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2013 is the International Year of Statistics, a worldwide event supported by nearly 1,850 organizations. Celebrate it with us! Check the most important statistics books.


1. Katalog ksiekanglojzycznychSTATYSTYKAAmerykaskie Towarzystwo Statystyczne ogosiorok 2013 Midzynarodowym Rokiem Statystyki.Oglnowiatowa akcja ma na celu uczczenie i docenienieosigni nauk statystycznych. Przyczylimy si doakcji promujc najwaniejsze ksiki z tej dziedziny.Przegldaj katalog z nowociami i najciekawszymipublikacjami. statystyka dla inynierw statystyka finansowa i ekonometria statystyka matematyczna statystyka medyczna i biostatystyka statystyka obliczeniowa statystyka oglna statystyka w naukach spoecznychDowiedz si wicej na 2. Podane ceny s cenami netto i zostan przeliczone na zotwkiwg kursu walut NBP z dnia sprzeday.40 000+ tytuw dostpnych od rki300+ wydawcw w oferciedowolna ksika obcojzyczna dostpna na zamwienie40+ przedstawicieli handlowych7 ksigar w caej PolsceSpis treci:1. Statystyka dla inynierw...................................... 32. Statystyka nansowa i ekonometria ...................... 73. Statystyka matematyczna..................................... 224. Statystyka medyczna i biostatystyka..................... 265. Statystyczna obliczeniowa .................................... 556. Statystyka oglna ................................................. 667. Statystyka w naukach spoecznych....................... 958. Formularz zamwienia .......................................... 1139. Kontakt ................................................................ informacji na 3. STATYSTYKADLA INYNIERWPRZEGLDAJ KSIKI 4. Statystyka dla inynierw4 www.abe.plApplications of Statistics andProbability in Civil Engineering978041566986315.07.2011Oprawa: twarda 447,00Michael FaberUnder the pressure of harsh environmental conditions and natural hazards, largeparts of the world population are struggling to maintain their livelihoods. Populationgrowth, increasing land utilization and shrinking natural resources have led to anincreasing demand of improved efciency of existing technologies and thedevelopment of new ones. Additionally, growing complexities of societalfunctionalities and interdependencies among infrastructures and urban habitatsamplify consequences of malfunctions and failures. Malevolence, sustainabledevelopments and climatic changes have more recently been added to the list ofchallenges. Over the last decades, substantial progress has been made in assessingand quantifying risks. However, with regard to the broader utilization of riskassessment as a means for societal strategic and operational planning, there is still agreat need for further development. Applications of Statistics and Probability in CivilEngineering contains the proceedings of the 11th International Conference onApplications of Statistics and Probability in Civil Engineering (ICASP11, Zurich,Switzerland, 1-4 August 2011).Taylor & FrancisApplied Statistics and Probability forEngineers978047050578615.06.2010Oprawa: mikka 51,99Douglas C. MontgomeryMontgomery and Rungers bestselling engineering statistics text provides a practicalapproach oriented to engineering as well as chemical and physical sciences. Byproviding unique problem sets that reect realistic situations, students learn how thematerial will be relevant in their careers. With a focus on how statistical tools areintegrated into the engineering problem-solving process, all major aspects ofengineering statistics are covered. Developed with sponsorship from the NationalScience Foundation, this text incorporates many insights from the authors teachingexperience along with feedback from numerous adopters of previous editions.WileyApplied Statistics and Probability forEngineers978047088844524.09.2010Oprawa: mikka 53,50Douglas C. MontgomeryMontgomery and Rungers bestselling engineering statistics text provides a practicalapproach oriented to engineering as well as chemical and physical sciences. Byproviding unique problem sets that reect realistic situations, students learn how thematerial will be relevant in their careers. With a focus on how statistical tools areintegrated into the engineering problem-solving process, all major aspects ofengineering statistics are covered. Developed with sponsorship from the NationalScience Foundation, this text incorporates many insights from the authors teachingexperience along with feedback from numerous adopters of previous editions.WileyBayesian Logical Data Analysis for thePhysical Sciences978052115012520.05.2010Oprawa: mikka 36,99Phil C. GregoryBayesian inference provides a simple and unied approach to data analysis, allowingexperimenters to assign probabilities to competing hypotheses of interest, on thebasis of the current state of knowledge. By incorporating relevant prior information,it can sometimes improve model parameter estimates by many orders of magnitude.This book provides a clear exposition of the underlying concepts with many workedexamples and problem sets. It also discusses implementation, including anintroduction to Markov chain Monte-Carlo integration and linear and nonlinear modeltting. Particularly extensive coverage of spectral analysis (detecting and measuringperiodic signals) includes a self-contained introduction to Fourier and discreteFourier methods. There is a chapter devoted to Bayesian inference with Poissonsampling, and three chapters on frequentist methods help to bridge the gapbetween the frequentist and Bayesian approaches.Cambridge University PressDesign and Analysis of Experiments 8E978111860524026.12.2012Oprawa: twarda 146,00MontgomeryThe eighth edition of this best selling text continues to help senior under graduatestudents in engineering, business, and statistics-as well as working practitioners-todesign and analyse experiments for improving the quality, efciency andperformance of working systems.The eighth edition of Design and Analysis of Experiments maintains itscomprehensive coverage by including: new examples, exercises, and problems(including in the areas of biochemistry and biotechnology); new topics and problemsin the area of response surface; new topics in nested and split-plot design; and theresidual maximum likelihood method is now emphasized throughout the book.Continuing to place a strong focus on the use of the computer, this edition includessoftware examples taken from the four most dominant programs in the eld: Design-Expert, Minitab, JMP, and SAS.WileyEngineering Statistics978047064607609.12.2011Oprawa: mikka 49,99Douglas C. MontgomeryMontgomery, Runger, and Hubele provide modern coverage of engineeringstatistics, focusing on how statistical tools are integrated into the engineeringproblem-solving process. All major aspects of engineering statistics are covered,including descriptive statistics, probability and probability distributions, statistical testand condence intervals for one and two samples, building regression models,designing and analyzing engineering experiments, and statistical process control.Developed with sponsorship from the National Science Foundation, this revisionincorporates many insights from the authors teaching experience along withfeedback from numerous adopters of previous editions.Wiley 5. Statystyka dla 5Engineering Statistics: StudentSolutions Manual978047090530204.04.2012Oprawa: mikka 44,95Douglas C. MontgomeryMontgomery, Runger, and Hubele provide modern coverage of engineeringstatistics, focusing on how statistical tools are integrated into the engineeringproblem-solving process. All major aspects of engineering statistics are covered,including descriptive statistics, probability and probability distributions, statistical testand condence intervals for one and two samples, building regression models,designing and analyzing engineering experiments, and statistical process control.Developed with sponsorship from the National Science Foundation, this revisionincorporates many insights from the authors teaching experience along withfeedback from numerous adopters of previous editions.WileyEssentials of Probabilty & Statistics forEngineers & Scientists978032178373827.12.2011Oprawa: twarda 98,99Ronald E. WalpoleThis text covers the essential topics needed for a fundamental understanding ofbasic statistics and its applications in the elds of engineering and the sciences.Interesting, relevant applications use real data from actual studies, showing how theconcepts and methods can be used to solve problems in the eld. The authorsassume one semester of differential and integral calculus as a prerequisite.Pearson EducationMethods and Applications of Statistics inEngineering, Quality Control, and the Physical978047040508627.04.2011Oprawa: twarda 130,00N. BalakrishnanInspired by the Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences, Second Edition (ESS2e), thisvolume presents a concise, well-rounded focus on the statistical concepts andapplications that are essential for understanding gathered data in the elds ofengineering, quality control, and the physical sciences. The book successfullyupholds the goals of ESS2e by combining both previously-published and newlydeveloped contributions written by over 100 leading academics, researchers, andpractitioner in a comprehensive, approachable format. The result is a succinctreference that unveils modern, cutting-edge approaches to acquiring and analyzingdata across diverse subject areas within these three disciplines, including operationsresearch, chemistry, physics, the earth sciences,electrical engineering, and qualityassurance. In addition, techniques related to survey methodology, computationalstatistics, and operations research are discussed, where applicable. Topics ofcoverage include: optimal and stochastic control, articial intelligence, quantummechanics, and fractals.WileyMiller and Freunds Probability andStatistics for Engineers978032169498015.12.2009Oprawa: mikka 57,99Richard A. JohnsonThis text is rich in exercises and examples, and explores both elementary probabilityand basic statistics, with an emphasis on engineering and science applications.Much of the data have been collected from the authors own consulting experienceand from discussions with scientists and engineers about the use of statistics in theirelds. In later chapters, the book emphasizes designed experiments, especially two-level factorial design.Pearson EducationProbability and Statistics for Engineersand Scientists978032174823202.01.2011Oprawa: mikka 62,99Ronald E. WalpoleThis classic text provides a rigorous introduction to basic probability theory andstatistical inference, with a unique balance of theory and methodology. Interesting,relevant applications use real data from actual studies, showing how the conceptsand methods can be used to solve problems in the eld. This revision focuses onimproved clarity and deeper understanding.Pearson EducationProbability, Statistics, and Reliability forEngineers and Scientists978143980951822.04.2011Oprawa: twarda 76,99Bilal M. AyyubIn a technological society, virtually every engineer and scientist needs to be able tocollect, analyze, interpret, and properly use vast arrays of data. This meansacquiring a solid foundation in the methods of data analysis and synthesis.Understanding the theoretical aspects is important, but learning to properly applythe theory to real-world problems is essential. Probability, Statistics, and Reliabilityfor Engineers and Scientists, Third Edition introduces the fundamentals ofprobability, statistics, reliability, and risk methods to engineers and scientists for thepurposes of data and uncertainty analysis and modeling in support of decisionmaking. The third edition of this bestselling text presents probability, statistics,reliability, and risk methods with an ideal balance of theory and applications. Clearlywritten and rmly focused on the practical use of these methods, it places increasedemphasis on simulation, particularly as a modeling tool, applying it progressively withprojects that continue in each chapter. This provides a measure of continuity andshows the broad use of simulation as a computational tool to inform decisionmaking processes.Taylor & Francis 6. Statystyka dla inynierw6 www.abe.plStatistical and Thermal Physics: AnIntroduction978143985053423.05.2011Oprawa: twarda 44,99Michael J.R. HochConcepts and relationships in thermal and statistical physics form the foundation fordescribing systems consisting of macroscopically large numbers of particles.Developing microscopic statistical physics and macroscopic classicalthermodynamic descriptions in tandem, Statistical and Thermal Physics: AnIntroduction provides insight into basic concepts at an advanced undergraduatelevel. Highly detailed and profoundly thorough, this comprehensive introductionincludes exercises within the text as well as end-of-chapter problems. The rstsection of the book covers the basics of equilibrium thermodynamics and introducesthe concepts of temperature, internal energy, and entropy using ideal gases andideal paramagnets as models. The chemical potential is dened and the threethermodynamic potentials are discussed with use of Legendre transforms. Thesecond section presents a complementary microscopic approach to entropy andtemperature, with the general expression for entropy given in terms of the number ofaccessible microstates in the xed energy, microcanonical ensemble.Taylor & FrancisStatistical Thermodynamics978146651067822.10.2012Oprawa: twarda 49,99Lukong Cornelius FaiStatistical thermodynamics and the related domains of statistical physics andquantum mechanics are very important in many elds of research, includingplasmas, rareed gas dynamics, nuclear systems, lasers, semiconductors,superconductivity, ortho- and para-hydrogen, liquid helium, and so on. StatisticalThermodynamics: Understanding the Properties of Macroscopic Systems provides adetailed overview of how to apply statistical principles to obtain the physical andthermodynamic properties of macroscopic systems. Intended for physics,chemistry, and other science students at the graduate level, the book starts withfundamental principles of statistical physics, before diving into thermodynamics.Going further than many advanced textbooks, it includes Bose-Einstein, Fermi-Diracstatistics, and Lattice dynamics as well as applications in polaron theory, electronicgas in a magnetic eld, thermodynamics of dielectrics, and magnetic materials in amagnetic eld. The book concludes with an examination of statisticalthermodynamics using functional integration and Feynman path integrals, andincludes a wide range of problems with solutions that explain the theory.Taylor & FrancisStatistics for Engineering and theSciences978013187706113.07.2006Oprawa: twarda 63,99William Mendenhall, IIIFor engineering statistics courses in departments of Statistics and Engineering. Thistext is designed for a two-semester introductory course in statistics for studentsmajoring in engineering or any of the physical sciences. Inevitalby, once thesestudenrts graduate and are employed, they will be involved in the collection andanalysis of data and will be required to think critically about the results.Consequently, they need to acquire knowledge of the basic concepts of datadescription and statistical inference and familiarity with statistical methods they arerequired to use on the job.The text includes optional theoretical exercises allowinginstructors who choose to emphasize theory to do so without requiring additionalmaterials. The assumed mathematical background is a two-semester sequence incalculus - that is, the course could be taught to students of average mathematicaltalent and with a basic understanding of the principles of differential and integralcalculus. Datasets and other resources (where applicable) for this book are availablehere.Pearson EducationStatistics for Imaging, Optics, andPhotonics978111830360303.01.2012Oprawa: twarda 66,95BajorskiA vivid, hands-on discussion of the statistical methods in imaging, optics, andphotonics applicationsIn the eld of imaging science, there is a growing need for students and practitionersto be equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools to carry out quantitativeanalysis of data. Providing a self-contained approach that is not too heavilystatistical in nature, Statistics for Imaging, Optics, and Photonics presents necessaryanalytical techniques in the context of real examples from various areas within theeld, including remote sensing, color science, printing, and astronomy.Bridging the gap between imaging, optics, photonics, and statistical data analysis,the author uniquely concentrates on statistical inference, providing a wide range ofrelevant methods.WileyThe Principles of Thermodynamics978146651208516.08.2013Oprawa: twarda 57,99N.D. Hari DassThis text presents the conceptual and technical developments of the subject withoutunduly compromising on either the historical or logical perspective. It also covers thetremendous range of scientically deep and technologically revolutionaryapplications of thermodynamics. The text explains how thermodynamics evolvedfrom a few basic laws that were amazingly successful and with tremendous range,without even knowing about the atomic structure of matter or the laws governingthe behavior of atoms.Taylor & FrancisThermodynamics Made Simple forEnergy Engineers978143985201915.12.2011Oprawa: twarda 82,00S Bobby RaufThis text provides an overview of important theory, principles, and concepts in theeld of thermodynamics, making this abstract and complex subject easy tocomprehend while building practical skills in the process. It enhances understandingof heat transfer, steam tables, energy concepts, power generation, psychrometry,refrigeration cycles, and more. Practical, easily accessible case studies illustratevarious thermodynamics principles. Each chapter concludes with a list of questionsor problems, with answers at the back of the book.Taylor & Francis 7. STATYSTYKA FINANSOWAI EKONOMETRIAPRZEGLDAJ KSIKI 8. Statystyka nansowa i ekonometria8 www.abe.plA Concise Introduction to BusinessResearch Methods978143986109716.12.2013Oprawa: twarda 49,99D. IsraelIntroductory in its approach, this text covers essential aspects of research methods.The author emphasizes major topics, such as experimental design, scaleconstruction techniques, testing reliability and validity, as well as the application ofunivariate, bivariate, and multivariate tools in data analysis. Step-by-step details ofthe application of the SPSS, along with screenshots, are included to illustrate theapplication of tools to analyze and interpret research data. The book covers pre-,quasi-, true-, and complex experimental design forms. Each chapter containsdescriptive questions, multiple-choice questions, true/false statements, andexercises.Taylor & FrancisA Course on Statistics for Finance978143989254103.01.2013Oprawa: twarda 57,99Stanley L. ScloveTaking a data-driven approach, A Course on Statistics for Finance presentsstatistical methods for nancial investment analysis. The author introducesregression analysis, time series analysis, and multivariate analysis step by step usingmodels and methods from nance. The book begins with a review of basicstatistics, including descriptive statistics, kinds of variables, and types of data sets. Itthen discusses regression analysis in general terms and in terms of nancialinvestment models, such as the capital asset pricing model and the Fama/Frenchmodel. It also describes mean-variance portfolio analysis and concludes with afocus on time series analysis. Providing the connection between elementarystatistics courses and quantitative nance courses, this text helps both existing andfuture quants improve their data analysis skills and better understand the modelingprocess.Taylor & FrancisA Modern Theory of Random Variation978111816640616.11.2012Oprawa: twarda 76,95Patrick MuldowneyThis book presents a self-contained study of the Riemann approach to the theory ofrandom variation and assumes only some familiarity with probability or statisticalanalysis, basic Riemann integration, and mathematical proofs. The author focuseson non-absolute convergence in conjunction with random variation. Any conceptionor understanding of the random variation phenomenon hinges on the notions ofprobability and its mathematical representation in the form of probability distributionfunctions. The central and recurring theme throughout this book is that, providedthe use a non-absolute method of summation, every nitely additive, function ofdisjoint intervals is integrable. In contrast, more traditional methods in probabilitytheory exclude signicant classes of such functions whose integrability cannot beestablished whenever only absolute convergence is considered. An examplesincludes the Feynman "measure-which-is-not-a-measure" - the so-called probabilityamplitudes used in the Feynman path integrals of quantum mechanics.WileyA Practitioners Guide to Resamplingfor Data Analysis, Data Mining, and978143985550819.08.2011Oprawa: twarda 59,99Phillip I. GoodDistribution-free resampling methods-permutation tests, decision trees, and thebootstrap-are used today in virtually every research area. A Practitioners Guide toResampling for Data Analysis, Data Mining, and Modeling explains how to use thebootstrap to estimate the precision of sample-based estimates and to determinesample size, data permutations to test hypotheses, and the readily-interpreteddecision tree to replace arcane regression methods. Highlights Each chaptercontains dozens of thought provoking questions, along with applicable R and Statacode Methods are illustrated with examples from agriculture, audits, bird migration,clinical trials, epidemiology, image processing, immunology, medicine, microarraysand gene selection Lists of commercially available software for the bootstrap,decision trees, and permutation tests are incorporated in the text Access to APL,MATLAB, and SC code for many of the routines is provided on the authors websiteTaylor & FrancisActive Risk Management978143983948505.11.2013Oprawa: twarda 57,99LaiFollowing the recent nancial crisis, risk management in nancial institutions,particularly in banks, has attracted widespread attention and discussion. Novelmodeling approaches and courses to educate future professionals in industry,government, and academia are of timely relevance. This book introduces aninnovative concept and methodology developed by the authors: active riskmanagement. It is suitable for graduate students in mathematical nance/nancialengineering, economics, and statistics as well as for practitioners in the elds ofnance and insurance. The books website features the data sets used in theexamples along with various exercises.Following the recent nancial crisis, risk management in nancial institutions,particularly in banks, has attracted widespread attention and discussion. Novelmodeling approaches and courses to educate future professionals in industry,government, and academia are of timely relevance.This book introduces an innovative concept and methodology developed by theauthors: active risk management. It is suitable for graduate students in mathematicalTaylor & FrancisAn Introduction to Analysis of FinancialData with R978047089081307.12.2012Oprawa: twarda 86,95Ruey S. TsayThis book provides a systematic and mathematically accessible introduction tonancial econometric models and their applications in modeling and predictingnancial time series data. It emphasizes empirical nancial data and focuses on real-world examples. Following this approach, readers will master key aspects ofnancial time series, including volatility modeling, neural network applications,market microstructure, and high-frequency nancial data. S-Plus(r) commands andillustrations are used extensively throughout the book in order to highlight accurateinterpretations and graphical representations of nancial data. Exercises areincluded in order to provide readers with more opportunities to put the models andmethods into everyday practice. The tools provided in the text aid readers indeveloping a deeper understanding of nancial markets through rsthandexperience in working with nancial data, most importantly without needlesscomputation.Wiley 9. Statystyka nansowa i 9An Introduction to Exotic Option Pricing978142009100702.03.2012Oprawa: twarda 49,99Peter BuchenIn an easy-to-understand, nontechnical yet mathematically elegant manner, AnIntroduction to Exotic Option Pricing shows how to price exotic options, includingcomplex ones, without performing complicated integrations or formally solvingpartial differential equations (PDEs). The author incorporates much of his ownunpublished work, including ideas and techniques new to the general quantitativenance community. The rst part of the text presents the necessary nancial,mathematical, and statistical background, covering both standard and specializedtopics. Using no-arbitrage concepts, the Black-Scholes model, and the fundamentaltheorem of asset pricing, the author develops such specialized methods as theprinciple of static replication, the Gaussian shift theorem, and the method of images.A key feature is the application of the Gaussian shift theorem and its multivariateextension to price exotic options without needing a single integration. The secondpart focuses on applications to exotic option pricing, including dual-expiry, multi-asset rainbow, barrier, lookback, and Asian options.Taylor & FrancisAnalysis of Financial Time Series978047041435410.09.2010Oprawa: twarda 90,95Ruey S. TsayThis book provides a broad, mature, and systematic introduction to current nancialeconometric models and their applications to modeling and prediction of nancialtime series data. It utilizes real-world examples and real nancial data throughout thebook to apply the models and methods described.The author begins with basic characteristics of nancial time series data beforecovering three main topics: Analysis and application of univariate nancial time series The return series of multiple assets Bayesian inference in nance methodsKey features of the new edition include additional coverage of modern day topicssuch as arbitrage, pair trading, realized volatility, and credit risk modeling; a smoothtransition from S-Plus to R; and expanded empirical nancial data sets.WileyApplied Business Statistics: MakingBetter Business Decisions978111809229303.02.2012Oprawa: mikka 54,99Ken BlackBlacks latest outstanding pedagogy of Business Statistics includes the use of extraproblems called "Demonstration Problems" to provide additional insight andexplanation to working problems, and presents concepts, topics, formulas, andapplication in a manner that is palatable to a vast audience and minimizes the use of"scary" formulas. Every chapter opens up with a vignette called a "DecisionDilemma" about real companies, data, and business issues. Solutions to thesedilemmas are presented as a feature called "Decision Dilemma Solved." In thisedition all cases and "Decision Dilemmas" are updated and revised and 1/3 havebeen replaced for currency. There is also a signicant number of additional problemsand an extremely competitive collection of databases (containing real data) on:international stock markets, consumer food, international labor, nancial, energy,agribusiness, 12-year gasoline, manufacturing, and hospital.WileyApplied Statistics for Business andEconomics978143980568819.03.2010Oprawa: twarda 56,99Robert M. LeekleyDesigned for a one-semester course, Applied Statistics for Business and Economicsoffers students in business and the social sciences an effective introduction to someof the most basic and powerful techniques available for understanding their world.Numerous interesting and important examples reect real-life situations, stimulatingstudents to think realistically in tackling these problems. Calculations can beperformed using any standard spreadsheet package. To help with the examples, theauthor offers both actual and hypothetical databases on his website The text explores ways to describe data and the relationships found indata. It covers basic probability tools, Bayes theorem, sampling, estimation, andcondence intervals. The text also discusses hypothesis testing for one and twosamples, contingency tables, goodness-of-t, analysis of variance, and populationvariances. In addition, the author develops the concepts behind the linearrelationship between two numeric variables (simple regression) as well as thepotentially nonlinear relationships among more than two variables (multipleregression).Taylor & FrancisApplied Stochastic Finance: v. 1978184821158219.01.2010Oprawa: twarda 99,95P-C.G. VassiliouStochastic nance and nancial engineering have been rapidly expanding elds ofscience over the past four decades, mainly due to the success of sophisticatedquantitative methodologies in helping professionals manage nancial risks. In recentyears, we have witnessed a tremendous acceleration in research efforts aimed atbetter comprehending, modeling and hedging this kind of risk.These two volumes aim to provide a foundation course on applied stochasticnance. They are designed for three groups of readers: rstly, students of variousbackgrounds seeking a core knowledge on the subject of stochastic nance;secondly nancial analysts and practitioners in the investment, banking andinsurance industries; and nally other professionals who are interested in learningadvanced mathematical and stochastic methods, which are basic knowledge inmany areas, through nance.Volume 1 starts with the introduction of the basic nancial instruments and thefundamental principles of nancial modeling and arbitrage valuation of derivatives.Next, we use the discrete-time binomial model to introduce all relevant concepts.WileyARCH Models for Financial Applications978047006630009.04.2010Oprawa: twarda 65,95Evdokia XekalakiARCH Models for Financial Applications provides background on the theory ofARCH models, with a focus on practical implementation via applications to real dataand examples worked with econometrics packages. The interactional exposition ofthe ARCH theory, and its implementation in practice that the authors adopt, helpsreaders get a deeper understanding of the models and their use as tools in appliednancial contexts. Intended for readers seeking an aptitude in the applications ofnancial econometric modeling, this book requires only a basic knowledge ofeconometrics and basic undergraduate-level statistics.Wiley 10. Statystyka nansowa i ekonometria10 www.abe.plBayesian Methods in Insurance andActuarial Science978146651061605.12.2013Oprawa: twarda 57,99Yanwei ZhangThere has been a rapidly growing interest in Bayesian methods among insurancepractitioners in recent years, mainly because of their ability to generate predictivedistributions and to rigorously incorporate expert opinion through prior probabilities.This book introduces modern Bayesian modeling techniques for actuarial andinsurance applications. It rst provides the necessary background in currentactuarial practice and then presents Bayesian methods and MCMC. It includesadvanced techniques, such as nonlinear modeling, as well as three chapters onmodel selection and averaging. The text features case studies using real actuarialand insurance data with computations in R and WinBUGS.Taylor & FrancisBlack-Scholes Model978052117300113.09.2012Oprawa: mikka 24,00Marek CapinskiThe Black-Scholes option pricing model is the rst and by far the best-knowncontinuous-time mathematical model used in mathematical nance. Here, itprovides a sufciently complex, yet tractable, testbed for exploring the basicmethodology of option pricing. The discussion of extended markets, the carefulattention paid to the requirements for admissible trading strategies, the developmentof pricing formulae for many widely traded instruments and the additionalcomplications offered by multi-stock models will appeal to a wide class ofinstructors. Students, practitioners and researchers alike will benet from the booksrigorous, but unfussy, approach to technical issues. It highlights potential pitfalls,gives clear motivation for results and techniques and includes carefully chosenexamples and exercises, all of which make it suitable for self-study.Cambridge University PressBusiness Statistics for CompetitiveAdvantage with Excel 2010978144199856927.03.2012Oprawa: mikka 74,95Cynthia FraserExceptional managers know that they can create competitive advantages by basingdecisions on performance response under alternative scenarios. To create theseadvantages, managers need to understand how to use statistics to provideinformation on performance response under alternative scenarios. This updatededition of the popular text helps business students develop competitive advantagesfor use in their future careers as decision makers. Students learn to build modelsusing logic and experience, produce statistics using Excel 2010 with shortcuts, andtranslate results into implications for decision makers. The author emphasizescommunicating results effectively in plain English and with compelling graphics in theform of memos and PowerPoints. Statistics, from basics to sophisticated models,are illustrated with examples using real data such as students will encounter in theirroles as managers. A number of examples focus on business in emerging globalmarkets with particular emphasis on China and India. Results are linked toimplications for decision making with sensitivity analyses to illustrate how alternatescenarios can be compared.SpringerChoice-based Conjoint Analysis:Models and Designs978142009996611.08.2010Oprawa: twarda 62,99Damaraju RaghavaraoDisseminating information from researchers in various elds, this compilationpresents the research themes, methods, and ndings, making it a signicantreference for design researchers and design practitioners interested in furtheringunderstanding of design activity in real-world settings. It presents an analysis ofdigital video recordings of a series of design meetings on the conceptual stages of adesign project. The data were gathered from design meetings taking place as partof naturally occurring design practice, rather than being gathered through a stagedexperiment in which the conditions are highly controlled.Taylor & FrancisClustering: A Data Recovery Approach978143983841915.11.2012Oprawa: twarda 63,99Boris MirkinOften considered more of an art than a science, books on clustering have beendominated by learning through example with techniques chosen almost through trialand error. Even the two most popular, and most related, clustering methods-K-Means for partitioning and Wards method for hierarchical clustering-have lacked thetheoretical underpinning required to establish a rm relationship between the twomethods and relevant interpretation aids. Other approaches, such as spectralclustering or consensus clustering, are considered absolutely unrelated to eachother or to the two above mentioned methods. Clustering: A Data RecoveryApproach, Second Edition presents a unied modeling approach for the mostpopular clustering methods: the K-Means and hierarchical techniques, especially fordivisive clustering. It signicantly expands coverage of the mathematics of datarecovery, and includes a new chapter covering more recent popular networkclustering approaches-spectral, modularity and uniform, additive, and consensus-treated within the same data recovery approach.Taylor & FrancisComputation and Modelling inInsurance and Finance: An Introduction978052183048501.10.2013Oprawa: twarda 65,00Eric BolvikenFocusing on what actuaries need in practice, this introductory account providesreaders with essential tools for handling complex problems and explains howsimulation models can be created, used and re-used (with modications) in relatedsituations. The book begins by outlining the basic tools of modelling and simulation,including a discussion of the Monte Carlo method and its use. Part II deals withgeneral insurance and Part III with life insurance and nancial risk. Algorithms thatcan be implemented on any programming platform are spread throughout and aprogram library written in R is included. Numerous gures and experiments with R-code illustrate the text. The authors non-technical approach is ideal for graduatestudents, the only prerequisites being introductory courses in calculus and linearalgebra, probability and statistics. The book will also be of value to actuaries andother analysts in the industry looking to update their skills.Cambridge University Press 11. Statystyka nansowa i 11Customer and Business Analytics978146650396006.06.2012Oprawa: mikka 44,99Robert E. KriderCustomer and Business Analytics: Applied Data Mining for Business DecisionMaking Using R explains and demonstrates, via the accompanying open-sourcesoftware, how advanced analytical tools can address various business problems. Italso gives insight into some of the challenges faced when deploying these tools.Extensively classroom-tested, the text is ideal for students in customer and businessanalytics or applied data mining as well as professionals in small- to medium-sizedorganizations. The book offers an intuitive understanding of how different analyticsalgorithms work. Where necessary, the authors explain the underlying mathematicsin an accessible manner. Each technique presented includes a detailed tutorial thatenables hands-on experience with real data. The authors also discuss issues oftenencountered in applied data mining projects and present the CRISP-DM processmodel as a practical framework for organizing these projects. Showing how datamining can improve the performance of organizations, this book and its R-basedsoftware provide the