Prominent Pakistani women A Research By Mr.Allah Dad Khan

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Prominent Pakistani Women A Research By Mr Allah Dad Khan

Prominent Pakistani WomenA Research ByMr. Allah Dad Khan

Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah: Madar-e-Millat(July 30, 1983 to July 09, 1967)

Madar-e-Millat Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah was the younger sister of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.She was born in 1893 in Karachi. Fatimah Jinnah received excellent early education. She joined the Bandra Convent in 1902. In 1919 she got admitted to the highly competitive University of Calcutta where she attended the Dr. Ahmad Dental College. After she qualified, Jinnah went along with her idea of opening a dental clinic in Bombay and helped her set it up in 1923. She was an instrumental figure in the Pakistan movement and the primary organizer of the All India Muslim Women Students Federation. During the mass transfer of population in 1947, she gave an inspiring lead to Muslim women and lost no time in forming the Women's Relief Committee which later formed the nucleus for the All Pakistan Women's Association.Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah who stood high in national esteem not only because she was the sister of the Founder of Pakistan but also because she was a great lady in her own right for having rendered invaluable services during the Freedom Movement. Fatima Jinnah died in Karachi on July 8, 1967.

Rana Liaquat Ali KhanBegum Rana Liaquat Ali Khan is the first, first lady of Pakistan but that is not her only identity. Begum Rana is an epitome of gender equality and elegance in Pakistan. She is the first and only female governor of the country and the founder of All Pakistan Women Association APWA.

Begum Shaista Ikramullah

Begum Shaista Ikramullah was a prominent Pakistani female politician, diplomat and author. She was the Ambassador of Pakistan to many countries. She was the first woman elected member of the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan.

Begum Mahmooda Salim Khan

Begum Mahmooda Salim Khan was Pakistans first woman minister and member of the Cabinet of President General Ayub Khan.

Ayehsa Bakhsh

Ayesha Bakhsh is one of the renowned anchors of one of the top-notch and leading private news channel of Pakistan Geo News. She was born on 4 July 1981, in District Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. She is the daughter of Mian Mohammad Bakhsh and Rubina Bakhsh. She studied at Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi and was granted masters degree in Communication Sciences. Before working for Geo news she worked as an anchor on Ary news. Later on in January 2007 Ayesha joined Geo Television and is currently Pakistans Geo TVs Senior Newscaster. Her first appearance on television as an anchor was on Geos programme, Nazim Hazir Ho.. She also hosted Crisis Cell, Aaj Kamran Khan Kay Saath and Laakin in absence of their permanent hosts. In 2012, She won the Best News Caster Female at 3rd Pakistan Media Awards.

Maria MemonMaria Memon is a newscaster and anchor person in Geo tv. She is talented confident and beautiful girl in media.Maria has been working for geo tv since 2008 and now she is top of the anchors. She is graduated in software engineering but she wanted to be a doctor. After graduation she started to work as an HR consultant and joined Geo tv b as a program coordinator for Geo English but the project she assigned got cancelled. Later the bureau chief of Geo tv sent her to the news room from where she started her journey. Christiane Amanpour (CNN anchorperson) is her favorite anchor person she is someone to whom she look up to. She do follow her work and some day she wish to do glorious job like her. Initially Maria hosted the program Mere Mutabiq actually that program gave her confidence to prove her skills in media.

Sadaf Jabbar

Sadaf Abdul Jabbar is a famous newscaster and a host of Pakistan. She is one of the young female news anchors of Pakistan which are leading this profession with a strong fist. She has a relatively a large fan base for her fresh and new style of presenting the news. She is one of the few news anchors who are committed to only one news channel. She is from Karachi, Sindh. She is currently hosting ARYs show Ab Tak.

Samina Ramzan

Samina Ramzan is a news anchor and a producer. She is one of the few female newscasters and anchors who are flourishing in this field even after they have tied their knot and have married. She has worked for one of the best news channels of Pakistan. Namely, they are Waqt News channel, Geo News, Samaa TV and Dunya News. She is from Lahore, Punjab. She is a humble and an upright person.5.Sadaf Jabbar

Iqra Shahzad

Iqra Shahzad is one of the renowned names in Dunya News. She is a well-known news anchor of Dunya News before joining it she host many programs of PTV including Sunday Hobbies, HEALTHY Morning, HOBBIES, MAST Muzic and many Talk shows.After some time she joined city 42. Its a city based news channel where she was a main news anchor and considered among the best news anchors in c42. Then she joined SAMAA News. Finally she joined Dunya News as a news anchor and hosts the program Meri Dharti Meri Duniya. She is a great news anchor watch daily her news bulletin at

Sara Alfred

Sara Alfred is from Karachi, Sindh. She is an honored and a remarkable newscaster and a host. She has worked for one of the best news channels of Pakistan, namely Geo TV etc. She has a never-ending fan base because of her beautiful looks and her cute way of presenting the news. She is always there during the important bulletins with a sweet smile. She has worked for Geo TV, Dunya TV and Aaj TV. It all started from Geo TV. Thats where she started her career. She firstly worked as a news anchor.

Farah Qadri

Farah Qadri has been associated with the broadcasting industry since 2007 and has worked for reputable news-networks of Pakistan. Farah has been associated with print-media and has worked with a renowned English News paper of Pakistan. She is currently working for CNBC Pakistan. She has well rounded experience of the news media industry, from the bottom up, and has reported on a diverse range of stories from all around the country during one of the most turbulent periods in its history. This experience has provided her with invaluable insight into the lives of ordinary people and the myriad

Quratulain Hassan

Immense hard work, naturally equipped skills and a real beauty, that is how we define the famous news anchor Quratulain Hassan. She is more than that and we are pretty sure about it. She has a successful career in her favorite field which is every persons dream. She is summed as one of the best news anchors of Pakistan. She has gathered a great deal of admirers now and will still continue to do so. She belongs to Karachi, the city of lights. She mesmerizes the whole audience with her soft but strong voice.

Benazir Bhutto(June 21, 1953 to December 27, 2007)

Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed was the former Prime minister of Pakistan. She was born on 21 June 1953 in Karachi. She was the daughter of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.She was elected prime minister of Pakistan twice. She was sworn in as Prime Minister for the first time in 1988 at the age of 35 and become he first woman elected to lead a Muslim state. In 1993 she was re-elected as Prime minister of Pakistan.Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto is the author of two books Foreign Policy in Perspective (1978) and her autobiography, Daughter of the East (1989). Several collections of her speeches and works have been compiled which include The Way Out, Pakistan Foreign Policy, Challenges and Responses in the Post-Cold War era in After the Cold War by Keith Philip Lepor and Male Domination of Women offends her Islamic religion in Lend Me Your ears: Great Speeches in History by William Saffire. The most recent being The Way Out (1980). She has also contributed to many periodicals and to the books, Predictions for the Next Millennium by Kristof and Nickerson and Book of Hopes and Dreams published by Bookmaster Inc.On 27 December 2007, Bhutto was killed while leaving a campaign rally for the PPP at Liaquat National Bagh Rawalpindi

Doctor Attiya Inayatullah

Dr. Attiya Inayatullah is politician from Pakistan. She was born on Match 4, 1938 Sialkot. She is married with Mr Inayatullah who is retired CSP officer . She has served as Minister of Women's Development, Social Welfare and Special Education and as a Minister of State for Population Welfare . She was elected member of National Assembly of Pakistan in 1985 , 1988 , 2002 and 2008 on reserved seats for women .Attiya Inayatullah holds a Ph.D. in Demographics and has had a life-long association with the family planning Association of Pakistan. she has served as Minister of Women's Development, Social Welfare and Special Education

Begum Ashraf Abbasi

Begum Doctor Ashraf Abbasi was politician from Pakistan. She was a medical Doctor. She was elected as member West Pakistan Assembly in 1962 and 1965. In 1970 she was elected MNA on Pakistan People party ticket. Doctor Abbasi is regarded as one of the close aides of Pakistan Peoples Party founder leader Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and later Benazir Bhutto.She served as deputy speaker of National Assembly of Pakistan twice from11-08-1973 to 10-01-1977 and03-12-1988 to 06-08-1990. She os mother of former senator Safdar Ali Abbasi and ex MPA Munawar Ali AbbasiBegun Ashraf Abbasi passed away on August 04, 2014 .

