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1. LISA FLOWERS EDU 6606 TERM II 2011 MY TOP WEBSITES 2. When I look for information on the website I put in my subject and do a search, if I get a large amount of information. I will narrow down the parameters, such as the reproductive cycle of black bears, instead of just black bears.Its also useful to get information from colleagues and friends.If I find an article useful I will look for at their reference information and visit those pages and links. My top 10 uses for information on the website are: Social, Financial, Guilty pleasures, Business, Research, News, Interactive Learning, Teaching, Learning, and Travel. SEARCH STRATEGIES 3. General Proposal Writing Advice Brought to you by Science Careers from the journalScience excellent information and related sites on funding NIAID has an excellent Grants Tutorial that covers just about everything RESEARCH 4. I love CNN I am a CNN junkie, website and television. I go online to check my phone when I first wake up in the morning, then make my coffee and watch it live, then check it periodically online throughout the day. Local news and information I started reading the Wall Street Journal in college and love the online edition for information about investing and business. NEWS 5. INTERACTIVE LEARNING Really great for elementary students bright, busy and fun. They love it. Website for learning European continents/capitals had my daughter use this site when she wanted to travel to Europe for spring break. She is not a fan of social studies so I wanted to find another way to get her excited about it. The site made it fun and educational. Interactive learning makes is fun and educational. 6. INTERACTIVE LEARNING Great Interactive math website - Holt math interactivity Science geeks such as my daughter and me love this site and the Smithsonian museums. Interactive learning makes is fun and educational. 7. TEACHING AND LEARNING Great Interactive math website - Holt math interactivity I love using Blackboard when leading a class. I can post all course information and make it available at my discretion. I can check the number of times the pages was visited and also email all participants any relevant information. 8. FINANCE AND BUSINESS Investing news Business insight great for entrepreneurs such as myself. 9. GUILTY PLEASURE AND SOCIAL Who doesnt love the guilty pleasure of watching amateur videos on you tube. Ive also found some really good how to videos such as, home improvements, hair styles, and art projects. Great way to communicate with family and friends. Who doesnt love a good deal 10. TRAVEL I love that I can go to Kayak and compare prices on multiple travel websites without having to visit them individually. Trip Advisor Once I find a great deal on a hotel I go to trip advisor and look at their ratings One of favorite things to do is travel.