skills and tools needed to successfully develop advancedanalytics capabilities.Taylor & FrancisData Driven Business Decisions978047061960504.11.2011Oprawa: twarda 83,50Chris J. LloydA hands-on guide to the use of quantitative methods and software for makingsuccessful business decisions The appropriate use of quantitative methods lies atthe core of successful decisions made by managers, researchers, and students inthe eld of business. Providing a framework for the development of sound judgmentand the ability to utilize quantitative and qualitative approaches, Data DrivenBusiness Decisions introduces readers to the important role that data plays inunderstanding business outcomes, addressing four general areas that managersneed to know about: data handling and Microsoft Excel(r), uncertainty, therelationship between inputs and outputs, and complex decisions with trade-offs anduncertainty. Grounded in the authors own classroom approach to businessstatistics, the book reveals how to use data to understand the drivers of businessoutcomes, which in turn allows for data-driven business decisions.WileyData Mining Mobile Devices978146655595225.06.2013Oprawa: twarda 44,99Jesus MenaData Mining Mobile Devices, also known as "Reality Mining," denes the collectionof machine-sensed environmental data pertaining to human social behavior. Thisnew paradigm of data mining makes possible the modeling of conversation context,proximity sensing, and temporospatial location throughout large communities ofindividuals. Mobile phones (and similarly innocuous devices) are used for datacollection, opening behavior analysis to new methods of empirical stochasticmodeling. The book explains how the combination of data mining and machinelearning makes this possible, and details how to integrate the various technologies.Taylor & FrancisDeveloping Econometrics978047068177025.11.2011Oprawa: twarda 55,00Hengqing TongStatistical Theories and Methods with Applications to Economics and Businesshighlights recent advances in statistical theory and methods that beneteconometric practice. It deals with exploratory data analysis, a prerequisite tostatistical modelling and part of data mining. It provides recently developedcomputational tools useful for data mining, analysing the reasons to do data miningand the best techniques to use in a given situation. Provides a detailed description of computer algorithms. Provides recently developed computational tools useful for data mining Highlights recent advances in statistical theory and methods that beneteconometric practice. Features examples with real life data. Accompanying software featuring DASC (Data Analysis and StatisticalComputing).WileyDeveloping, Validating and UsingInternal Ratings978047071149124.09.2010Oprawa: twarda 62,50Giacomo de LaurentisThis book provides a thorough analysis of internal rating systems. Two case studiesare devoted to building and validating statistical-based models for borrowersratings, using SPSS-PASW and SAS statistical packages. Mainstream approachesto building and validating models for assigning counterpart ratings to small andmedium enterprises are discussed, together with their implications on lendingstrategy. Key Features: * Presents an accessible framework for bank managers,students and quantitative analysts, combining strategic issues, management needs,regulatory requirements and statistical bases. * Discusses available methodologiesto build, validate and use internal rate models. * Demonstrates how to use statisticalpackages for building statistical-based credit rating systems. * Evaluates sources ofmodel risks and strategic risks when using statistical-based rating systems inlending. This book will prove to be of great value to bank managers, credit and loanofcers, quantitative analysts and advanced students on credit risk managementcourses.WileyDiscrete Models of Financial Markets978052117572223.02.2012Oprawa: mikka 24,00Ekkehard KoppThis book explains in simple settings the fundamental ideas of nancial marketmodelling and derivative pricing, using the no-arbitrage principle. Relativelyelementary mathematics leads to powerful notions and techniques - such asviability, completeness, self-nancing and replicating strategies, arbitrage andequivalent martingale measures - which are directly applicable in practice. Thegeneral methods are applied in detail to pricing and hedging European andAmerican options within the Cox-Ross-Rubinstein (CRR) binomial tree model. Asimple approach to discrete interest rate models is included, which, thoughelementary, has some novel features. All proofs are written in a user-friendly manner,with each step carefully explained and following a natural ow of thought. In this waythe student learns how to tackle new problems.Cambridge University Press 12. Statystyka nansowa i ekonometria12 www.abe.plDiscrete Models of Financial Markets978110700263023.02.2012Oprawa: twarda 50,00Ekkehard KoppThis book explains in simple settings the fundamental ideas of nancial marketmodelling and derivative pricing, using the no-arbitrage principle. Relativelyelementary mathematics leads to powerful notions and techniques - such asviability, completeness, self-nancing and replicating strategies, arbitrage andequivalent martingale measures - which are directly applicable in practice. Thegeneral methods are applied in detail to pricing and hedging European andAmerican options within the Cox-Ross-Rubinstein (CRR) binomial tree model. Asimple approach to discrete interest rate models is included, which, thoughelementary, has some novel features. All proofs are written in a user-friendly manner,with each step carefully explained and following a natural ow of thought. In this waythe student learns how to tackle new problems.Cambridge University PressEconomic Time Series: Modeling andSeasonality978143984657518.04.2012Oprawa: twarda 63,99William R. BellEconomic Time Series: Modeling and Seasonality is a focused resource on analysisof economic time series as pertains to modeling and seasonality, presenting cutting-edge research that would otherwise be scattered throughout diverse peer-reviewedjournals. This compilation of 21 chapters showcases the cross-fertilization betweenthe elds of time series modeling and seasonal adjustment, as is reected both inthe contents of the chapters and in their authorship, with contributors coming fromacademia and government statistical agencies. For easier perusal and absorption,the contents have been grouped into seven topical sections: Section I deals withperiodic modeling of time series, introducing, applying, and comparing variousseasonally periodic models Section II examines the estimation of time seriescomponents when models for series are misspecied in some sense, and thebroader implications this has for seasonal adjustment and business cycle estimationSection III examines the quantication of error in X-11 seasonal adjustments, withcomparisons to error in model-based seasonal adjustmentsTaylor & FrancisExtreme Value Methods withApplications to Finance978143983574621.12.2011Oprawa: twarda 66,99Serguei Y. NovakExtreme value theory (EVT) deals with extreme (rare) events, which are sometimesreported as outliers. Certain textbooks encourage readers to remove outliers-inother words, to correct reality if it does not t the model. Recognizing that anymodel is only an approximation of reality, statisticians are eager to extractinformation about unknown distribution making as few assumptions as possible.Extreme Value Methods with Applications to Finance concentrates on moderntopics in EVT, such as processes of exceedances, compound Poissonapproximation, Poisson cluster approximation, and nonparametric estimationmethods. These topics have not been fully focused on in other books on extremes.In addition, the book covers: Extremes in samples of random size Methods ofestimating extreme quantiles and tail probabilities Self-normalized sums of randomvariables Measures of market risk Along with examples from nance and insuranceto illustrate the methods, Extreme Value Methods with Applications to Financeincludes over 200 exercises, making it useful as a reference book, self-study tool, orcomprehensive course text.Taylor & FrancisFinancial and Actuarial Statistics: AnIntroduction978142008580815.10.2013Oprawa: twarda 57,99Dale S. BorowiakPresenting a unique interface between statistics and nancial/actuarial topics, thissecond edition provides a solid background for students preparing for a career inactuarial science. It explores novel research areas and adds more problems, alongwith a new solutions section. This edition also includes a new chapter on Markovchain theory with applications to mortality and multiple decrement mortality tablemodeling, a presentation of model checking diagnostics that covers diagnostics formortality tables, and an expanded discussion on option pricing with examples.Taylor & FrancisFinancial Mathematics: AComprehensive Treatment978143989242817.10.2013Oprawa: twarda 57,99Giuseppe CampolietiThis text offers a comprehensive, self-contained, and unied treatment of the theoryand application of mathematical methods behind modern-day nancialmathematics. It introduces the nancial theory and the relevant mathematicalmethods in a mathematically rigorous yet student-friendly and engaging style. Thetext provides complete and in-depth coverage of both discrete- and continuous-time nancial models and pricing theory. It also includes numerous examples,exercises, fully worked out solutions, and multiple problem-solving approaches. Asolutions manual is available upon qualifying course adoption.Taylor & FrancisFinancial Risk Modelling and PortfolioOptimization with R978047097870207.12.2012Oprawa: twarda 60,00Bernhard PfaffIntroduces the latest techniques advocated for measuring nancial market risk andportfolio optimization, and provides a plethora of R code examples that enable thereader to replicate the results featured throughout the book.Financial Risk Modelling and Portfolio Optimization with R: Demonstrates techniques in modelling nancial risks and applying portfoliooptimization techniques as well as recent advances in the eld. Introduces stylized facts, loss function and risk measures, conditional andunconditional modelling of risk; extreme value theory, generalizedhyperbolic distribution, volatility modelling and concepts for capturingdependencies. Explores portfolio risk concepts and optimization with risk constraints. Enables the reader to replicate the results in the book using R code.Wiley 13. Statystyka nansowa i 13Financial Statistics and MathematicalFinance978047071058620.07.2012Oprawa: twarda 55,00Ansgar StelandMathematical nance has grown into a huge area of research which requires a lot ofcare and a large number of sophisticated mathematical tools. Mathematicallyrigorous and yet accessible to advanced level practitioners and mathematiciansalike, it considers various aspects of the application of statistical methods in nanceand illustrates some of the many ways that statistical tools are used in nancialapplications. Financial Statistics and Mathematical Finance: Provides an introductionto the basics of nancial statistics and mathematical nance. Explains the use andimportance of statistical methods in econometrics and nancial engineering.Illustrates the importance of derivatives and calculus to aid understanding inmethods and results. Looks at advanced topics such as martingale theory,stochastic processes and stochastic integration. Features examples throughout toillustrate applications in mathematical and statistical nance. Is supported by anaccompanying website featuring R code and data sets.WileyGARCH Models978047068391016.07.2010Oprawa: twarda 60,00Christian FrancqThis book provides a comprehensive and systematic approach to understandingGARCH time series models and their applications whilst presenting the mostadvanced results concerning the theory and practical aspects of GARCH. Theprobability structure of standard GARCH models is studied in detail as well asstatistical inference such as identication, estimation and tests. The book alsoprovides coverage of several extensions such as asymmetric and multivariatemodels and looks at nancial applications. Key features: Provides up-to-datecoverage of the current research in the probability, statistics and econometric theoryof GARCH models. Numerous illustrations and applications to real nancial seriesare provided. Supporting website featuring R codes, Fortran programs and datasets. Presents a large collection of problems and exercises. This authoritative, state-of-the-art reference is ideal for graduate students, researchers and practitioners inbusiness and nance seeking to broaden their skills of understanding ofeconometric time series models.WileyHandbook of Empirical Economics andFinance978142007035416.12.2010Oprawa: twarda 101,00Aman UllahHandbook of Empirical Economics and Finance explores the latest developments inthe analysis and modeling of economic and nancial data. Well-recognizedeconometric experts discuss the rapidly growing research in economics and nanceand offer insight on the future direction of these elds. Focusing on micro models,the rst group of chapters describes the statistical issues involved in the analysis ofeconometric models with cross-sectional data often arising in microeconomics. Thebook then illustrates time series models that are extensively used in empiricalmacroeconomics and nance. The last set of chapters explores the types of paneldata and spatial models that are becoming increasingly signicant in analyzingcomplex economic behavior and policy evaluations. This handbook brings togetherboth background material and new methodological and applied results that areextremely important to the current and future frontiers in empirical economics andnance. It emphasizes inferential issues that transpire in the analysis of cross-sectional, time series, and panel data-based empirical models in economics,nance, and related disciplines.Taylor & FrancisHandbook of Exchange Rates978047076883924.07.2012Oprawa: twarda 100,00Jessica JamesHandbook of Exchange Rates is an impressive compilation of research from morethan thirty-ve leading researchers and experts on the topic. The book is clearlyorganized into ve succinct sections that explore the foreign exchange (FX) market,from its background and economic foundation to current practices, obstacles, andpolicies in the modern foreign exchange market. Part I presents an overview of thehistory of the FX market and exchange rate regimes, the key instruments/players inthe FX trading environment, and both macro and micro approaches to FXdetermination. Next, Part II focuses on forecasting exchange rates, featuringmethodological contributions on the sstatistical methods for evaluating forecastperformance, parity relationships, fair value models, and ow-based models. Part IIItreats FX as an asset class, outlining active currency management, currencyhedging, hedge accounting, high frequency and algorithmic trading in FX, and FXstrategy-based products. Part IV discusses products and pricing in FX, the FXoptions market, and volatility derivatives.WileyHandbook of Modeling High-FrequencyData in Finance978047087688606.01.2012Oprawa: twarda 100,50Frederi G. ViensCUTTING-EDGE DEVELOPMENTS IN HIGH-FREQUENCY FINANCIALECONOMETRICS In recent years, the availability of high-frequency data andadvances in computing have allowed nancial practitioners to design systems thatcan handle and analyze this information. Handbook of Modeling High-FrequencyData in Finance addresses the many theoretical and practical questions raised bythe nature and intrinsic properties of this data. A one-stop compilation of empiricaland analytical research, this handbook explores data sampled with high-frequencynance in nancial engineering, statistics, and the modern nancial business arena.Every chapter uses real-world examples to present new, original, and relevant topicsthat relate to newly evolving discoveries in high-frequency nance, such as:Designing new methodology to discover elasticity and plasticity of price evolutionConstructing microstructure simulation models Calculation of option prices in thepresence of jumps and transaction costs Using boosting for nancial analysis andtrading.WileyHandbook of Solvency for Actuariesand Risk Managers978143982130512.11.2010Oprawa: twarda 97,00Arne SandstromReecting the authors wealth of experience in this eld, Handbook of Solvency forActuaries and Risk Managers: Theory and Practice focuses on the valuation ofassets and liabilities, the calculation of capital requirement, and the calculation of thestandard formula for the European Solvency II project. The rst three sections of thebook examine the solvency concept, historical development, and the role ofsolvency in an enterprise risk management approach. The text provides a generaldiscussion on valuation, investment, and capital, along with modeling andmeasuring. It also covers dependence, risk measures, capital requirements,subrisks, aggregation, the main risks market, and credit, operational, liquidity, andunderwriting risks. The last three sections focus on the European Solvency IIproject. Basing the material on CEIOPS nal advice, the author presents the generalideas, valuation, investments, and funds of this project as well as the standardformula framework. He also includes all calibrations from previous quantitativeimpact studies and discusses the political progress of the project.Taylor & Francis 14. Statystyka nansowa i ekonometria14 www.abe.plInsurance Risk and Ruin978052117675016.09.2010Oprawa: mikka 31,99David C. M. DicksonBased on the authors experience of teaching nal-year actuarial students in Britainand Australia, and suitable for a rst course in insurance risk theory, this bookfocuses on the two major areas of risk theory - aggregate claims distributions andruin theory. For aggregate claims distributions, detailed descriptions are given ofrecursive techniques that can be used in the individual and collective risk models.For the collective model, different classes of counting distribution are discussed, andrecursion schemes for probability functions and moments presented. For theindividual model, the three most commonly applied techniques are discussed andillustrated. Care has been taken to make the book accessible to readers who have asolid understanding of the basic tools of probability theory.Cambridge University PressIntroduction to Credit Risk Modeling978158488992202.06.2010Oprawa: twarda 56,99Christian BluhmIllustrating mathematical models for structured credit with practical examples,"Introduction to Credit Risk Modeling" provides an accessible introduction to thefoundations of structured credit portfolio modeling. Updated and expanded, thissecond edition features additional material on estimation of asset correlations,benchmark correlations based on securitizations of benchmark portfolios in themarket, risk contributions and spectral risk measures, non homogeneous Markovchain approaches, multi-year models, current agency models, single-tranche CDOs,index tranches, as well as new developments in synthetics. The text also includesnew exercises and a supporting website.Taylor & FrancisIntroduction to Stochastic Finance978146659402905.11.2013Oprawa: twarda 49,99PrivaultThis comprehensive text presents an introduction to pricing and hedging in nancialmodels, with an emphasis on analytical and probabilistic methods. It demonstratesboth the power and limitations of mathematical models in nance. The book startswith the basics of nance and stochastic calculus and builds up to special topics,such as options, derivatives, and credit default and jump processes. Many realexamples illustrate the topics and classroom-tested exercises are included in eachchapter, with selected solutions at the back of the book.Taylor & FrancisIntroduction to the Practice of Statistics978142928664008.04.2011Oprawa: twarda 53,99David S. MooreWith a focus on data analysis, statistical reasoning, and the way statisticians actuallywork, IPS has helped to revolutionize the way statistics are taught and brings criticalthinking and practical applications to your course.Revised for more learner-friendlyprogression, the 7th edition includes 30% new exercises, including internationalexamples such as Facebook usage trends outside the USA. What this book offersstudents: * Focuses on data analysis and practical applications, showing the waystatisticians actually work. * Fosters statistical reasoning and decision-making skills,not just calculation drills, through a focus on problem-solving practice. * Presentscontemporary real data in real contexts, making the numbers and why we analysethem meaningful. * Includes examples from many interesting disciplines (frompsychology to medicine and business) to give relevance to the material covered.Palgrave MacMillanLife Contingencies978110764809809.06.2011Oprawa: mikka 26,99E. F. SpurgeonPublished in 1932, this is the third edition of an original 1922 volume. The 1922volume was, in turn, created as the replacement for the Institute of ActuariesTextbook, Part Three, which was the foremost source of knowledge on the subjectof life contingencies for over 35 years. Assuming a high level of mathematicalknowledge on the part of the reader, it was aimed chiey at actuarial students andthose with a professional interest in the relationship between statistics and mortality.Highly organised and containing numerous mathematical formulae, this book willremain of value to anyone with an interest in risk calculation and the development ofthe insurance industry.Cambridge University PressLogit Models from Economics andOther Fields978052118803603.03.2011Oprawa: mikka 25,99J. S. CramerLogistic models are widely used in economics and other disciplines and are easilyavailable as part of many statistical software packages. This text for graduates,practitioners and researchers in economics, medicine and statistics, which wasoriginally published in 2003, explains the theory underlying logit analysis and gives athorough explanation of the technique of estimation. The author has provided manyempirical applications as illustrations and worked examples. A large data set - drawnfrom Dutch car ownership statistics - is provided online for readers to practise thetechniques they have learned. Several varieties of logit model have been developedindependently in various branches of biology, medicine and other disciplines. Thisbook takes its inspiration from logit analysis as it is practised in economics, but italso pays due attention to developments in these other elds.Cambridge University Press 15. Statystyka nansowa i 15Loss Models: from Data to DecisionsStudent Solutions Manual978111831531615.10.2012Oprawa: mikka 23,50Stuart A. KlugmanAn update of one of the most trusted books on constructing and analyzing actuarialmodels for the C/4 actuarial exam This new, abridged edition has been thoroughlyrevised and updated to include the essential material related to Exam C of theSociety of Actuaries and Casualty Actuarial Societys accreditation programs. Thebook maintains an approach to modeling and forecasting that utilizes tools relatedto risk theory, loss distributions, and survival models. Random variables, basicdistributional quantities, the recursive method, and techniques for classifying andcreating distributions are also discussed. Both parametric and non-parametricestimation methods are thoroughly covered along with advice for choosing anappropriate model. The book continues to distinguish itself by providing over 400exercises that have appeared on previous examinations.The emphasis throughout isnow placed on calculations and spreadsheet implementation.WileyMaking It Happen: Using Causal Modelsfor Business Analysis978041565760015.09.2013Oprawa: mikka 31,99Aaron L BramsonRyall and Bramsons Inference and Intervention is the rst textbook on causalmodeling with Bayesian networks for business applications. In a world of resourcescarcity, a decision about which business elements to control or change as theauthors put it, a managerial intervention must precede any decision on how tocontrol or change them, and understanding causality is crucial to making effectiveinterventions.The authors cover the full spectrum of causal modeling techniques useful for themanagerial role, whether for intervention, situational assessment, strategic decision-making, or forecasting. From the basic concepts and nomenclature of causalmodeling to decision tree analysis, qualitative methods, and quantitative modelingtools, this book offers a toolbox for MBA students and business professionals tomake successful decisions in a managerial setting.Taylor & FrancisMathematical Statistics for Economicsand Business978146145021431.03.2013Oprawa: twarda 79,95Ron C. MittelhammerMathematical Statistics for Economics and Business, Second Edition, provides acomprehensive introduction to the principles of mathematical statistics whichunderpin statistical analyses in the elds of economics, business, and econometrics.The selection of topics in this textbook is designed to provide students with aconceptual foundation that will facilitate a substantial understanding of statisticalapplications in these subjects. This new edition has been updated throughout andnow also includes a downloadable Student Answer Manual containing detailedsolutions to half of the over 300 end-of-chapter problems. After introducing theconcepts of probability, random variables, and probability density functions, theauthor develops the key concepts of mathematical statistics, most notably:expectation, sampling, asymptotics, and the main families of distributions. The latterhalf of the book is then devoted to the theories of estimation and hypothesis testingwith associated examples and problems that indicate their wide applicability ineconomics and business.SpringerMethods and Applications of Statistics inBusiness, Finance, and Management Science978047040510920.07.2010Oprawa: twarda 150,00N. BalakrishnanInspired by the Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences, Second Edition , this volumepresents the tools and techniques that are essential for carrying out best practices inthe modern business world The collection and analysis of quantitative data drivessome of the most important conclusions that are drawn in todays business world,such as the preferences of a customer base, the quality of manufactured products,the marketing of products, and the availability of nancial resources. As a result, it isessential for individuals working in this environment to have the knowledge and skillsto interpret and use statistical techniques in various scenarios. Addressing this need,Methods and Applications of Statistics in Business, Finance, and ManagementScience serves as a single, one-of-a-kind resource that guides readers through theuse of common statistical practices by presenting real-world applications from theelds of business, economics, nance, operations research, and managementscience.WileyMethods for Estimation and Inference inModern Econometrics978143983824201.06.2011Oprawa: twarda 59,99Stanislav AnatolyevMethods for Estimation and Inference in Modern Econometrics provides acomprehensive introduction to a wide range of emerging topics, such as generalizedempirical likelihood estimation and alternative asymptotics under driftingparameterizations, which have not been discussed in detail outside of highlytechnical research papers. The book also addresses several problems often arisingin the analysis of economic data, including weak identication, modelmisspecication, and possible nonstationarity. The books appendix provides areview of some basic concepts and results from linear algebra, probability theory,and statistics that are used throughout the book. Topics covered include: Well-established nonparametric and parametric approaches to estimation andconventional (asymptotic and bootstrap) frameworks for statistical inferenceEstimation of models based on moment restrictions implied by economic theory,including various method-of-moments estimators for unconditional and conditionalmoment restriction models, and asymptotic theory for correctly specied andmisspecied models.Taylor & FrancisMicroeconometrics Using Stata978159718073308.04.2010Oprawa: mikka 57,99A. Colin CameronA complete and up-to-date survey of microeconometric methods available in Stata,"Microeconometrics Using Stata, Revised Edition" is an outstanding introduction tomicroeconometrics and how to execute microeconometric research using Stata. Itcovers topics left out of most microeconometrics textbooks and omitted from basicintroductions to Stata. This revised edition has been updated to reect the newfeatures available in Stata 11 that are useful to microeconomists. Instead of usingmfx and the user-written margeff commands, the authors employ the new marginscommand, emphasizing both marginal effects at the means and average marginaleffects. They also replace the xi command with factor variables, which allow you tospecify indicator variables and interaction effects. Along with several new examples,this edition presents the new gmm command for generalized method of momentsand nonlinear instrumental-variables estimation. In addition, the chapter onmaximum likelihood estimation incorporates enhancements made to ml in Stata 11.Taylor & Francis 16. Statystyka nansowa i ekonometria16 www.abe.plMisconceptions of Risk: CommonErrors and Misconceptions978047068388008.01.2010Oprawa: twarda 70,00Terje AvenThe risk discipline is young and there are a number of ideas, perspectives andconceptions of risk out there. A number of such common conceptions of risk areexamined in the book, related to the risk concept, risk assessments, uncertaintyanalyses, risk perception, the precautionary principle, risk management and decisionmaking under uncertainty. The Author discusses these concepts, their strengths andweaknesses, and concludes that they are often better judged as misconceptions ofrisk than conceptions of risk.WileyModeling Online Auctions: Statistics inPractice978047047565219.08.2010Oprawa: twarda 72,95Wolfgang JankExplore cutting-edge statistical methodologies for collecting, analyzing, andmodeling online auction data Online auctions are an increasingly importantmarketplace, as the new mechanisms and formats underlying these auctions haveenabled the capturing and recording of large amounts of bidding data that are usedto make important business decisions. As a result, new statistical ideas andinnovation are needed to understand bidders, sellers, and prices. Combiningmethodologies from the elds of statistics, data mining, information systems, andeconomics, Modeling Online Auctions introduces a new approach to identifyingobstacles and asking new questions using online auction data. The authors drawupon their extensive experience to introduce the latest methods for extracting newknowledge from online auction data. Rather than approach the topic from thetraditional game-theoretic perspective, the book treats the online auctionmechanism as a data generator, outlining methods to collect, explore, model, andforecast data.WileyMonte Carlo Methods and Models inFinance and Insurance978142007618901.03.2010Oprawa: twarda 62,99Ralf KornOffering a unique balance between applications and calculations, Monte CarloMethods and Models in Finance and Insurance incorporates the applicationbackground of nance and insurance with the theory and applications of MonteCarlo methods. It presents recent methods and algorithms, including the multilevelMonte Carlo method, the statistical Romberg method, and the Heath-Platenestimator, as well as recent nancial and actuarial models, such as the Cheyette anddynamic mortality models. The authors separately discuss Monte Carlo techniques,stochastic process basics, and the theoretical background and intuition behindnancial and actuarial mathematics, before bringing the topics together to apply theMonte Carlo methods to areas of nance and insurance. This allows for the easyidentication of standard Monte Carlo tools and for a detailed focus on the mainprinciples of nancial and insurance mathematics. The book describes high-levelMonte Carlo methods for standard simulation and the simulation of stochasticprocesses with continuous and discontinuous paths.Taylor & FrancisMonte Carlo Simulation withApplications to Finance978143985824020.06.2012Oprawa: twarda 49,99Hui WangDeveloped from the authors course on Monte Carlo simulation at Brown University,Monte Carlo Simulation with Applications to Finance provides a self-containedintroduction to Monte Carlo methods in nancial engineering. It is suitable foradvanced undergraduate and graduate students taking a one-semester course orfor practitioners in the nancial industry. The author rst presents the necessarymathematical tools for simulation, arbitrary free option pricing, and the basicimplementation of Monte Carlo schemes. He then describes variance reductiontechniques, including control variates, stratication, conditioning, importancesampling, and cross-entropy. The text concludes with stochastic calculus and thesimulation of diffusion processes. Only requiring some familiarity with probability andstatistics, the book keeps much of the mathematics at an informal level and avoidstechnical measure-theoretic jargon to provide a practical understanding of thebasics. It includes a large number of examples as well as MATLAB(R) codingexercises that are designed in a progressive manner so that no prior experience withMATLAB is needed.Taylor & FrancisNavigating Strategic Decisions978146658598025.06.2013Oprawa: twarda 63,99John E. TriantisBased on forty years of experience and research, this book provides guidance onforecasting for strategic decision making. It includes methodology, tools, andmodels. It also explains how to apply sanity checks to existing forecasts to rankproject valuations, identify project risks, and select the higher value creationprojects. The author discusses how to assess the feasibility of large projects,analyze forecasting models to determine controllable levers, and create theconditions needed for forecasts to materialize. Provides the most complete treatment of how to create the organization,processes, methods, and techniques required for analyzing andforecasting for strategic decisions Serves as an essential reference book to strategic planning, new productdevelopment, portfolio management, and business development groupsTaylor & FrancisNonlinear Pricing Methods inQuantitative Finance978146657033716.08.2013Oprawa: twarda 49,99Julien GuyonCollecting many methods that have previously been scattered in the literature, thisbook presents advanced techniques for solving high-dimensional nonlinearproblems. Designed for practitioners, it is one of the rst books to discuss nonlinearBlack-Scholes partial differential equations (PDEs). The authors explain regressionand dual methods for chooser options, the Monte Carlo approach for pricing theuncertain volatility model and the uncertain lapse and mortality model, the Markovianprojection/particle method to calibrate local stochastic volatility, hybrid models tomarket vanilla options, and stochastic representations based on marked branchingdiffusions.Taylor & Francis 17. Statystyka nansowa i 17Numerical Methods in Finance with C++978052117716002.08.2012Oprawa: mikka 24,00Maciej J. CapinskiDriven by concrete computational problems in quantitative nance, this bookprovides aspiring quant developers with the numerical techniques and programmingskills they need. The authors start from scratch, so the reader does not need anyprevious experience of C++. Beginning with straightforward option pricing onbinomial trees, the book gradually progresses towards more advanced topics,including nonlinear solvers, Monte Carlo techniques for path-dependent derivativesecurities, nite difference methods for partial differential equations, and Americanoption pricing by solving a linear complementarity problem. Further material,including solutions to all exercises and C++ code, is available online. The book isideal preparation for work as an entry-level quant programmer and it gives readersthe condence to progress to more advanced skill sets involving C++ designpatterns as applied in nance.Cambridge University PressOperational Risk Modelling andManagement978143984476218.10.2010Oprawa: twarda 69,99Claudio FranzettiIn banking regulation, tools are needed to quantify risk and calculate the amount ofcapital reserve required to mitigate such risk. This book offers a complete model forthe quantication of so-called operational risks. It offers a detailed discussion on thelink between modeling approaches and management, which has been neglected inthe literature, as well as the mathematical modeling of the loss distributionapproach. With an emphasis on risk management and management fundamentals,the text presents a complete simulation model along with tested examples that canbe replicated using R software. The author provides a broad view on managing riskusing this mathematical model.Taylor & FrancisOption Pricing and Estimation ofFinancial Models with R978047074584711.03.2011Oprawa: twarda 62,50Stefano M. IacusPresents inference and simulation of stochastic process in the eld of modelcalibration for nancial times series modelled by continuous time processes andnumerical option pricing. Introduces the bases of probability theory and goes on toexplain how to model nancial times series with continuous models, how to calibratethem from discrete data and further covers option pricing with one or moreunderlying assets based on these models.Analysis and implementation of models goes beyond the standard