Doctor Donya Aziz

Doctor Donya Aziz is a woman politician from Pakistan. She was born on November 3, 1975 at Lahore. Donya Aziz is an MBBS doctor. she did research in interventional radiology at the UCLA Medical Center. In 2002 Dr. Aziz began her political career with the PML-Q and she was Member of National Assembly twice for Pakistan Muslim League on reserved seats for women from 2002 to 2007 and 2008 to 2013 . She also served as Parliamentary Secretary of Population Welfare

Doctor Firdous Ashiq Awan

Doctor Firdous Ashiq Awan is Pakistani women politician. She served as a federal minister for National Regulation and Servicesand Information and Broadcasting .She was born on January 11, 1970 at Sialkot. Dr. Fardous Aashiq is an MBBS doctor.She was elected member of National Assembly from NA-111 Sialkot-II on ticket of Pakistan Peoples Party in general election 2013 and she was elected first time in 2002 on the seat of National Assembly on special seat reserved on PML-Q ticket.

Kaneez Fiza Junejo

Kaneez Fiza Junejo is a woman politician from Pakistan. She is former Member of National Assembly of Pakistan Muslim League on reserved seats for women .She got a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Karachi and she got another degree in Law from the Sindh University. She went to the United States for further studies and got Business Skills Certificate from the Berkeley University of California and a diploma in International Financial Systems from the Institute of World Affairs, Salisbury. She also attended another extensive course on political science from the Stanford University California.She also served as a senator from 1994 tp 1999.She is daughter of former prime minister of Pakistan Muhammad Khan Junejo

Faryal Talpur

Faryal Talpur is a politician from Pakistan. She was born on July 16, 1958 .She is daughter of senior politician Hakim Ali Zardari and sister of Asif Ali Zardari former president of Pakistan . She is wife of Munawar Ali Talpur. She is elected MNA of Pakistan People Party from NA-207 Larkana. She was also elected MNA in general election 2008. She was twice elected as the district Nazim of Nawabshah in local bodies election 2001 and 2005.She was appointed custodians of Mohtarna Benazir Bhutto's property.

Naheed Khan

Naheed Khan was the secretary of Benazir Bhutto. She was very close to Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed.She was member of National assembly of Pakistan on reserved seats for woman from 2002 to 2007.She is married with Senator Safdar Abbassi

Samina Khalid Ghurki

Samina Khalid Ghurki is a politician and former Federal Minister for National Heritage and Integration .She was born on on 13 August 1956 in Lahore . She was MNA of Pakistan People Party from NA- 130 Lahore. She was also elected in General Election 2002 and 2008.Samina Ghurki completed her Bachelor Studies from Lahore College for Women in 1976.She is wife of Ex MNA Khalid Javid Ghurki.She is president of Pakistan People Party Lahore. He was one of the senior leaders of the PPPP and a close associate of Asif Ali Zardari and Benazir Bhutto.Samena is active in the community welfare and social work of her constituency. Her family funds the Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital in Ghurki Lahore.

Shazia Marri

Shazia Marri is a Pakistani Politician and former member of the National Assembly. She also served as provincial Minister for Information of Sindh .She was Member of Sindh Assembly from the Women Reserve Seats for the Sindh Assembly representing Pakistan Peoples Party in 2008. She was also elected member of Provincial Assembly sindh in Election 2002 .She belongs to the Pakistan People Party. She is very active Member of PPP Sindh .She raised issues of Sindh province on every platform and forum.Shazia Mari is daughter of EX Deputy Speaker of the Sindh Assembly Atta Muhammad Marri

Sherry Rehman

Sherry Rehman is the former Pakistani ambassador to the USA. She is a politician human right activist and journalist from Pakistan. She was born on December 26, 1960 in Karachi. Her real name is Shahrbano Rahman .She attended Smith College and the University of Sussex where she studied art history and political science.Sherri Rehman is the Member of National Assembly of Pakistan People Party on reserved seats for women .She was sworn in as Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting on March 31, 2008, and resigned from office on March 14, 2009.She also served as an Member of MNA from 2002 to 2007

Sharmila FarooqiSharmila Farooqi is a woman politician from Pakistan. She is member of Sindh Assembly on woman reserved seat in general election 2013.Sharmeela is Special Assistant to C.M Sindh for culture .She was born on July 23, 1975 at Karachi.She got B.A , LLB and LLM degree of Karachi University . She served as the advisor to the Chief Minister of Sindh, information and media in 2008.She is daughter of Usman Farooqi, who was a bureaucrat and former chairman of Pakistan Steel Mills and a well-known confidante of former President Asif Ali Zardari.

Mehreen Anwar Raja

Mehreen Anwar Raja is a woman politician and former MNA of Pakistan. She is former Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs of Pakistan. She was born on on February 4, 1968. She was Member of National Assembly of Pakistan People Party on reserved seats for women from 2008 to 2013. Mehreen Raja is graduated and have a degree of LL.B. from the University of the Punjab. She is an Advocate . She is daughter of Raja Muhamamd Anwar Advocate of Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Doctor Fahmida Mirza

Doctor Fehmida Mirza is Pakistani politician and member of National Assembly of Pakistan She served as speaker of National Assembly of Pakistan from 2008 to 2013. She was born on December 20, 1956. She is daughter of famous politician Qazi Abdul Majeed Abid.She was elected first female Speaker of Pakistan. She was also the first female parliamentary speaker in the Muslim world.Dr. Fahmida Mirza graduated with a medical degree from Liaquat Medical College, Jamshoro.She is wife of Doctor Zulfiqar Mirza senior member of Pakistan people party a former member of the Sindh Provincial Assembly and was former Provincial Home Minister.

Farzana Raja

Farzana Raja is Pakistani woman politician. She was born on born January 2, 1970 in Gujrat. She got a Bachelors degree from University of the Punjab. She is affiliated with Pakistan People Party. She is ex Member of National Assembly of Pakistan from 2008 to 2013. She is former Chairperson of Benazir Income Support Program (BISP). She was also an active member of the Women Parliamentary Caucus of the National Assembly of Pakistan.She was born on born January 2, 1970 in Gujrat. She got a Bachelors degree from University of the Punjab. She is affiliated with Pakistan People Party. President of Pakistan Mr. Asif Ali Zardari has conferred her honor of Hilal-e-Imtiaz on her struggle and services.

Shaheen Kausar Dar

At number ten in our list of most attractive Pakistani women politicians, Deputy Speaker Legislative Assembly of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Shaheen Kausar Dar. She belongs to Pakistan Peoples Party and also Chief organizer Ladies wing PPPAJK.Now, its your turn! Vote for your favorite from these Attractive Pakistani Women Politicians. Share your feelings via comments.

Ghanwa Bhutto

Ghinwa Bhutto is Pakistani politician and chairperson of Pakistan People Party Shaheed Bhutto Group.Ghanwa Bhutto is widow of Mir Murtaza Bhutto. She is also the sister-in-law of the late Benazir Bhutto and mother of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Junior .Ghinwa worked as a ballet dancer/teacher before her wedding with Mir Murtaza Bhutto

Hina Rabbani Khar

Hina Rabbani Khar is a Pakistani Politician and former Minister of Foreign Affairs .She was the first female foreign minister of Pakistan. She was youngest foreign minister of Pakistan.Hina Rabbani Khar was born on January 19, 1977 .Hina Rabbani is a graduate of University of Massachusetts USA .She is State Minister for Finance & Economic Affairs .She elected Member of National Assembly from NA -177 Muzaffargarh district on the ticket of Pakistan People Party. She was also elected in general election of 2002 on the from the platform of PML-Q and served as the State Minister for Economic Affairs and Statistics during Shaukat Aziz government.She also served as State Minister for Finance & Economic Affairs and Foreign Affairs.She is daughter of politician and MNA Ghulam Noor Rabbani Khar and niece of senior Politician Malik Ghulam Mustafa Khar . She is the first woman to present the budget speech in National Assembly on 13 June, 2009

Kashmala Tariq

Kashmala Tariq is a Pakistani Politician and she is the former Member of National Assembly from the Women Reserve Seats for the province of Punjab. She belongs to the Pakistan Muslim League (Ham Khiyal) .Kashmala was born on January 24, 1972 in Lahore . Kashmala Tariq completed her graduation from the Kinnaird College for Women, in Lahore. She enrolled in the LLB program at the Punjab University where she joined the PSF and started her political life as a student activist. She was awarded the degree of LLM from the London School of Economics in 1999.

