Prepositions with Dora the Explorer

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This is a game about prepositions of place intended for ESL/EFL elementary students.


Slide 1

Prepositions of Place with Dora the Explorer


Introductory Slide

It will present the topic: Prepositions.1

Where is my Best friend Boots?In the sandboxUnder the sandboxBeside the sandbox

NextNextThese are the friends we are looking for:

Here are the pictures of the friends Dora will be looking for in the game.5

Hi, my name is Dora and Im an Explorer. I need your help! I want to find my friends. Will you Please help me?NextDora introduces herself

2I dont think so Lets try again, ok?

BackSlide for incorrect answers7

Great job!

BackNextSlide for correct answers8NextWhere is my friend Swiper?On the garbage canIn the garbage canBeside the garbage can

Created by:Jeschelly GonzalezESL Master ProgramInter american University At San German, Puerto Ricojeschelly_gonzalez@intersg.eduThis is the concluding slide.22