Black andScholes framework and includes Markov switching models, Lvy models and othermodels with jumps (e.g. the telegraph process); Topics other than option pricinginclude: volatility and covariation estimation, change point analysis, asymptoticexpansion and classication of nancial time series from a statistical viewpoint.The book features problems with solutions and examples. All the examples and Rcode are available as an additional R package, therefore all the examples can bereproduced.WileyOption Valuation: A First Course inFinancial Mathematics978143988911413.01.2012Oprawa: twarda 38,99H. D. JunghennOption Valuation: A First Course in Financial Mathematics provides a straightforwardintroduction to the mathematics and models used in the valuation of nancialderivatives. It examines the principles of option pricing in detail via standard binomialand stochastic calculus models. Developing the requisite mathematical backgroundas needed, the text presents an introduction to probability theory and stochasticcalculus suitable for undergraduate students in mathematics, economics, andnance. The rst nine chapters of the book describe option valuation techniques indiscrete time, focusing on the binomial model. The author shows how the binomialmodel offers a practical method for pricing options using relatively elementarymathematical tools. The binomial model also enables a clear, concrete exposition offundamental principles of nance, such as arbitrage and hedging, without thedistraction of complex mathematical constructs. The remaining chapters illustratethe theory in continuous time, with an emphasis on the more mathematicallysophisticated Black-Scholes-Merton model.Taylor & FrancisQuantitative Finance: A Simuation-Based Introduction Using Excel978143987168316.11.2013Oprawa: twarda 49,99Matt DavisonProviding readers with more quantitative insight into markets and a better overviewof market structures, this book explains how the mathematical objects of nancerelate to the business needs of markets. It takes a simulation approach to nancialmarket problems, which allows readers to understand concepts without becomingbogged down by excessive equations. Each section describes the relevant nancialor mathematical theory, an application of the theory in practice, and a spreadsheetto illustrate it. The text also includes a set of exercises, ranging from simple tocomplex.Taylor & FrancisQuantitative Finance: Object-OrientedApproach in C++978158488479816.09.2013Oprawa: twarda 49,99Erik SchloglA textbook for students and a reference guide for professionals, this text builds afoundation in the key methods and models of quantitative nance from theperspective of their implementation in C++. It introduces computational nance in apragmatic manner, focusing on practical implementation. The author takes an object-oriented approach that starts from simple building blocks for assembling morecomplex and powerful models. The author expresses models and algorithms of theindustry-standard C++ language and includes working C++ source code on a CD-ROM that accompanies the book.Taylor & Francis 18. Statystyka nansowa i ekonometria18 www.abe.plQuantitative Methods: An Introductionfor Business Management978047049634306.05.2011Oprawa: twarda 76,95Paolo BrandimarteAn accessible introduction to the essential quantitative methods for making valuablebusiness decisions Quantitative methods-research techniques used to analyzequantitative data-enable professionals to organize and understand numbers and, inturn, to make good decisions. Quantitative Methods: An Introduction for BusinessManagement presents the application of quantitative mathematical modeling todecision making in a business management context and emphasizes not only therole of data in drawing conclusions, but also the pitfalls of undiscerning reliance ofsoftware packages that implement standard statistical procedures. With hands-onapplications and explanations that are accessible to readers at various levels, thebook successfully outlines the necessary tools to make smart and successfulbusiness decisions. Progressing from beginner to more advanced material at aneasy-to-follow pace, the author utilizes motivating examples throughout to aidreaders interested in decision making and also provides critical remarks, intuitivetraps, and counterexamples when appropriate.Wiley...Quantitative Operational Risk Models978143989592416.03.2012Oprawa: twarda 44,99Catalina BolanceUsing real-life examples from the banking and insurance industries, QuantitativeOperational Risk Models details how internal data can be improved based onexternal information of various kinds. Using a simple and intuitive methodologybased on classical transformation methods, the book includes real-life examples ofthe combination of internal data and external information.A guideline for practitioners, the book begins with the basics of managingoperational risk data to more sophisticated and recent tools needed to quantify thecapital requirements imposed by operational risk. The book then covers statisticaltheory prerequisites, and explains how to implement the new density estimationmethods for analyzing the loss distribution in operational risk for banks andinsurance companies. In addition, it provides: Simple, intuitive, and general methods to improve on internal operationalrisk assessmentTaylor & FrancisRegression Modeling with Actuarial andFinancial Applications978052113596230.11.2009Oprawa: mikka 39,99Edward W. FreesThis text gives budding actuaries and nancial analysts a foundation in multipleregression and time series. They will learn about these statistical techniques usingdata on the demand for insurance, lottery sales, foreign exchange rates, and otherapplications. Although no specic knowledge of risk management or nance ispresumed, the approach introduces applications in which statistical techniques canbe used to analyze real data of interest. In addition to the fundamentals, this bookdescribes several advanced statistical topics that are particularly relevant to actuarialand nancial practice, including the analysis of longitudinal, two-part (frequency/severity), and fat-tailed data. Datasets with detailed descriptions, sample statisticalsoftware scripts in R and SAS, and tips on writing a statistical report, includingsample projects.Cambridge University PressRelational Data Clustering978142007261721.05.2010Oprawa: twarda 56,99Bo LongThis is the rst book available that presents a comprehensive overview of relationaldata clustering in data mining research. The book reects the recent emergence ofrelational data clustering as an important eld of data clustering, with applications intext mining, social network analysis, collaborative ltering, and bioinformatics. Itpresents an in-depth, systematic discussion of the models, algorithms, andapplications for relational data clustering. The book also covers recently emergingmodels in relational data clustering, including graph-based models, matrixfactorization-based models, and probabilistic models.Taylor & FrancisRisk Analysis in Finance and Insurance978142007052125.04.2011Oprawa: twarda 57,99Alexander MelnikovThe development of quantitative methods based on stochastic analysis is a keyachievement of modern nancial mathematics. These methods can be extendedand applied in the area of actuarial science, which leads to unied methods of riskmanagement in nance and insurance. This interdisciplinary book presents anaccessible, thorough introduction to the main ideas, methods, and techniques thattransform risk management into a quantitative science. It clearly discusses manyimportant notions and facts from mathematics, nance, and insurance, showinghow these areas are interconnected. The text includes exercises, along with hintsand selected solutions.Taylor & FrancisRisk Assessment and Decision Analysiswith Bayesian Networks978143980910504.12.2012Oprawa: twarda 41,99Norman FentonAlthough many Bayesian Network (BN) applications are now in everyday use, BNshave not yet achieved mainstream penetration. Focusing on practical real-worldproblem solving and model building, as opposed to algorithms and theory, RiskAssessment and Decision Analysis with Bayesian Networks explains how toincorporate knowledge with data to develop and use (Bayesian) causal models ofrisk that provide powerful insights and better decision making.Provides all tools necessary to build and run realistic Bayesian network modelsSupplies extensive example models based on real risk assessment problems in awide range of application domains provided; for example, nance, safety, systemsreliability, law, and moreIntroduces all necessary mathematics, probability, and statistics as neededThe book rst establishes the basics of probability, risk, and building and using BNmodels, then goes into the detailed applications. The underlying BN algorithmsappear in appendices rather than the main text since there is no need to understandthem to build and use BN models.Taylor & Francis 19. Statystyka nansowa i 19Short-Memory Linear Processes andEconometric Applications978047092419827.05.2011Oprawa: twarda 83,50Kairat T. MynbaevThis book serves as a comprehensive source of asymptotic results for econometricmodels with deterministic exogenous regressors. Such regressors include linear(more generally, piece-wise polynomial) trends, seasonally oscillating functions, andslowly varying functions including logarithmic trends, as well as some specicationsof spatial matrices in the theory of spatial models. The book begins with central limittheorems (CLTs) for weighted sums of short memory linear processes. This partcontains the analysis of certain operators in Lp spaces and their employment in thederivation of CLTs. The applications of CLTs are to the asymptotic distribution ofvarious estimators for several econometric models. Among the models discussedare static linear models with slowly varying regressors, spatial models, time seriesautoregressions, and two nonlinear models (binary logit model and nonlinear modelwhose linearization contains slowly varying regressors). The estimation proceduresinclude ordinary and nonlinear least squares, maximum likelihood, and method ofmoments.WileyStatistical and Econometric Methodsfor Transportation Data Analysis978142008285209.12.2010Oprawa: twarda 69,99Simon P. WashingtonNow in its second edition, this book describes tools that are commonly used intransportation data analysis. The rst part of the text provides statisticalfundamentals while the second part presents continuous dependent variablemodels. With a focus on count and discrete dependent variable models, the thirdpart features new chapters on mixed logit models, logistic regression, and orderedprobability models. The last section provides additional coverage of Bayesianstatistical modeling, including Bayesian inference and Markov chain Monte Carlomethods. Data sets are available online to use with the modeling techniquesdiscussed.Taylor & FrancisStatistical and Machine-Learning DataMining978143986091531.01.2012Oprawa: twarda 52,99Bruce RatnerThe second edition of a bestseller, Statistical and Machine-Learning Data Mining:Techniques for Better Predictive Modeling and Analysis of Big Data is still the onlybook, to date, to distinguish between statistical data mining and machine-learningdata mining. The rst edition, titled Statistical Modeling and Analysis for DatabaseMarketing: Effective Techniques for Mining Big Data, contained 17 chapters ofinnovative and practical statistical data mining techniques. In this second edition,renamed to reect the increased coverage of machine-learning data miningtechniques, the author has completely revised, reorganized, and repositioned theoriginal chapters and produced 14 new chapters of creative and useful machine-learning data mining techniques. In sum, the 31 chapters of simple yet insightfulquantitative techniques make this book unique in the eld of data mining literature.The statistical data mining methods effectively consider big data for identifyingstructures (variables) with the appropriate predictive power in order to yield reliableand robust large-scale statistical models and analyses.Taylor & FrancisStatistical Methods for FinancialEngineering978143985694905.04.2012Oprawa: twarda 57,99Bruno RemillardWhile many nancial engineering books are available, the statistical aspects behindthe implementation of stochastic models used in the eld are often overlooked orrestricted to a few well-known cases. Statistical Methods for Financial Engineeringguides current and future practitioners on implementing the most useful stochasticmodels used in nancial engineering. After introducing properties of univariate andmultivariate models for asset dynamics as well as estimation techniques, the bookdiscusses limits of the Black-Scholes model, statistical tests to verify some of itsassumptions, and the challenges of dynamic hedging in discrete time. It then coversthe estimation of risk and performance measures, the foundations of spot interestrate modeling, Levy processes and their nancial applications, the properties andparameter estimation of GARCH models, and the importance of dependencemodels in hedge fund replication and other applications. It concludes with the topicof ltering and its nancial applications. This self-contained book offers a basicpresentation of stochastic models and addresses issues related to theirimplementation in the nancial industry.Taylor & FrancisStatistical Methods in CustomerRelationship Management978111999320928.09.2012Oprawa: twarda 60,00Viba KumarStatistical Methods in Customer Relationship Management focuses on thequantitative and modeling aspects of customer management strategies that lead tofuture rm protability, with emphasis on developing an understanding of CustomerRelationship Management (CRM) models as the guiding concept for protablecustomer management. To understand and explore the functioning of CRM models,this book traces the management strategies throughout a customers tenure with arm. Furthermore, the book explores in detail CRM models for customer acquisition,customer retention, customer acquisition and retention, customer churn, andcustomer win back. Statistical Methods in Customer Relationship Management:Provides an overview of a CRM system, introducing key concepts and metricsneeded to understand and implement these models. Focuses on ve CRM models:customer acquisition, customer retention, customer churn, and customer win backwith supporting case studies. Explores each model in detail, from investigating theneed for CRM models to looking at the future of the models.WileyStatistical Techniques for ProjectControl978142008317018.01.2012Oprawa: twarda 63,99BadiruA project can be simple or complex. In each case, proven project managementprocesses must be followed. In all cases of project management implementation,control must be exercised in order to assure that project objectives are achieved.Statistical Techniques for Project Control seamlessly integrates qualitative andquantitative tools and techniques for project control. It lls the void that exists in theapplication of statistical techniques to project control.The book begins by dening the fundamentals of project management then exploreshow to temper quantitative analysis with qualitative human judgment that makesproject control nebulous but also offers opportunities to innovate and be creative inachieving control. The authors then discuss the three factors (time, budget, andperformance) that form the basis of the operating characteristics of a project thatalso help determine the basis for project control. They then focus on computationalnetwork techniques for project schedule (time) control.Taylor & Francis 20. Statystyka nansowa i ekonometria20 www.abe.plStatistics and Data Analysis forFinancial Engineering978144197786117.11.2010Oprawa: twarda 89,95David RuppertFinancial engineers have access to enormous quantities of data but need powerfulmethods for extracting quantitative information, particularly about volatility and risks.Key features of this textbook are: illustration of concepts with nancial markets andeconomic data, R Labs with real-data exercises, and integration of graphical andanalytic methods for modeling and diagnosing modeling errors. Despite someoverlap with the authors undergraduate textbook Statistics and Finance: AnIntroduction, this book differs from that earlier volume in several important aspects: itis graduate-level; computations and graphics are done in R; and many advancedtopics are covered, for example, multivariate distributions, copulas, Bayesiancomputations, VaR and expected shortfall, and cointegration. The prerequisites arebasic statistics and probability, matrices and linear algebra, and calculus. Someexposure to nance is helpful.SpringerStochastic Calculus for Finance978052117573923.08.2012Oprawa: mikka 24,00Marek CapinskiThis book focuses specically on the key results in stochastic processes that havebecome essential for nance practitioners to understand. The authors study theWiener process and Ito integrals in some detail, with a focus on results needed forthe Black-Scholes option pricing model. After developing the required martingaleproperties of this process, the construction of the integral and the Ito formula(proved in detail) become the centrepiece, both for theory and applications, and toprovide concrete examples of stochastic differential equations used in nance.Finally, proofs of the existence, uniqueness and the Markov property of solutions of(general) stochastic equations complete the book. Using careful exposition anddetailed proofs, this book is a far more accessible introduction to Ito calculus thanmost texts. Students, practitioners and researchers will benet from its rigorous, butunfussy, approach to technical issues. Solutions to the exercises are availableonline.Cambridge University PressStochastic Finance: A NumeraireApproach978143981250104.01.2011Oprawa: twarda 46,99Jan VecerUnlike much of the existing literature, Stochastic Finance: A Numeraire Approachtreats price as a number of units of one asset needed for an acquisition of a unit ofanother asset instead of expressing prices in dollar terms exclusively. This numeraireapproach leads to simpler pricing options for complex products, such as barrier,lookback, quanto, and Asian options. Most of the ideas presented rely on intuitionand basic principles, rather than technical computations. The rst chapter of thebook introduces basic concepts of nance, including price, no arbitrage, portfolio,nancial contracts, the First Fundamental Theorem of Asset Pricing, and the changeof numeraire formula. Subsequent chapters apply these general principles to threekinds of models: binomial, diffusion, and jump models. The author uses the binomialmodel to illustrate the relativity of the reference asset. In continuous time, he coversboth diffusion and jump models in the evolution of price processes. The book alsodescribes term structure models and numerous options, including European, barrier,lookback, quanto, American, and Asian.Taylor & FrancisStochastic Financial Models978142009345220.01.2010Oprawa: twarda 46,99Douglas KennedyFilling the void between surveys of the eld with relatively light mathematical contentand books with a rigorous, formal approach to stochastic integration andprobabilistic ideas, Stochastic Financial Models provides a sound introduction tomathematical nance. The author takes a classical applied mathematical approach,focusing on calculations rather than seeking the greatest generality. Developedfrom the esteemed authors advanced undergraduate and graduate courses at theUniversity of Cambridge, the text begins with the classical topics of utility and themean-variance approach to portfolio choice. The remainder of the book deals withderivative pricing. The author fully explains the binomial model since it is central tounderstanding the pricing of derivatives by self-nancing hedging portfolios. He thendiscusses the general discrete-time model, Brownian motion and the Black-Scholesmodel. The book concludes with a look at various interest-rate models. Conceptsfrom measure-theoretic probability and solutions to the end-of-chapter exercises areprovided in the appendices.Taylor & FrancisStochastic Methods for Pension Funds978184821204627.01.2012Oprawa: twarda 113,00Pierre de VolderQuantitative nance has become these last years a extraordinary eld of researchand interest as well from an academic point of view as for practical applications. Atthe same time, pension issue is clearly a major economical and nancial topic for thenext decades in the context of the well-known longevity risk. Surprisingly few booksare devoted to application of modern stochastic calculus to pension analysis. Theaim of this book is to ll this gap and to show how recent methods of stochasticnance can be useful for to the risk management of pension funds. Methods ofoptimal control will be especially developed and applied to fundamental problemssuch as the optimal asset allocation of the fund or the cost spreading of a pensionscheme. In these various problems, nancial as well as demographic risks will beaddressed and modelled.WileyStochastic Processes with Applicationsto Finance, Second Edition978143988482922.05.2013Oprawa: twarda 57,99Masaaki KijimaThis updated new edition presents an accessible treatment of the theory of discretestochastic processes and their applications in nance. By presenting importantresults in discrete processes and showing how to transfer those results to theircontinuous counterparts, the text imparts an intuitive and practical understanding ofthe subject. It thoroughly explores applications to the pricing of derivative securities,corporate bonds, and credit derivatives. The book is suitable as a graduate-leveltext or as a reference for professionals in nancial engineering, operations research,and mathematical and statistical nance.Taylor & Francis 21. Statystyka nansowa i 21Technical Analysis of Stock Trends978143989818504.01.2013Oprawa: twarda 63,99Robert D. EdwardsSixty-three years. Sixty-three years and Technical Analysis of Stock Trends stilltowers over the discipline of technical analysis like a mighty redwood. Originallypublished in 1948 and now in its Tenth Edition, this book remains the original andmost important work on this topic. The book contains more than dry chart patterns,it passes down accumulated experience and wisdom from Dow to Schabacker, toEdwards, and to Magee, and has been modernized by W.H.C. Bassetti. Bassetti, aclient, friend, and student of John Magee, one of the original authors, has convertedthe material on the craft of manual charting with TEKNIPLAT chart paper to moderncomputer software methods. In actuality, none of Magees concepts have proveninvalid and some of his work predated modern concepts such as beta and volatility.In addition, Magee described a trend-following procedure that is so simple and soelegant that Bassetti has adapted it to enable the general investor to use it toreplace the cranky Dow Theory.Taylor & FrancisThe Black-Scholes Model978110700169513.09.2012Oprawa: twarda 50,00Marek CapinskiThe Black-Scholes option pricing model is the rst and by far the best-knowncontinuous-time mathematical model used in mathematical nance. Here, itprovides a sufciently complex, yet tractable, testbed for exploring the basicmethodology of option pricing. The discussion of extended markets, the carefulattention paid to the requirements for admissible trading strategies, the developmentof pricing formulae for many widely traded instruments and the additionalcomplications offered by multi-stock models will appeal to a wide class ofinstructors. Students, practitioners and researchers alike will benet from the booksrigorous, but unfussy, approach to technical issues. It highlights potential pitfalls,gives clear motivation for results and techniques and includes carefully chosenexamples and exercises, all of which make it suitable for self-study.Cambridge University PressThe Practice of Statistics for Businessand Economics978142929014201.01.2011Oprawa: twarda 52,99Immerses students in the course immediately, involving them in practical, statistics-supported business decision making from the outset. Using real data to provide acontext for tackling modern business problems, it introduces a range of core ideasearly - including data production and interpretation.Palgrave MacMillanThe Statistical Theory of LinearSystems978161197218426.04.2012Oprawa: mikka 65,00Edward James HannanOriginally published in 1988, this classic text treats the identication of noisy (multi-input and multi-output) linear systems, particularly systems in ARMAX and statespace form. The book covers structure theory, including identiability, realisation andparameterisation of linear systems; analysis of topological and geometricalproperties of parameter spaces and parameterisations for estimation and modelselection; Gaussian maximum likelihood estimation of real-valued parameters oflinear systems; model selection; calculation of estimates; and approximation byrational transfer functions. This edition includes an extensive new introduction thatoutlines developments since the books original publication, such as subspaceidentication, data-driven local coordinates and the results on post-model-selectionestimators. It also provides a section of errata and an updated bibliography.Researchers and graduate students studying time series statistics, systemsidentication, econometrics and signal processing will nd this book useful for itsinterweaving of foundational information on structure theory and statistical analysisof linear systems.Cambridge University PressTime Series: Applications to Financewith R and S-Plus(R)978047058362322.10.2010Oprawa: twarda 76,95Ngai Hang ChanThis book is designed to help readers grasp the conceptual underpinnings of timeseries modeling in order to gain a deeper understanding of the ever-changingdynamics of the nancial world.It covers theory and application equally for readersfrom both nancial and mathematical backgrounds. The book offers succinctcoverage of standard topics in statistical time series -- such as forecasting andspectral analysis -- in a manner that is both technical and conceptual. An authorwebsite provides instructor notations and additional software subroutines, as well ascomplete solutions to the exercises in the text.WileyUnderstanding Business Research978111813426902.10.2012Oprawa: twarda 86,95Bart L. WeathingtonDesigned to assist readers in the elds of business, nance, and managementscience, this book provides step-by-step coverage of the research processincluding research design, models for design, statistical considerations, andguidance on writing and presenting results. Filled with simple explanations, real-world examples, and numerous illustrations to help readers understand complexand abstract concepts, this is an ideal book for MBA-level students, as well asresearchers and practitioners who want understand and utilize qualitative andquantitative research methods in applied scenarios.Wiley 22. STATYSTYKAMATEMATYCZNAPRZEGLDAJ KSIKI 23. Statystyka 23A Brief Course in MathematicalStatistics978013175139230.12.2006Oprawa: twarda 61,99Elliot A. TanisFor a one-semester course in Mathematical Statistics. This innovative newintroduction to Mathematical Statistics covers the important concept of estimation ata point much earlier than other texts (Chapter 2). Thought-provoking pedagogicalaids help students test their understanding and relate concepts to everyday life.Ideal for courses that offer a little less probability than usual, this book requires oneyear of calculus as a prerequisite.Pearson EducationAn Introduction to MathematicalStatistics and Its Applications978032176656417.12.2010Oprawa: mikka 66,99Richard J. LarsenNoted for its integration of real-world data and case studies, this text offers soundcoverage of the theoretical aspects of mathematical statistics. The authorsdemonstrate how and when to use statistical methods, while reinforcing the calculusthat students have mastered in previous courses. Throughout theFifth Edition, theauthors have added and updated examples and case studies, while also reningexisting features that show a clear path from theory to practice.Pearson EducationAntieigenvalue Analysis978981436628127.12.2011Oprawa: twarda 59,00Karl E. GustafsonKarl Gustafson is the creator of the theory of antieigenvalue analysis. Its applicationsspread through elds as diverse as numerical analysis, wavelets, statistics, quantummechanics, and nance. Antieigenvalue analysis, with its operator trigonometry, is aunifying language which enables new and deeper geometrical understanding ofessentially every result in operator theory and matrix theory, together with theirapplications. This book will open up its methods to a wide range of specialists.World Scientic PublishingApplied Functional Analysis978142009195302.03.2010Oprawa: twarda 83,00J. Tinsley OdenThrough numerous illustrative examples and comments, Applied FunctionalAnalysis, Second Edition demonstrates the rigor of logic and systematic,mathematical thinking. It presents the mathematical foundations that lead toclassical results in functional analysis. More specically, the text prepares studentsto learn the variational theory of partial differential equations, distributions andSobolev spaces, and numerical analysis with an emphasis on nite elementmethods. While retaining the structure of its best-selling predecessor, this secondedition includes revisions of many original examples, along with new examples thatoften reect the authors own vast research experiences and perspectives. Thisedition also provides many more exercises as well as a solutions manual forqualifying instructors. Each chapter begins with an extensive introduction andconcludes with a summary and historical comments that frequently refer to othersources.Taylor & FrancisBasic Practice of Statistics978146411766427.06.2012Oprawa: twarda 53,99David S. MooreThe Basic Practice of Statistics (BPS) is designed to give a working knowledge ofthe ideas and tools of practical statistics. Through accessible language andengaging examples and exercises based on real data, BPS explains both themechanics and the concepts needed for statistical work. The Sixth Edition maintainsthe textbooks focus on statistical reasoning and real-life situations and data, whileupdating the organisation, exercises and examples to better reect the needs andexperiences of todays student. Here are a few highlights of the revised SixthEdition: Updated Exercises and Examples: More than 20 percent of all examplesand exercises have been revised or updated. Contemporary situations and up-to-date data cover a number of elds, including environmental studies, agriculture,business and nance, technology, biology, psychology, health and medicine,education, sports, and entertainment. New examples and exercises draw on topicssuch as texting while driving, CO2 emissions, the Gulf oil spill, and how weatherinuences tipping.Palgrave MacMillanFoundations of Statistical Algorithms978143987885905.12.2013Oprawa: twarda 38,99Claus WeihsReviewing the historical development of basic algorithms to illuminate the evolutionof todays more powerful statistical algorithms, this comprehensive textbookemphasizes recurring themes in all statistical algorithms including computation,assessment and verication, iteration, intuition, randomness, repetition andparallelization, and scalability. Unique in scope, it touches on topics not usuallycovered in similar books, namely, systematic verication and the scaling of manyestablished techniques to very large databases. Broadly accessible, it offersexamples, exercises, and selected solutions in each chapter as well as access to asupplementary website.Taylor & Francis 24. Statystyka matematyczna24 www.abe.plIntroduction to Mathematical Statistics978032182467702.01.2012Oprawa: mikka 55,99Robert V. HoggIntroduction to Mathematical Statistics, Seventh Edition, offers a proven approachdesigned to provide you with an excellent foundation in mathematical statistics.Ample examples and exercises throughout the text illustrate concepts to help yougain a solid understanding of the material.Pearson EducationIntroduction to Partial Differential Equations forScientists and Engineers Using Mathematica978146651056205.08.2013Oprawa: twarda 57,99Kuzman AdzievskiWith a special emphasis on engineering and science applications, this textbookprovides a mathematical introduction to PDEs at the undergraduate level. It takes anew approach to PDEs by presenting computation as an integral part of the study ofdifferential equations. The authors use Mathematica(R) along with graphics toimprove understanding and interpretation of concepts. They also present exercisesin each chapter and solutions to selected examples. Topics discussed includeLaplace and Fourier transforms as well as Sturm-Liouville boundary value problems.Taylor & FrancisLinear Algebra and MatrixComputations for Statistics978142009538806.10.2013Oprawa: twarda 49,99Sudipto BanerjeeLinear algebra and the study of matrix algorithms have become fundamental to thedevelopment of statistical models. Using a vector-space approach, this bookprovides an understanding of the major concepts that underlie linear algebra andmatrix analysis. Each chapter introduces a key topic, such as innite-dimensionalspaces, and provides illustrative examples. The authors examine recentdevelopments in diverse elds such as spatial statistics, machine learning, datamining, and social network analysis. Complete in its coverage and accessible tostudents without prior knowledge of linear algebra, the text also includes results thatare useful for traditional statistical applications.Taylor & FrancisMathematical Statistics withResampling and R978111802985512.08.2011Oprawa: twarda 86,95Laura M. ChiharaResampling helps students understand the meaning of sampling distributions,sampling variability, P-values, hypothesis tests, and condence intervals. Thisgroundbreaking book shows how to apply modern resampling techniques tomathematical statistics. Extensively class-tested to ensure an accessiblepresentation, Mathematical Statistics with Resampling and R utilizes the powerfuland exible computer language R to underscore the signicance and benets ofmodern resampling techniques.The book begins by introducing permutation tests and bootstrap methods,motivating classical inference methods. Striking a balance between theory,computing, and applications, the authors explore additional topics such as:Exploratory data analysisCalculation of sampling distributionsThe Central Limit TheoremMonte Carlo samplingWileyMethods of Multivariate Analysis978047017896627.07.2012Oprawa: twarda 86,95Alvin C. RencherFilled with new and timely content, Methods of Multivariate Analysis, Third Editionprovides examples and exercises based on more than sixty real data sets from awide variety of scientic elds. It takes a "methods" approach to the subject, placingan emphasis on how students and practitioners can employ multivariate analysis inreal-life situations.This Third Edition continues to explore the key descriptive and inferential proceduresthat result from multivariate analysis. Following a brief overview of the topic, thebook goes on to review the fundamentals of matrix algebra, sampling frommultivariate populations, and the extension of common univariate statisticalprocedures (including t-tests, analysis of variance, and multiple regression) toanalogous multivariate techniques that involve several dependent variables. Thelatter half of the book describes statistical tools that are uniquely multivariate innature, including procedures for discriminating among groups, characterizing low-dimensional latent structure in high-dimensional data, identifying clusters in data,and graphically illustrating relationships in low-dimensional space.WileyModern Mathematical Statistics withApplications978146140390608.12.2011Oprawa: twarda 99,95Jay L. DevoreMany mathematical statistics texts are heavily oriented toward a rigorousmathematical development of probability and statistics, without much attention paidto how statistics is actually used. In contrast, Modern Mathematical Statistics withApplications, Second Edition strikes a balance between mathematical foundationsand statistical practice. In keeping with the recommendation that every mathstudent should study statistics and probability with an emphasis on data analysis,accomplished authors Jay Devore and Kenneth Berk make statistical concepts andmethods clear and relevant through careful explanations and a broad range ofapplications involving real data. The main focus of the book is on presenting andillustrating methods of inferential statistics that are useful in research. It begins witha chapter on descriptive statistics that immediately exposes the reader to real data.The next six chapters develop the probability material that bridges the gap betweendescriptive and inferential statistics. Point estimation, inferences based on statisticalintervals, and hypothesis testing are then introduced in the next three chapters.Springer 25. Statystyka 25Nonparametric Tests978184821269507.12.2010Oprawa: twarda 96,95Vilijandas BagdonavieusThis book concerns testing hypotheses in non-parametric models. Classical non-parametric tests (goodness-of-t, homogeneity, randomness, independence) ofcomplete data are considered. Most of the test results are proved and realapplications are illustrated using examples. Theories and exercises are provided.The incorrect use of many tests applying most statistical software is highlighted anddiscussed.WileyProbability, Statistics, and