Marvi Memon

Marvi Memon is a Pakistani Politician. She was born on August 21, 1972 in Karachi. She is Member of National Assembly from the Women Reserve Seats for the province of Sindh. She was belongs to the Pakistan Muslim League (N . She was also MNA in General election on PML- Q ticket But she resigned from her party and Her MNA seats .Marvi Memon graduated from the London School of Economics with a B.Sc (Econ) Honors in International Relations. She started her career as a banker at Citibank where she specialized in Marketing and Quality Management. After that, she launched Pakistan's first satellite tracking fleet management concern which established her as an entrepreneur and the youngest women CEO at the time.Marvi Memon is leading women rights activist and famous for her strong and forceful stances against feudal attitudes in this patriarchal society. She is very active Member of Parliament .She is daughter of prominent politician ex Senator Nisar Memon

Nasreen Jalil

Nasreen Jalil is woman politician and Senator from Pakistan and the deputy convener of Muttahida Quami Movement . She was born on 22 February 1944 in Lahore Nasreen Jalil was elected to the senate of Pakistan in March 1994 for a six-year term on MQM ticket.She was member of the Senate Standing Committees and Commerce and on Foreign Affairs, Kashmir Affairs and Northern Affairs and on Health, Social Welfare and special Education and also Chairperson on Functional Committee on Human Rights.In 2006 she was elected Naib Nazim of Karachi District

Doctor Noor Jahan Panezai

Doctor Noor Jehan Panezai was a women Politician from Pakistan She served as Deputy Chairperson of the Senate from 1991 to 1993.She was elected Member of National Assembly of Pakistan Muslim League on reserved seats for women . Dr Noor Jahan passed away on 30 August 2014 .

Rukhsana Bangash

Rukhsana Bangash is a woman politician from Pakistan. She was born April 4, 1949.She was Political secretary of former president of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari and ex Member of National Assembly of Pakistan Peoples Party on reserved seats for women from 2008 to 2013.

Sassui Palijo

Sassui Palijo is a politician and former provincial Minister of Culture and Tourism for Sindh government . She was born on 10 January 1976 in Thatta . She was elected Member of the Provincial Assembly of Sindh from PS-85 Thatta in General Election 2008. She belongs from Pakistan Peoples Party. She have degree in International law from London. She is very active Member of PPP Sindh government .She raised issues of Sindh province on every platform and forum. Sassi Polijo daughter of EX MPA Ghulam Qadir Palijo

Shahnaz Wazir Ali

Shahnaz Wazir Ali is a Pakistani politician and social activist. She was born on born December 29, 1943..She was a Special Assistant to the former Prime Minister of Pakistan Syed Yousif Raza Gillani for Social Sectors.She was Member of National Assembly of Pakistan People Party on reserved seats for women from 2008 to 2013.

Justice (R) Fakhar-un-Nisa KhokharJustice (R) Fakhar-un-nisa Khohar is retired judge of Lahore High court. She was born on 28 July , 1942 at Multan . She served as a Member of National Assembly of Pakistan People Party on reserved seats for women from 2008 to 2013. She belongs to Multan.Fakhar un Nisa Khukhar started practice as an advocate from District Bar Multan. On Aug 07, 1994 she was appointed as Judge of Lahore High court .She retired from Lahore High Court on Jun 27, 2004.

Reena KumariReena Kumari is a Pakistani politician and former Member of National Assembly Pakistan. She was born on born February 9, 1978.She was Member of National Assembly of Pakistan Muslim League (F) on reserved seats for women in general election 2008.Rena Kumari is political affiliated with Pakistan Muslim League Functional

Shehla Raza

Syeda Shehla Raza is a woman politician from Pakistan. She was born on May 15, 1964 at Karachi. She is deputy speaker of Sindh Assembly for her second term. She also served as deputy speaker of Sindh Assembly from 2008 to 2013.She started her political career from year 1986 by joining Peoples Student Federation. She was elected as member of Provincial Assembly of Sindh in the 2008 and 2013 Elections on the reserved seat for women from platform of Pakistan Peoples Party.Shella Raza was elected un-opposed as deputy speaker of provincial assembly of sindh.

Sumaira Malik

Sumaira Malik is a Pakistani Politician. She was elected Member of National Assembly from the NA-69, Khushab-I for third time in general election 2013 but later she was disqualified by supreme court of Pakistan. She belongs to the Pakistan Muslim League (N) .She was born 19,Decembar 1963 .She started her political career from Pakistan Millat Party and first time elected MNA in general election 2002. Sumera Malik headed the Ministry of Women Development and Ministry of Youth Affairs in the government of Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz. She was an active Member of Parliament . She is grand daughter of Nawab of Kalabagh Malik Ameer Muhammad Khan . She is mother of Malik Uzair Khan MNA.Former President of Pakistan Sardar Farooq Khan Leghari is her uncle .

Syeda Abida Hussain

Syeda Abida Hussian is a woman politician from Pakistan. She was elected Member of National Assembly in General elections in 1985,1988 and 1997.She served as federal minister many times. She also served as Ambassador of Pakistan to the United States of America between 1991-1993.In 2006 she joined Pakistan Peoples Party. Syeda Abida Hussian is daughter of politician Syed Abid Hussain and she is wife of senior politician and former speaker of National Assembly Syed Fakhar Imam . Her daughter Syeda Sughra Imam served as a senator

Sughra ImamSyeda Sughra Imam is a politician. She is Senator of Pakistan People Party.Sughra Hussain was born on November 14, 1972. She is daughter of Syed Fakhar Imam and Syeda Abida Hussain . She is graduated from Harvard University, USA.She served as Provincial Minister of Punjab , she was sworn in as Provincial Minister of Punjab for Social Welfare 24 November 2003 and resigned on 18 June 2004.

Tehmina Daultana

Begum Tehmina Daultana is a politician. She is Member of National Assembly of Pakistan Muslim League on reserved seats for women.Tahmina Daultana was born on November 14, 1950.Tehmina Daultana holds an M. A. in History from the University of Punjab.She elected Member of National Assembly in 1993 ,1997 and 2008 from Vehari.In general election 2002 and 2013 she lost election but she was become MNA on reserved seats for women of Pakistan Muslim League N .She also served as State Minister for Women Development, Social Welfare and Special Education during Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif government from 1997 to 1999.She is daughter of former MNA Mian Muhammad Riaz Daultana and niece of former Cheif Minister of Punjab Mian Mumtaz Daultana.

Saima Akhtat Bharwana

Saima Akhtar Bharwana is a politician and former Member of National Assembly of Pakistan. She was born on April 24 , 1969. She was served as member of National Assembly from 2002 to 2007 and 2008 to 2013. Saima Akhtar Bharwana was elected M.N.A from NA-90 Jhang in general election 2002 as an independent candidate but after she joined Pakistan Muslim League (QA). She elected MNA again in GE 2008 for her 2nd term from NA-90 Jhang - V as an independent candidate . She contested general election 2013 on the ticket of PML-N but she was failed to win the election .

