Raspberry Gardening Guides for Teachers

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RaspberryFruit66Pick when fully coloured. Cut fruited canes to soil level. Leave non-fruiting canes on summer raspberries (ie current seasons growth) to fruit next year after overwinteringWater, mulch. Tie new canes to horizontal wires. Summer raspberries produce fruit on growth from year before; autumn raspberries on current seasons growthGrowing guideAverage time to harvestFrom 18 monthsEquipment neededStakes, wire, twine, mulchWhen to pruneAutumnAverage plant size180cm tall, 45cm wideFamily group to grow withRosaceae: blackberry, plumSeed saving group5 - Specialist or not applicableKey nutritional contentVitamin C, folateFruitRaspberry Suggested varieties: Malling Jewel (summer); Autumn Bliss (autumn) Sow indoors Sow outdoors Plant out/transplant Harvest Use cloche2.5cm = 1 inch 30 cm = 1 footPlant canes (30cm tall woody stems). Space 40cm apart; new canes will form unbroken row over time. Rows 150cm apart. Choose well drained soil in sunny sheltered sitePLANTGROWEAT Give it a go Spring Term Summer Term Autumn/Winter TermJ F M A M J J A S O N D66