StochasticProcesses978047088974908.06.2012Oprawa: twarda 83,5Peter OlofssonThoroughly updated to showcase the interrelationships between probability,statistics, and stochastic processes, Probability, Statistics, and StochasticProcesses, Second Edition prepares readers to collect, analyze, and characterizedata in their chosen elds.Beginning with three chapters that develop probability theory and introduce theaxioms of probability, random variables, and joint distributions, the book goes on topresent limit theorems and simulation. The authors combine a rigorous, calculus-based development of theory with an intuitive approach that appeals to readerssense of reason and logic. Including more than 400 examples that help illustrateconcepts and theory, the Second Edition features new material on statisticalinference and a wealth of newly added topics, including:Consistency of point estimatorsLarge sample theoryBootstrap simulationWileySequential Analysis: Hypothesis Testingand Change-Point Detection978143983820418.12.2013Oprawa: twarda 63,99Michele BassevilleThis book presents an overview of the theory and applications of sequentialmethods for hypothesis testing and changepoint detection in a wide range ofengineering and environmental domains. It describes all the important theoreticaldevelopments with an emphasis on applications, including environmentalsurveillance, biomedical engineering, image processing, computer security,econometrics, and nance. The text covers more practical discrete-time models aswell as very general cases that include both continuous- and discrete-time models.In addition, it presents the results for multi-hypothesis tests and detection-isolationprocedures.Taylor & FrancisSome Recent Advances in Mathematicsand Statistics978981441797605.05.2013Oprawa: twarda 63,00Yogendra P. ChaubeyThis volume consists of a series of research papers presented at the conferenceStatistics 2011 Canada: 5th Canadian Conference in Applied Statistics held togetherwith the 20th conference of the Forum for Interdisciplinary Mathematics titled,"Interdisciplinary Mathematical & Statistical Techniques". These papers cover a widerange of topics from applications of Mathematics and Statistics such as SelectionBias in Surveys, Biomarker Discovery, Analysis of Earth Temperature, Supply ChainManagement, Trimmed ANOVA, Zero-inated Data, Non-Gaussian Time Series, andStochastic Ordering; Classication, Nonparametric Test, and Jackknifed RidgeEstimator; Bayes Factor; Random Graphs and Error Correcting Codes; MetaAnalysis; and National Health Plans and Risk Reduction through Supply Chain. Thetopics have been reviewed by experts in the eld and the selected papers areexpected to provide a topical resource on the subjects concerned.World Scientic PublishingStatistical Inference: A Short Course978111822940826.07.2012Oprawa: twarda 76,95Michael J. Paniktatistical Inference: A Short Course offers a concise presentation of the essentials ofbasic statistics for readers seeking to acquire a working knowledge of statisticalconcepts, measures, and procedures.The author conducts tests on the assumption of randomness and normality,provides nonparametric methods when parametric approaches might not work. Thebook also explores how to determine a condence interval for a population medianwhile also providing coverage of ratio estimation, randomness, and causality. Toensure a thorough understanding of all key concepts, Statistical Inference providesnumerous examples and solutions along with complete and precise answers tomany fundamental questions, including:How do we determine that a given dataset is actually a random sample?With what level of precision and reliability can a population sample be estimated?How are probabilities determined and are they the same thing as odds?How can we predict the level of one variable from that of another?WileyStatistical Methods for StochasticDifferential Equations978143984940818.05.2012Oprawa: twarda 63,99Mathieu KesslerThe seventh volume in the SemStat series, Statistical Methods for StochasticDifferential Equations presents current research trends and recent developments instatistical methods for stochastic differential equations. Written to be accessible toboth new students and seasoned researchers, each self-contained chapter startswith introductions to the topic at hand and builds gradually towards discussingrecent research. The book covers Wiener-driven equations as well as stochasticdifferential equations with jumps, including continuous-time ARMA processes andCOGARCH processes. It presents a spectrum of estimation methods, includingnonparametric estimation as well as parametric estimation based on likelihoodmethods, estimating functions, and simulation techniques. Two chapters aredevoted to high-frequency data. Multivariate models are also considered, includingpartially observed systems, asynchronous sampling, tests for simultaneous jumps,and multiscale diffusions.Taylor & Francis 26. STATYSTYKA MEDYCZNAI BIOSTATYSTYKAPRZEGLDAJ KSIKI 27. Statystyka medyczna i 27A Handbook of Applied Statistics inPharmacology978157808752518.10.2012Oprawa: twarda 57,99Katsumi KobayashiStatistics plays an important role in pharmacology and related subjects such astoxicology and drug discovery and development. Improper statistical tool selectionfor analyzing the data obtained from studies may result in wrongful interpretation ofthe performance or safety of drugs. This book communicates statistical tools insimple language. The examples used are similar to those that scientists encounterregularly in their research area. The authors provide cognitive clues for selection ofappropriate tools to analyze the data obtained from the studies and explain how tointerpret the result of the statistical analysis.Taylor & FrancisA Mathematical Approach to Multilevel,Multiscale Health Interventions978184816996831.03.2013Oprawa: twarda 65,00Rodrick WallaceThis book, based on published studies, takes a unique perspective on the 30-yearcollapse of pharmaceutical industry productivity in the search for small molecule"magic bullet" interventions. The relentless escalation of ination-adjusted cost perapproved medicine in the United States - from $200 million in 1950 to $1.2 billion in2010 - has driven industry giants to, at best, slavish imitation in drug design, and atworst, to abandonment of research and embracing of widespread fraud inconsumer marketing. The book adapts formalism across a number of disciplines tothe strategy for design of mutilevel interventions, focusing, rst, on molecular,cellular, and larger scale examples, and extending the argument to thesimplications provided by the dominant role of social and cultural structures andprocesses in individual and population patterns of health and illness. In place of"magic bullets", we must now apply "magic strategies" that act across both thescale and level of organization. This book provides an introductory roadmap to thenew tools that will be needed for the design of such strategies.World Scientic PublishingA Practical Guide to Cluster RandomisedTrials in Health Services Research978047051047603.02.2012Oprawa: twarda 50,00Sandra EldridgeCluster randomisedtrials are trials in which groups (or clusters) of individuals arerandomly allocated to different forms of treatment. In health care, these trials oftencompare different ways of managing a disease or promoting healthy living, incontrast to conventional randomised trials which randomise individuals to differenttreatments, classically comparing new drugs with a placebo. They are increasinglycommon in health services research. This book addresses the statistical, practical,and ethical issues arising from allocating groups of individuals, or clusters, todifferent interventions. Key features: Guides readers through the stages ofconducting a trial, from recruitment to reporting. Presents a wide range of exampleswith particular emphasis on trials in health services research and primary care, withboth principles and techniques explained. Topics are specically presented in theorder in which investigators think about issues when they are designing a trial.Combines information on the latest developments in the eld together with apractical guide to the design and implementation of cluster randomised trials.WileyA Statistical Approach to GeneticEpidemiology978352732389025.03.2010Oprawa: mikka 65,00Andreas ZieglerThis is the second edition of the successful textbook written by the prize-winningscientist Andreas Ziegler, former President of the German Region of the InternationalBiometric Society, and Inke R. Konig, who has been teaching the subject over manyyears. The book gives a comprehensive introduction into the relevant statisticalmethods in genetic epidemiology. The second edition is thoroughly revised, partlyrewritten and includes new chapters on traditional family studies and state-of-the-artgenome-wide association studies. The book is ideally suited for advanced studentsin epidemiology, genetics, statistics, bioinformatics and biomathematics. Like in therst edition, the book contains many problems and solutions. E-learning PlatformEdition: The paperback version of this book exclusively comes with an e-learningcourse created by Friedrich Pahlke. This e-learning course has been developed tocomplement the book and both provide a unique support tool for teaching thesubject.WileyAdaptive and Flexible Clinical Trials978143983832725.08.2011Oprawa: twarda 59,99Richard ChinAdaptive clinical trial designs, unlike traditional xed clinical trial designs, enablemodication of studies in response to the data generated in the course of the trial.This often results in studies that are substantially faster, more efcient, and morepowerful. Recent developments in web-based real-time data entry and advances instatistical methods have made adaptive clinical trials much more popular becausethey have become both more practical and attractive. However, there is paucity ofresources that explain the mathematical framework and the practical considerationsfor adaptive designs without the use of highly technical statistical jargon. Suitable forreaders in academia, industry, and government involved in drug development,Adaptive and Flexible Clinical Trials is the rst book that comprehensively explains allessential aspects of adaptive clinical trials. Written in an easy-to-understand styleaimed at clinicians and other non-statisticians, this book focuses not on thestatistical details, but rather on the application of statistical concepts for adaptiveclinical trials.Taylor & FrancisAdaptive Design Methods in ClinicalTrials978143983987401.12.2011Oprawa: twarda 59,99Shein-Chung ChowWith new statistical and scientic issues arising in adaptive clinical trial design,including the U.S. FDAs recent draft guidance, a new edition of one of the rstbooks on the topic is needed. Adaptive Design Methods in Clinical Trials, SecondEdition reects recent developments and regulatory positions on the use of adaptivedesigns in clinical trials. It unies the vast and continuously growing literature andresearch activities on regulatory requirements, scientic and practical issues, andstatistical methodology. New to the Second Edition Along with revisions throughoutthe text, this edition signicantly updates the chapters on protocol amendment andclinical trial simulation to incorporate the latest changes. It also includes ve entirelynew chapters on two-stage adaptive design, biomarker adaptive trials, target clinicaltrials, sample size and power estimation, and regulatory perspectives. Following inthe tradition of its acclaimed predecessor, this second edition continues to offer anup-to-date resource for clinical scientists and researchers in academia, regulatoryagencies, and the pharmaceutical industry.Taylor & Francis 28. Statystyka medyczna i biostatystyka28 www.abe.plAdvanced Bayesian Methods forMedical Test Accuracy978143983878522.07.2011Oprawa: twarda 94,00Lyle D. BroemelingUseful in many areas of medicine and biology, Bayesian methods are particularlyattractive tools for the design of clinical trials and diagnostic tests, which are basedon established information, usually from related previous studies. AdvancedBayesian Methods for Medical Test Accuracy begins with a review of the usualmeasures such as specicity, sensitivity, positive and negative predictive value, andthe area under the ROC curve. Then the scope expands to cover the moreadvanced topics of verication bias, diagnostic tests with imperfect gold standards,and those for which no gold standard is available.Promoting accuracy and efciency of clinical trials, tests, and the diagnosticprocess, this book:Enables the user to efciently apply prior information via a WinBUGS packagePresents many ideas for the rst time and goes far beyond the two standardreferencesIntegrates reader agreement with different modalitiesX-ray, CT Scanners, andmoreto study their effect on medical test accuracyTaylor & FrancisAgricultural Statistical Data AnalysisUsing Stata978146658585010.07.2013Oprawa: mikka 49,99George BoyhanPractical statistics is a powerful tool often used by agricultural researchers andgraduate students in investigating experimental design and analysis. One of themost widely-used statistical analysis software packages for this purpose is Stata.This book provides an introduction to Stata and its use in agricultural research,written in a format that is easy to read and user-friendly for beginners. It opens witha general discussion of statistical software, with additional chapters devoted to dataentry and applications of Stata. More advanced topics include the use of Stata inregression analysis and in analyzing data that is typically not normally distributed.Taylor & FrancisAgricultural Survey Methods978047074371313.04.2010Oprawa: twarda 85,00Roberto BenedettiThis book brings together the knowledge of academics and experts to increase thedissemination of the latest developments in agricultural statistics. Conducting acensus, setting up frames and registers and using administrative data for statisticalpurposes are covered and issues arising from sample design and estimation, use ofremote sensing, management of data quality and dissemination and analysis ofsurvey data are explored.WileyAn Introduction to BayesianBiostatistics978143980008931.10.2010Oprawa: twarda 49,99Valen E. JohnsonWith discussions on many recent developments in Bayesian methodologies, AnIntroduction to Bayesian Biostatistics considers statistical issues in biomedicalresearch, allowing for greater collaborations between biostatisticians and biomedicalresearchers. The text presents biostatistical methods from a Bayesian perspective. Itincludes an overview of Bayesian statistics, a discussion of rates and proportionswith applications in clinical and other population-based studies, recentdevelopments in clinical trial design, methods for evaluating censored data anddiagnostic tests, and problems resulting from multiple comparisons.Taylor & FrancisAn Introduction to Statistics and DataAnalysis for Bioinformatics Using R978143989236717.10.2013Oprawa: twarda 49,99Sorin DraghiciFrom the very basics to linear models, this book provides a complete introduction tostatistics, data analysis, and R for bioinformatics research and applications. It coversANOVA, cluster analysis, visualization tools, and machine learning techniques.Suitable for self-study and courses in computational biology, bioinformatics,statistics, and the life sciences, the text also presents examples of microarrays andbioinformatics applications. R code illustrates all of the essential concepts and isavailable on an accompanying CD-ROM.Taylor & FrancisAn Introduction to Survival AnalysisUsing Stata978159718074006.10.2010Oprawa: mikka 49,99Mario ClevesAn Introduction to Survival Analysis Using Stata, Third Edition provides thefoundation to understand various approaches for analyzing time-to-event data. It isnot only a tutorial for learning survival analysis but also a valuable reference for usingStata to analyze survival data. Although the book assumes knowledge of statisticalprinciples, simple probability, and basic Stata, it takes a practical, rather thanmathematical, approach to the subject. This updated third edition highlights newfeatures of Stata 11, including competing-risks analysis and the treatment of missingvalues via multiple imputation. Other additions include new diagnostic measuresafter Cox regression, Statas new treatment of categorical variables and interactions,and a new syntax for obtaining prediction and diagnostics after Cox regression.After reading this book, you will understand the formulas and gain intuition abouthow various survival analysis estimators work and what information they exploit. Youwill also acquire deeper, more comprehensive knowledge of the syntax, features,and underpinnings of Statas survival analysis routines.Taylor & Francis 29. Statystyka medyczna i 29Analysis of Capture-Recapture Data978143983659015.11.2013Oprawa: twarda 49,99Byron J T Morgan (University of Kent, UKWritten for researchers and graduate students in statistics, demography, and thesocial sciences, this reference provides an overview of capture-recapturethestatistical methods used to estimate population size. It covers model developmentand examines the technicalities of model diagnostics, an often overlooked aspect inpractice. The authors provide examples to demonstrate the statistical nuances thatare encountered with complex modeling. They use real-world data sets throughoutthe text and include stand-alone software programs, such as R and WinBUGS.Chapters contain exercises to assist with reader assimilation of the material.Taylor & FrancisAnalysis of Mixed Data978143988471330.01.2013Oprawa: twarda 57,99Alexander R. De LeonA comprehensive source on mixed data analysis, Analysis of Mixed Data: Methods& Applications summarizes the fundamental developments in the eld. Case studiesare used extensively throughout the book to illustrate interesting applications fromeconomics, medicine and health, marketing, and genetics. Carefully edited forsmooth readability and seamless transitions between chapters All chapters follow acommon structure, with an introduction and a concluding summary, and includeillustrative examples from real-life case studies in developmental toxicology,economics, medicine and health, marketing, and genetics An introductory chapterprovides a "wide angle" introductory overview and comprehensive survey of mixeddata analysis Blending theory and methodology, this book illustrates concepts viadata from different disciplines. Analysis of Mixed Data: Methods & Applicationstraces important developments, collates basic results, presents terminology andmethodologies, and gives an overview of statistical research applications. It is avaluable resource to methodologically interested as well as subject matter-motivatedresearchers in many disciplines.Taylor & FrancisAnalysis of Variance for Functional Data978143986273511.07.2013Oprawa: twarda 63,99Jin-Ting ZhangThis book presents the updated hypothesis testing methods developed in the lastdecade for FDA The subjects include reconstructing functional observations,Gaussian processes, analysis of variance for functional data, functional linearmodels, ill-conditioned functional linear models, diagnostics of functionalobservations, variable selection for functional linear models, Behrens-Fisherproblems for functional data, test of equal covariance functions, and surface dataanalysis.Taylor & FrancisAnalyzing the Large Number of Variables inBiomedical and Satellite Imagery978047092714419.04.2011Oprawa: mikka 43,50Phillip I. GoodThis book grew out of an online interactive offered through , and itsoon became apparent to the author that the course was too limited in terms of timeand length in light of the broad backgrounds of the enrolled students. Thestatisticians who took the course needed to be brought up to speed both on thebiological context as well as on the specialized statistical methods needed to handlelarge arrays. Biologists and physicians, even though fully knowledgeable concerningthe procedures used to generate microaarrays, EEGs, or MRIs, needed a fullintroduction to the resampling methods-the bootstrap, decision trees, andpermutation tests, before the specialized methods applicable to large arrays couldbe introduced. As the intended audience for this book consists both of statisticiansand of medical and biological research workers as well as all those research workerswho make use of satellite imagery including agronomists and meteorologists, thebook provides a step-by-step approach to not only the specialized methods neededto analyze the data from microarrays and images, but also to the resamplingmethods, step-down multi-comparison procedures, multivariate analysis, as wellWiley...Applied Bayesian Hierarchical Methods978158488720119.05.2010Oprawa: twarda 62,99Peter D. CongdonBayesian methods facilitate the analysis of complex models and data structures.Emphasizing data applications, alternative modeling specications, and computerimplementation, this book provides a practical overview of methods for Bayesiananalysis of hierarchical models. It focuses on applications in the health and socialsciences, particularly spatial and clinical epidemiology, political science, andeconometrics. The text also covers such topics as Bayesian factor analysis andincludes a range of worked examples in WinBUGS, BayesX, and R. The authordemonstrates not only the exibility of Bayesian techniques but also the rigor thatcan be obtained by using Bayesian model checking techniques.Taylor & FrancisApplied Biostatistics for the HealthSciences978047014764113.01.2010Oprawa: twarda 86,95Richard J. RossiBiostatistics is quickly becoming one of the most important areas of statistics due tothe tremendous increase in health care needs. This book successfully introduces theterminology, concepts, and correct uses and interpretation of biostatistics. It is idealfor practitioners as well as students going into health care elds. Pedagogicalfeatures include formulas highlighted in text boxes and chapter summaries thathighlight key vocabulary and concepts for the chapter. An accompanying Web siteprovides both MINITAB(r) and Microsoft(r) Ofce Excel(r) data les data for the casestudies and exercises that are contained in the text.Wiley 30. Statystyka medyczna i biostatystyka30 www.abe.plApplied Linear Models with SAS978052176159810.05.2010Oprawa: twarda 48,00Daniel ZeltermanThis textbook for a second course in basic statistics for undergraduates or rst-yeargraduate students introduces linear regression models and describes other linearmodels including Poisson regression, logistic regression, proportional hazardsregression, and nonparametric regression. Numerous examples drawn from thenews and current events with an emphasis on health issues illustrate theseconcepts. Assuming only a pre-calculus background, the author keeps equations toa minimum and demonstrates all computations using SAS. Most of the programsand output are displayed in a self-contained way, with an emphasis on theinterpretation of the output in terms of how it relates to the motivating example.Plenty of exercises conclude every chapter. All of the datasets and SAS programsare available from the books website, along with other ancillary material.Cambridge University PressApplied Meta-Analysis with R978146650599509.07.2013Oprawa: twarda 57,99Ding-Geng ChenThis book provides a thorough presentation of meta-analysis for clinical trial datawith detailed step-by-step illustrations on implementation in R. The examples arebased on actual experience of the authors in many areas of clinical drugdevelopment. Actual examples of clinical trials are presented and afterunderstanding the application, the various clinical trial methods inherent in theclinical trials are identied. Presentation reects a case study approach with R.Taylor & FrancisApplied Statistics for Network Biology:Methods in Systems Biology978352732750820.04.2011Oprawa: twarda 115,00Matthias DehmerThe book introduces to the reader a number of cutting edge statistical methodswhich can e used for the analysis of genomic, proteomic and metabolomic datasets. In particular in the eld of systems biology, researchers are trying to analyze asmany data as possible in a given biological system (such as a cell or an organ). Theappropriate statistical evaluation of these large scale data is critical for the correctinterpretation and different experimental approaches require different approaches forthe statistical analysis of these data. This book is written by biostatisticians andmathematicians but aimed as a valuable guide for the experimental researcher aswell computational biologists who often lack an appropriate background in statisticalanalysis.WileyArticial Neural Networks in Biologicaland Environmental Analysis978143981258714.02.2011Oprawa: twarda 59,99Grady HanrahanOriginating from models of biological neural systems, articial neural networks (ANN)are the cornerstones of articial intelligence research. Catalyzed by the upsurge incomputational power and availability, and made widely accessible with the co-evolution of software, algorithms, and methodologies, articial neural networks havehad a profound impact in the elucidation of complex biological, chemical, andenvironmental processes. Articial Neural Networks in Biological and EnvironmentalAnalysis provides an in-depth and timely perspective on the fundamental,technological, and applied aspects of computational neural networks. Presentingthe basic principles of neural networks together with applications in the eld, thebook stimulates communication and partnership among scientists in elds asdiverse as biology, chemistry, mathematics, medicine, and environmental science.This interdisciplinary discourse is essential not only for the success of independentand collaborative research and teaching programs, but also for the continuedinterest in the use of neural network tools in scientic inquiry.Taylor & FrancisBayesian Adaptive Methods for ClinicalTrials978143982548820.07.2010Oprawa: twarda 62,99Donald A. BerryAlready popular in the analysis of medical device trials, adaptive Bayesian designsare increasingly being used in drug development for a wide variety of diseases andconditions, from Alzheimers disease and multiple sclerosis to obesity, diabetes,hepatitis C, and HIV. Written by leading pioneers of Bayesian clinical trial designs,Bayesian Adaptive Methods for Clinical Trials explores the growing role of Bayesianthinking in the rapidly changing world of clinical trial analysis. The book rstsummarizes the current state of clinical trial design and analysis and introduces themain ideas and potential benets of a Bayesian alternative. It then gives an overviewof basic Bayesian methodological and computational tools needed for Bayesianclinical trials. With a focus on Bayesian designs that achieve good power and Type Ierror, the next chapters present Bayesian tools useful in early (Phase I) and middle(Phase II) clinical trials as well as two recent Bayesian adaptive Phase II studies: theBATTLE and ISPY-2 trials. In the following chapter on late (Phase III) studies, theauthors emphasize modern adaptive methods and seamless Phase II-III trials formaximizing information usage and minimizing trial duration.Taylor & FrancisBayesian Analysis Made Simple: AnExcel GUI for WinBUGS978143983954602.09.2011Oprawa: twarda 46,99Phil WoodwardFrom simple NLMs to complex GLMMs, this book describes how to use the GUI forWinBUGS - BugsXLA - an Excel add-in written by the author that allows a range ofBayesian models to be easily specied. With case studies throughout, the textshows how to routinely apply even the more complex aspects of modelspecication, such as GLMMs, outlier robust models, random effects Emax models,auto-regressive errors, and Bayesian variable selection. It provides brief, up-to-datediscussions of current issues in the practical application of Bayesian methods. Theauthor also explains how to obtain free software to get started immediately.Taylor & Francis 31. Statystyka medyczna i 31Bayesian Biostatistics978047001823127.07.2012Oprawa: twarda 45,00Andrew B. LawsonThe growth of biostatistics has been phenomenal in recent years and has beenmarked by considerable technical innovation in both methodology andcomputational practicality. One area that has experienced signicant growth isBayesian methods. The growing use of Bayesian methodology has taken placepartly due to an increasing number of practitioners valuing the Bayesian paradigmas matching that of scientic discovery. In addition, computational advances haveallowed for more complex models to be tted routinely to realistic data sets.Through examples, exercises and a combination of introductory and more advancedchapters, this book provides an invaluable understanding of the complex world ofbiomedical statistics illustrated via a diverse range of applications taken fromepidemiology, exploratory clinical studies, health promotion studies, image analysisand clinical trials.WileyBayesian Disease Mapping978146650481324.04.2013Oprawa: twarda 57,99Andrew B. LawsonSince the publication of the rst edition, many new Bayesian tools and methodshave been developed for space-time data analysis, the predictive modeling of healthoutcomes, and other spatial biostatistical areas. Exploring these new developments,Bayesian Disease Mapping: Hierarchical Modeling in Spatial Epidemiology, SecondEdition provides an up-to-date, cohesive account of the full range of Bayesiandisease mapping methods and applications. A biostatistics professor and WHOadvisor, the author illustrates the use of Bayesian hierarchical modeling in thegeographical analysis of disease through a range of real-world datasets. New to theSecond Edition Three new chapters on regression and ecological analysis, putativehazard modeling, and disease map surveillance Expanded material on case eventmodeling and spatiotemporal analysis New and updated examples Two newappendices featuring examples of integrated nested Laplace approximation (INLA)and conditional autoregressive (CAR) models In addition to these new topics, thebook covers more conventional areas such as relative risk estimation, clustering,spatial survival analysis, and longitudinal analysis.Taylor & FrancisBayesian Inference for Gene Expressionand Proteomics978110763698930.04.2012Oprawa: mikka 30,00Kim-Anh DoThe interdisciplinary nature of bioinformatics presents a research challenge inintegrating concepts, methods, software and multiplatform data. Although therehave been rapid developments in new technology and an inundation of statisticalmethods for addressing other types of high-throughput data, such as proteomicproles that arise from mass spectrometry experiments. This book discusses thedevelopment and application of Bayesian methods in the analysis of high-throughput bioinformatics data that arise from medical, in particular, cancerresearch, as well as molecular and structural biology. The Bayesian approach hasthe advantage that evidence can be easily and exibly incorporated into statisticalmethods. A basic overview of the biological and technical principles behind multi-platform high-throughput experimentation is followed by expert reviews of Bayesianmethodology, tools and software for single group inference, group comparisons,classication and clustering, motif discovery and regulatory networks, and Bayesiannetworks and gene interactions.Cambridge University PressBayesian Methods in Epidemiology978146656497805.11.2013Oprawa: twarda 57,99BroemelingA valuable reference for epidemiologists, biostatisticians, and graduate students,this book presents an introduction to epidemiology that uses Bayesian statisticalmethods to explore the association between disease and risk. It includes a briefintroduction to the concepts of epidemiology, the basic elements of Bayesianstatistics, and the types of epidemiologic studies that can be analyzed by Bayesianmethods. For each problem in epidemiology, the Bayesian analysis is derived andexplained.Taylor & FrancisBayesian Methods in Health Economics978143989555916.11.2012Oprawa: twarda 57,99Gianluca BaioHealth economics is concerned with the study of the cost-effectiveness of healthcare interventions. This book provides an overview of Bayesian methods for theanalysis of health economic data. After an introduction to the basic economicconcepts and methods of evaluation, it presents Bayesian statistics using accessiblemathematics. The next chapters describe the theory and practice of cost-effectiveness analysis from a statistical viewpoint, and Bayesian computation,notably MCMC. The nal chapter presents three detailed case studies covering cost-effectiveness analyses using individual data from clinical trials, evidence synthesisand hierarchical models and Markov models. The text uses WinBUGS and JAGSwith datasets and code available online.Taylor & FrancisBenet Risk Analysis in PharmaceuticalResearch and Development978143986794505.09.2013Oprawa: twarda 57,99SashegyiThis work presents an overview of benet-risk assessment approaches forpharmaceutical research and development. It covers various decision-making pointsalong the R&D spectrum that would benet from benet risk analysis, includingduring lead development and optimization, early and late planning of clinicaldevelopment, and regulatory review. The book also looks at health outcomes andcomparative effectiveness analysis. In addition, the authors address current andfuture barriers to using risk-benet modeling, including greater regulatoryacceptance.Taylor & Francis 32. Statystyka medyczna i biostatystyka32 www.abe.plBiosimilars: Design and Analysis ofFollow-on Biologics978146657969923.08.2013Oprawa: twarda 57,99Shein-Chung ChowThis is the rst book entirely devoted to the design and analysis for assessment ofbiosimilarity and drug interchangeability of biosimilars, and test for comparability inmanufacturing processes of biologic products. It covers all of the statistical issuesthat may occur in biosimilar studies under various study designs at various stages ofresearch and development of biologic products.Taylor & FrancisBiostatistical Analysis978013206502301.08.2007Oprawa: mikka 56,99Jerrold H. ZarZars Biostatistical Analysis, Fifth Edition, is the ideal textbook for graduate andundergraduate students seeking practical coverage of statistical analysis methodsused by researchers to collect, summarize, analyze and draw conclusions frombiological research. The latest edition of this best-selling textbook is bothcomprehensive and easy to read. It is suitable as an introduction for beginningstudents and as a comprehensive reference book for biological researchers and foradvanced students. This book is appropriate for a one- or two-semester, junior orgraduate-level course in biostatistics, biometry, quantitative biology, or statistics,and assumes a prerequisite of algebra.Pearson EducationBiostatistical Methods: The Assessmentof Relative Risks978047050822025.01.2011Oprawa: twarda 87,50John M. LachinPraise for the First Edition " excellent textbook indispensable reference forbiostatisticians and epidemiologists." - International Statistical Institute A new editionof the denitive guide to classical and modern methods of biostatistics Biostatisticsconsists of various quantitative techniques that are essential to the description andevaluation of relationships among biologic and medical phenomena. BiostatisticalMethods: The Assessment of Relative Risks, Second Edition develops basicconcepts and derives an expanded array of biostatistical methods through theapplication of both classical statistical tools and more modern likelihood-basedtheories. With its uid and balanced presentation, the book guides readers throughthe important statistical methods for the assessment of absolute and relative risks inepidemiologic studies and clinical trials with categorical, count, and event-time data.Presenting a broad scope of coverage and the latest research on the topic, theauthor begins with categorical data analysis methods for cross-sectional,prospective, and retrospective studies of binary, polychotomous, and ordinal data.WileyBiostatistics for the Biological andHealth Sciences978032154649423.11.2007Oprawa: twarda 69,99Marc TriolaBiostatistics for the Biological and Health Sciences is the result of collaborationbetween the author of the #1 statistics book in the country and an expert in thebiological sciences eld. The major objective of this book is to provide the bestpossible introduction to statistics for students and professors in the biological, life,and health sciences. This goal is realized through a friendly writing style, content thatreects the important features of a modern introductory statistics course, anabundance of real data and biological applications, and a variety of pedagogicalcomponents to help students succeed in their study of biological statistics.Pearson EducationBiostatistics in Action978143987984915.09.2013Oprawa: twarda 57,99Florin Vaida (University of California, San Diego,Designed for medical researchers without a background in statistics, this text takesreaders easily from basic boxplots and t-tests to linear and logistic regression andsurvival analysis to more complex generalized linear and nonlinear models andlongitudinal data analysis. With many examples and data drawn from real biomedicalresearch, the book focuses on practical statistical analyses using SPSS. It requiresno prior statistical background and only assumes familiarity with elementarymathematics. A solutions manual and gures slides are available with qualifyingcourse adoption.Taylor & FrancisBiostatistics with