Zeb Jaffar

Zeb Jaffar is a politician. She is Member of National Assembly of Pakistan Muslim League on reserved seats for women.Zeb Jaffar In general election 2008 She was elected Member Punjab Assembly reserved seats for women of Pakistan Muslim League N .She also served as Political Assistant of Cheif Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif .She is daughter of Senator Chaudhary Jaffer Iqbal former deputy Speaker of National Assembly and Begum Ishrat Ashraf former M.N.A.She completed her senior Cambridge from Convent of Jesus and Mary Murree and graduation from Kinnaird College for Women Lahore. Later she got master degree in International Relations from London . Zeib Jaffar is also running an NGO working in field of Special Education .

Naz BalochA Pakistani politician Naz Baloch central vice president of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) led by Imran Khan, compete general election of 2013 for the seat of National Assembly. Naz Balochs Abdullah Baloch is high profile politician in Karachi affiliated with Pakistan Peoples party but Naz has decided to join Imran Khan instead of following family politics. In March, 2013 she became the Central Vice President of PTI while she is the only female from Baloch family to take part in politics, left runners up against MQM leader Khawaja Sohail Mansoor.

Maryam NawazThe daughter of the current Prime minister and chairman of Pakistan Muslim League (N) Mian Nawaz Sharif, born on October 28 1973 and completed her Masters degree in English Literature from Punjab University Lahore. Maryam Nawaz became the active participant of politics since 2011, becoming the new look of her party and leading youth of Pakistan. The 42-year-old beautiful politician has appointed chairperson of Prime Ministers Youth Programme to coordinate, manage, finalize and supervise the effective and proper execution of the program

Shad BegumShad Begumas social worker who funded the Association for Behaviour and Knowledge Transformation (ABKT) to help the education, health and political awareness of women. Shad was forced to move her headquarters to Peshawar because of Taliban and militant threats on her life but continues in her efforts

Marvi SirmedMarvi Sirmedis a prominent journalist and activist in Pakistans capital. Last November gunmen failed to assassinate her for her outspokenness towards democracy and human rights. She continues to lead a campaign to prevent the abduction and forcible conversion of Hindu girls.

Fouzia SaeedFouzia Saeedcurrently spearheads a campaign against bonded labor in Pakistan. Additionally, she is the director of an institute committed to supporting the youth. Like the other women above, she continues to receive threats as she seeks out her dream of bringing social change to her country

Begum Nusrat Bhutto

Begum Nusrat Bhutto was a Pakistani politician. She was born on born March 23, 1929 Esfahan, Iran .She is the widow of former Prime minister of Pakistan Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and mother of former Pakistani Prime Minister, Late Benazir Bhutto.She was chairperson of Pakistan People party from 4 April 1979 to 10 January 1983.She was elected Member of National Assembly in 1988,1990,1993 and 1997.She was died on October 23, 2011 and buried next to her husband and children in the Bhutto family mausoleum at Garhi Khuda Bakhsh in Larkana

Nilofar Bakhtiar

Nilofar Bakhtiar is woman politician of Pakistan Presently she is an elected member of the Senate the Upper House of the Parliament of Pakistan. She was born on 9 September 1957 in Bannu.She got Bachelor degree from Punjab University and Masters Public Administration from Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh, USA.Nelofar Bukhtiar served as an Advisor to the Prime Minister and Minister In-charge, Women Development, Special Education and Social Welfare from 2002 to 2006 and Minister for Tourism from 2006 to 2007.

Ayla Malik

Ayla Malik is a Pakistani Politician and Ex Member of National Assembly .She was born on October 6, 1970. She was elected Member of National Assembly from the Women Reserve Seats for the province of Punjab in General election 2002 .She started her political career in 1998 by joing Pakistan Millat Party . Aila is the grand daughter Nawab of Kala Bagh Malik Ameer Muhammad Khan and niece of former president Sardar Farooq Ahmad Khan Leghari .She is sister of former federal minister Sumaira Malik.Later She joined the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf ( PTI ) .

Zil-e-Huma Usman

Zil-e-Huma Usman was woman politician and social activist from Pakistan. She was born on September 16, 1971 at Gujranwala.She was the provincial minister for social welfare in Punjab in Chuhdary Perviz Elhai governmentShe was shot and killed on February 20, 2007 in Gujranwala when she was address a political rally.

Bano Qudsia

Bano Qudsia is a urdu writer and playwright. She was born in 1928 at Ferozpur India . She moved to Lahore Pakistan in 1947 after Partition. She graduated from Kinnaird College in Lahore. In 1951, she completed her M.A. degree in Urdu from the Government College Lahore. She is very famous and popular writer and novelist .She wrote numerous short stories, novelettes, television and radio plays, and stage plays. She has written for television and stage in both the Urdu and Punjabi languages.She was married to famous writer Ashfaq Ahmed.

Altaf Fatima

Altaf Fatima is urdu writer . She was born in 1929 at Lukhnow India . She moved to Pakistan in 1947 after Partition. She is very famous fiction writer and novelist .She retired as a professor of Urdu. She has published many collections of short stories and novels.Her NovelDastak Na Doreceived a lot of success.An adaptation was presented on Pakistan television and an abridged translation was serialized by the prestigious Karachi monthly, Herald.

Major-General Shahida MalikMajor-General Shahida Malik holds the honor of being the first woman in any Islamic state to have reached to the rank of a general as well as the first two-star woman General in the Pakistan Armed Forces. She graduated from Fatima Jinnah Medical College, Lahore in 1969 with a Gold Medal and joined Pakistan Army Medical Corps as GDMO (general duty medical officer). Major General Shahida served during the 1971 and 1999 Pakistan-India wars and took an honorary retirement in 2004. She is the recipient of prestigious civil and military awards including Sitara-e-Imtiaz, Hilal-e-Imtiaz and Sitara-e-Jurat.

Farahnaz Ispahani

A Pakistani journalist, politician and policy analyst Farahnaz Ispahani is currently serving as Public Policy Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center. Granddaughter of Mirza Abol Hassan Ispahani who was the first Pakistani ambassador to the United States, Farahnaz Ispahani also elected as member of the National Assembly of Pakistan and served as media advisor of former president Asif Ali Zardari from 2008 to 2012. Ispahani has been described as one of the Top 100 Global Thinkers by a famous magazine following her skills and multitalented personality.

Zubaida Tariq(April 14, 1945)

Belonging to a family of well-known artists including Anwar Maqsood (brother; humorist, play writer and critic), Zehra Nigah (sister; Urdu poet), Fatima Surriya Bajia (sister; novelist and play writer) and Bilal Maqsood (nephew; vocalist and musician), Zubaida Tariq has her own unique identity as a cooking expert. She was born in Hyderabad Deccan, India and after separation her family got to settle in Karachi. Also known as Zubaida apa, she has a pleasant and affectionate personality which has won the hearts of a fair majority of Pakistanis. She has done numerous cooking shows on different TV channels and a huge number of young ladies have learned cooking only by watching her programs. She is best known for traditional cuisine and for her innovative cooking experiments. She is also famous for another amazing skill of her popularly known as Zubaida apa kay totakay, simple home remedies for everyday problems related to health, kitchen and overall household issues. Zubaida apa suffers from Parkinsons disease and she has documented her experience with the disease as Living with Parkinsons published in 2011

Bushra Rehman

Bushra Rehman is a writer , Politician ,columnist and author . She was born in August 28, 1946 at Bahawalpur. She got a master degree in journalism from Punjab University Lahore.She was member of National Assembly on reserved seats for women in General Election 2002 and 2008 . She was elected as a member of Punjab Assembly in 1985 and 1988 .She is author of many Novels and books .She is very popular writer in young generation of Pakistan. She is author of around 25 collections of short stories, novels, travelogues, and as newspaper columnist. She has also received Presidential Award Sitara-i-Imtiaz for her literary works in 2007

Fatima Surayya Bajia

Fatima Surayya Bajia is novelist, playwright and drama writer of Pakistan. She was born September 1, 1930 at Hyderabad India .She is one of ten children, her other siblings include Anwar Maqsood, Zehra Nigah and Zubaida Tariq .Shama , Afshaan ,Arsoosa ,Zeenat, Ana , Aagahi , Ghar aik Nagar , Faraz Aik Karz ,Phool Rahi Sarsoon , Tasveer-e-Kainaat , Asaavari and Phool Rahi Sarsoon are some of her popular drama serials.She has been awarded various awards at home and abroad including Japan's highest civil award in recognition of her works and Pride of Performance Award for her services to the performing arts in Pakistan

