who have theconscience that the challenges are changing e that, above all, thatrealize that the demands are different.People that seek not only for a diploma or academic education, butpeople who wish to go through a process of transformation thatwill enhance their competencies and abilities. These are people whoseek for development, no matter what stage in career or life theyare. 14. StatementJoyce Chan and friends Globally connected: equipped with technology that allows me tostatement about what easily communicate with someone in a different region or time zone.they expect in anVideo conferencing is the solution to inadequate face-to-face time, and it will give me the access to new colleagues around the globe.executive course: Ability to record video/audio of classroom and access to content: I would like the ability to have classes recorded so that I could review them at a later point and reference specific ideas. Time-shifting and personal control over content access will supercharge my learning. More interaction, less lecture. Throughout my years of education, PowerPoint and lectures have not always been the most effective method of teaching. I felt the classes where I learned the most involved group work and roundtables. Please keep us active and engaged! Blended approach to instruction. Although some concepts may be best taught in the classroom, I am looking forward to a blend of video, e-Learning, face-to-face interaction, on-the-job training and coaching. The best way I learn is in the field and hands on, observing with close proximity to expertise.Eles todos esto na Skidmore College 20 15. Classroom of the Future | Survey results Evolving in use, technology and capabilities: keep it simple, blended, interactive and like real life.Blended Experience: before, during and after the program Small-group breakout rooms, kiosks or spaces with virtual telepresence options to allow forproject and small-cluster learning activities. Flexible furniture and dividable spaces: lecture format | group work format | suited to discussion format Increasingly interactive options for learners and teachers: interactive whiteboards wireless access for learners: acesso online livre, incentivo e uso disso na montagem da aula. Positive aspects: real-time context, back-channel of collaboration, etc camera/microphone to record class movable furniture, multiple displays tablets for every learner video conferencing via webinar and desktop audience response systems. Learning TRENDS Newsletter by Elliott Masie - April 11, 2011 21 16. Current and Desired Capabilities andTechnologies in Organizational ClassroomsInteractive Whiteboard22% 64%High Definition Projector28% 48%Wireless Access for Learners49% 63%Microphone/Speakers52% 47%Camera/Microphone to Record Class 23% 60% Projector (Computer) 85% 46%Movable Furniture 68% 59% Speakerphone for Room59% 46%Fixed Furniture 25%-Multiple Displays 19% 57%Multi-Touch Display (like CNN Magic Wall)45%Tablet for Every Learner6%57%Video Conferencing via IP/ISDN 25% 43%Video Conferencing via Webinar47% 56%Blackboard or Whiteboard 80% 43%Video Conferencing via Desktop20% 54% Flipchart78% 40%Audience Response Systems 13% 53% Gaming Technology4%38%Flat Screen 28% 52% Document Camera (Projection) 19% 32%Tablet Control for Instructor 11% 52%Dividable Spaces for Small Groups 22% 50%Scrolling Displays (e.g. For Stock Ticker or News) 13% Learning TRENDS Newsletter by Elliott Masie - April 11, 201122 17. PillarsCreate a network PromoteDevelop competencies transformationsWe develop aHSM Education shouldcollaborative open web We instigate a differentprovide fresh executivethat gathers and look at the context ineducation, aligned to theintegrates knowledge. It order to rise expressivecontemporarycreates a connection changes.professional, in a real,between people,global and actualcompanies andperspective.organizations. 18. HSM OfferingT M P T o p M a n a g e m e n t P r o g r a m A M P A d v a n c e d Top Management Arena M a n a g e m e n t P r o g r a m EDP Executive Development Program Middle Management Arena MBA Master in Business AdministrationMTP Management Tools Program Future Managers Arena HSM TraineeUndergraduation In BusinessAdministration 19. Exclusive contentMarketing InovationVijayPhilip Kotler GovindarajanNegotiation Strategy andexecutionWilliam UryMintzberg Leadership People Dave UlrichJeffrey Pfeffer 20. Affero Perspective 21. Design thinkingHow to make design thinkingpart of the innovation drill begin at the beginning take a human-centered approach try early and often seek outside help blend big and small projects budget to the pace of innovation find talent any way you can design for the cycle Thinking like a designer can transform the way you develop products, services, processesand even strategy. Tim Brown 29 22. implementation3 prototype Next execute project a viso vision rememberexpect the futureequipe success creativemultidisciplinar frameworksSocial Reflections 1 inspirationhow can Look at thetechnology help? worldideation 230 23. Vision | HSM Educao Business specializationExecutive