Panel on Mobile Computing Devices and Applications for Teaching & Learning

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Drs. Michael M. Grant, Michael K. Barbour, Yu-Chang Hsu, Florence Martin, Hui-Yin Hsu, Shiang-Kwei Wang & Cindy York present a panel discussion at the annual meeting of the Association for Educational Computing and Technology in Louisville, KY, as part of the teacher education division (TED).


1.Mobile Compu,ng Devices and Applica,ons for Teaching & Learning Teacher Educa+on Division Panel Discussion 2. Michael M. Grant Associate Professor University of Memphis 3. Michael K. Barbour Assistant Professor Wayne State University 4. Yu-Chang Hsu Assistant Professor Boise State University 5. Florence Mar,n Associate Professor in Instruc+onal Technology University of North Carolina Wilmington 6. Hui-Yin Hsu Associate professor New York Ins+tute of Technology 7. Shiang-Kwei Wang Associate Professor New York Ins+tute of Technology 8. Cindy York Assistant Professor of Instruc+onal Technology Northern Illinois University


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