Fehmida Riaz

Fehmida Riaz is a Urdu writer and poet. She was born in July 28, 1946 at Meerut India .She was already making poetry at this young age. Fahmida spend a few years in UK after his first marriage where she worked with the BBC Urdu service and got a degree in film making. Her writings are recognized equally at national and international level. Her work has been translated into French, German and Russian Languages.Pathar Ke Zaban , Dodavari , Karachi ,Dhoop and Adhoora Aadmi are some of her famous books. Fahmida Riaz is currently MD Urdu Dictionary Board. She received Sitara -e- Imtiaz on 23 March 2010 by the President of Pakistan and Presidential Pride of Performance Award for Literature: Poetry

Razia Butt

Razia Butt was a very popular urdu writer. She was born in May 19, 1924 at Rawalpindi . Her real name was Razia Niaz but she was famous with the name of Razia Butt.Razia Butt first naval was Naila published in 1946.She had written about 50 novels and more than 350 stories. She also wrote many radio plays. She was very popular story writer in women .Many drama serials and films were also made on her stories. Her famous contributions include Gul Bano, Bano, Naila, Namoo , Nooreen Saiqa Zindagi, Sarahand Aashi and many other.Razia Butt died in Lahore on 4 October 2012. She will ever enjoy a unique position among great novel writers and in the field of Urdu literature.

Samina Raja

Samina Raja was an Urdu poetess editor and translator. She was a good and sober poet. She was born in September 11, 1961 at Rahim Yar Khan .She held a Master degree in Urdu Literature from the University of Punjab, Lahore.She started making poetry at her young age. She started writing poetry in 1973 and got published 12 books of poetry, two Kulliyat and one selection of romantic poetry..She worked in National Book Foundation as a consultant and editor of monthly Kitab in 1998. She also joined monthly Aassar as an editor the same year.Samina Raja was died on October 30 ,2012 at Islamabad .

Sharmeen Obaid ChinoySharmeen Obaid Chinoy is that one name that has made every Pakistani woman proud in many international forums. The 36 years journalist-director has been lauded as Pakistans first Oscar Award winner and she is the first Pakistani and only Non-American who has received Livingston Award for Young Journalist. The lady with great courage hasalso awarded the Hilal-e-Imtiaz by Pakistani government and has also bagged two Emmy Awards.

Malika Pukhraj (1912 2004)Born in Jammu in British India, Malika received her training in music from Ustad Ali Baksh Kasuri, father of Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, and spent nine years as a Durbar singer in the court of Maharaja Hari Singh. After she had gone to Pakistan, she won the same fame that she had in India, through her radio performances there. She is still considered the queen, whose renditions of folk songs and Ghazals are unmatched. Lo Phir Basant Aaya and Mere Qatil Mere Dildar are some of her famous songs.

Noor Jehan (September 21, 1926 December 23, 2000)Born as Allah Wasai in Punjab of British India in a family of musicians, she had a deeper interest I pursuing a career in acting, and graced Pakistani films with her sublimity of beauty and talent. Once she stepped into the world of music with training and skill in a broad range of styles such as traditional folk, theatre, Hindustani classical music, etc., there was no looking back as she eventually won herself the title of Malika-e-Tarannum. Hamari Sanson Mein and Chandi Raatein Sab Jug Soye are songs that are hummed in her fond memories, even today.

Zubaida Khanum (1935 19 October, 2013)ubaida is known as the best melody singer in Urdu and Punjabi. Born in Amritsar in British India, she started living in Pakistan after the partition of Pakistan from India, and lived there. With no formal training in music, she still managed to have a bright career in Pakistans film industry for about a decade, during which she recorded 250 songs, like Teri Ulfat Mein and Ek Birhan Baithe that are still commemorations of the golden era of 50s and 60s in Pakistani Cinema.

Farida Khanum (1935 present)Born in Calcutta and raised in Amritsar, Farida received music lessons from her sister, Mukhtar Begum, and Ustad Ashiq Ali Khan. After migrating to Pakistan in 1947, she performed in a public concert in 1950, and her career took off. She became a huge singing sensation owing to her performances on the radio. She is famously known asMalika-e-Ghazal. Fame and fortune followed her all her life, and even though her active musical career lasted till 1993, she is still remembered with love and respect for her contributions to Punjabi music. She is famously associated with the song, Aaj Jaan Ki Zid Na Karo.

Musarrat Nazir (13 October, 1940 present)Musarrat is a multi-talented artiste. She was drawn to music at a very early age, and started to sing for the radio in Pakistan. During her singing career, she also began acting on getting offers from film director, Anwar Kalam Pasha. But, singing was her primary passion and sang solo, mostly wedding and folk songs. She is most well-known for songs like Gulshan Ki Baharon Mein and Mera Laung Gawaacha.

Reshma (1947 3 November, 2013)Renowned for her throaty voice and the melodious clink that reverberates with every song of hers, was born in Bikaner, Rajasthan, and went to Lahore with her Banjara family, shortly after the Partition of India. A lot of her childhood was spent in the mazars or shrines of mystic Sindhi saints, singing. As a Punjabi folk singer, she is celebrated not just in Pakistan but also in India, and her songs have been extensively used in Bollywood. In fact, she is probably the most revered Pakistani folk singer. Hai O Rabba Naiyo Lagda, Ankhiyan No Rehen De and Lambi Judai have transcended borders and made her a household name, despite her unconventional voice.

Abida Parveen (1954 present)Born in Sindh in Pakistan, Abida got drawn to the path of spirituality and music from a very early age, and obtained training from her father, Ustad Ghulam Haider, and then later, Ustad Salamat Ali Khan. She stepped into the world of music as a professional singer in 1973, before which she sand in Dargahs and Urs. She is one of the forerunners of the Sufi music, and sings Ghazals, and Kafi is her genre. She is often referred to as theQueen of Sufi Music, for her repertoires in Urdu, Sindhi, Punjabi, Saraiki and Persian, and the soulful, husky voice from Pakistan is much loved in India for songs like Yaar Ko Humne and Tere Ishq Nachaya.

Mehnaz Begum (1958 19 January, 2013)Mehnaz sang for a wide variety of genres, but, she is most well-known as a singer specializing in Ghazal, Thumri, Dadra, Khayal and Drupad. But, her talent did not remain confined to just singing. She also specialized in reciting Marsiya, Noha and Salam forms of poetry and prose. She also took lessons in fine arts, and Master Piece is one of her best works.

Tahira Syed (1958 present)Tahira was instructed in music by Malika Pukhraj, who also happened to be her mother. Indeed, Tahira had music in her blood, and she soon became a celebrated name as a Ghazal and folk singer in the Pakistani media radio and television for her repertoire in Punjabi, Urdu Pahari folk genres. Abhi to Main Jawan Hou and Chanjar Phabdi Na are some of the numbers that won her popularity.

Salma Agha (1956 present)One of the most acclaimed singers of Pakistani origin, Salma, was born in Britain, and she started out in the music industry with an album named ABBA AND AGHA, which had songs by ABBA in Urdu, winning her accolades. Salma is praised in India, as well as Pakistan, for her unique voice and style of music. She has won innumerable awards, and ever since the advent of new-age, contemporary music of India, she has done innumerable works with some of the most well-known musicians in India, such asBappi Lahiri, Laxmikant-Pyarelaland the like. Jhoom Jhoom Jhoom Baba Dil Ke Armaan Aansuon Mein are songs that have won the hearts of millions. This British singer has also acted in movies, both in India and Pakistan, and is probably the most well-known of contemporary artistes of Pakistani origin.