development Networking Career following Life-long learning State of the art technology Technological convergence 31 24. Team | Multidisciplinary Helena NacinovicTiago Diniz Carlos Terra Beto Lucena Marta EnesBarbara OlivierITETStrategyCristiano Rocha Francisco FerreiraFabio BarcellosJulia Roiter 32 25. Future of learning is notabout making the content, isabout how to make itavailable. Michael WeshTendencies:Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able Convergence Mobility Exclusive experience 33 26. Why invest in collaborative learning?Learning today is not about knowing a theme or a subject. Itis about being able to do something.Jay Cross, CEO of Internet Time Group.34 27. Studies show that...87% of people aremore productivewhen aresurrounded by goodrelationshipcolleagues. 57% of people affirmed that(SelectMinds/74% of peopleexpanding their relationshipIntellisurvey) mentioned that the networks would help them to fastest way to becomework more effectively. more productive in a (SelectMinds/ Intellisurvey) new job is to interact with colleagues and supervisors. (SelectMinds/ Intellisurvey)35 28. Studies show that... 80% of the learning capacity of a person happends in na informal way, outside de classroom. Communities of practice are one of the five best ways in the market to increase the company agility. 60% of large companies that practice knwoledge management have their strategy centered in communities of practice. 36 29. Education tendencies? Learning focused in student interests. Imersive and non-linear learning approach. Students should be encouraged to discuss, practice and share. Knowledge is the result of the collaboration between people. Networks connects students to the world, 37 30. Benchmarks - Plaforms 31. Cases | Harvard Business SchoolHarvard Business Publishing39 32. Cases | Stanford (Graduate School of Business) iTunes U CourseRankiPhone app Learn anything, anytime, anywherewebsitewhats videos e podcasts de avaliao das aulasgoing on aulas, seminrios - publiccampus and internal access40 33. Cases | Columbia Universitye-seminars | podcasts | career connections 41 34. Cases | NYU (Tax Law Programme)Smart Classrooms: classroom coursesare filmed and content is displayed online They are filmed with three cameras and a sound mixer. The course goes online within 30min. Within 24h, students interested in reviewing a certain case or topic can click an online index that charts the content of the entire class and [can] view the portion that interests them.42 35. Benchmarks Learning materials 36. Ebook Interaction Associates Fully Engaged eBook Introducing Google eBooks WIRED Magazine - iPad AppE-books overcome print books insales.In one year, sales increases202%, says American PublishingAssociationVeja 15/04/2011 44 37. Inkling | a textbook case of innovation Inkling brings the worlds best content to iPad with interactivity, social collaboration and simple ease-of-use. No more heavy, expensive textbooks to carry around campus. Inkling textbooks are more interactive, more flexible and cheaper Inkling45 38. Allows user to integrate social networks in a practical andpeasant way, without leaving the app. 46 39. 47 40. Affero Approach 41. TARGET AUDIENCETop Manager5h30: Gym6h30: Breakfast with kids08h: Meeting with presidentThis is my regular day. Im Flavia, Executive Director of acompany in Rio. Responsible for the main business of thecompany. Im in charge of 40% of the companys budgetand 35% of the collaborators.I would like to establish a partnership with an educationalcenter in order to send professionals of my team, in amodel that they could bring back discussions about thechallenges and opportunities. 42. TARGET AUDIENCEMiddle managerMy name is Raul, recently I was promoted to amanagement position in the company that I work for. Ihave worked in several companies, but at this time Imgoing through my biggest professional challenges. I needto get prepared.I looked for places to study again but all I found was a listof institutions that I already been through. I have takencourses abroad, but Im tired of being tutored by thesame teacher. I like technology, I use social medias and Iknow the value of networking. I learn more sharing anddiscussing. 43. TARGET AUDIENCEFuture managerBernardo, 24 years old, I have a bachelor degree inbusiness administration and an MBA in Marketing. I workin an investment bank.Yesterday I posted messages in Facebook looking for tipson courses about leadership. I want to enroll in a coursethat aims for the practice that helps me find my way ofdoing things. I have a feeling that international institutionshave more experience in coping with this context ofmanagement. 44. Quality learning material and collaboration A platform that offers informal , social and formal content,other than the conection between people. A single platform to access both content and collaboration. A platform where learning takes place naturallyLearning should be present in the student day-to-day life. 52 45. Basic concepts ContentCollabo- ration People53 46. Tablets in BrazilSome data.... 450 thousand tablets in 2011. 