R978146141301117.12.2011Oprawa: mikka 54,95Babak ShahbabaBiostatistics with R is designed to mimic the interaction between theory andapplication in statistics. Most topics are motivated by real examples rst, and afterdiscussing a topic, the author shows how it can be applied to the problem thatmotivated it. Topics include data exploration, estimation, and clustering with twoappendices on installing and running R and R-commander. This author discussesbasic statistical analysis through a series of biological examples using R and R-Commander as computational tools. The book is intended for a wide range ofreaders from people with relatively strong analytical background, who want to learnabout statistics and its application in biology, to non-statistician scientists, who usestatistical methods in their research.Springer 33. Statystyka medyczna i 33Biostatistics: A Computing Approach978158488834509.01.2012Oprawa: twarda 41,99Stewart AndersonThe emergence of high-speed computing has facilitated the development of manyexciting statistical and mathematical methods in the last 25 years, broadening thelandscape of available tools in statistical investigations of complex data.Biostatistics: A Computing Approach focuses on visualization and computationalapproaches associated with both modern and classical techniques. Furthermore, itpromotes computing as a tool for performing both analyses and simulations that canfacilitate such understanding. As a practical matter, programs in R and SAS arepresented throughout the text. In addition to these programs, appendicesdescribing the basic use of SAS and R are provided. Teaching by example, thisbook emphasizes the importance of simulation and numerical exploration in amodern-day statistical investigation. A few statistical methods that can beimplemented with simple calculations are also worked into the text to build insightabout how the methods really work.Taylor & FrancisBiosurveillance: Methods and CaseStudies978143980046105.11.2010Oprawa: twarda 62,99Taha Kass-HoutBiosurveillance: Methods and Case Studies addresses the problems and promise oftimely biosurveillance, with a particular focus on the role it must play. It describes ageneral concept of operations with reference information system architecture andinvestigates the primary assumptions that are needed to assure the success of abiosurveillance initiative. Numerous case studies focus on local, regional, andnational implementation. The book also explores future innovations inbiosurveillance, including advances in analytical methods, modeling, and simulation.Taylor & FrancisCausal Inference978142007616505.08.2013Oprawa: twarda 31,99Miguel A. HernanThe application of causal inference methods is growing exponentially in elds thatdeal with observational data. Written by pioneers in the eld, this practical bookpresents an authoritative yet accessible overview of the methods and applications ofcausal inference. With a wide range of detailed, worked examples using realepidemiologic data as well as software for replicating the analyses, the text providesa thorough introduction to the basics of the theory for non-time-varying treatmentsand the generalization to complex longitudinal data.Taylor & FrancisClinical Trial Data Analysis Using R978143984020717.12.2010Oprawa: twarda 59,99Ding-Geng (Din) ChenToo often in biostatistical research and clinical trials, a knowledge gap existsbetween developed statistical methods and the applications of these methods.Filling this gap, Clinical Trial Data Analysis Using R provides a thorough presentationof biostatistical analyses of clinical trial data and shows step by step how toimplement the statistical methods using R. The books practical, detailed approachdraws on the authors 30 years of real-world experience in biostatistical researchand clinical development. Each chapter presents examples of clinical trials based onthe authors actual experiences in clinical drug development. Various biostatisticalmethods for analyzing the data are then identied. The authors develop analysiscode step by step using appropriate R packages and functions. This approachenables readers to gain an understanding of the analysis methods and Rimplementation so that they can use R to analyze their own clinical trial data. Withstep-by-step illustrations of R implementations, this book shows how to easily use Rto simulate and analyze data from a clinical trial.Taylor & FrancisClinical Trial Design978047058171109.02.2012Oprawa: twarda 76,95Guosheng YinA balanced treatment of the theories, methodologies, and design issues involved inclinical trials using statistical methods There has been enormous interest anddevelopment in Bayesian adaptive designs, especially for early phases of clinicaltrials. However, for phase III trials, frequentist methods still play a dominant rolethrough controlling type I and type II errors in the hypothesis testing framework.From practical perspectives, Clinical Trial Design: Bayesian and Frequentist AdaptiveMethods provides comprehensive coverage of both Bayesian and frequentistapproaches to all phases of clinical trial design. Before underpinning variousadaptive methods, the book establishes an overview of the fundamentals of clinicaltrials as well as a comparison of Bayesian and frequentist statistics. Recognizingthat clinical trial design is one of the most important and useful skills in thepharmaceutical industry, this book provides detailed discussions on a variety ofstatistical designs, their properties, and operating characteristics for phase I, II, andIII clinical trials as well as an introduction to phase IV trials. Many practical issuesand challenges arising in clinical trials are addressed.WileyClinical Trial Methodology978158488917520.07.2010Oprawa: twarda 62,99Karl E. PeaceDrawing from the authors courses on the subject as well as the rst authors morethan 30 years working in the pharmaceutical industry, "Clinical Trial Methodology"emphasizes the importance of statistical thinking in clinical research and presentsthe methodology as a key component of clinical research. From ethical issues andsample size considerations to adaptive design procedures and statistical analysis,the book rst covers the methodology that spans every clinical trial regardless of thearea of application. Bioequivalence clinical trials are then discussed. The nalchapters incorporate real-world case studies of clinical trials from the authors ownexperiences.Taylor & Francis 34. Statystyka medyczna i biostatystyka34 www.abe.plClinical Trials Dictionary978111829515128.09.2012Oprawa: twarda 90,50Curtis L. MeinertA thoroughly updated new edition of the essential reference on the design, practice,and analysis of clinical trials Clinical Trials Dictionary: Terminology and UsageRecommendations, Second Edition presents clear, precise, meticulously detailedentries on all aspects of modern-day clinical trials. Written and compiled by one ofthe worlds leading clinical trialists, this comprehensive volume incorporates areas ofmedicine, statistics, epidemiology, computer science, and bioethics--providing atreasure trove of key terms and ideas. This new edition continues to supply readerswith the A--Z terminology needed to design, conduct, and analyze trials, introducinga vocabulary for the characterization and description of related features andactivities. More than 300 new entries are now included, reecting the current usagepractices and conventions in the eld, along with usage notes withrecommendations on when to use the term in question. Detailed biographical noteshighlight prominent historical gures and institutions in the eld, and an extensivebibliography has been updated to provide readers with additional resources forfurther study.WileyClinical Trials Handbook978111821846411.12.2012Oprawa: twarda 100,00Curtis L. MeinertThe success or failure of clinical trials hinges on hundreds of details that need to bedeveloped, often under less than ideal conditions. Written by one of the worldsleading trialists, Clinical Trials Handbook: Design and Conduct provides clinicianswith a complete guide to designing, conducting, and evaluating clinical trialsteaching them how to simplify the process and avoid costly mistakes.The author draws on his extensive clinical trials experience to outline all stepsemployed in setting up and running clinical trials, from budgeting and fundraising topublishing the results. Along the way, practical advice is offered while alsoaddressing a mix of logistical, ethical, psychological, behavioral, and administrativeissues inherent to clinical trials. Topics of coverage include: Protocols for drug masking, controls, and treatment randomization Consent, enrollment, eligibility, and follow-up procedures Different types of sample size design and data collection and processing Working with study centers, research staff, and various committeesWileyClinical Trials in Oncology978143981448230.05.2012Oprawa: twarda 63,99John CrowleyThe third edition of the bestselling Clinical Trials in Oncology provides a concise,nontechnical, and thoroughly up-to-date review of methods and issues related tocancer clinical trials. The authors emphasize the importance of proper study design,analysis, and data management and identify the pitfalls inherent in these processes.In addition, the book has been restructured to have separate chapters andexpanded discussions on general clinical trials issues, and issues specic to PhasesI, II, and III. New sections cover innovations in Phase I designs, randomized Phase IIdesigns, and overcoming the challenges of array data. Although this book focuseson cancer trials, the same issues and concepts are important in any clinical setting.As always, the authors use clear, lucid prose and a multitude of real-world examplesto convey the principles of successful trials without the need for a strong statistics ormathematics background. Armed with Clinical Trials in Oncology, Third Edition,clinicians and statisticians can avoid the many hazards that can jeopardize thesuccess of a trial.Taylor & FrancisClustering in Bioinformatics and DrugDiscovery978143981678316.11.2010Oprawa: twarda 56,99John David MacCuishThis book presents an introduction to cluster analysis and algorithms in the contextof drug discovery clustering applications. It provides the key to understandingapplications in clustering large combinatorial libraries (in the millions of compounds)for compound acquisition, HTS results, 3D lead hopping, gene expression fortoxicity studies, and protein reaction data. Bringing together common and emergingmethods, the text covers topics peculiar to drug discovery data, such asasymmetric measures and asymmetric clustering algorithms as well as clusteringambiguity and its relation to fuzzy clustering and overlapping clustering algorithms.Taylor & FrancisComparing Clinical MeasurementMethods978047069423706.08.2010Oprawa: twarda 54,95Bendix CarstensenThis book provides a practical guide to analysis of simple and complex methodcomparison data, using Stata, SAS and R. It takes the classical Limits of Agreementas a starting point, and presents it in a proper statistical framework. The modelserves as a reference for reporting sources of variation and for providing conversionequations and plots between methods for practical use, including predictionuncertainty. Presents a modeling framework for analysis of data and reporting ofresults from comparing measurements from different clinical centers and/or differentmethods. Provides the practical tools for analyzing method comparison studiesalong with guidance on what to report and how to plan comparison studies andadvice on appropriate software. Illustrated throughout with computer examples in R.Supported by a supplementary website hosting an R-package that performs themajor part of the analyses needed in the area. Examples in SAS and Stata for themost common situations are also provided.WileyComparing Groups: Randomization andBootstrap Methods Using R978047062169101.07.2011Oprawa: twarda 55,50Andrew S. ZieferA hands-on guide to using R to carry out key statistical practices in educational andbehavioral sciences research Computing has become an essential part of the day-to-day practice of statistical work, broadening the types of questions that can nowbe addressed by research scientists applying newly derived data analytictechniques. Comparing Groups: Randomization and Bootstrap Methods Using Remphasizes the direct link between scientic research questions and data analysis.Rather than relying on mathematical calculations, this book focus on conceptualexplanations and the use of statistical computing in an effort to guide readersthrough the integration of design, statistical methodology, and computation toanswer specic research questions regarding group differences. Utilizing the widely-used, freely accessible R software, the authors introduce a modern approach topromote methods that provide a more complete understanding of statisticalconcepts. Following an introduction to R, each chapter is driven by a researchquestion, and empirical data analysis is used to provide answers to that question.Wiley 35. Statystyka medyczna i 35Controversial Statistical Issues inClinical Trials978143984961322.06.2011Oprawa: twarda 66,99Shein-Chung ChowIn clinical trial practice, controversial statistical issues inevitably occur regardless ofthe compliance with good statistical practice and good clinical practice. But byidentifying the causes of the issues and correcting them, the study objectives ofclinical trials can be better achieved. Controversial Statistical Issues in Clinical Trialscovers commonly encountered controversial statistical issues in clinical trials and,whenever possible, makes recommendations to resolve these problems. The bookfocuses on issues occurring at various stages of clinical research and development,including early-phase clinical development (such as bioavailability/bioequivalence),bench-to-bedside translational research, and late-phase clinical development.Numerous examples illustrate the impact of these issues on the evaluation of thesafety and efcacy of the test treatment under investigation. The author also offersrecommendations regarding possible resolutions of the problems. Written by one ofthe preeminent experts in the eld, this book provides a useful desk reference andstate-of-the art examination of problematic issues in clinical trials for scientists in thepharmaceutical industry, medical/statistical reviewers in government regulatoryTaylor & Francis...Correlated Frailty Models in SurvivalAnalysis978142007388103.08.2010Oprawa: twarda 69,99Andreas WienkeThe concept of frailty offers a convenient way to introduce unobservedheterogeneity and associations into models for survival data. In its simplest form,frailty is an unobserved random proportionality factor that modies the hazardfunction of an individual or a group of related individuals. Frailty Models in SurvivalAnalysis presents a comprehensive overview of the fundamental approaches in thearea of frailty models.The book extensively explores how univariate frailty models can representunobserved heterogeneity. It also emphasizes correlated frailty models asextensions of univariate and shared frailty models. The author analyzes similaritiesand differences between frailty and copula models; discusses problems related tofrailty models, such as tests for homogeneity; and describes parametric andsemiparametric models using both frequentist and Bayesian approaches. He alsoshows how to apply the models to real data using the statistical packages of R,SAS, and Stata. The appendix provides the technical mathematical results usedthroughout.Taylor & FrancisData Analysis and Statistics for Geography,Environmental Science & Engineering978143988501728.12.2012Oprawa: twarda 63,99Miguel F. AcevedoProviding a solid foundation for twenty-rst-century scientists and engineers, DataAnalysis and Statistics for Geography, Environmental Science, and Engineeringguides readers in learning quantitative methodology, including how to implementdata analysis methods using open-source software. Given the importance ofinterdisciplinary work in sustainability, the book brings together principles ofstatistics and probability, multivariate analysis, and spatial analysis methodsapplicable across a variety of science and engineering disciplines. Learn How to Usea Variety of Data Analysis and Statistics Methods Based on the authors many yearsof teaching graduate and undergraduate students, this textbook emphasizes hands-on learning. Organized into two parts, it allows greater exibility using the material invarious countries and types of curricula. The rst part covers probability, randomvariables and inferential statistics, applications of regression, time series analysis,and analysis of spatial point patterns. The second part uses matrix algebra toaddress multidimensional problems.Taylor & FrancisData Analysis in Forensic Science978047099835909.04.2010Oprawa: twarda 55,00Franco TaroniThis is the rst text to examine the use of statistical methods in forensic science andbayesian statistics in combination. The book is split into two parts: Part Oneconcentrates on the philosophies of statistical inference. Chapter One examines thedifferences between the frequentist, the likelihood and the Bayesian perspectives,before Chapter Two explores the Bayesian decision-theoretic perspective further,and looks at the benets it carries. Part Two then introduces the reader to thepractical aspects involved: the application, interpretation, summary and presentationof data analyses are all examined from a Bayesian decision-theoretic perspective. Awide range of statistical methods, essential in the analysis of forensic scientic datais explored. These include the comparison of allele proportions in populations, thecomparison of means, the choice of sampling size, and the discrimination of itemsof evidence of unknown origin into predened populations. Throughout this practicalappraisal there are a wide variety of examples taken from the routine work offorensic scientists. These applications are demonstrated in the ever-more popular Rlanguage.WileyDesign and Analysis of Bridging Studies978143984634608.08.2012Oprawa: twarda 63,99Chin-Fu HsiaoAs the development of medicines has become more globalized, the geographicvariations in the efcacy and safety of pharmaceutical products need to beaddressed. To accelerate the product development process and shorten approvaltime, researchers are beginning to design multiregional trials that incorporatesubjects from many countries around the world under the same protocol. Designand Analysis of Bridging Studies addresses the issues arising from bridging studiesand multiregional clinical trials. For bridging studies, the book explores ethnicsensitivity, the necessity of bridging studies, types of bridging studies, and theassessment of similarity between regions based on bridging evidence. Formultiregional clinical trials, the text considers regional differences, assesses theconsistency of treatment effect across regions, and discusses sample sizedetermination for each region. Taking into account the International ConferenceHarmonisation (ICH) E5 framework for bridging studies, the book provides a uniedsummary of the growing literature and research activities in this area.Taylor & FrancisDesign and Analysis of Experiments inthe Health Sciences978047012727829.01.2010Oprawa: twarda 40,50Gerald Van BelleAn accessible and practical approach to the design and analysis of experiments inthe health sciences Design and Analysis of Experiments in the Health Sciencesprovides a balanced presentation of design and analysis issues relating to data inthe health sciences and emphasizes new research areas, the crucial topic of clinicaltrials, and state-of-the- art applications. Advancing the idea that design drivesanalysis and analysis reveals the design, the book clearly explains how to applydesign and analysis principles in animal, human, and laboratory experiments whileillustrating topics with applications and examples from randomized clinical trials andthe modern topic of microarrays. The authors outline the following ve types ofdesigns that form the basis of most experimental structures: Completely randomizeddesigns Randomized block designs Factorial designs Multilevel experimentsRepeated measures designs A related website features a wealth of data sets thatare used throughout the book, allowing readers to work hands-on with the material.In addition, an extensive bibliography outlines additional resources for further studyof the presented topics.Wiley 36. Statystyka medyczna i biostatystyka36 www.abe.plDesign and Analysis of Non-inferiorityTrials978158488804813.07.2011Oprawa: twarda 59,99Mark D. RothmannThe increased use of non-inferiority analysis has been accompanied by aproliferation of research on the design and analysis of non-inferiority studies. "Designand Analysis of Non-Inferiority Trials" brings together this body of research andconfronts the issues involved in the design of a non-inferiority trial. Using examplesfrom real clinical trials, the book discusses general and regulatory issues andillustrates how they affect analysis. Each chapter begins with a non-technicalintroduction, so the subject is easily understood by those without prior knowledge ofnon-inferiority clinical trials. This book also provides detailed mathematicalapproaches along with their mathematical properties.Taylor & FrancisDesign and Analysis of Quality of LifeStudies in Clinical Trials978142006117807.01.2010Oprawa: twarda 62,99Diane L. FaircloughFocusing on longitudinal studies, Design and Analysis of Quality of Life Studies inClinical Trials, Second Edition addresses design and analysis aspects in enoughdetail so that readers can apply statistical methods, such as mixed effect models, totheir own studies. The author illustrates the implementation of the methods usingthe statistical software packages SAS, SPSS, and R.New to the Second EditionData sets available for download online, allowing readers to replicate the analysespresented in the textNew chapter on testing models that involve moderation and mediationRevised discussions of multiple comparisons procedures that focus on theintegration of health-related quality of life (HRQoL) outcomes with other studyoutcomes using gatekeeper strategiesRecent methodological developments for the analysis of trials with missing dataNew chapter on quality adjusted life-years (QALYs) and QTWiST specic toclinical trialsTaylor & FrancisDesign of Experiments and LinearRegression in the Biological Sciences978143980878805.09.2013Oprawa: twarda 49,99Salvador Alejandro GezanWritten in simple language with relevant examples, this illustrative introductory bookpresents best practices in experimental design and simple data analysis. Taking apractical and intuitive approach, it only uses mathematical formulae to formalize themethods where necessary and appropriate. The text features extended discussionsof examples that include real data sets arising from research. The authors analyzedata in detail to illustrate the use of basic formulae for simple examples while usingthe GenStat(R) statistical package for more complex examples. Each chapter offersinstructions on how to obtain the example analyses in GenStat and R.Taylor & FrancisDose Finding by the ContinualReassessment Method978142009151909.03.2011Oprawa: twarda 52,99Ying Kuen CheungAs clinicians begin to realize the important role of dose-nding in the drugdevelopment process, there is an increasing openness to "novel" methodsproposed in the past two decades. In particular, the Continual ReassessmentMethod (CRM) and its variations have drawn much attention in the medicalcommunity, though it has yet to become a commonplace tool. To overcome thestatus quo in phase I clinical trials, statisticians must be able to design trials usingthe CRM in a timely and reproducible manner. A self-contained theoreticalframework of the CRM for researchers and graduate students who set out to learnand do research in the CRM and dose-nding methods in general, Dose Finding bythe Continual Reassessment Method features: Real clinical trial examples thatillustrate the methods and techniques throughout the book Detailed calibrationtechniques that enable biostatisticians to design a CRM in timely manner Limitationsof the CRM are outlined to aid in correct use of method This book supplies practical,efcient dose-nding methods based on cutting edge statistical research.Taylor & FrancisEncyclopaedic Companion to MedicalStatistics978047068419117.12.2010Oprawa: twarda 65,00Brian S. EverittStatistical methodology is of great importance to medical research and clinicalpractice. The Encyclopaedic Companion to Medical Statistics contains readableaccounts of the key topics central to current research and practice. Each entry hasbeen written by an individual chosen for both their expertise in the eld and theirability to communicate statistical concepts successfully to medical researchers. Realexamples from the biomedical literature and relevant illustrations feature in manyentries and extensive cross-referencing signposts the reader to related entries. KeyFeatures: Contains accounts of over 400 statistical topics central to current medicalresearch. 80# of rst edition entries updated and revised. Presents the latesttechniques used at the cutting edge of medical research. Covers common errors instatistical analyses in medicine. Real examples from the biomedical literature andrelevant illustrations feature throughout. Contains contributions from over 70 expertsin the eld. Medical researchers, researchers and practitioners in medical researchand statistics will benet greatly from this book.WileyEncyclopedia of BiopharmaceuticalStatistics978143982245620.05.2010Oprawa: twarda 540,00Shein-Chung ChowAvailable in both print and online versions, this is the denitive statistics reference forbiopharmaceutical research and manufacturing, presenting current standards andbest practices for the laboratory, manufacturing, and statistical design, investigation,and analysis. Thoroughly exploring emerging technologies, concepts, and trends,this second edition incorporates 69 new sections on subjects ranging from in vitrobioequivalence testing and dissolution prole comparison to bridging studies,MedDRA, vaccine clinical trials, and medical devices. It reviews recent amendmentsto regulatory requirements and presents newer statistical methods applicable to thedrug development, review, and approval processes.Taylor & Francis 37. Statystyka medyczna i 37Encyclopedia of Environmetrics978047097388230.10.2012Oprawa: twarda 1090,00Abdel H. El-ShaarawiThis is an expanded and revised edition of an essential reference work for universitylibraries, research laboratories, government institutions and consultanciesconcerned with the environmental sciences. The Encyclopedia offers comprehensivecoverage of the wide range of topics, techniques and applications that comprise thismultidisciplinary eld. Key features of the new edition: * Expanded to six volumes toreect developments in Environmetrics techniques and applications during pastdecade* Over 60% of articles in this edition are new or revised* A new section:Environmental Engineering and Technology* Increased breadth and depth ofcoverage in key application areas such as climate science and hydrologicalprocesses* Revised and updated treatment of methodology including spatial-temporal statistics, computational statistics and modeling extremes* Greateremphasis on practitioner oriented content. Publishing in both print and online theEncyclopedia will be an invaluable aid to researchers, lecturers, students,consultants and policymakers engaged in ecological statistics, climate change,geostatistics, natural resources, risk assessment, environmental health, physicalWiley...Environmental Statistics with R, SecondEdition978143981027917.10.2013Oprawa: twarda 57,99Steven P Millard (Consultant, Seattle, Washing-Condensed and reorganized, this comprehensive second edition covers most of thestatistical methods used in the eld and now features the use of both R and S-Plussoftware. Continuing to emphasize lognormal distributions, censored data, andcomputing, this edition includes additional material on equivalence testing. It alsoillustrates environmental sampling designs using the public domain package VSP. Inaddition, the authors provide a detailed discussion of spatial mapping proceduresand spatial mapping analysis in R. Along with updated problem sets and newexamples, this edition contains numerous new references that bring the research upto date.Taylor & FrancisEpidemiology978143983970606.12.2013Oprawa: twarda 49,99WoodwardBuilding an up-to-date understanding of the methodologies that can be used toshape public health policies, Epidemiology: Study Design and Data Analysis,Second Edition encompasses the study of epidemiology from the observation ofassociations between risk factors and disease to the use of practical, data-supported analyses. It presents study designs commonly used for a wide range ofpurposes, and covers the spectrum of statistical principles and analytical tools usedin epidemiological research, such as techniques used in report writing, descriptiveanalyses, statistical models and synthesis of evidence.New Material in This Edition Includes:Systematic evaluationMeta-analysisRegression dilutionCase-cohort studiesCase-crossover studiesTaylor & FrancisEpidemiology Foundations: TheScience of Public Health978047040289425.01.2011Oprawa: mikka 50,00Peter J. FosEpidemiology Foundations is an accessible introduction to epidemiology. Thiscomprehensive resource covers the topic including information on its foundations,history, health and disease, descriptive epidemiology, measurement, study designs,uses, epidemics, social epidemiology, screening, community health, and globalhealth. This book has been developed to closely respond to recommendations bythe Consensus Conference on Undergraduate Public Health Education and isdesigned for use an introductory text for a course in epidemiology or in any classthat features the topic epidemiology.WileyEquivalency and Noninferiority Testingin Clinical Trials978146656149606.10.2013Oprawa: twarda 49,99Tie-Hua NgThis book focuses on the rationale of choosing the noninferiority (NI) margin as asmall fraction of the therapeutic effect of the active control in a clinical trial. Itdiscusses issues of estimating the effect size based on historical placebo controltrials of the active control. The book also covers basic concepts related to NI trials,such as essay sensitivity, constancy assumption, discounting, and preservation.Other topics described include patient populations, three-arm trials, and testingequivalence of three or more groups.Taylor & FrancisEssential Mathematics and Statistics forForensic Science978047074253216.04.2010Oprawa: mikka 27,50Craig AdamThis text is an accessible, student-friendly introduction to the wide range ofmathematical and statistical tools needed by the forensic scientist in the analysis,interpretation and presentation of experimental measurements. From a basis of highschool mathematics, the book develops essential quantitative analysis techniqueswithin the context of a broad range of forensic applications. This clearly structuredtext focuses on developing core mathematical skills together with an understandingof the calculations associated with the analysis of experimental work, including anemphasis on the use of graphs and the evaluation of uncertainties. Through a broadstudy of probability and statistics, the reader is led ultimately to the use of Bayesianapproaches to the evaluation of evidence within the court. In every section, forensicapplications such as ballistics trajectories, post-mortem cooling, aspects of forensicpharmacokinetics, the matching of glass evidence, the formation of bloodstains andthe interpretation of DNA proles are discussed and examples of calculations areworked through. In every chapter there are numerous self-assessment problems toaid student learning.Wiley 38. Statystyka medyczna i biostatystyka38 www.abe.plEvidence Synthesis for Decision Makingin Healthcare978047006109111.05.2012Oprawa: twarda 45,00Alexander J. SuttonIn the evaluation of healthcare, rigorous methods of quantitative assessment arenecessary to establish interventions that are benecial, are superior to all alternativesand are cost-effective. Usually one study will not provide answers to these questionsand it will be necessary to synthesize evidence from multiple sources. This bookaims to outline a coherent approach to such evidence synthesis, for the purpose ofdecision making. Each chapter contains worked examples, exercises and solutionsdrawn from a variety of medical disciplines Evidence Syntesis for Decision Makingintends to provide a practical guide to the appropriate methods for synthesizingevidence for use in analytical decision models. More specically, it proposes acomprehensive evidence synthesis framework, which models all the available dataappropriately and efciently in a format that can be incorporated directly into adecision model.WileyExercises and Solutions in BiostatisticalTheory978158488722502.11.2010Oprawa: mikka 25,99Lawrence L. KupperDrawn from nearly four decades of Lawrence L. Kuppers teaching experiences as adistinguished professor in the Department of Biostatistics at the University of NorthCarolina, Exercises and Solutions in Biostatistical Theory presents theoreticalstatistical concepts, numerous exercises, and detailed solutions that span topicsfrom basic probability to statistical inference. The text links theoretical biostatisticalprinciples to real-world situations, including some of the authors own biostatisticalwork that has addressed complicated design and analysis issues in the healthsciences. This classroom-tested material is arranged sequentially starting with achapter on basic probability theory, followed by chapters on univariate distributiontheory and multivariate distribution theory. The last two chapters on statisticalinference cover estimation theory and hypothesis testing theory. Each chapterbegins with an in-depth introduction that summarizes the biostatistical principlesneeded to help solve the exercises. Exercises range in level of difculty from fairlybasic to more challenging (identied with asterisks).Taylor & FrancisExercises and Solutions in StatisticalTheory978146657289824.05.2013Oprawa: mikka 38,99Lawrence L. KupperDesigned for teaching a course in statistical theory in a variety of disciplines,including statistics, biostatistics, mathematics, engineering, physics, computerscience, and psychometrics, this book contains two main sections: Probability andDistribution Theory and Statistical Inference. The rst contains exercises andselected solutions in probability theory, univariate distribution theory, andmultivariate distribution theory. The second contains exercises and selectedsolutions in estimation theory and hypothesis testing theory. The exercises vary indifculty from basic to intermediate to advanced and solutions for about half theexercises are included, with a separate solutions manual with detailed solutionsmade available for instructors.Taylor & FrancisExpect the Unexpected: A First Coursein Biostatistics978981429132331.08.2010Oprawa: twarda 39,00Raluca BalanStatistical reasoning and modeling are of critical importance to modern biology. Thistextbook introduces fundamental concepts from probability and statistics which willpave the way for the student of biology to become a well-rounded scientist. Noprevious study of probability or statistics is assumed. Calculus topics are not usedextensively in this book, though some integration and differentiation are expected.The calculus prerequisite is primarily intended to assure a certain level ofmathematical maturity. This book puts emphasis on examples, which are presentedto motivate the theory. The presentation style is concise and self-contained, brieyincluding the mathematical elements that are needed for studying probability andstatistics. The examples are relevant to students in the life sciences with interests ingenetics, biology, ecology, health, etc. We believe that aspects of probability theoryare of biological interest and that probability underlies the theory of inferentialstatistics. Thus, we place an equal emphasis on probability and statistics which areboth essential for solving and understanding many types of biological problems.World Scientic PublishingExploratory Multivariate Analysis byExample Using R978143983580717.11.2010Oprawa: twarda 56,99Francois HussonFull of real-world case studies and practical advice, Exploratory Multivariate Analysisby Example Using R focuses on four fundamental methods of multivariateexploratory data analysis that are most suitable for applications. It covers principalcomponent analysis (PCA) when variables are quantitative, correspondence analysis(CA) and multiple correspondence analysis (MCA) when variables are categorical,and hierarchical cluster analysis. The authors take a geometric point of view thatprovides a unied vision for exploring multivariate data tables. Within this framework,they present the principles, indicators, and ways of representing and visualizingobjects that are common to the exploratory methods. The authors show how to usecategorical variables in a PCA context in which variables are quantitative, how tohandle more than two categorical variables in a CA context in which there areoriginally two variables, and how to add quantitative variables in an MCA context inwhich variables are categorical. They also illustrate the methods and the ways theycan be exploited