Asma Jahangir

Asma Jahangir is a leading lawyer and the human rights activist. She was January 27, 1952 in Lahore. She done her graduation from Kinnaird College Lahore and LLB from Punjab University .Aasma Jahangir was the President Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan 2010 - 2011 .She served as the UN Special Rapporteur on Extra judicial, Arbitrary and Summary Executions. She is also chairperson of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.She has spent her career defending the human and women rights, rights of religious minorities and children in Pakistan. Aasima Jahangir is the author of many publications and 2 books. She got award of Hilal-i-Imtiaz in 2010 . She have 1 daughter and 1 son .

Bilquis Edhi

Balqes Bano Edhi is a humanitarian and a social worker. She heads the Bilquis Edhi Foundation . She was born on August 14, 1947 in Karachi.She is is a professional nurse. She is the wife of is a prominent Pakistani philanthropist, social activist and humanitarian Abdul Sattar Edhi. She havet two sons and two daughtersShe has been working with the Edhi Foundation since the early 60's.

Shaheen Atiq-ur-Rehman

Shaheen Atiq-ur-Rehman is a social worker and politician. She was born in April 1948 at Sialkot.She obtained the degree of M.A (Administrative Sciences) in 1971 and that of LL.B. in 1975 from University of the Punjab, Lahore.She also remained Member, Punjab Assembly during 1985-88 and also functioned as Minister for Social Welfare & Womens Development during 1985-87. She has returned to Punjab Assembly for the second term in General Elections 2002 against one of the seats reserved for women.Shaeen atiq ur Rehman was awarded Communes Medal in 1998, by UNESCO in Paris for getting international recognition for her work in literacy.

Tehmina Durrani

Tehmina Durrani is a writer and social worker. She was born in February 18, 1953.She is the wife of Chief Minister of Punjab Mina Shahbaz Sharif.Tahmina Durrani is associated with a non-governmental organization that works for the social rehabilitation of women after abuse.She is author of three books "My Feudal Lord" ,"A Mirror to the Blind" and "Blasphemy". Her controversial autobiography My Feudal Lord was published in 1991. It is now translated into 39 languages .In 1995, she wrote A Mirror to the Blind, the narrated autobiography of the renowned social reformer Abdul Satar Edhi. Her approach of spending couple of years with Edhi Sahib to comprehend the essence of his philosophy and work speaks for itself as you read the book

Zubaida Jalal

Zubaida Jalal is a politicians and a social worker. She was Member of National Assembly of Pakistan Muslim league on reserved seats for women in general election 2008.She was born on August 31 , 1959 at Kech. She got a master's degree from the University of Balochistan. She started her career from social work and established a school for girls in her village .Zubeida Jalal served as Minister of Education of Pakistan in cabinet of General Musharraf. She was elected MNA in general election 2002 on the ticket of Pakistan Muslim league from NA-272 .She held the office of Federal Minister for Social Welfare and Special Education.

Hina Jilani

Hina Jillani is a leading lawyer of Supreme court of Pakistan and the human rights activist. She was born 1953 in Lahore.Hina Jilani is a lawyer and civil society activist and active in the movement for peace, human rights and women's rights in Pakistan for the last three decades, she specializes in human rights litigation, and is especially concerned with the human rights of women, children, minorities, bonded and child labour.She is internationally recognized for her expertise in critical human rights investigations. She was the 2008 recipient of the Editor's Award for Outstanding Achievement by The Lawyer Awards.

Malala Yusuf ZaiMalala Yusuf Zai is the first Pakistani woman and the youngest ever recipient of Nobel Prize. Malala Yusuf Zai the female educationalist and activist has also been featured on the front cover ofThe 100 Most Influential People in the World.

Arfa Abdul KarimRandhawa(February 02, 1995 to January 14, 2012)Arfa Karim Randhawa the pride of Pakistan, was the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional. Arfa was a computer prodigy, she got the MCP title in 2004, at a very young age when the girl was only 9 years old. Arfa is also the youngest girl to receive Pride of Performance award and Fatima Jinnah Gold Medal from Government of Pakistan. Unfortunately, this wonder girl of Pakistan died in 2012.

Ayesha FarooqAyesha is Pakistans first ever female war-ready fighter pilot. The 26-year-old fighter, hailing from Bahawalpur, is one of the 19 women who have achieved the ranks of pilots in the Pakistan Air Force over the last decade there are five other female fighter pilots but they have yet to take the final tests to qualify for combat

Naseem Hamid

Naseem Hamid is a Pakistani athlete. She was born Ist May , 1988 at Karachi in lower middle class family . The 22-year-old Nasim Hameed became South Asia's fastest woman by winning the 100-metre in the South Asian Federation Games (SAF) in DhakaNaseem Hameed is Pakistan's first female athlete to win the sprint in the competition's 26 year history.Former President Asif Ali Zardari appointed gold-winning Pakistan woman athletes Naseem Hamid a sports ambassadors to honor her extraordinary success.

Kiran Khan

Kiran Khan is a Pakistani female swimmer .Kiran Was born on December 21, 1989 at Lahore. She has represented Pakistan on many International forums namely Asian games at very young age. Kiran Khan has swam for the Pakistani team in the Asian Games as well as the Commonwealth Games, in addition to several other international swimming meets including the 2008 Summer Olympics .Kiran Khan won six silver and two bronze medals at Islamabad 2004 and another two silver and six bronze at Colombo 2006.After this performance she was named "Golden Girl"She revised Tamgha-E-Imtiaz in 2012

Kiran Baloch

Kiran Baloch is a female Pakistani test cricketer. Kiran Baloch Was born on February 23, 1978 at Karachi. She is Right-hand batwoman. She is the record holder of the highest individual score in the international game. She scored 242 in the first cricket Test against the West Indies at the National Stadium Karachi. She played 3 test and 40 One day international matches for Pakistan .

Ghalia Mohsin

Ghalia Mohsin is a Pakistani woman table tennis star .Ghalia belongs from Karachi. She was known as Ghalia Khurshid before getting married with table tennis player Mohsin Raza. She won national championship in 2009 ,2010 and 2011 .She also won gold medal in World Team Table Tennis championship China. Ghalia is also 7 time winner of Karachi Table Tennis open .Her sister Maleeha Khursheed is also a table tennis player .

Flying Officer MukhtiarPakistan's first female fighter pilot died today when a twin-seat fighter aircraft crashed in Punjab province on a training mission.A statement from the Pakistan Air Force soon after the crash said "an FT-7PG aircraft, while on a routine operational training mission, crashed near Kundian (Mianwali). Both the pilots of the aircraft ejected safely and [have] been rescued. No loss of civilian life and property has been reported on ground. A board of inquiry has been ordered by Air Headquarters to determine the cause of accident."

Rahila Hamid Khan Durrani(Political Leadership)

A renowned politician, journalist, environmentalist and athlete, she is also the first women speaker of Balochistan Assembly, and first women speaker of any Provincial Assembly in Pakistan - See more at:

Rehana KhiljiRehana Khilji(Social Activism)She is the first women of Balochistan who has worked on indigenous irrigation schemes and rural development sector in remote districts. She is also the first female in her sub tribe to go to school following which she opened the first home school in her village promoting girls education Rehana is also a Programme Officer for UN Women Pakista - See more at:

Ashraf JehanPakistan's national sharia court, which hears cases under the country's Islamic legislation, on Monday appointed a female judge for the first time in its 33-year history.Ashraf Jehan, who was serving as an additional judge at the high court in Sindh, made history as she took the oath in Karachi.It was a historic oath-taking ceremony today when an able lady judge had joined the Shariat Court, Agha Rafiq Ahmed, the chief justice of the Federal Shariat Court of Pakistan, told AFP.

n Pakistan. In December 2013, Ashraf Jehan became the first female judge to beappointedto PakistansFederal Shariat Court

ZenithZenith was 12 when she rode a bike for the first moment and in that moment, she knew she could never stop. Her father was a traveler and a passionate biker too and even though she lost him as a baby, she always knew she wanted to fulfill his travel ambitions of seeing the world on a bike. Zenith's mother had always been supportive of her daughter and even though the idea of Zenith traveling solowas scary, she never stopped her.

