NCompass Live: Technology Classes at Your Library

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Technology Classes at Your LibraryTechnology Classes at Your LibraryPresented by: Jen Eilers1Assessing Your Resources2Assessing Your ResourcesHow will I measure the outcomes of my solutions?Am I using the right resources to solve the problem?Does my goal need to be adjusted?Are there other solutions that might work better to solve this problem?Assessment Tools and MeasuresWould a paper or an online form work better for getting patron feedback?When do you want to have patrons assess your technology class? How much time do you have to record data? How much time do you think youll need to analyze the data? How frequently will you do this?What other data would be useful to determine the success of your classes?Questions to Consider:Assessment Tools and MeasuresCreating Successful Marketing ToolsStrategies to ConsiderCreating Successful Marketing ToolsStrategies to ConsiderBuilding Better CurriculumQuestions or Comments? Contact me at jen-eilers@icpl.org9