using examples from various elds.Taylor & FrancisFlexible Imputation of Missing Data978143986824919.04.2012Oprawa: twarda 57,99Stef Van BuurenMissing data form a problem in every scientic discipline, yet the techniquesrequired to handle them are complicated and often lacking. One of the great ideas instatistical sciencemultiple imputationlls gaps in the data with plausible values,the uncertainty of which is coded in the data itself. It also solves other problems,many of which are missing data problems in disguise.Flexible Imputation of Missing Data is supported by many examples using real datataken from the authors vast experience of collaborative research, and presents apractical guide for handling missing data under the framework of multipleimputation. Furthermore, detailed guidance of implementation in R using theauthors package MICE is included throughout the book.Taylor & Francis 39. Statystyka medyczna i 39Forward-Time Population GeneticsSimulations978047050348521.04.2010Oprawa: mikka 60,50Bo PengThe rapid increase of the power of personal computers has led to the use of serioussimulation programs such as easy POP in genetic studies. This book summarizesrecent advances in forward-time simulation methods and demonstrates theirapplications in population genetics and genetic epidemiology. The authors introducecommonly used forward-time population genetics simulation methods, includingsome new methods, and introduce a forward-time population genetics simulationenvironment, simuPOP, as a powerful and exible tool to implement thesesimulations. Researchers and students in population and statistical genetics will ndthis book useful.WileyFoundational Statistics for Biologists: ATextbook with R978143987338015.10.2013Oprawa: twarda 44,99Ken A Aho (Idaho State University, Pocatello,Taking a biological perspective, this text provides an introduction to foundationaltopics in science, probability, and mathematical statistics for advancedundergraduate and graduate students in biology and related elds. It offerscomprehensive background material in probability and mathematical statistics,emphasizing Bayesian methods and biological applications throughout. The authordiscusses relevant issues in the philosophy of science as well as the design ofeffective experiments. He also uses an R package specically developed todemonstrate ideas presented in the book.Taylor & FrancisFundamentals of Clinical Trials978144191585621.09.2010Oprawa: mikka 52,95Lawrence M. FriedmanThis is the fourth edition of a very successful textbook on clinical trials methodology,written by three recognized experts who have long and extensive experience in allareas of clinical trials. Most chapters have been revised considerably from the thirdedition. A chapter on ethics has been added and topics such as noninferiority andadaptive designs now receive considerable discussion. There is much new materialon adverse events, adherence, data monitoring, and issues in analysis. This book isintended for the clinical researcher who is interested in designing a clinical trial anddeveloping a protocol. It is also of value to researchers and practitioners who mustcritically evaluate the literature of published clinical trials and assess the merits ofeach trial and the implications for the care and treatment of patients. The authorsuse numerous examples of published clinical trials from a variety of medicaldisciplines to illustrate the fundamentals. The text is organized sequentially fromdening the question to trial closeout. One chapter is devoted to each of the criticalareas to aid the clinical trial researcher.SpringerGaussian Process Regression Analysisfor Functional Data978143983773305.07.2011Oprawa: twarda 66,99Jian Qing ShiGaussian Process Regression Analysis for Functional Data presents nonparametricstatistical methods for functional regression analysis, specically the methods basedon a Gaussian process prior in a functional space. The authors focus on problemsinvolving functional response variables and mixed covariates of functional and scalarvariables. Covering the basics of Gaussian process regression, the rst severalchapters discuss functional data analysis, theoretical aspects based on theasymptotic properties of Gaussian process regression models, and newmethodological developments for high dimensional data and variable selection. Theremainder of the text explores advanced topics of functional regression analysis,including novel nonparametric statistical methods for curve prediction, curveclustering, functional ANOVA, and functional regression analysis of batch data,repeated curves, and non-Gaussian data. Many exible models based on Gaussianprocesses provide efcient ways of model learning, interpreting model structure, andcarrying out inference, particularly when dealing with large dimensional functionaldata.Taylor & FrancisGeneralized Estimating Equations978143988113207.01.2013Oprawa: twarda 57,99James W. HardinGeneralized Estimating Equations, Second Edition updates the best-selling previousedition, which has been the standard text on the subject since it was published adecade ago. Combining theory and application, the text provides readers with acomprehensive discussion of GEE and related models. Numerous examples areemployed throughout the text, along with the software code used to create, run,and evaluate the models being examined. Stata is used as the primary software forrunning and displaying modeling output; associated R code is also given to allow Rusers to replicate Stata examples. Specic examples of SAS usage are provided inthe nal chapter as well as on the books website.This second edition incorporates comments and suggestions from a variety ofsources, including the course on longitudinal and panel modelstaught by the authors. Other enhancements include an examination of GEE marginaleffects; a more thorough presentation of hypothesis testing and diagnostics,covering competing hierarchical models; and a more detailed examination ofpreviously discussed subjects.Taylor & FrancisGeneralized Linear Mixed Models978143981512019.10.2012Oprawa: twarda 57,99Walter W. StroupGeneralized Linear Mixed Models: Modern Concepts, Methods and Applicationspresents an introduction to linear modeling using the generalized linear mixed model(GLMM) as an overarching conceptual framework. For readers new to linear models,the book helps them see the big picture. It shows how linear models t with the restof the core statistics curriculum and points out the major issues that statisticalmodelers must consider. Along with describing common applications of GLMMs,the text introduces the essential theory and main methodology associated withlinear models that accommodate random model effects and non-Gaussian data.Unlike traditional linear model textbooks that focus on normally distributed data, thisone adopts a generalized mixed model approach throughout: data for linearmodeling need not be normally distributed and effects may be xed or random. Withnumerous examples using SAS(R) PROC GLIMMIX, this book is ideal for graduatestudents in statistics, statistics professionals seeking to update their knowledge, andresearchers new to the generalized linear model thought process.Taylor & Francis 40. Statystyka medyczna i biostatystyka40 www.abe.plGeneralized Linear Models andExtensions978159718105106.07.2012Oprawa: mikka 49,99James W. HardinThis book presents a thorough examination of generalized linear model (GLM)estimation methods as well as the derivation of all major GLM families. Examinedfamilies include Gaussian, gamma, inverse Gaussian, binomial, Poisson, geometric,and negative binomial. The text also contains various models that have beendeveloped on the basis of GLM theory, including GAM, ordered binomial models,multinomial logit and probit models, GEE and other quasi-likelihood models, xedand random effects models, and random intercept and random parameter models.Using Stata, the book offers numerous examples to assist you in applying themodels to your own data situations.Taylor & FrancisGenomic Clinical Trials and PredictiveMedicine978110740135807.01.2013Oprawa: mikka 27,99Richard M. SimonGenomics is majorly impacting therapeutics development in medicine. This bookcontains up-to-date information on the use of genomics in the design and analysisof therapeutic clinical trials with a focus on novel approaches that provide a reliablebasis for identifying which patients are most likely to benet from each treatment. Itis oriented to both clinical investigators and statisticians. For clinical investigators, itincludes background information on clinical trial design and statistical analysis. Forstatisticians and others who want to go deeper, it covers state-of-the-art adaptivedesigns and the development and validation of probabilistic classiers. The authordescribes the development and validation of prognostic and predictive biomarkersand their integration into clinical trials that establish their clinical utility for informingtreatment decisions for future patients.Cambridge University PressGeostatistics: Modeling SpatialUncertainty978047018315119.04.2012Oprawa: twarda 83,50Jean-Paul ChilesThis second edition of one of the best-selling books on geostatistics providesthrough updates from two authoritative authors with over twenty years of experiencein the eld. It removes information and data that have lost relevance with time whilemaintaining timeless, core methods and integrating them with new developments tothe eld. The authors employ an applied focus on new aspects of geostatistics,including kernal methods, extreme values geostatistics, and modeling in geo-chronologic space. It can be used as a reference book for geostatisticians,physicists, and earth scientists in both industry and academia and as asupplemental text in related couses at the Ph.D level.WileyHandbook of Adaptive Designs inPharmaceutical and Clinical Development978143981016327.10.2010Oprawa: twarda 69,99Annpey PongThis comprehensive guide offers a unied presentation of the principles andmethodologies in adaptive design and analysis. It gives a well-balanced summary ofcurrent regulatory perspectives and recently developed statistical methods in thisarea. The handbook provides some insight regarding early phase and later phaseadaptive designs. With a focus on the implementation of adaptive methods in clinicaltrials, it introduces the concepts of role, responsibility, function, and activity of a datasafety monitoring board (DSMB) when applying these methods. Other importanttopics covered in detail include regulatory perspectives and logistics issues inapplying adaptive design methods.Taylor & FrancisHandbook of Functional MRI DataAnalysis978052151766922.08.2011Oprawa: twarda 50,00Russell Alan PoldrackFunctional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) has become the most popularmethod for imaging brain function. Handbook of Functional MRI Data Analysisprovides a comprehensive and practical introduction to the methods used for fMRIdata analysis. Using minimal jargon, this book explains the concepts behindprocessing fMRI data, focusing on the techniques that are most commonly used inthe eld. This book provides background about the methods employed by commondata analysis packages including FSL, SPM and AFNI. Some of the newest cutting-edge techniques, including pattern classication analysis, connectivity modeling andresting state network analysis, are also discussed. Readers of this book, whethernewcomers to the eld or experienced researchers, will obtain a deep and effectiveknowledge of how to employ fMRI analysis to ask scientic questions and becomemore sophisticated users of fMRI analysis software.Cambridge University PressHandbook of Markov Chain MonteCarlo978142007941813.05.2011Oprawa: twarda 66,99Steve BrooksSince their popularization in the 1990s, Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methodshave revolutionized statistical computing and have had an especially profoundimpact on the practice of Bayesian statistics. Furthermore, MCMC methods haveenabled the development and use of intricate models in an astonishing array ofdisciplines as diverse as sheries science and economics. The wide-rangingpractical importance of MCMC has sparked an expansive and deep investigationinto fundamental Markov chain theory. The Handbook of Markov Chain Monte Carloprovides a reference for the broad audience of developers and users of MCMCmethodology interested in keeping up with cutting-edge theory and applications.The rst half of the book covers MCMC foundations, methodology, and algorithms.The second half considers the use of MCMC in a variety of practical applicationsincluding in educational research, astrophysics, brain imaging, ecology, andsociology. The in-depth introductory section of the book allows graduate studentsand practicing scientists new to MCMC to become thoroughly acquainted with thebasic theory, algorithms, and applications.Taylor & Francis 41. Statystyka medyczna i 41Handbook of Spatial Statistics978142007287723.03.2010Oprawa: twarda 69,99Alan E. GelfandAssembling a collection of very prominent researchers in the eld, the Handbook ofSpatial Statistics presents a comprehensive treatment of both classical and state-of-the-art aspects of this maturing area. It takes a unied, integrated approach to thematerial, providing cross-references among chapters. The handbook begins with ahistorical introduction detailing the evolution of the eld. It then focuses on the threemain branches of spatial statistics: continuous spatial variation (point referenceddata)Taylor & FrancisHandbook of Statistical SystemsBiology978047071086921.10.2011Oprawa: twarda 120,00Michael StumpfSystems Biology is now entering a mature phase in which the key issues arecharacterising uncertainty and stochastic effects in mathematical models ofbiological systems. The area is moving towards a full statistical analysis andprobabilistic reasoning over the inferences that can be made from mathematicalmodels. This handbook presents a comprehensive guide to the discipline forpractitioners and educators, in providing a full and detailed treatment of theseimportant and emerging subjects. Leading experts in systems biology and statisticshave come together to provide insight in to the major ideas in the eld, and inparticular methods of specifying and tting models, and estimating the unknownparameters.This book:Provides a comprehensive account of inference techniques in systems biology.Introduces classical and Bayesian statistical methods for complex systems.Explores networks and graphical modeling as well as a wide range of statisticalmodels for dynamical systems.WileyHandbook of Statistics in ClinicalOncology978143986200104.04.2012Oprawa: twarda 76,99John CrowleyMany new challenges have arisen in the area of oncology clinical trials. New cancertherapies are often based on cytostatic or targeted agents, which pose newchallenges in the design and analysis of all phases of trials. The literature onadaptive trial designs and early stopping has been exploding. Inclusion of high-dimensional data and imaging techniques have become common practice, andstatistical methods on how to analyse such data have been rened in this area. Acompilation of statistical topics relevant to these new advances in cancer research,this third edition of Handbook of Statistics in Clinical Oncology focuses on thedesign and analysis of oncology clinical trials and translational research. Addressingthe many challenges that have arisen since the publication of its predecessor, thisthird edition covers the newest developments involved in the design and analysis ofcancer clinical trials, incorporating updates to all four parts: Phase I trials: Updatedrecommendations regarding the standard 3 + 3 and continual reassessmentapproaches, along with new chapters on phase 0 trials and phase I trial design fortargeted agents.Taylor & FrancisHandbook of Survival Analysis978146655566214.08.2013Oprawa: twarda 63,99John P. KleinThis handbook focuses on the analysis of lifetime data arising from the biologicaland medical sciences. It deals with semiparametric and nonparametric methods.For investigators new to this eld, the book provides an overview of the topic alongwith examples of the methods discussed. It presents both classical methods andmodern Bayesian approaches to the analysis of data.Taylor & FrancisHandbook of Volatility Models and TheirApplications978047087251227.04.2012Oprawa: twarda 100,00Luc BauwensVolatility has become a hot topic in this era of instant communications, spawning agreat deal of research in empirical nance and time series econometrics. Providingan overview of the most recent advances, Handbook of Volatility Models and TheirApplications explores key concepts and topics essential for modeling the volatility ofnancial time series, both univariate and multivariate, parametric and non-parametric, high-frequency and low-frequency.Featuring contributions from international experts in the eld, the book featuresnumerous examples and applications from real-world projects and cutting-edgeresearch, showing step by step how to use various methods accurately andefciently when assessing volatility rates. Following a comprehensive introduction tothe topic, readers are provided with three distinct sections that unify the statisticaland practical aspects of volatility:Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity and Stochastic Volatility presentsARCH and stochastic volatility models, with a focus on recent research topicsincluding mean, volatility, and skewness spillovers in equity marketsWileyIntegrated Microsystems978143983620027.09.2011Oprawa: twarda 107,00Krzysztof IniewskiAs rapid technological developments occur in electronics, photonics, mechanics,chemistry, and biology, the demand for portable, lightweight integratedmicrosystems is relentless. These devices are getting exponentially smaller,increasingly used in everything from video games, hearing aids, and pacemakers tomore intricate biomedical engineering and military applications. Edited by KrisIniewski, a revolutionary in the eld of advanced semiconductor materials, IntegratedMicrosystems: Electronics, Photonics, and Biotechnology focuses on techniques foroptimized design and fabrication of these intelligent miniaturized devices andsystems. Composed of contributions from experts in academia and industry aroundthe world, this reference covers processes compatible with CMOS integratedcircuits, which combine computation, communications, sensing, and actuationcapabilities. Light on math and physics, with a greater emphasis on microsystemdesign and conguration and electrical engineering, this book is organized in threesections-Microelectronics and Biosystems, Photonics and Imaging, andBiotechnology and MEMs.Taylor & Francis 42. Statystyka medyczna i biostatystyka42 www.abe.plInterval-Censored Time-to-Event Data:Methods and Applications978146650425730.07.2012Oprawa: twarda 63,99Ding-Geng (Din) ChenInterval-Censored Time-to-Event Data: Methods and Applications collects the mostrecent techniques, models, and computational tools for interval-censored time-to-event data. Top biostatisticians from academia, biopharmaceutical industries, andgovernment agencies discuss how these advances are impacting clinical trials andbiomedical research. Divided into three parts, the book begins with an overview ofinterval-censored data modeling, including nonparametric estimation, survivalfunctions, regression analysis, multivariate data analysis, competing risks analysis,and other models for interval-censored data. The next part presents interval-censored methods for current status data, Bayesian semiparametric regressionanalysis of interval-censored data with monotone splines, Bayesian inferentialmodels for interval-censored data, an estimator for identifying causal effect oftreatment, and consistent variance estimation for interval-censored data. In the nalpart, the contributors use Monte Carlo simulation to assess biases in progression-free survival analysis as well as correct bias in interval-censored time-to-eventapplications.Taylor & FrancisIntroduction to Data Analysis with R forForensic Scientists978142008826706.08.2010Oprawa: twarda 69,99James Michael CurranStatistical methods provide a logical, coherent framework in which data fromexperimental science can be analyzed. However, many researchers lack thestatistical skills or resources that would allow them to explore their data to its fullpotential. Introduction to Data Analysis with R for Forensic Sciences minimizestheory and mathematics and focuses on the application and practice of statistics toprovide researchers with the dexterity necessary to systematically analyze datadiscovered from the fruits of their research.Using traditional techniques and employing examples and tutorials with real datacollected from experiments, this book presents the following critical informationnecessary for researchers:A refresher on basic statistics and an introduction to RConsiderations and techniques for the visual display of data through graphicsAn overview of statistical hypothesis tests and the reasoning behind themA comprehensive guide to the use of the linear model, the foundation of moststatistics encounteredTaylor & FrancisIntroduction to Hierarchical BayesianModeling for Ecological Data978158488919917.09.2012Oprawa: twarda 57,99Eric ParentMaking statistical modeling and inference more accessible to ecologists and relatedscientists, Introduction to Hierarchical Bayesian Modeling for Ecological Data givesreaders a exible and effective framework to learn about complex ecologicalprocesses from various sources of data. It also helps readers get started on buildingtheir own statistical models. The text begins with simple models that progressivelybecome more complex and realistic through explanatory covariates andintermediate hidden states variables. When tting the models to data, the authorsgradually present the concepts and techniques of the Bayesian paradigm from apractical point of view using real case studies. They emphasize how hierarchicalBayesian modeling supports multidimensional models involving complex interactionsbetween parameters and latent variables. Data sets, exercises, and R andWinBUGS codes are available on the authors website. This book shows howBayesian statistical modeling provides an intuitive way to organize data, test ideas,investigate competing hypotheses, and assess degrees of condence ofpredictions.Taylor & FrancisIntroduction to Protein StructurePrediction978047047059603.12.2010Oprawa: twarda 83,50Huzefa RangwalaThis book helps unravel the relationship of pure sequence information and three-dimensional structure, which remains one of the great fundamental problems inmolecular biology and bioinformatics. It describes key applications of modeledstructures, focusing on the methods and algorithms that are used to predict proteinstructure written by experts who participate in the structure prediction competition.The book also delivers applications used for predicted models in other studies.Researchers in bioinformatics and molecular biology will nd this text highly useful,as will students in graduate courses in protein prediction.WileyIntroduction to Statistical Data Analysisfor the Life Sciences978143982555622.07.2010Oprawa: mikka 33,99Claus Thorn EkstromAny practical introduction to statistics in the life sciences requires a focus onapplications and computational statistics combined with a reasonable level ofmathematical rigor. It must offer the right combination of data examples, statisticaltheory, and computing required for analysis today. And it should involve R software,the lingua franca of statistical computing. Introduction to Statistical Data Analysis forthe Life Sciences covers all the usual material but goes further than other texts toemphasize: Both data analysis and the mathematics underlying classical statisticalanalysis Modeling aspects of statistical analysis with added focus on biologicalinterpretations Applications of statistical software in analyzing real-world problemsand data sets Developed from their courses at the University of Copenhagen, theauthors imbue readers with the ability to model and analyze data early in the textand then gradually ll in the blanks with needed probability and statistics theory.While the main text can be used with any statistical software, the authors encouragea reliance on R. They provide a short tutorial for those new to the software andinclude R commands and output at the end of each chapter.Taylor & FrancisIntroduction to Statistical Limit Theory978142007660814.01.2011Oprawa: twarda 59,99Alan M. PolanskyThose moving on to advanced statistics typically lack the mathematical foundationthat allows them to make full use of statistical limit theory. This accessible resourcereviews approximation theory and limit theory for sequences of functions and basicnotions of functional analysis. It provides detailed arguments that show howunderlying mathematical and statistical theory work together. Among its uniquequalities, the text covers expansion theory, which is becoming increasingly importantin modern applications. It also discusses bootstrap, kernel smoothing, and Markovchain Monte Carlo and includes a wide array of examples and problems from thefundamental to very advanced.Taylor & Francis 43. Statystyka medyczna i 43Introduction to Statistical Methods forBiosurveillance978052119134031.03.2013Oprawa: twarda 50,00Ronald D. FrickerBioterrorism is not a new threat, but in an increasingly interconnected world, thepotential for catastrophic outcomes is greater today than ever. The medical andpublic health communities are establishing biosurveillance systems designed toproactively monitor populations for possible disease outbreaks as a rst line ofdefense. The ideal biosurveillance system should identify trends not visible toindividual physicians and clinicians in near-real time. Many of these systems usestatistical algorithms to look for anomalies and to trigger epidemiologic investigation,quantication, localization, and outbreak management. This book discusses thedesign and evaluation of statistical methods for effective biosurveillance for readerswith minimal statistical training. Weaving public health and statistics together, itpresents basic and more advanced methods, with a focus on empiricallydemonstrating added value. Although the emphasis is on epidemiologic andsyndromic surveillance, the statistical methods can be applied to a broad class ofpublic health surveillance problems.Cambridge University PressJoint Models of Longitudinal and Time-to-Event Data978143987286409.07.2012Oprawa: twarda 49,99Dimitris RizopoulosIn longitudinal studies it is often of interest to investigate how a marker that isrepeatedly measured in time is associated with a time to an event of interest, e.g.,prostate cancer studies where longitudinal PSA level measurements are collected inconjunction with the time-to-recurrence. Joint Models for Longitudinal and Time-to-Event Data: With Applications in R provides a full treatment of random effects jointmodels for longitudinal and time-to-event outcomes that can be utilized to analyzesuch data. The content is primarily explanatory, focusing on applications of jointmodeling, but sufcient mathematical details are provided to facilitate understandingof the key features of these models. All illustrations put forward can be implementedin the R programming language via the freely available package JM written by theauthor.Taylor & FrancisKnowledge Based Bioinformatics: FromAnalysis to Interpretation978047074831216.07.2010Oprawa: twarda 50,00Gil AlterovitzThere is an increasing need throughout the biomedical sciences for a greaterunderstanding of knowledge-based systems and their application to genomic andproteomic research. This book discusses knowledge-based and statisticalapproaches, along with applications in bioinformatics and systems biology. The textemphasizes the integration of different methods for analysing and interpretingbiomedical data. This, in turn, can lead to breakthrough biomolecular discoveries,with applications in personalized medicine. Key Features:* Explores thefundamentals and applications of knowledge-based and statistical approaches inbioinformatics and systems biology.* Helps readers to interpret genomic, proteomic,and metabolomic data in understanding complex biological molecules and theirinteractions.* Provides useful guidance on dealing with large datasets in knowledgebases, a common issue in bioinformatics.* Written by leading international experts inthis eld. Students, researchers, and industry professionals with a background inbiomedical sciences, mathematics, statistics, or computer science will benet fromthis book.WileyLocal Models for Spatial Analysis978143982919626.10.2010Oprawa: twarda 62,99Christopher D. LloydFocusing on solutions, this second edition provides guidance to a wide variety ofreal-world problems. The text presents a complete introduction to key concepts anda clear mapping of the methods discussed. It also explores connections betweenmethods. New chapters address spatial patterning in single variables and spatialrelations. In addition, every chapter now includes links to key related studies. Theauthor clearly distinguishes between local and global methods and provides moredetailed coverage of geographical weighting, image texture measures, local spatialautocorrelation, and multicollinearity and geographically weighted regression.Taylor & FrancisLogistic Regression978144191741601.06.2010Oprawa: twarda 89,95David G. KleinbaumThis very popular textbook is now in its third edition. Whether students or workingprofessionals, readers appreciate its unique "lecture book" format. They often saythe book reads like they are listening to an outstanding lecturer. This edition includesthree new chapters, an updated computer appendix, and an expanded sectionabout modeling guidelines that consider causal diagrams. Like previous editions,this textbook provides a highly readable description of fundamental and moreadvanced concepts and methods of logistic regression. It is suitable for researchersand statisticians in medical and other life sciences as well as academicians teachingsecond-level regression methods courses. The new chapters are: AdditionalModeling Strategy Issues, including strategy with several exposures, screeningvariables, collinearity, inuential observations and multiple-testing, assessingGoodness to Fit for Logistic Regression, assessing Discriminatory Performance of aBinary Logistic Model: ROC Curves. The Computer Appendix provides step-by-stepinstructions for using STATA (version 10.0), SAS (version 9.2), and SPSS (version16) for procedures described in the main text.SpringerMeasurement Error978142006656202.03.2010Oprawa: twarda 62,99John P. BuonaccorsiOver the last 20 years, comprehensive strategies for treating measurement error incomplex models and accounting for the use of extra data to estimate measurementerror parameters have emerged. Focusing on both established and novelapproaches, "Measurement Error: Models, Methods, and Applications" provides anoverview of the main techniques and illustrates their application in various models. Itdescribes the impacts of measurement errors on naive analyses that ignore themand presents ways to correct for them across a variety of statistical models, fromsimple one-sample problems to regression models to more complex mixed and timeseries models. The book covers correction methods based on known measurementerror parameters, replication, internal or external validation data, and, for somemodels, instrumental variables. It emphasizes the use of several relatively simplemethods, moment corrections, regression calibration, simulation extrapolation(SIMEX), modied estimating equation methods, and likelihood techniques. Theauthor uses SAS-IML and Stata to implement many of the techniques in theexamples.Taylor & Francis 44. Statystyka medyczna i biostatystyka44 www.abe.plMeasurement in Medicine: A PracticalGuide978052113385211.08.2011Oprawa: mikka 29,99Henrica C. W. de VetThe success of the Apgar score demonstrates the astounding power of anappropriate clinical instrument. This down-to-earth book provides practical advice,underpinned by theoretical principles, on developing and evaluating measurementinstruments in all elds of medicine. It equips you to choose the most appropriateinstrument for specic purposes. The book covers measurement theories, methodsand criteria for evaluating and selecting instruments. It provides methods to assessmeasurement properties, such as reliability, validity and responsiveness, andinterpret the results. Worked examples and end-of-chapter assignments use realdata and well-known instruments to build your skills at implementation andinterpretation through hands-on analysis of real-life cases. All data and solutions areavailable online. This is a perfect course book for students and a perfect companionfor professionals/researchers in the medical and health sciences who care about thequality and meaning of the measurements they perform.Cambridge University PressMeasurement of Individual StatedPreferences Using R978143989047905.11.2013Oprawa: twarda 49,99AizakiThe quantitative measurement of individual preferences is essential, allowing us tounderstand social phenomena and derive appropriate policies and businessinferences. Suitable for applied statisticians and empirical researchers, this bookhelps readers select the best method for such measurement from the manyeconometric methods available. Providing a practical understanding of thesemethods, the authors present the theoretical foundations of each method togetherwith worked examples to illustrate their application in various elds, notably empiricaleconomics and market research. R is used to implement all methods, with code,packages, and data sets available online.Taylor & FrancisMeasures of Interobserver Agreementand Reliability978143981080420.12.2010Oprawa: twarda 69,99Mohamed M. ShoukriMeasures of Interobserver Agreement and Reliability, Second Edition coversimportant issues related to the design and analysis of reliability and agreementstudies. It examines factors affecting the degree of measurement errors in reliabilitygeneralization studies and characteristics inuencing the process of diagnosing eachsubject in a reliability study. The book also illustrates the importance of blinding andrandom selection of subjects. New to the Second Edition New chapter thatdescribes various models for methods comparison studies New chapter on theanalysis of reproducibility using the within-subjects coefcient of variation Emphasison the denition of the subjects and raters population as well as sample sizedetermination This edition continues to offer guidance on how to run sound reliabilityand agreement studies in clinical settings and other types of investigations. Theauthor explores two ways of producing one pooled estimate of agreement fromseveral centers: a xed-effect approach and a random sample of centers using asimple meta-analytic approach. The text includes end-of-chapter exercises as wellas a CD-ROM of data sets and SAS code.Taylor & FrancisMedical Biostatistics978143988414030.08.2012Oprawa: twarda 82,00Abhaya IndrayanEncyclopedic in breadth, yet practical and concise, Medical Biostatistics, ThirdEdition focuses on the statistical aspects of medicine with a medical perspective,showing the utility of biostatistics as a tool to manage many medical uncertainties.The author concludes "Just as results of medical tests, statistical results can befalse negative or false positive". This edition provides expanded coverage of topicsand includes software illustrations. The author presents step-by-step explanations ofstatistical methods with the help of numerous real-world examples. Guide charts atthe beginning of the book enable quick access to the relevant statistical procedure,and the comprehensive index makes it easier to locate terms of interest.Taylor & FrancisMedical Biostatistics for ComplexDiseases978352732585621.04.2010Oprawa: twarda 90,00Frank Emmert-StreibA collection of highly valuable statistical and computational approaches designed fordeveloping powerful methods to analyze large-scale high-throughput data derivedfrom studies of complex diseases. Such diseases include cancer and cardiovasculardisease, and constitute the major health challenges in industrialized countries. Theyare characterized by the systems properties of gene networks and theirinterrelations, instead of individual genes, whose malfunctioning manifests inpathological phenotypes, thus making the analysis of the resulting large data setsparticularly challenging. This is why novel approaches are needed to tackle thisproblem efciently on a systems level. Written by computational biologists andbiostatisticians, this book is an invaluable resource for a large number of researchersworking on basic but also applied aspects of biomedical data analysis emphasizingthe pathway level.WileyMendelian Randomization978146657317826.10.2013Oprawa: twarda 34,99Stephen BurgessMendelian randomization is a way of assessing causal associations fromobservational data, which is especially important for medical scientists andepidemiologists who want to know the true causes of diseases. Covering thisemerging area of research in biostatistics and epidemiology, this book examines theuse of genetic variants as instrumental variables to assess causal associations. Italso discusses statistical issues with instrumental variable analysis and explorespractical applications of Mendelian randomization. The methods are illustrated with avariety of detailed worked examples using