Carla KhanCarla Khan is a Pakistani women squash player. Carla Khan Was born on August 18, 1981 at London. She is grand daughter of legend Pakistan squash player Azam Khan .She started playing squash in England at age 12.She has won five titles in her career, which are: El Salvador Open 2002, Ottawa Open 2003, Pakistan Open 2005 and Iranian Open 2007 and Austrian Open in 2008. Through Carla Khans achievements she gained media coverage around the world and has been recognized as the Squash Queen of Pakistan, her fan base stretches worldwide including ex pats from Pakistan

Rubab Raza

Rubab Raza is a Pakistani swimmer .Rubab Was born on January 15, 1991 at Lahore. At the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece she became first Pakistani female swimmer to compete at the event when she contested the 50 meter freestyle.She has won two silver medals and one bronze in the ninth South Asian games held in Islamabad the year 2004

Rabia Qadir

Rabia Qadir is a Pakistani women hockey player and coach .She was member of National women Hockey team of Pakistan from 2003 to 2007 . PHF named Rabia Qadir as the best women player of the year 2012 .Rabia Qadir is the caption of women hockey team of WAPDA .She also led Pakistan under 21 women hockey team .She is assistant coach of under 18 women hockey team.Rabia was born in Lahore .She got her early education from Wapda girls high school Lahore. She done her graduation from Government college baghbanpura Lahore .She got master degree in sports sceince and journalism from Punjab University Lahore

Shabana Akhtar

Shabana Akhtar is a Pakistani athletes .She was born on born April 5, 1972 .She is FIRST Pakistani female athlete who participated in Atlanta Olympics 1996. She participated in Women International Games held in Islamabad - Pakistan in 1996 and won 4 Gold Medals with a new record in 100M and 200M. Shabana has the honour to represent Pakistan in a number of International EventsShe won 2 Gold Medals in 2nd Islamic Countries Women Sports Solidarity Games held in Tehran 1997.

Sana Mir

Sana Mir is a Pakistani woman cricketer . She was born on 5 January 1986 at Abboatabad. Sana is currently Caption of Pakistan women cricket team .She played her first One day International Match against Sri Lnaka in 2005 at Karachi.She is all rounder .She is right hand bat and legbreak bowler .She is very good cricketer . She is also the only Pakistani in the top 20 .

Reham KhanThis was a difficult choice for me becauseReham Khanhas been shrouded in controversy since her advent into the public eye.Imran Khans choiceof marriage partner was bound to be just as questionable as his political choices, especially since Reham was a divorcee with three children and aBBCnews presenter who wore controversial attire when she lived in Britain.To add to this drama, it seemed that Imran Khans family were wholly against the nuptial andRehams former-husbandeven denied the domestic violence allegations made against him wholeheartedly.

Haseena Moin

Haseena Moin is a famous Urdu dramatist, playwright and writer. She was born in 20 November 1941 at Kanpur India .Her family moved to Rawalpindi Pakistan after Partition in 1947.She got his Master degree in history from Karachi University.Hasina Moin started writing plays for radio Pakistan and later she wrote plenty of popular drams for Pakistan Television her television plays have earned international repute.Ankahi , Tanhaiyaan , Dhund , Aahut , Dhoop Kinay , Uncle urfi , AansooPal do Pal and Dhundle Rasteare some of her super hit TV serials.

Roshaneh ZafarRoshaneh Zafar is the Founder and Managing Director of the Kashf Foundation, Chair of Kashf Holdings and Founder of Kashf Microfinance Bank Limited, based in Pakistan. Kashf was the first NGO-MFI to broaden the scope of microfinance by introducing insurance services. In 2002, the Kashf Foundation was awarded the Microfinance Excellence Award by the Grameen Foundation-USA for its groundbreaking innovations in the field of microfinance in Pakistan, while in 2005 it won the AGFUND International Prize for Microcredit 2005 out of 98 countries. Kashf and Ms. Zafar were also awarded the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship in March 2007 and the OneWoman Initiative Award by the US State Department in 2009

Asma Chaudhry

Asma Chaidhary is a journalist , anchor and producer . She was born on 07 June 1978. She started her career as sub editor in Jang Group of news papers. She worked with Geo TV and she was producer of popular talk show Capital Talk. She also anchored Geo News Program Parliament Cafeteria .Aasma Chuadhary worked for Dunya News and she was anchor of program In Session . Then she joined Dawn TV .Later Aasma Chuadhary join Capital TV and now she is anchor of program Mumkin . She was awarded the Best Female Anchor, Current Affairs, at the Pakistan Media Awards 2011

Asma Sherazi

Asma Chaidhary is a journalist , political analyst and anchorperson. Now She is Executive Vice President & Senior Anchorperson of BOL Network. She worked with Geo TV . She also anchored Geo News Program Parliament Cafeteria .Later Aasma Sherazi joined ARY News there she anchored program Late Edition and then she joined Dawn New anchored of Dawn News Program Faisala Awam Ka. Asma holds the distinct honor of being Pakistans first female war correspondent .Aasma is the first Pakistani to win the prestigious Peter Mackler Award for Courageous and Ethical Journalism. The award is given annually to a single journalist who has demonstrated a great commitment to unbiased reportage and to upholding media freedoms.

Doctor Ayesha Siddiqa

Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa is an independent security analyst and strategic affairs expert and author. She was born on April 7, 1966.She writes articles for Pakistani Newspaper Dawn and Daily Times. She is also author of several books.She started her career as a civil servant and she also worked as a Deputy Director in Audit Defense Services.She is a visiting scholar at the Johns Hopkins University's School of Advanced International Studies , teaching Pakistan's political economy and the history of Pakistan.

Fatima Bhutto

Fatima Bhutto is a Pakistani Poet and writer . She is grand daughter of Ex President and Prime Minister of Pakistan Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto . Fatima is daughter of Mir Mutaza Bhutto . Fatimah was born 29 May 1982 in Kabul Afghanistan .Fatima completed her BA degree in Middle Eastern studies from Barnard College of Columbia University after receiving her secondary education at the Karachi American School. She then earned a Masters degree in South Asian Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London.

Gharidah Farooqi

Gharidah Farooqi is newscaster and host of Samaa News Television channel . She started her career as a newscaster from PTV. She worked as news anchor in PTV from 2005 to 2007.She joined Dunya News in 2007 and later in 2008 she joined Geo News. In 2012 she joined Samaa TV .She is also hosting a show "30 Minutes".Gharida is Kashmiri by origin and belonged to Multan. She did master in International Relations from Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan.

Katrina Hussain

Katrina Hussain is a journalist and Anchor. She started her career with PTV.Later she joined Express News .She is director current affairs of Express News Channel. She is also anchor of program Siyasi Log .

Najia Ashar

Najia Ashar is anchor , producer , newscaster and host of Geo News Television channel . She also write columns fro daily Jang and The News. She started her career as a newscaster. She had been hosting Geo News Programs "Yeh Hai Pakistan" and "Nazim Hazir Ho". She started her journalism career from PTV . She was born on July 14 , 1978 at Karachi .She got her master degree in International Relations from University of Karachi .She is married with senior news producer Ashar Ali. Najis is very popular for her decent style

Naseem Zehra

Naseem Zehra is a journalist and columnist. She was born September 28, 1953.Nasim Zehra has a Masters in International Security Studies from Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and a Masters in Business Administration from the Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad.Nasim Zehra is a fellow of Harvard University Asia Center, Cambridge. She is director current affairs of Dunya News Television Channel. She is also anchor of a political talk show Policy Matter.She has regularly written for Gulf News, Khaleej Times and Arab News

Sadia Afzaal

Sadia Afzaal is a journalist and television anchor. Sadia Afzal is working for AAJ News She was working with Pakistan Television as an anchorperson , broadcaster and reporter.She was host of PTV News program Nuqta-e-Aitraz. She has also hosted a political talk show "Islamabad Se" on Jaag Tv and hosted a morning show "Bakhabar Savera" on ARY News. She have done a number of interviews with the heads of state and government including President Asif Ali Zardari, President Pervez Musharraf, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani, and Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz

Sana Bucha

Sana Bucha is a journalist , Anchor and Producer .She was born on 12 August 1970 Karachi. She studied at the Convent of Jesus and Mary and completed her A Levels at The Lyceum School in Karachi. She graduated with a BA in Political Science from King College London . She started her career as a production development associate in Geo TV. She also hosted Geo News Program Crisis Cell.Now she is anchar of Geo news program Lekin.Sana Bocha has written for various publications including The Wall Street Journal, Newsline and The News. She has produced documentaries in sync with foreign news agencies on domestic issues in Pakistan. She also write columns for The News.

