Microcredentialing: Recognizing Student Learning with Digital Badges

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Quality Online Course Series: Learning Objectives & AssessmentsMicrocredentialing: Recognizing Student Learning with Digital Badges1PresentersCameron WillsResearch Associatecwills@niu.edu@MetaWillsStephanie RichterAssistant Directorsrichter@niu.edu@slrichter2Slides available at facdev.niu.edu/slate15badgesThe landscape of learning is changing4Why Microcredentialing?5What are Badges?Visual representations of achievements, learning, skills, interests, & competenciesSo what are badges? A recent definition from the Open Badges movement, which Ill talk more about in a moment, describes badges as visual representations of achievements, learning, skills, interests, & competencies. 6Digital Badgean online record of achievement, tracking the recipients communities of interaction that issued the badge and the work completed to get it(The Mozilla Foundation & Peer 2 Peer University, 2012)7Digital Badges Examples Digital Badges Examples Badge AllianceKey is student OWNERSHIP of learning12MicrocredentialAwarded on the acquisition of specific knowledge or demonstrated competency of an identified skilland validated by recognized professional bodies or educational institutions(Elliott et al., 2014)13Badge vs. MicrocredentialSome debate on the differenceFormative vs. summative assessmentIncremental vs. ComprehensiveCommon terminologyLifecycle Creating > Issuing > DisplayingStackingUpgrading badges to higher level achievementsEcosystemOverall badging architecture, including badges, platforms, and paths for earning15Challenges to AdoptionValueDo badges/microcredentials mean anything? Do employers value them?TrustAre issuers valid? Does the recipient deserve the badge? EquivalencyHow do badges compare to certificates or degrees?16Mozilla Open Badge BackpackRepository for saving badgesFramework for displaying badgesLearn more at openbadges.org17Step 1: Create a Mozilla Persona AccountGo to backpack.openbadges.org/Click Log In or Sign Up Enter your informationTIP: Choose an email address you can check during this session18Step 2: Give us your email addressGo to facdev.niu.edu/slate15claimbadgeEnter your name and the email address you used for your Mozilla accountNote: Personal information will only be used to distribute the badges19Using Microcredentials in Teaching20Why Use Badges?RecognitionMotivation21ETR 531 Educational Program Evaluation 12-week Graduate level course Students working toward M.S. Ed in Instructional TechnologyBadges rewarded students for mastering evaluation conceptsBadges for ETR 531Evaluation Measures MasteryDisability in Society MOOCPerspectives on Disability10-week Massive Open Online Course(MOOC)Instead of grades, participants earned badgesBadges for Perspectives on DisabilityWeek 1Week 10Lessons learnedStudents liked the badges & certificateWas ideal for providing recognition without gradingEasy to set upDiscussion How would you use microcredentials or badges in your teaching?Creating and Issuing BadgesFormula for Making BadgesImage + metadata = badgeImageNo secret its just an imageUsually squareMetadataProves that the badges was earnedValidates the issuer, the criteria, the evidenceMetadata is what creates trust in badgesMetadata{ "uid": "f2c20", "recipient": { "type": "email", "hashed": true, "salt": "deadsea", "identity": "sha256$c7ef86405ba71b85acd8e2e95166c4b111448089f2e1599f42fe1bba46e865c5" }, "image": "https://example.org/beths-robot-badge.png", "evidence": "https://example.org/beths-robot-work.html", "issuedOn": 1359217910, "badge": "https://example.org/robotics-badge.json", "verify": { "type": "hosted", "url": "https://example.org/beths-robotics-badge.json" } } Learn More About Badge MetaDatawiki.mozilla.org/Badges/Onboarding-IssuerBadge ImagesMade with PowerPointProgram EvaluationETR 531PROSPECTUS Program EvaluationETR 531LOGIC MODELProgram EvaluationETR 531EVALUATION DESIGNGREAT CONTRIBUTORETR 531Program EvaluationProgram EvaluationETR 531MEASURESProgram EvaluationETR 531EVALUATION MANAGEMENTProgram EvaluationETR 531EVALUATION PLANProgram EvaluationETR 531EVALUATION PRESENTATIONOther Tools for Making Badge GraphicsAdobe IllustratorAdobe PhotoshopInkscape (free)OpenBadges.meIssuing BadgesTools for Creating MetadataBadgeKitPurdue PassportCredlyBlackboard AchievementsCreate a Badge with CredlyGo to credly.comClick the Customize This buttonCreate a Credly account if you want to save or issue your badgeAccepting a BadgeLearn moreMozilla Open Badgeswww.openbadges.org/Badge Alliancewww.badgealliance.org/7 Things You Should Know About Badgeswww.educause.edu/library/resources/7-things-you-should-know-about-badges7 Things You Should Read About Badgeswww.educause.edu/library/resources/7-things-you-should-read-about-badgesQuestions?Cameron WillsResearch Associatecwills@niu.edu@MetaWillsStephanie RichterAssistant Directorsrichter@niu.edu@slrichterSlides available at facdev.niu.edu/slate15badges45