Photography Projects for Digital Learners

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Say Cheese! Teaching with Photography Tools & Apps Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second. - Marc Riboud IdeasMemesDigital StoriesMagazineAdvertisementsVisual DictionaryChallengesWriting PromptsBlogPresentationsScrapbook NewspapersPhoto Challenges Mission: Snap a photo of graffiti you consider art. Why? Points: 10 pts. photo & written reasons, 20pts. with multimedia, 30pts. app + posted on your blog Mission: Snap a photo that represents a fraction. Create a word problem. Flickr photo by flickingerbrad, Review your camera settings The Process Capture Edit Upload & publish Rule of Thirds Filters Instagram BeFunky Webtool/IOS/Android Picture Apps Instagram Pixlr BeFunky Flickr PicCollage Tellagami ImageChef CamMe You Doodle EduBuncee Thinglink YakIt for Kids Friendstrip Pic Arts ComicsHead Frame Artist Muzy Chatterpix Kids Write About This Tell About This Photo Editor by Aviary Project IdeasTake a series of shots to create a brochure, flier, poster, or commercial! Slideshows with Digital Scrapbooks Moments / blogRock collectionNature bookBug IdentificationPlant IdentificationNature Scrapbook Character Scrapbooks EduBuncee- Scrapbooks, Presentations, Etc. Create a digital story BookCreator App Publishes to iBooks & Google Play stores YakIt for Kids iOS app Retell your learning with images Different perspective A landmark A book A friend A pet CamMe App Gesture based photography Ex.: Create a comic about a relative, friend, pet or you as a superhero Stories & Comics with Their Images Comics Head Lite iOS/Android Create Motivational Posters Popplet Website & App PhotoFunia IOS/Android App Newspaper / magazine Frame Artist with Photo Templates Send a postcard from 1 character to another Create Interactive Image Image Chef IOS App 360 Images on Google Streetview & Instagram Class Account @ShellTerrell