Shama JunejoShama Junejo is a Urdu columnist and writer. She was born August 28, 1981 at Kotri Sindh.She got her early education from Kotri Sindh . She done intermediate from Zubaida College Hyderabad . She got B.Sc computer Science and MA International Relation degree from SIndh University. Later She got LLB degree from University of London.She performed in few TV drama serial .She also worked as a new caster in Pakistan Radio Hyderabad . She wrote columns for many English newspaper during her stay in London . Now she is writing columns in Daily Khabrain.

Shireen Mazari

Shireen Mazari is a politician , journalist and defense analyst. She is Central Information Secretary of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf . She is member of national assembly on reserved seats for woman on PTI Ticket . She received her B.Sc (Honours) from the London School of Economics and Political Science and a Ph.D in Political Science from Columbia University, New York.She worked as the editor of the daily The Nation newspaper.Sherain Mazari formerly was an Associate Professor and then Chairperson of the Department of Defense and Strategic Studies at the Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad.

Zahida HinaZahida Hina is a Urdu columnist, writer, novelist and dramatist. She was born October 5, 1946 at the Sasaram India. She is wfie of famous poet Jon Elia .She graduated from University of Karachi, and her first essay was published in the monthly Insha in 1962. She chose journalism as a career in mid 60s. She wrote many Drama series for Pakistan Television.She now lives in Karachi. zahida hina also worked in Radio Pakistan, BBC Urdu and Voice of America. She was nominated for Pakistan's highest award in 2006, the Presidential Award Pride of Performance, which she declined as a mark of protest against the military government in Pakistan.Now she is writing columns in Daily Express.

Namira SaleemNamira Saleem is the first Pakistani women and only Pakistani to travel into space. The great women was declared the First Astronaut of Pakistan by Government of Pakistan in 2006. Namira is that courageous lady who has hoist Pakistani flag at the North Pole and South Pole. The lady with Pakistani roots lives in Southern France.

Nigar NazarNigar Nazar is the first Pakistani female cartoonist who created a Pakistani cartoon character Gogi. Gogi is a female character depicting a strong ambitious Pakistani girl dressed up in completely Pakistani avatar. This cartoon is the brain child of jovial and full of life Pakistani cartoonist Nigar, she speaks her mind and heart through Gogi. Pakistani government has honored this great woman by giving her Mohatarma Fatima Jinnah Award and she has also received booruker prize by UNESCO in 2006 for her work in orphanage in Kyrgyzstan

Nazia HasanLate Nazia Hassan is the first Pakistani diva and female singing sensationof the country. Pakistani music is full of legendary female singers but Nazia Hassan is the only one who is considered the pioneer of Asian Pop Music worldwide

Shamshaad AkhtarShamshaad Akhtar is the first and only Pakistani female, who has served as the Governor of State Bank of Pakistan. She was also the only Pakistani woman who acted as the Vice President at the World Bank for Middle East and North African region.

Samina BaigSamina Baig is the first Pakistani and youngest Muslim woman who conquered the tallest peak on earth. Samina Baig created the history in 2013 when she along with her brother raised the Pakistani flag on Mount Everest

Muniba Mazari

Muniba Mazari(Urdu: ), (born 3 March 1987) is aPakistaniartist, writer and motivational speaker. She is wheelchair-bound due to a car accident at the age of 21.[2]She is also a singer and activis

Sughra Rababi

Sughra Rababi(1922 1994) was an artist from Pakistan. As a young female artist in the 1940s, she was the first woman to win the All India Painting Competition Award. A versatile painter, designer and sculptor - Rababi was truly a woman far ahead of her times

Shahzia Sikander

Shahzia Sikander(born 1969, inLahore, Pakistan) is a Pakistani artist who works in drawing, painting, animation, large-scale installation, performance and video, on an international stage.

Salima HashmiSalima Hashmi(Urdu: ) (born 1942) is aPakistaniartist,[1]cultural writer, painter,[2][3]and ananti-nuclearweaponactivist. She has served for four years as professor and the head of theNational College of Arts.[4]She is the eldest daughter of one of Pakistan's most renowned poets,Faiz Ahmed Faiz, and the British-bornAlys Faiz

Atiqa Odho

Atiqa Odho is a prominent media personality, businesswoman, and household name in Pakistan. Ms. Odho started her career in the beauty business in 1989 and then went into television production in 1991. Formally trained in the beauty business, filmmaking, and other creative forms of expression, she is currently the CEO of two companies under the Odho banner: Odho Productions and Odho Cosmetics. She is also the Chairperson of the United Producers Association of Pakistan, where she recently launched a peoples movement by the name ofOur Country Our People: One Pakistan for the People of Pakistan

Parveen Shakir

Parveen Shakir was a famous contemporary Urdu poet. A number of her poetry books were published and received nationwide recognition in Pakistan. Before her untimely death, Ms. Shakir was awarded the Pride of Performance award, the highest award given by the government of Pakistan.

Mukhtaran Mai

Mukhtar Mai was brutally gang-raped in her rural village of Meerwala, located in the Punjab region of Pakistan. While the experience left her emotionally scarred, Mukhtar refused to remain silent, and brought her fourteen male perpetrators to court in a human rights case that eventually reached the Lahore High Court and garnered worldwide attention

Fiza FarhanFiza is the CEO of Buksh Foundation and the director of Buksh Energy Pvt Ltd. Fiza was also part of the 30under30 list by Forbes magazine for Social Entrepreneurs in 2015.She holds honoree titles of co-chairperson Italian Development Chamber of Commerce in Pakistan, Future Energy Leader at the World Energy Council and has received multiple honours over the years including the 2016 Influential Leader Award by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (ACCSB) and the 2016 Womens Entrepreneurs Achievement Award amongst others.

Maleeha LodhiMaleeha Lodhi(Urdu: ) is aPakistanipolitical scientist,diplomat,columnist, andstrategistwho serves as thePermanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations, the first woman to hold the position.[1]She also serves as the President of theUNICEFExecutive Board since 2015

Nasim Wali Khan

Nasim Wali Khan(Urdu: ) is apoliticianinPakistan. Nasim Wali Khan is a major leader ofAwami National Party. Nasim Wali Khan is the former provincial president and parliamentary leader of theAwami National PartyinProvincial Assembly of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa

Begum Kulsum Saifullah Khan

Begum Kulsum Saifullah Khan(7 December 1924 26 January 2015) was a Pakistani businesswoman and politician. She was Chairperson of theSaif Groupof companies from 1964 to 1990. She remained a parliamentarian and a federal minister in Pakistan in the 1980s.[1][2]She had five sons:Anwar Saifullah Khan,Salim Saifullah Khan,Humayun Saifullah Khan, Javed Saifullah Khan and Iqbal Saifullah Khan.[1]She was awarded theHilal-i-Imtiazby presidentPervez Musharraf. She died in January 2015 aged 91

Viqar un Nisa Noon

Begum Viqar-un-Nisa,LadyNoon(neVictoria Rikhy, 19202000) was the wife of the seventhPrime Minister of Pakistan,Feroz Khan Noon. By profession, Viqar Noon was asocialworker. She was anAustrianbybirthand origin, and was born as Victoria in July 1920. She married SirFeroz Khan Noonin 1945.[1]She participated in thePakistan Movement.[2]