real data.Taylor & Francis 45. Statystyka medyczna i 45Methods and Applications of Statisticsin the Atmospheric and Earth Sciences978047050344711.12.2012Oprawa: twarda 130,00N. BalakrishnanPresenting a concise, well-rounded focus on the statistical concepts andapplications that are essential for understanding gathered data in the earth andatmospheric sciences. Containing contributions from over 100 leading academics,researchers, and practitioners in these elds, this comprehensive book unveilsmodern, approaches to the acquisition and analysis of data across diverse subjectareas like geology, agriculture, animal science, and geophysics. It discussestechniques related to survey methodology, computational statistics, and operationsresearch and covers new areas of interest like non-linear weather forecasting,construction geological surveys, and water pollution assessment.WileyMethods and Applications of Statisticsin the Life and Health Sciences978047040509312.01.2010Oprawa: twarda 145,00N. BalakrishnanInspired by the Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences, Second Edition, this volumeoutlines the statistical tools for successfully working with modern life and healthsciences research Data collection holds an essential part in dictating the future ofhealth sciences and public health, as the compilation of statistics allows researchersand medical practitioners to monitor trends in health status, identify healthproblems, and evaluate the impact of health policies and programs. Methods andApplications of Statistics in the Life and Health Sciences serves as a single, one-of-a-kind resource on the wide range of statistical methods, techniques, andapplications that are applied in modern life and health sciences in research.Specially designed to present encyclopedic content in an accessible and self-contained format, this book outlines thorough coverage of the underlying theory andstandard applications to research in related disciplines such as biology,epidemiology, clinical trials, and public health.WileyModeling and Analytical Methods inTribology978142008701723.07.2010Oprawa: twarda 83,00Ilya I. KudishImproving our understanding of friction, lubrication, and fatigue, "Modeling andAnalytical Methods in Tribology" presents a fresh approach to tribology that linksadvances in applied mathematics with fundamental problems in tribology related tocontact elasticity, fracture mechanics, and uid lm lubrication. The authorsincorporate the classical tenets of tribology while providing new mathematicalsolutions that address various shortcomings in existing theories. From contactinteractions to contact fatigue life, the book connects traditionally separate areas oftribology research to create a coherent modeling methodology that encompassesasymptotic and numerical techniques. The authors often demonstrate the efcacy ofthe models by comparing predictions to experimental data. In most cases, theyderive equations from rst principles. They also rigorously prove problemformulations and derive certain solution properties. Solutions to problems arepresented using simple analytical formulas, graphs, and tables. In addition, the end-of-chapter exercises highlight points important for comprehending the material andmastering the appropriate skills.Taylor & FrancisModeling and Simulation in Ecotoxicology withApplications in MATLAB and Simulink978143985517115.08.2011Oprawa: twarda 76,99Kenneth R. DixonExploring roles critical to environmental toxicology, Modeling and Simulation inEcotoxicology with Applications in MATLAB and Simulink covers the steps inmodeling and simulation from problem conception to validation and simulationanalysis. Using the MATLAB and Simulink programming languages, the bookpresents examples of mathematical functions and simulations, with specialemphasis on how to develop mathematical models and run computer simulations ofecotoxicological processes.Designed for students and professionals with little or no experience in modeling, thebook includes:General principles of modeling and simulation and an introduction to MATLAB andSimulinkStochastic modeling where variability and uncertainty are acknowledged bymaking parameters random variablesToxicological processes from the level of the individual organism, with workedexamples of process models in either MATLAB or SimulinkTaylor & FrancisModelling and Quantitative Methods inFisheries978158488561015.03.2011Oprawa: twarda 41,99Malcolm HaddonWith numerous real-world examples, Modelling and Quantitative Methods inFisheries, Second Edition provides an introduction to the analytical methods used bysheries scientists and ecologists. By following the examples using Excel, readerssee the nuts and bolts of how the methods work and better understand theunderlying principles. Excel workbooks are available for download from CRC Presswebsite. In this second edition, the author has revised all chapters and improved anumber of the examples. This edition also includes two entirely new chapters:Characterization of Uncertainty covers asymptotic errors and likelihood proles anddevelops a generalized Gibbs sampler to run a Markov chain Monte Carlo analysisthat can be used to generate Bayesian posteriors Sized-Based Models implementsa fully functional size-based stock assessment model using abalone as an exampleThis book continues to cover a broad range of topics related to quantitativemethods and modelling. It offers a solid foundation in the skills required for thequantitative study of marine populations.Taylor & FrancisMonte Carlo Simulation for thePharmaceutical Industry978143983592015.09.2010Oprawa: twarda 59,99Mark ChangHelping you become a creative, logical thinker and skillful simulator, "Monte CarloSimulation for the Pharmaceutical Industry: Concepts, Algorithms, and CaseStudies" provides broad coverage of the entire drug development process, fromdrug discovery to preclinical and clinical trial aspects to commercialization. Itpresents the theories and methods needed to carry out computer simulationsefciently, covers both descriptive and pseudocode algorithms that provide thebasis for implementation of the simulation methods, and illustrates real-worldproblems through case studies. The text rst emphasizes the importance of analogyand simulation using examples from a variety of areas, before introducing generalsampling methods and the different stages of drug development. It then focuses onsimulation approaches based on game theory and the Markov decision process,simulations in classical and adaptive trials, and various challenges in clinical trialmanagement and execution.Taylor & Francis 46. Statystyka medyczna i biostatystyka46 www.abe.plMultiple Comparisons Using R978158488574002.08.2010Oprawa: twarda 56,99Frank BretzAdopting a unifying theme based on maximum statistics, Multiple ComparisonsUsing R describes the common underlying theory of multiple comparisonprocedures through numerous examples. It also presents a detailed description ofavailable software implementations in R. The R packages and source code for theanalyses are available at After giving examples ofmultiplicity problems, the book covers general concepts and basic multiplecomparisons procedures, including the Bonferroni method and Simes test. It thenshows how to perform parametric multiple comparisons in standard linear modelsand general parametric models. It also introduces the multcomp package in R,which offers a convenient interface to perform multiple comparisons in a generalcontext. Following this theoretical framework, the book explores applicationsinvolving the Dunnett test, Tukeys all pairwise comparisons, and general multiplecontrast tests for standard regression models, mixed-effects models, andparametric survival models.Taylor & FrancisNonparametric Statistical Tests: AComputational Approach978143986703709.01.2012Oprawa: twarda 59,99Markus NeuhauserNonparametric Statistical Tests: A Computational Approach describes classicalnonparametric tests, as well as novel and little-known methods such as theBaumgartner-Weiss-Schindler and the Cucconi tests. The book presents SAS andR programs, allowing readers to carry out the different statistical methods, such aspermutation and bootstrap tests. The author considers example data sets in eachchapter to illustrate methods. Numerous real-life data from various areas, includingthe bible, and their analyses provide for greatly diversied reading.The book covers:Nonparametric two-sample tests for the location-shift model, specically theFisher-Pitman permutation test, the Wilcoxon rank sum test, and theBaumgartner-Weiss-Schindler testPermutation tests, location-scale tests, tests for the nonparametric Behrens-Fisher problem, and tests for a difference in variabilityTests for the general alternative, including the (Kolmogorov-)Smirnov test,ordered categorical, and discrete numerical dataTaylor & Francis...Numerical Ecology with R978144197975914.01.2011Oprawa: mikka 54,95Daniel BorcardNumerical Ecology with R provides a long-awaited bridge between a textbook inNumerical Ecology and the implementation of this discipline in the R language. Aftershort theoretical overviews, the authors accompany the users through theexploration of the methods by means of applied and extensively commentedexamples. Users are invited to use this book as a teaching companion at thecomputer. The travel starts with exploratory approaches, proceeds with theconstruction of association matrices, then addresses three families of methods:clustering, unconstrained and canonical ordination, and spatial analysis. This book isaimed at professional researchers, practitioners, graduate students and teachers inecology, environmental science and engineering, and in related elds such asoceanography, molecular ecology, agriculture and soil science, who already have abackground in general and multivariate statistics and wish to apply this knowledgeto their data using the R language, as well as people willing to accompany theirdisciplinary learning with practical applications.SpringerNumerical Methods for Chemical EngineersUsing Excel, VBA and MATLAB978146657534903.04.2013Oprawa: twarda 38,99Victor J. LawWhile teaching the Numerical Methods for Engineers course over the last 15 years,the author found a need for a new textbook, one that was less elementary, providedapplications and problems better suited for chemical engineers, and containedinstruction in Visual Basic(R) for Applications (VBA). This led to six years ofdeveloping teaching notes that have been enhanced to create the current textbook,Numerical Methods for Chemical Engineers Using Excel(R), VBA, and MATLAB(R).Focusing on Excel gives the advantage of it being generally available, since it ispresent on every computer-PC and Mac-that has Microsoft Ofce installed. TheVBA programming environment comes with Excel and greatly enhances thecapabilities of Excel spreadsheets. While there is no perfect programming system,teaching this combination offers knowledge in a widely available program that iscommonly used (Excel) as well as a popular academic software package (MATLAB).Chapters cover nonlinear equations, Visual Basic, linear algebra, ordinary differentialequations, regression analysis, partial differential equations, and mathematicalprogramming methods.Taylor & FrancisOptimal Design for Nonlinear ResponseModels978143982151024.06.2013Oprawa: twarda 57,99Valerii V. FedorovThis book examines the theory of optimal model-based design and providesexamples of optimal designs for various models, mostly related tobiopharmaceutical applications, such as dose-response studies. The authors payspecial attention to adaptive or sequential optimal designs for nonlinear regressionmodels when estimation and optimal design are performed in stages. Ideal forresearchers in regression analysis and experimental design, the text illustratesoptimal designs for various models using an example of the application of a rst-order optimization algorithm in the space of information matrices, which isimplemented in both MATLAB(R) and SAS.Taylor & FrancisOptimal High-Throughput Screening978052173444821.02.2011Oprawa: mikka 26,99Xiaohua Douglas ZhangThis concise, self-contained and cohesive book focuses on commonly used andrecently developed methods for designing and analyzing high-throughput screening(HTS) experiments from a statistically sound basis. Combining ideas from biology,computing and statistics, the author explains experimental designs and analyticmethods that are amenable to rigorous analysis and interpretation of RNAi HTSexperiments. The opening chapters are carefully presented to be accessible both tobiologists with training only in basic statistics and to computational scientists andstatisticians with basic biological knowledge. Biologists will see how new experimentdesigns and rudimentary data-handling strategies for RNAi HTS experiments canimprove their results, whereas analysts will learn how to apply recently developedstatistical methods to interpret HTS experiments.Cambridge University Press 47. Statystyka medyczna i 47Patient-Reported Outcomes: FromMeasurement to Interpretation978143987367030.12.2013Oprawa: twarda 63,99Joseph C. CappelleriCovering conceptual and statistical methods, this book discusses the issues relatedto measuring and interpreting patient reported outcomes (PROs). It begins with areview and background information and then covers measurement scales, validityand reliability, item response theory, and missing data. The book also describesvarious statistical analysis techniques, including exploratory, cross-sectional, andlongitudinal data analysis, and highlights the practical interpretation and applicationof the techniques in clinical and pharmaceutical settings. SAS code for all methodsis available in an appendix and online.Taylor & FrancisPocket Medical Statistics: An A-Z ofCritical Appraisal978144416734401.11.2013Oprawa: mikka 14,99Filomena Pereira-MaxwellThis concise dictionary of essential statistical terminology has been designedspecically with the needs of the clinician and health care practitioner in mind.Avoiding the complex language that is so often a feature of statistics and researchmethodology, A-Z of Medical Statistics provides clear and succinct explanations,clarifying meaning and showing the interdependencies between important concepts.Now presented in a handy pocket format, this expanded second edition is aninvaluable companion for the reading and critical appraisal of medical literature, thelatter now widely recognised to be a practical lifelong skill required by all medicalpractitioners and researchers.Key features: Clear and user-friendly A-Z format, now in a pocket size, allows speedy accessto information in all settings Fully updated and expanded to cover over 500 statistical terms forcomprehensive coverageTaylor & Francis...Population Biology and Criticality978184816401729.08.2010Oprawa: twarda 67,00Nico StollenwerkThe present book describes novel theories of mutation pathogen systems showingcritical uctuations, as a paradigmatic example of an application of the mathematicsof critical phenomena to the life sciences. It will enable the reader to understand theimplications and future impact of these ndings, yet at same time allow him toactively follow the mathematical tools and scientic origins of critical phenomena.This book also seeks to pave the way to further fruitful applications of themathematics of critical phenomena in other elds of the life sciences.World Scientic PublishingPreventing and Treating Missing Data inLongitudinal Clinical Trials978110767915328.02.2013Oprawa: mikka 22,99Craig MallinckrodtRecent decades have brought advances in statistical theory for missing data, which,combined with advances in computing ability, have allowed implementation of awide array of analyses. In fact, so many methods are available that it can be difcultto ascertain when to use which method. This book focuses on the prevention andtreatment of missing data in longitudinal clinical trials. Based on his extensiveexperience with missing data, the author offers advice on choosing analysismethods and on ways to prevent missing data through appropriate trial design andconduct. He offers a practical guide to key principles and explains analytic methodsfor the non-statistician using limited statistical notation and jargon. The books goalis to present a comprehensive strategy for preventing and treating missing data, andto make available the programs used to conduct the analyses of the exampledataset.Cambridge University PressQuantitative Ecotoxicology978143983564725.09.2012Oprawa: twarda 95,00Michael C. NewmanQuantitative Ecotoxicology, Second Edition explores models and methods ofquantitative ecotoxicology at progressively higher biological scales using workedexamples and common software packages. It complements the authors previousbooks, Fundamentals of Ecotoxicology, Third Edition and Ecotoxicology: AComprehensive Treatment. Encouraging a more rigorous inferential approach toresearch, the book examines the quantitative features of the science ofecotoxicology. The rst chapters lay the foundation by introducing fundamentalconcepts and denitions. The author traces the historical perspective, rationale, andcharacteristics of scientic ecotoxicology as well as the general measurementprocess. He also considers methodologies for dening and controlling variance,which could otherwise exclude valid conclusions from ecotoxicological endeavors.The book then discusses ecotoxicological concepts at increasing levels of ecologicalorganization and outlines quantitative methods used to measure toxicantaccumulation and effects.Taylor & Francis...Randomized Clinical Trials ofNonpharmacological Treatments978142008801431.01.2012Oprawa: twarda 66,99Isabelle BoutronNonpharmacological treatments include a wide variety of treatments such assurgery, technical procedures, implantable and non-implantable devices,rehabilitation, psychotherapy, and behavioral interventions. Unlike pharmacologicaltreatments, these have no specic requirements for approval. Consequently, theycan be widely proposed in clinical practice but may not have been adequatelyevaluated. This situation is an important barrier for the evaluation of the benecialeffects of these treatments and the conduct of clinical trials. Randomized ClinicalTrials of Nonpharmacologic Treatments focuses on the methods for assessingnonpharmacological treatments, highlighting specic issues and trial design.Features:Chapters written by international experts in the eldHighlights specic issues in assessing nonpharmacological treatments in trialsincluding:how to overcome the difculties of blinding patients, care providersTaylor & Francis 48. Statystyka medyczna i biostatystyka48 www.abe.plRandomized Phase II Cancer ClinicalTrials978143987185027.05.2013Oprawa: twarda 57,99Sin-Ho JungIn cancer research, a traditional phase II trial is designed as a single-arm trial thatcompares the experimental therapy to a historical control. This simple trial designhas led to several adverse issues, including increased false positivity of phase II trialresults and negative phase III trials. To rectify these problems, oncologists andbiostatisticians have begun to use a randomized phase II trial that compares anexperimental therapy with a prospective control therapy.Randomized Phase II Cancer Clinical Trials explains how to properly select andaccurately use diverse statistical methods for designing and analyzing phase II trials.The author rst reviews the statistical methods for single-arm phase II trials sincesome methodologies for randomized phase II trials stem from single-arm phase IItrials and many phase II cancer clinical trials still use single-arm designs. The bookthen presents methods for randomized phase II trials and describes statisticalmethods for both single-arm and randomized phase II trials.Taylor & FrancisRecent Advances in Biostatistics978981432979825.03.2011Oprawa: twarda 63,00Manish BhattacharjeeThis unique volume provides self-contained accounts of some recent trends inBiostatistics methodology and their applications. It includes state-of-the-art reviewsand original contributions. The articles included in this volume are based on a carefulselection of peer-reviewed papers, authored by eminent experts in the eld,representing a well balanced mix of researchers from the academia, R&D sectors ofgovernment and the pharmaceutical industry. The book is also intended to giveadvanced graduate students and new researchers a scholarly overview of severalresearch frontiers in biostatistics, which they can use to further advance the eldthrough development of new techniques and results.World Scientic PublishingRegression Methods in Biostatistics978146141352301.12.2011Oprawa: twarda 79,95Eric VittinghoffThis new book provides a unied, in-depth, readable introduction to themultipredictor regression methods most widely used in biostatistics: linear modelsfor continuous outcomes, logistic models for binary outcomes, the Cox model forright-censored survival times, repeated-measures models for longitudinal andhierarchical outcomes, and generalized linear models for counts and otheroutcomes. Treating these topics together takes advantage of all they have incommon. The authors point out the many-shared elements in the methods theypresent for selecting, estimating, checking, and interpreting each of these models.They also show that these regression methods deal with confounding, mediation,and interaction of causal effects in essentially the same way. The examples,analyzed using Stata, are drawn from the biomedical context but generalize to otherareas of application. While a rst course in statistics is assumed, a chapter reviewingbasic statistical methods is included. Some advanced topics are covered but thepresentation remains intuitive. A brief introduction to regression analysis of complexsurveys and notes for further reading are provided.SpringerRegression Models as a Tool in MedicalResearch978146651748629.11.2012Oprawa: twarda 57,99Werner VachWhile regression models have become standard tools in medical research,understanding how to properly apply the models and interpret the results is oftenchallenging for beginners. Regression Models as a Tool in Medical Researchpresents the fundamental concepts and important aspects of regression modelsmost commonly used in medical research, including the classical regression modelfor continuous outcomes, the logistic regression model for binary outcomes, and theCox proportional hazards model for survival data. The text emphasizes adequateuse, correct interpretation of results, appropriate presentation of results, andavoidance of potential pitfalls. After reviewing popular models and basic methods,the book focuses on advanced topics and techniques. It considers the comparisonof regression coefcients, the selection of covariates, the modeling of nonlinear andnonadditive effects, and the analysis of clustered and longitudinal data, highlightingthe impact of selection mechanisms, measurement error, and incomplete covariatedata. The text then covers the use of regression models to construct risk scores andpredictors.Taylor & FrancisResponse-adaptive Designs in ClinicalTrials978158488693817.07.2013Oprawa: mikka 57,99Atanu BiswasResponse-adaptive designs, which aim to reduce the number of patients receivinginferior treatments, are becoming increasingly popular in Phase III clinical trials.Written by leading experts, "Response-Adaptive Designs in Clinical Trials" providesan overview of the growing research in this area. It presents up-to-datemethodology, and includes all necessary background material on adaptive clinicaltrials. Illustrating methods with numerous real-world examples from recent clinicaltrials, the book offers practical guidelines for applying these methods in the eld,includes supporting software available for download, and explores future researchdirections.Taylor & FrancisRichly Parameterized Models978143986683231.12.2013Oprawa: twarda 57,99James S HodgesThis book covers a wide range of statistical models, including hierarchical,hierarchical generalized linear, linear mixed, dynamic linear, smoothing, spatial, andlongitudinal. It presents a framework for expressing these richly parameterizedmodels together as well as tools for exploring and interpreting the results of ttingthe models to data. It extends the standard theory of linear models and illustratesthe advantages and disadvantages of various theories. The book also examinessurprising or undesirable results arising in the use of the models to analyze real datasets from collaborative research.Taylor & Francis 49. Statystyka medyczna i 49Robust Nonparametric StatisticalMethods978143980908222.12.2010Oprawa: twarda 69,99Thomas P. HettmanspergerPresenting an extensive set of tools and methods for data analysis, RobustNonparametric Statistical Methods, Second Edition covers univariate tests andestimates with extensions to linear models, multivariate models, times seriesmodels, experimental designs, and mixed models. It follows the approach of the rstedition by developing rank-based methods from the unifying theme of geometry.This edition, however, includes more models and methods and signicantly extendsthe possible analyses based on ranks. New to the Second Edition A new section onrank procedures for nonlinear models A new chapter on models with dependenterror structure, covering rank methods for mixed models, general estimatingequations, and time series New material on the development of computationallyefcient afne invariant/equivariant sign methods based on transform-retransformtechniques in multivariate models Taking a comprehensive, unied approach tostatistical analysis, the book continues to describe one- and two-sample problems,the basic development of rank methods in the linear model, and xed effectsexperimental designs.Taylor & FrancisRobust Response Surfaces,Regression, and Positive Data Analyses978146650677015.08.2013Oprawa: twarda 57,99Rabindra Nath DasThere are many gaps in the existing literature of robust response surface designs(RSM) that need to be lled to solve real-life problems. This book presents the gapsand their solutions. The author proposes new concepts of RSM, along with therelevant regression analysis and positive data analysis techniques, and aims toremove many RSM limitations. Among a wide range of topics, the text coversapplications of correlated regression analysis techniques in block design analysis,robust rst and second order rotatable and optimal designs for normally distributedresponses, as well as lifetime responses having log-normal, exponential, gammaand Weibull distributions.Taylor & FrancisSimultaneous Inference in Regression978143982809012.10.2010Oprawa: twarda 62,99Wei LiuThe use of simultaneous condence bands in linear regression is a vibrant area ofresearch. This book presents an overview of the methodology and applications,including necessary background material on linear models. A special chapter onlogistic regression gives readers a glimpse into how these methods can be used forgeneralized linear models. The appendices provide computational tools forsimulating condence bands. The author also includes MATLAB[registered]programs for all examples on the web. With many numerical examples and softwareimplementation, this text serves the needs of researchers and graduate studentsinterested in these methods as well as practitioners who wish to apply them.Taylor & FrancisSpatial Data Analysis in Ecology andAgriculture Using R978143981913505.04.2012Oprawa: twarda 57,99Richard E. PlantAssuming no prior knowledge of R, Spatial Data Analysis in Ecology and AgricultureUsing R provides practical instruction on the use of the R programming language toanalyze spatial data arising from research in ecology and agriculture. Written interms of four data sets easily accessible online, this book guides the reader throughthe analysis of each data set, including setting research objectives, designing thesampling plan, data quality control, exploratory and conrmatory data analysis, anddrawing scientic conclusions. Based on the authors spatial data analysis courseat the University of California, Davis, the book is intended for classroom use or self-study by graduate students and researchers in ecology, geography, and agriculturalscience with an interest in the analysis of spatial data.Taylor & FrancisStastics for Biomedical Engineering978143989741615.05.2013Oprawa: twarda 63,99Martyn R SmithThis text covers the statistical methods necessary to carry out work in biomedicalengineering and human health research. Highly interdisciplinary, it incorporatesaspects from biostatistics, engineering statistics and probability, quality assurance,and epidemiology. The text begins with hypothesis testing and the scientic method,moves on to various statistical tests and modeling, and concludes with statisticaltheorems and probability. Examples and case studies are employed extensively tohighlight the use and misuse of the statistical techniques and their interpretation inthe scientic literature.Taylor & FrancisStatistical Analysis in Microbiology:StatNotes978047055930724.12.2010Oprawa: mikka 35,00Richard A. ArmstrongThis book is aimed primarily at microbiologists who are undertaking research, andwho require a basic knowledge of statistics to analyse their experimental data.Computer software employing a wide range of data analysis methods is widelyavailable to experimental scientists. The availability of this software, however, makesit even more essential that microbiologists understand the basic principles ofstatistics.Statistical analysis of data can be complex with many different methods ofapproach, each of which applies in a particular experimental circumstance. Inaddition, most statistical software commercially available is complex and difcult touse. Hence, it is easy to apply an incorrect statistical method to data and to drawthe wrong conclusions from an experiment.The purpose of this book is an attempt to present the basic logic of statistics asclearly as possible and therefore, to dispel some of the myths that often surroundthe subject.Wiley 50. Statystyka medyczna i biostatystyka50 www.abe.plStatistical Analysis of Human Growthand Development978143987154615.12.2013Oprawa: twarda 63,99Yin Bun Cheung (National Cancer Centre, Sin-Human growth refers to changes in anthropometric measurements, such as fetalsize parameters, height, weight, and body mass index. Development refers tochanges in cognitive, social-emotional, locomotor, and other abilities.This book illustrates how statistical methods can be used to answer researchquestions in human growth and development. In addition to describing methods, itlooks at how well a method addresses a specic research question and how tointerpret and present the analytic results. Although the examples are drawn fromhuman growth and development, the concepts and methods are applicable tostudies of many other physical and psychological phenomena, such as lung functionand depressive symptoms. Requiring introductory statistics knowledge, the book isintended for clinical researchers, epidemiologists, social scientists, statisticians,related researchers, and post-graduate students investigating human growth anddevelopment.Taylor & FrancisStatistical and Computational Methodsin Brain Image Analysis978143983635426.07.2013Oprawa: twarda 63,99Moo K. ChungA major challenge in brain mapping is caused by the massive amount ofnonstandard high dimensional data that is difcult to analyze using standardtechniques. This book covers modern statistical and computational techniques foranalyzing such data. Some methodological topics covered include nite mixturemodels, logistic models, nonparametric regression, mixed effects models, neuralnetworks and support vector machines. Real datasets are used to illustrate themethods described and MATLAB(R) code to implement them. The book has anaccompanying website where this material can be downloaded.Taylor & FrancisStatistical Evaluation of DiagnosticPerformance978143981222827.07.2011Oprawa: twarda 59,99ZouStatistical evaluation of diagnostic performance in general and Receiver OperatingCharacteristic (ROC) analysis in particular are important for assessing theperformance of medical tests and statistical classiers, as well as for evaluatingpredictive models or algorithms. This book presents innovative approaches in ROCanalysis, which are relevant to a wide variety of applications, including medicalimaging, cancer research, epidemiology, and bioinformatics.Statistical Evaluation of Diagnostic Performance: Topics in ROC Analysis coversareas including monotone-transformation techniques in parametric ROC analysis,ROC methods for combined and pooled biomarkers, Bayesian hierarchicaltransformation models, sequential designs and inferences in the ROC setting,predictive modeling, multireader ROC analysis, and free-response ROC (FROC)methodology.The book is suitable for graduate-level students and researchers in statistics,biostatistics, epidemiology, public health, biomedical engineering, radiology, medicalimaging, biomedical informatics, and other closely related elds.Taylor & FrancisStatistical Learning for Biomedical Data978052169909924.02.2011Oprawa: mikka 30,99James D. MalleyThis book is for anyone who has biomedical data and needs to identify variables thatpredict an outcome, for two-group outcomes such as tumor/not-tumor, survival/death, or response from treatment. Statistical learning machines are ideally suited tothese types of prediction problems, especially if the variables being studied may notmeet the assumptions of traditional techniques. Learning machines come from theworld of probability and computer science but are not yet widely used in biomedicalresearch. This introduction brings learning machine techniques to the biomedicalworld in an accessible way, explaining the underlying principles in nontechnicallanguage and using extensive examples and gures. The authors connect these newmethods to familiar techniques by showing how to use the learning machine modelsto generate smaller, more easily interpretable traditional models. Coverage includessingle decision trees, multiple-tree techniques such as Random Forests(TM), neuralnets, support vector machines, nearest neighbors and boosting.Cambridge University Press...Statistical Methods for HandlingIncomplete Data978143984963730.08.2013Oprawa: twarda 57,99Jae Kwang KimWith advances in computing power, there have been substantial developments incomputational methods for handling missing data. This text presents an introductionto the theory, applications, and computational aspects of missing data analysis. Itcovers the three main methodological approaches: likelihood-based, nonparametric,and quasi-randomization. The text includes many real examples and integratescomputer code where appropriate. It also provides exercises at the end of eachchapter. A solutions manual is available for qualifying instructors.Taylor & FrancisStatistical Methods for Qtl Mapping978143986830016.09.2013Oprawa: twarda 57,99Zehua ChenQTL mapping remains a vibrant area of research in genetics. Proper and efcientstatistical methods are crucial for QTL mapping to be fruitful, yet there are relativelyfew books covering these methods. This book presents a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of statistical methods for QTL mapping. It covers one-dimensionalmapping, multiple interval mapping with various traits, nonparametric methods andBayesian approaches, feature selection, and expression QTL mapping. The bookincludes the necessary biological and statistical background to appeal to bothstatisticians and geneticists.Taylor & Francis 51. Statystyka medyczna i 51Statistical Methods for Trend Detectionand Analysis in the Environmental978047001543811.03.2011Oprawa: twarda 65,00Richard ChandlerThe need to understand and quantify change is fundamental throughout theenvironmental sciences. This might involve describing past variation, understandingthe mechanisms underlying observed changes, making projections of possiblefuture change, or monitoring the effect of intervening in some environmental system.This book provides an overview of modern statistical techniques that may berelevant in problems of this nature. Practitioners studying environmental change willbe familiar with many classical statistical procedures for the detection and estimationof trends. However, the ever increasing capacity to collect and process vastamounts of environmental information has led to growing awareness that suchprocedures are limited in the insights that they can deliver. At the same time,signicant developments in statistical methodology have often been widelydispersed in the statistical literature and have therefore received limited exposure inthe environmental science community. This book aims to provide a thorough butaccessible review of these developments.WileyStatistical Methods in DiagnosticMedicine978047018314405.04.2011Oprawa: twarda 76,95Xiao-Hua ZhouPraise for the First Edition " ...the book is a valuable addition to the literature in theeld, serving as a much-needed guide for both clinicians and advanced students."