Mobile Teaching and Learning

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Mobile Teaching and Learning in higher education


1. Mobile Teaching and LearningIn Higher EducationJongpilCheon, Texas Tech University 2. H E L L Omy name isJongpilCheonAssistant ProfessorInstructional Technology College of Education 3. Read the QR codeIf your smartphone does not have a QR code reader, please download any QR code reader in the App store or the Android market.Mobile Year in Review 2010 Virtual Subway Store with QR code 4. 5. Global Tablet Sales to Pass 80 Million in 201285% of mobile devices will be web enabled by 2012.Mobile search grew by 400% in the past year.33% of search have local intent/results.59% of people visit a local store after searching for it on a mobile device. 15% of insurance and finance searches are from mobile devices.30% of restaurant searches are from mobile devices. 6. Business is ahead of Education 7. Questions for youHave you used any mobile device for your teaching/learning?What do you want to do with mobile devices for your teaching/learning?What is m-learning? 8. Mobile Survey ToolPoll EverywhereWhat kinds of mobile device(s), that can connect the Internet with 3G or WiFi (excluding a laptop), do you have?iPhone 9. Other Smart phones (e.g., DROID, HTC, BlackBerry, Galaxy S, Ericsson and etc.). 10. iPod touch 11. iPad 12. Other Tablets (e.g., Xoom, Galaxy Tab) 13. Only a regular cell phone (No mobile devices)