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PowerPoint PresentationLearning, Teaching and Research Conference, University of Bradford, June 9th 2016#bfdconf16Background image by carterart via Vecteezy.comIntroduction to Open Badges1Technology Enhanced Learning AdvisorYork St John University #bfdconf16Background image by carterart via, you! At the back!#bfdconf16TEXTWALL Two ways to post: Text your message to 07537 402 400. Post to the wall by going to your message with TELTextwall: 07537 402 400. Start with TELTextwall for questions, comments, feedback3If you already know, sit back and bask in your smugness for a few minutes#bfdconf16Background image by carterart via Vecteezy.comWhat are Open Badges?4Image: Adam Tuttle via Flickr#bfdconf165Image: Eljay via Flickr#bfdconf166Image: Beth via Flickr#bfdconf167#bfdconf16Language and concept borrowed from online gaming 8Image: See-ming Lee via CC-BY / Flickr#bfdconf16Foursquare gamification of real-world social activity9 #bfdconf16Khan Academy digital badges for online learning pathways10Image: CC-BY-ND / @bryanMMathersMetadata behind an open badge11Image: Badge Alliance#bfdconf16How does it the open badge process work? 12are not controlled by any one organisation, so theyre transferrableare evidence-basedare stackableput the user in controlOpen Badges#bfdconf16CC-BY-SA / Think Out Loud Club: Open Badges 101Summary Key points about Open Badges13Hopefully its starting to make sense by now, but lets hammer it home#bfdconf16Background image by carterart via Vecteezy.comSo, how does that relate to what you do? 14Why Open Badges in HE?15Living CV16Industry and Educational Issuers Textwall: 07537 402 400. Start with TEL#bfdconf16Badge examples17 York St John UniversitySEDA Supporting Learning with Technology AwardTextwall: 07537 402 400. Start with TEL#bfdconf16Badge examples18Level 2 Occupational TherapyProfessional Skills moduleLevel 1 Biomedical SciencesProfessional Skills module York St John UniversityBadges embedded within student modulesENDORSEDLevel 3 Business CommunicationsmoduleENDORSEDENDORSEDENDORSEDTextwall: 07537 402 400. Start with TELBadge examples19Residential Leadership Award York St John UniversityMilestone badges from central University servicesCareers and Aspirations online moduleTextwall: 07537 402 400. Start with TEL#bfdconf16Badge examples20Contributorship BadgesBioMed Central, Mozilla, Digital Science, Wellcome Trust etc.Open Research BadgesOpen Practice BadgesTextwall: 07537 402 400. Start with TEL#bfdconf16 Badge examples21UKPSF / SEDAMap to existing competency frameworksTextwall: 07537 402 400. Start with TEL#bfdconf16Badge examples22Graduate Learning Outcomes DEAKIN HALLMARKSMap to existing competency frameworksTextwall: 07537 402 400. Start with TEL#bfdconf16Badge examples23Graduate Attributes University of Bradford?Map to existing competency frameworksBadge icons by carterart via examples24How could you use Open Badges at Bradford?#bfdconf16Discuss with the person(s) next to you:Where, in your context, might you issue Open Badges? Can you arrange the badges into groups of similar badges - this might be based around a theme, a subject a course or other similar over-arching cluster of related badges?Draw a representation of your badge cluster / constellation / pathway in the boxTextwall: 07537 402 400. Start with TEL25Great, youre still interested! Heres how to get started#bfdconf16Background image by carterart via Vecteezy.comHow do you develop a badge?Talk a bit about how open badges are being applied in the sector and specifically at York St John University and some lessons learned. 10 minutes26Developing BadgesContent DesignImage DesignIssuing ProcessStoring/DisplayingWho will are the earners, issuers, viewers, endorsers?Why would they want to earn/issue/view/endorse it?What skills/attributes/understanding does the badge represent?What criteria do you need to meet to earn the badge?What evidence will be required?Badge images should square, no smaller than 90x90px, PNG or SVG files and a maximum of 256kb. Consistent colouring/shapes/icons for milestone badges or badge programmes?Image editing software, Google free vector images online, designerHow will the badges be assessed? Automated or intervention required? What issuing system will you use? VLE (Blackboard), Credly, Open Badge Factory , Open Badge Academy etc. Where will your earners store their badges?Within the issuing system; Open Badge Backpack (Mozilla), Open Badge Passport etc. How will you support your earners to share their badges?How do you go about developing an open badge? 27Developing BadgesTextwall: 07537 402 400. Start with TEL#bfdconf16JISC Badge Design toolkit28Have a go at designing a badge!#bfdconf16 Choose one of your badge ideas from your earlier discussionUse the JISC Badge Content Design sheet to develop that badge furtherTextwall: 07537 402 400. Start with TELOn Slide: Open Badges: the what, why how. The Why:Give people recognition for the skills and achievements they have 3D CV cv is a bunch of claims but badges verify themYour students/researchers are more than their grades, or more than the final output of their researchThe How: Design the badge (offline)Choose the right issuing systemWhere can your badge recipients store their badges?29Developing BadgesTextwall: 07537 402 400. Start with TEL#bfdconf16Digital Skills ChampionDesign ProcessFocus on the highlighted areasIf you cant think of an example, use the Digital Skills Champion (staff or student). Thinking about your badge requirementsHow will you design the image? How will you issue them? Moodle, Credly, Wordpress, Open Badge Factory or Open Badge AcademyWill the process be automated? Does the earner apply for the badge? How resource intensive will the process be? Where will earners store them? Backpack, Open Badge Passport30Im glad you asked#bfdconf16Background image by carterart via Vecteezy.comAny research on all of this?Research31ResearchLandscapeEmerging Case study / personal reflectionsBasis in Psychology / Learning Sciences Motivations (intrinsic/extrinsic), lifelong learning, curriculum design, reflective practice, gamification etc. Annotated Bibliographies: HASTAC RESEARCH BIBLIOGRAPHY (Good for theoretical perspectives) OPEN BADGES IN HE WORKING GROUP LIBRARY (Good for case studies, project reports, emerging research articles etc.) Landscape32Open Badge Design Principles Documentation (DPD) ProjectEDUCAUSE / Indiana University project (2012-2014), published June 2015Tracked the development and outcome of 29 badge programsAnalysing how badges were used forrecognising, assessing, motivating and studying learning,and the intended, enacted and formalised practices within each of the projects. Badge Design Principles Documentation (DPD) Project2012-2014Open Badge Design Principles Documentation Project 33Open Badge Design Principles Documentation (DPD) Project2012-2014BADGES WORK BETTER IN SOME PLACES THAN OTHERS BADGES WORK BETTER WHERE CONTENT AND TECHNOLOGY ALREADY EXISTSBADGES WORK BETTER AS INFORMAL CREDENTIALSBADGES WORK BETTER WHEN INTERNALLY VALUEDBADGES WORK BETTER WHEN THEY OFFER UNIQUE CLAIMS AND EVIDENCEBADGES WORK BETTER WHERE THE LEARNING IS SOCIAL AND NETWORKEDSet of design principles: 34Further ReadingMozilla Open Badges: Badge Alliance: (including a collaboratively drafted campus policy framework for open badges)Open Badges in Higher Education Project website: Think Out Loud Clubs Open Badges #OB101 course: (including great FAQ page)2016 Open Badges in Higher Education Conference, University of Southampton: Blogs: Carli Cassilli and Doug Belshaw Mailing list: Digitalbadges@listserv.Educause.EduFurther Reading35Questions? #bfdconf16No? None? Really?@Risn_Cassidy Questions36Use the code to claim your badge!#bfdconf16 @Risn_Cassidy 37