1 million tablets in 2012. Brazil: 2012 starts producing tablets (even iPads) 40% lessexpensive54 47. Content + Tools + Collaboration = Knowledge-able TabletsLearning resources,vdeos, collaborationComputerstools, coaching andnetworking Smartphones 55 48. 56 49. Roadmap HSM Education Learning material fully ____________july 2012 ________August 2011 Static learning material dynamic and collaborative, available for iPad and access via any tablet or cell desktop, collaboration phone, integrated to coaching tools and social network and networking tool, via desktop integrated to Google Apps. January 2012___________ Learning material with some collaboration functionalities, available in iPad, Android e BlackBerry, links for Google Apps e tools of networking and coaching. 57 50. youKnow brings a networks perspective...Network learning Class / community Other students / participants / teachers Specialists / Students / teachers Teacher The class or group could be formal or informal, inside or outside the institutuion.58 51. Main resourcesComuinites of User profilesLMSpractice Personal information SCORM courses Polls Relationship between Supports live courses Image galeryuser Reaction evaluation Knowledge items Rewards for Knowledge evaluation Comments andparticipation Course certificationevaluations Messages between History Forumsfriends Course programs Events Microblog Forums Blog Reports 59 52. Basic concepts People Commu-WebTV youKnow nities Courses 60 53. Collaborative Book(C-book) 54. PossibilitiesiOS4/Web Application com Indesign/Adobe DigitalHTML5 e CSS3 Publishing Suite62 55. PossibilitiesiOS4/Web Application com Indesign/Adobe DigitalHTML5 e CSS3 Publishing SuiteHomologprocess63 56. 64 57. PossibilidadesiOS4/Web Application comIndesign/Adobe DigitalHTML5 e CSS3Publishing Suite advantages More interactions possibilities Integration with external systems High customization power Criativity liberty inside the App.disadvantages Slow process of homologation Need of skilled developers Raise on the development team High production cost Hard to transfer know-how Single Platform (*** Android or IOS or Blackberry) 65 58. PossibilidadesiOS4/Web Application comIndesign/Adobe DigitalHTML5 e CSS3Publishing SuiteInteraction functionspublica ocontedo 66 59. PossibilidadesiOS4/Web Application comIndesign/Adobe DigitalHTML5 e CSS3Publishing Suite advantages Creates interactions, inserts videos, hyperlinks, navigation bars, etc, without developing skills Less time/cost in production and publication of application Publishes the content straight to the viwer/tablet Integrates any HTML5/JavaScript code inside page Agility in the process of corrections of published archives Exports in all formats (Apple, Android and BlackBerry PlayBook). Easier to find professionalsdisadvantages Limited interactions Integrations are more complicated Limited customization *neste momento possvel criar integraes externas. 67 60. Adobe Digital PublishingCompetitor .ofip (Open Format for Interactive Publications) Hosted on super-fast Akamai servers First brazilian newspaper developed for iPad. 68 61. The process 62. Development process Instructional Design1 Instrucional Instructional treatement, pre-defined gridsDesign Structure based on navigational mapingMain themes horizontaly .indd StacksLayout Horizontal .indd StacksLayout Vertical Associated themes, verticaly 70 63. Development process Design2 InteractionsIndesign to AdobeViewer 71 64. Development process Publication3 Workflow: Sada para Tablet (Indesign/.folio)Adobe Digital Publishing Suite WebServer/Localhost72 65. Development process packaging.folio packaging Folio folders Main topicsFolio folders Themes Links folders - pages Images, vdeos, texts etc.73 66. Where are we? 67. May - OctoberWhat have we done. Learned new technologies. Produced prototypes. Decided which way to go. Build up a team (research and development). Build a development process (internal). Build a delivery process (HSM). Produced 15 contents (disciplines). Delivered a SCORM shell for the desktop version. Delivered a pilot class Banco do Brasil 68. October - JanuaryWhat we are going to do. Expand team. Produce 45 new contents. Evaluate user experience. Integrate content with collaboration platform (youknow) 69. Last words from the experts... 70. Special thanks to:. Fabio Barcellos. Marta Enes. Francisco Ferreira. Cristiano Rocha. Roberta Takahashi Soledade. Alexandre Bocuto Rafael Rossi Lima de Oliveira. Renata Barboza Carvalho. Christina Saraiva de S. Mariana de Souza Blanc Mendes. Marcelo Henrique Casaro. Karen Helena Bueno Lanfranchi. Barbara Campos Olivier. Denis Carvalho. Carlos Henrique Mendes. Liliane Duarte. Daniela Vasques Cardozo. Emerson Constanza. Joao Paulo Goncalves Coelho. Gisele Giornes 71. Special thanks to:. Simone Souza de Magalhes. Juliana Borges Junqueira. Juliana Teixeira Sampaio. Fabrcio Vale dos Santos. Leonardo Victrio. Wagner Magalhaes. Paula Amanda. Cristiane dos Santos. Juliana Shirley Lima de S Galindo. Julia Roiter 72. Thank you!Questions?