--Zentralblatt MATH A new edition of the cutting-edge guide to diagnostic tests inmedical research In recent years, a considerable amount of research has focusedon evolving methods for designing and analyzing diagnostic accuracy studies.Statistical Methods in Diagnostic Medicine, Second Edition continues to provide acomprehensive approach to the topic, guiding readers through the necessarypractices for understanding these studies and generalizing the results to patientpopulations. Following a basic introduction to measuring test accuracy and studydesign, the authors successfully dene various measures of diagnostic accuracy,describe strategies for designing diagnostic accuracy studies, and present keystatistical methods for estimating and comparing test accuracy.WileyStatistical Methods in Healthcare978047067015631.08.2012Oprawa: twarda 108,00Frederick FaltinIn recent years the number of innovative medicinal products and devices submittedand approved by regulatory bodies has declined dramatically. The medical productdevelopment process is no longer able to keep pace with increasing technologies,science and innovations and the goal is to develop new scientic and technical toolsand to make product development processes more efcient and effective.Statistical Methods in Healthcare focuses on the application of statisticalmethodologies to evaluate promising alternatives and to optimize the performanceand demonstrate the effectiveness of those that warrant pursuit is critical tosuccess. Statistical methods used in planning, delivering and monitoring health care,as well as selected statistical aspects of the development and/or production ofpharmaceuticals and medical devices are also addressed. With a focus on ndingsolutions to these challenges, this book: Provides a comprehensive, in-depthtreatment of statistical methods in healthcare, along with a reference source forpractitioners and specialists in health care and drug development.WileyStatistical Modelling of MolecularDescriptors in QSAR/QSPR978352732434722.02.2012Oprawa: twarda 105,00Matthias DehmerThis handbook and ready reference presents a combination of statistical,information-theoretic, and data analysis methods to meet the challenge of designingempirical models involving molecular descriptors within bioinformatics. The topicsrange from investigating information processing in chemical and biological networksto studying statistical and information-theoretic techniques for analyzing chemicalstructures to employing data analysis and machine learning techniques for QSAR/QSPR. The high-prole international author and editor team ensures excellentcoverage of the topic, making this a must-have for everyone working inchemoinformatics and structure-oriented drug design.WileyStatistical Physics of Biomolecules978142007378204.06.2010Oprawa: twarda 62,99Daniel M. ZuckermanIt is essential for modern students of molecular behavior to understand thestatistical/chemical physics at the heart of modern molecular science. But traditionalpresentations of this material are often difcult to penetrate. This volume brings"down to earth" some of the most intimidating but important theories of molecularbiophysics. Students build understanding by focusing on topics such as probabilitytheory, low-dimensional models, and the simplest molecular systems. The booksaccessible development of equilibrium and dynamical statistical physics makes thisa valuable text for students with limited physics and chemistry backgrounds.Taylor & FrancisStatistical Thinking in Epidemiology978142009991125.07.2011Oprawa: twarda 59,99Yu-Kang TuAddressing issues that have plagued researchers throughout the last decade, thisbook provides new insights into the many existing problems in statistical modelingand offers several alternative strategies to approach these problems. Emphasizingthe importance of statistical thinking behind all analyses, the authors use specicexamples in epidemiology to illustrate different model specications that can implydifferent sets of causal relationships between variables. Each model is interpretedwith regard to the context of implicit or explicit causal relationships. The authors alsouse vector geometry where applicable to provide an intuitive understanding ofimportant statistical concepts.Taylor & Francis 52. Statystyka medyczna i biostatystyka52 www.abe.plStatistics and Data Analysis forMicroarrays Using R and Bioconductor978143980975423.11.2011Oprawa: twarda 57,99Sorin DraghiciRichly illustrated in color, Statistics and Data Analysis for Microarrays Using R andBioconductor, Second Edition provides a clear and rigorous description of powerfulanalysis techniques and algorithms for mining and interpreting biological information.Omitting tedious details, heavy formalisms, and cryptic notations, the text takes ahands-on, example-based approach that teaches students the basics of R andmicroarray technology as well as how to choose and apply the proper data analysistool to specic problems. New to the Second Edition Completely updated anddouble the size of its predecessor, this timely second edition replaces thecommercial software with the open source R and Bioconductor environments.Fourteen new chapters cover such topics as the basic mechanisms of the cell,reliability and reproducibility issues in DNA microarrays, basic statistics and linearmodels in R, experiment design, multiple comparisons, quality control, data pre-processing and normalization, Gene Ontology analysis, pathway analysis, andmachine learning techniques.Taylor & FrancisStatistics for Censored EnvironmentalData Using Minitab and R978047047988920.02.2012Oprawa: twarda 76,95Dennis R. HelselThis Second Edition solves a current dilemma that occurs across a wide spectrumof environmental science: how to correctly analyze and interpret censored data (databelow detection limits). It adapts survival analysis methods and demonstrates theirpractical applications when studyingtrace chemicals in air, water, soils, and biota.This edition features new chapters on plotting data with nondetects, multivariateprocedures, and software for data with nondetects, as well as expanded and newsections, including a new section on testing censored data for normal distributions.Environmental professionals and upper-undergraduate and graduate students willrely on this resource.WileyStatistics for Earth and EnvironmentalScientists978047058469903.01.2011Oprawa: twarda 73,50John SchuenemeyerA comprehensive treatment of statistical applications for solving real-worldenvironmental problems A host of complex problems face todays earth sciencecommunity, such as evaluating the supply of remaining non-renewable energyresources, assessing the impact of people on the environment, understandingclimate change, and managing the use of water. Proper collection and analysis ofdata using statistical techniques contributes signicantly toward the solution of theseproblems. Statistics for Earth and Environmental Scientists presents importantstatistical concepts through data analytic tools and shows readers how to applythem to real-world problems. The authors present several different statisticalapproaches to the environmental sciences, including Bayesian and nonparametricmethodologies. The book begins with an introduction to types of data, evaluation ofdata, modeling and estimation, random variation, and sampling--all of which areexplored through case studies that use real data from earth science applications.WileyStatistics for Spatio-Temporal Data978047169274419.04.2011Oprawa: twarda 56,95Noel CressieA state-of-the-art presentation of spatio-temporal processes, bridging classic ideaswith modern hierarchical statistical modeling concepts and the latest computationalmethods From understanding environmental processes and climate trends todeveloping new technologies for mapping public-health data and the spread ofinvasive-species, there is a high demand for statistical analyses of data that takespatial, temporal, and spatio-temporal information into account. Statistics for Spatio-Temporal Data presents a systematic approach to key quantitative techniques thatincorporate the latest advances in statistical computing as well as hierarchical,particularly Bayesian, statistical modeling, with an emphasis on dynamical spatio-temporal models. Cressie and Wikle supply a unique presentation that incorporatesideas from the areas of time series and spatial statistics as well as stochasticprocesses. Beginning with separate treatments of temporal data and spatial data,the book combines these concepts to discuss spatio-temporal statistical methodsfor understanding complex processes.WileyStatistics for the Life Sciences978032170967717.12.2010Oprawa: mikka 62,99Myra L. SamuelsStatistics for the Life Sciences, Fourth Edition, covers the key concepts of statisticsas applied to the life sciences, while incorporating the tools and themes of moderndata analysis. This text uses an abundance of real data in the exercises andexamples, and minimizes computation, so that readers can focus on the statisticalconcepts and issues, not the mathematics. Basic algebra is assumed as aprerequisite.Pearson EducationStatistics of Medical Imaging978142008842712.01.2012Oprawa: twarda 63,99Tianhu LeiExtensive work is being done in the statistical aspects of medical imaging, and thisbook lls the gap in the literature to provide a unied framework of study. It presentsa complete look at medical imaging and statistics, from the statistical aspects ofimaging technology to the statistical analysis of images. It provides technicians andstudents with the statistical principles that underlay medical imaging and offersreference material for researchers involved in the design of new technology.Illustrations are included throughout as are many real examples and algorithms. Thetext also includes exercises developed out of the authors many years of experience.Taylor & Francis 53. Statystyka medyczna i 53Survival Analysis978144196645220.10.2011Oprawa: twarda 89,95David G. KleinbaumAn excellent introduction for all those coming to the subject for the rst time. Newmaterial has been added to the second edition and the original six chapters havebeen modied. The previous edition sold 9500 copies world wide since its release in1996. Based on numerous courses given by the author to students and researchersin the health sciences and is written with such readers in mind. Provides a "user-friendly" layout and includes numerous illustrations and exercises. Written in such away so as to enable readers learn directly without the assistance of a classroominstructor. Throughout, there is an emphasis on presenting each new topic backedby real examples of a survival analysis investigation, followed up with thoroughanalyses of real data sets.SpringerSurvival Analysis in Medicine andGenetics978143989311126.06.2013Oprawa: twarda 63,99Jialiang LiThis text introduces up-to-date statistical methods for survival data analysis inmedicine and genetics. Along with classical results, it presents new developments ininterval censoring, statistical diagnostics with time-dependent outcomes, analysis ofultrahigh-dimensional data sets, cure rate models, and repeated measure data.Suitable for both graduate students and biomedical researchers, the text coversapplications in cancer studies, medical diagnosis, genetics, and genomics. Itprovides R code and example data sets online.Taylor & FrancisTesting Statistical Hypotheses ofEquivalence and Noninferiority978143980818430.06.2010Oprawa: twarda 69,99Stefan WellekWhile continuing to focus on methods of testing for two-sided equivalence, "TestingStatistical Hypotheses of Equivalence and Noninferiority, Second Edition" givesmuch more attention to noninferiority testing. It covers a spectrum of equivalencetesting problems of both types, ranging from a one-sample problem with normallydistributed observations of xed known variance to problems involving severaldependent or independent samples and multivariate data. Along with expanding thematerial on noninferiority problems, this edition includes new chapters onequivalence tests for multivariate data and tests for relevant differences betweentreatments. A majority of the computer programs offered online are now availablenot only in SAS or Fortran but also as R scripts or as shared objects that can becalled within the R system. This book provides readers with a rich repertoire ofefcient solutions to specic equivalence and noninferiority testing problemsfrequently encountered in the analysis of real data sets. It rst presents generalapproaches to problems of testing for noninferiority and two-sided equivalence.Taylor & FrancisThe Design and Management ofMedical Device Clinical Trials978047060225616.07.2010Oprawa: twarda 62,50Salah Abdel-aleemClinical trials tasks and activities are widely diverse and require certain skill sets toboth plan and execute. This book provides professionals in the eld of clinicalresearch with valuable information on the challenging issues of the design,execution, and management of clinical trials, and how to resolve these issueseffectively. It discusses key obstacles such as challenges to patient recruitment,investigator and study site selection, and dealing with compliance issues. Throughpractical examples, professionals working with medical device clinical trials willdiscover the appropriate steps to take.WileyThe Essentials of Biostatistics forPhysicians, Nurses, and Clinicians978047064185930.09.2011Oprawa: mikka 50,00Michael R. ChernickA fundamental and straightforward guide to using and understanding statisticalconcepts in medical research Designed specically for healthcare practitioners whoneed to understand basic biostatistics but do not have much time to spare, TheEssentials of Biostatistics for Physicians, Nurses and Clinicians presents importantstatistical methods used in todays biomedical research and provides insight on theirappropriate application. Rather than provide detailed mathematics for each of thesemethods, the book emphasizes what healthcare practitioners need to know tointerpret and incorporate the latest biomedical research into their practices. Theauthor draws from his own experience developing and teaching biostatisticscourses for physicians and nurses, offering a presentation that is non-technical andaccessible. The book begins with a basic introduction to the relationship betweenbiostatistics and medical research, asking the question "why study statistics?," whilealso exploring the signicance of statisitcal methods in medical literature and clinicaltrials research.WileyTheory of Drug Development978146650746315.07.2013Oprawa: twarda 57,99Eric B HolmgrenDuring drug development, pharmaceutical companies test new molecules andassemble the necessary evidence required by regulatory agencies to show that adrug is safe and effective. This book presents a quantitative framework forevaluating the efciency of the drug development process as well as the quality ofthe resulting evidence supporting clinical efcacy. Using this framework, the authorformally evaluates a variety of issues that arise in drug development, from surrogatevariables, targeted therapies, and interim analysis to seamless phase II/III designs.Taylor & Francis 54. Statystyka medyczna i biostatystyka54 www.abe.plTime Series Modeling of NeuroscienceData978142009460209.02.2012Oprawa: twarda 63,99Tohru OzakiRecent advances in brain science measurement technology have given researchersaccess to very large-scale time series data such as EEG/MEG data (20 to 100dimensional) and fMRI (140,000 dimensional) data. To analyze such massive data,efcient computational and statistical methods are required.Time Series Modeling of Neuroscience Data shows how to efciently analyzeneuroscience data by the Wiener-Kalman-Akaike approach, in which dynamicmodels of all kinds, such as linear/nonlinear differential equation models and timeseries models, are used for whitening the temporally dependent time series in theframework of linear/nonlinear state space models. Using as little mathematics aspossible, this book explores some of its basic concepts and their derivatives asuseful tools for time series analysis. Unique features include:A statistical identication method of highly nonlinear dynamical systems such asthe Hodgkin-Huxley model, Lorenz chaos model, Zetterberg Model, and moreMethods and applications for Dynamic Causality Analysis developed by Wiener,Granger, and AkaikeTaylor & FrancisUnderstanding Biostatistics978047066636418.03.2011Oprawa: twarda 60,00Anders KallenUnderstanding Biostatistics looks at the fundamentals of biostatistics, usingelementary statistics to explore the nature of statistical tests. This book is intendedto complement rst-year statistics and biostatistics textbooks. The main focus hereis on ideas, rather than on methodological details. Basic concepts are illustratedwith representations from history, followed by technical discussions on whatdifferent statistical methods really mean. Graphics are used extensively throughoutthe book in order to introduce mathematical formulae in an accessible way. Keyfeatures: Discusses condence intervals and p-values in terms of condencefunctions. Explains basic statistical methodology represented in terms of graphicsrather than mathematical formulae, whilst highlighting the mathematical basis ofbiostatistics. Looks at problems of estimating parameters in statistical models andlooks at the similarities between different models. Provides an extensive discussionon the position of statistics within the medical scientic process. Discussesdistribution functions, including the Guassian distribution and its importance inbiostatistics.WileyUsing R for Data Management,Statistical Analysis, and Graphics978143982755002.08.2010Oprawa: mikka 41,99Ken KleinmanQuick and Easy Access to Key Elements of Documentation Includes workedexamples across a wide variety of applications, tasks, and graphics Using R for DataManagement, Statistical Analysis, and Graphics presents an easy way to learn howto perform an analytical task in R, without having to navigate through the extensive,idiosyncratic, and sometimes unwieldy software documentation and vast number ofadd-on packages. Organized by short, clear descriptive entries, the book coversmany common tasks, such as data management, descriptive summaries, inferentialprocedures, regression analysis, multivariate methods, and the creation of graphics.Through the extensive indexing, cross-referencing, and worked examples in thistext, users can directly nd and implement the material they need. The text includesconvenient indices organized by topic and R syntax. Demonstrating the R code inaction and facilitating exploration, the authors present example analyses that employa single data set from the HELP study. They also provide several case studies ofmore complex applications. Data sets and code are available for download on thebooks website.Taylor & FrancisUsing SAS for Data Management,Statistical Analysis, and Graphics978143982757416.07.2010Oprawa: mikka 41,99Ken KleinmanThis title offers quick and easy access to key element of documentation. It includesworked examples across a wide variety of applications, tasks, and graphics. Aunique companion for statistical coders, "Using SAS for Data Management,Statistical Analysis, and Graphics" presents an easy way to learn how to perform ananalytical task in SAS, without having to navigate through the extensive,idiosyncratic, and sometimes unwieldy software documentation. Organized by short,clear descriptive entries, the book covers many common tasks, such as datamanagement, descriptive summaries, inferential procedures, regression analysis,multivariate methods, and the creation of graphics. Through the extensive indexing,cross-referencing, and worked examples in this text, users can directly nd andimplement the material they need. The text includes convenient indices organized bytopic and SAS syntax. Demonstrating the SAS code in action and facilitatingexploration, the authors present example analyses that employ a single data setfrom the help study. They also provide several case studies of more complexapplications.Taylor & FrancisVisualizing Data Patterns withMicromaps978142007573129.04.2010Oprawa: twarda 48,99CarrAfter more than 15 years of development drawing on research in cognitivepsychology, statistical graphics, computer science, and cartography, micromapdesigns are becoming part of mainstream statistical visualizations. Bringing togetherthe research of two leaders in this eld, Visualizing Data Patterns with Micromapspresents the many design variations and applications of micromaps, which linkstatistical information to an organized set of small maps. This full-color book helpsreaders simultaneously explore the statistical and geographic patterns in their data.After illustrating the three main types of micromaps, the authors summarize theresearch behind the design of visualization tools that support exploration andcommunication of spatial data patterns. They then explain how these researchndings can be applied to micromap designs in general and detail the specicsinvolved with linked, conditioned, and comparative micromap designs.Taylor & Francis 55. STATYSTYKAOBLICZENIOWAPRZEGLDAJ KSIKI 56. Statystyka obliczeniowa56 www.abe.plA Visual Guide to Stata Graphics978159718106807.02.2012Oprawa: mikka 57,99Michael N. MitchellWhether you are new to Stata graphics or a seasoned veteran, A Visual Guide toStata Graphics, Third Edition will reach you how to use Stata to make publication-quality graphics that will stand out and enhance your statistical results. With over900 illustrated examples and quick-reference tabs, this book quickly guides you tothe information you need for creating and customizing high-quality graphs for anytype of statistical data. Each graph is displayed in full color with simple and clearinstructions that illustrate how to create and customize graphs using either Statacommands or the Stata Graph Editor. Statas powerful graphics system gives youcomplete control over how the elements of your graph look, from marker symbols tolines, from legends to captions and titles, from axis labels to grid lines, and more.Whether you use this book as a learning tool or a quick reference, you will have thepower of Stata graphics at your ngertips. The third edition has been updated andexpanded to reect new Stat graphics features, and includes many additionalexamples. This updated edition illustrates new features to specify fonts andsymbols.Taylor & FrancisAdvanced Markov Chain Monte CarloMethods978047074826816.07.2010Oprawa: twarda 67,50Faming LiangMarkov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods are now an indispensable tool inscientic computing. This book discusses recent developments of MCMC methodswith an emphasis on those making use of past sample information duringsimulations. The application examples are drawn from diverse elds such asbioinformatics, machine learning, social science, combinatorial optimization, andcomputational physics. Key Features: Expanded coverage of the stochasticapproximation Monte Carlo and dynamic weighting algorithms that are essentiallyimmune to local trap problems. A detailed discussion of the Monte Carlo Metropolis-Hastings algorithm that can be used for sampling from distributions with intractablenormalizing constants. Up-to-date accounts of recent developments of the Gibbssampler. Comprehensive overviews of the population-based MCMC algorithms andthe MCMC algorithms with adaptive proposals. This book can be used as atextbook or a reference book for a one-semester graduate course in statistics,computational biology, engineering, and computer sciences. Applied or theoreticalresearchers will also nd this book benecial.WileyAn Elementary Introduction toStatistical Learning Theory978047064183515.07.2011Oprawa: twarda 66,50Sanjeev KulkarniA thought-provoking look at statistical learning theory and its role in understandinghuman learning and inductive reasoning A joint endeavor from leading researchers inthe elds of philosophy and electrical engineering, An Elementary Introduction toStatistical Learning Theory is a comprehensive and accessible primer on the rapidlyevolving elds of statistical pattern recognition and statistical learning theory.Explaining these areas at a level and in a way that is not often found in other bookson the topic, the authors present the basic theory behind contemporary machinelearning and uniquely utilize its foundations as a framework for philosophical thinkingabout inductive inference. Promoting the fundamental goal of statistical learning,knowing what is achievable and what is not, this book demonstrates the value of asystematic methodology when used along with the needed techniques forevaluating the performance of a learning system. First, an introduction to machinelearning is presented that includes brief discussions of applications such as imagerecognition, speech recognition, medical diagnostics, and statistical arbitrage.WileyAn Introduction to Stata for HealthResearchers978159718077101.10.2010Oprawa: mikka 49,99Svend JuulAn Introduction to Stata for Health Researchers, Third Edition systematically coversdata management, simple description and analysis, and more advanced analysesthat are most often used in health research, such as regression models, survivalanalysis, measurement, and diagnosis. It also describes many graph types as wellas how to modify the appearance of a graph. Throughout the text, the authorsemphasize the importance of good documentation habits to prevent errors andwasted time. They demonstrate the use of strategies and tools for documentation.Robust data sets can be downloaded from the books website. Whats New Thisthird edition presents some of the new features in Stata 11, including the new,exible syntax for factor variables. It also incorporates Stata 11 in the rewrittenchapters on regression and survival analysis. Taking into account the improvedavailability of online documentation, this edition points to further reading in the onlinemanuals.Taylor & FrancisAn R Companion to Linear StatisticalModels978143987365620.10.2011Oprawa: twarda 52,99Christopher Hay-JahansFocusing on user-developed programming, An R Companion to Linear StatisticalModels serves two audiences: those who are familiar with the theory andapplications of linear statistical models and wish to learn or enhance their skills in R;and those who are enrolled in an R-based course on regression and analysis ofvariance. For those who have never used R, the book begins with a self-containedintroduction to R that lays the foundation for later chapters.This book includes extensive and carefully explained examples of how to writeprograms using the R programming language. These examples cover methods usedfor linear regression and designed experiments with up to two xed-effects factors,including blocking variables and covariates. It also demonstrates applications ofseveral pre-packaged functions for complex computational procedures.Taylor & FrancisAnalysis of Questionnaire Data with R978143981766726.09.2011Oprawa: twarda 59,99Bruno FalissardWhile theoretical statistics relies primarily on mathematics and hypotheticalsituations, statistical practice is a translation of a question formulated by aresearcher into a series of variables linked by a statistical tool. As with writtenmaterial, there are almost always differences between the meaning of the originaltext and translated text. Additionally, many versions can be suggested, each withtheir advantages and disadvantages. Analysis of Questionnaire Data with Rtranslates certain classic research questions into statistical formulations. Asindicated in the title, the syntax of these statistical formulations is based on the well-known R language, chosen for its popularity, simplicity, and power of its structure.Although syntax is vital, understanding the semantics is the real challenge of anygood translation. In this book, the semantics of theoretical-to-practical translationemerges progressively from examples and experience, and occasionally frommathematical considerations. Sometimes the interpretation of a result is not clear,and there is no statistical tool really suited to the question at hand. Sometimes datasets contain errors, inconsistencies between answers, or missing data.Taylor & Francis 57. Statystyka 57Applied Medical Statistics Using SAS978143986797630.10.2012Oprawa: twarda 57,99Geoff DerWritten with medical statisticians and medical researchers in mind, this intermediate-level reference explores the use of SAS for analyzing medical data. Applied MedicalStatistics Using SAS covers the whole range of modern statistical methods used inthe analysis of medical data, including regression, analysis of variance andcovariance, longitudinal and survival data analysis, missing data, generalized additivemodels (GAMs), and Bayesian methods. The book focuses on performing theseanalyses using SAS, the software package of choice for those analysing medicaldata.FeaturesCovers the planning stage of medical studies in detail; several chapters containdetails of sample size estimationIllustrates methods of randomisation that might be employed for clinical trialsCovers topics that have become of great importance in the 21st century,including Bayesian methods and multiple imputationTaylor & FrancisApplied Reliability978158488466826.08.2011Oprawa: twarda 63,99David C. TrindadeSince the publication of the second edition of Applied Reliability in 1995, the readyavailability of inexpensive, powerful statistical software has changed the waystatisticians and engineers look at and analyze all kinds of data. Problems inreliability that were once difcult and time consuming even for experts can now besolved with a few well-chosen clicks of a mouse. However, software documentationhas had difculty keeping up with the enhanced functionality added to new releases,especially in specialized areas such as reliability analysis. Using analysis capabilitiesin spreadsheet software and two well-maintained, supported, and frequentlyupdated, popular software packages-Minitab and SAS JMP-the third edition ofApplied Reliability is an easy-to-use guide to basic descriptive statistics, reliabilityconcepts, and the properties of lifetime distributions such as the exponential,Weibull, and lognormal. The material covers reliability data plotting, accelerationmodels, life test data analysis, systems models, and much more. The third editionincludes a new chapter on Bayesian reliability analysis and expanded, updatedcoverage of repairable system modeling.Taylor & FrancisApplied Survey Data Analysis978142008066707.04.2010Oprawa: twarda 52,99Steven G. HeeringaTaking a practical approach that draws on the authors extensive teaching,consulting, and research experiences, Applied Survey Data Analysis provides anintermediate-level statistical overview of the analysis of complex sample survey data.It emphasizes methods and worked examples using available software procedureswhile reinforcing the principles and theory that underlie those methods.After introducing a step-by-step process for approaching a survey analysis problem,the book presents the fundamental features of complex sample designs and showshow to integrate design characteristics into the statistical methods and software forsurvey estimation and inference. The authors then focus on the methods andmodels used in analyzing continuous, categorical, and count-dependent variables;event history; and missing data problems. Some of the techniques discussedinclude univariate descriptive and simple bivariate analyses, the linear regressionmodel, generalized linear regression modeling methods, the Cox proportionalhazards model, discrete time models, and the multiple imputation analysis method.Taylor & FrancisBayesian Computation with R978038792297301.06.2009Oprawa: mikka 44,95Jim AlbertThere has been a dramatic growth in the development and application of Bayesianinferential methods. Some of this growth is due to the availability of powerfulsimulation-based algorithms to summarize posterior distributions. There has beenalso a growing interest in the use of the system R for statistical analyses. Rs opensource nature, free availability, and large number of contributor packages havemade R the software of choice for many statisticians in education and industry.Bayesian Computation with R introduces Bayesian modeling by the use ofcomputation using the R language. The early chapters present the basic tenets ofBayesian thinking by use of familiar one and two-parameter inferential problems.Bayesian computational methods such as Laplaces method, rejection sampling,and the SIR algorithm are illustrated in the context of a random effects model. Theconstruction and implementation of Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods isintroduced. These simulation-based algorithms are implemented for a variety ofBayesian applications such as normal and binary response regression, hierarchicalmodeling, order-restricted inference, and robust modeling.SpringerBayesian Programming978143988032606.10.2013Oprawa: twarda 57,99Pierre BessiereTo create a complete computing Bayesian framework, a new modelingmethodology is needed to build probabilistic models; new inference algorithms arerequired to automate probabilistic calculus; and new programming languages aresought to implement these models on computers; eventually, new hardware will alsobe necessary to run these Bayesian programs efciently. This book describes thecurrent rst steps toward the ultimate goal of creating a Bayesian computer. Writtenby leading researchers, the text focuses on Bayesian programming and requiresonly basic knowledge of mathematics, making it accessible to non-experts. Itpresents applications from various areas such as robotics.Taylor & FrancisComputational and Statistical Methods forProtein Quantication by Mass Spectrometry978111996400104.01.2013Oprawa: twarda 60,00Ingvar EidhammerThe denitive introduction to data analysis in quantitative proteomics This bookprovides all the necessary knowledge about mass spectrometry based proteomicsmethods and computational and statistical approaches to pursue the planning,design and analysis of quantitative proteomics experiments. The authors carefullyconstructed approach allows readers to easily make the transition into the eld ofquantitative proteomics. Through detailed descriptions of wet-lab methods,computational approaches and statistical tools, this book covers the full scope of aquantitative experiment, allowing readers to acquire new knowledge as well asacting as a useful reference work for more advanced readers. Computational andStatistical Methods for Protein Quantication by Mass Spectrometry: Introduces theuse of mass spectrometry in protein quantication and how the bioinformaticschallenges in this eld can be solved using statistical methods and various softwareprograms. Is illustrated by a large number of gures and examples as well asnumerous exercises. Provides both clear and rigorous descriptions of methods andapproaches.Wiley 58. Statystyka obliczeniowa58 www.abe.plComputational Statistics978047053331407.12.2012Oprawa: twarda 83,50Geof H. GivensThis new edition continues to serve as a comprehensive guide to modern andclassical methods of statistical computing. The book is comprised of four mainparts spanning the eld:OptimizationIntegration and SimulationBootstrappingDensity Estimation and SmoothingWithin these sections,each chapter includes a comprehensive introduction and step-by-step implementation summaries to accompany the explanations of keymethods. The new edition includes updated coverage and existing topics as well asnew topics such as adaptive MCMC and bootstrapping for correlated data. Thebook website now includes comprehensive R code for the entire book. There areextensive exercises, real examples, and helpful insights about how to use themethods in practice.WileyData Analysis and Graphics Using R: AnExample-Based Approach978052176293906.05.2010Oprawa: twarda 50,00John MaindonaldDiscover what you can do with R! Introducing the R system, covering standardregression methods, then tackling more advanced topics, this book guides usersthrough the practical, powerful tools that the R system provides. The emphasis is onhands-on analysis, graphical display, and interpretation of data. The many workedexamples, from real-world research, are accompanied by commentary on what isdone and why. The companion website has code and datasets, allowing readers toreproduce all analyses, along with solutions to selected exercises and updates.Assuming basic statistical knowledge and some experience with data analysis (butnot R), the book is ideal for research scientists, nal-year undergraduate or graduate-level students of applied statistics, and practising statisticians. It is both for learningand for reference. This third edition expands upon topics such as Bayesianinference for regression, errors in variables, generalized linear mixed models, andrandom forests.Cambridge University PressData Management Using Stata: APractical Handbook978159718076408.07.2010Oprawa: mikka 44,99Michael N. MitchellUsing simple language and illustrative examples, this book comprehensively coversdata management tasks that bridge the gap between raw data and statisticalanalysis. Rather than focus on clusters of commands, the author takes a modularapproach that enables readers to quickly identify and implement the necessary taskwithout having to access background information rst. Each section in the chapterspresents a self-contained lesson that illustrates a particular data management taskvia examples, such as creating data variables and automating error checking. Thetext also discusses common pitfalls and how to avoid them and provides strategicdata management advice. Ideal for both beginning statisticians and experiencedusers, this handy book helps readers solve problems and learn comprehensive datamanagement skills.Taylor & FrancisData Manipulation with R978038774730907.04.2008Oprawa: mikka 59,95Phil SpectorThis book presents a wide array of methods applicable for reading data into R, andefciently manipulating that data. In addition to the built-in functions, a number ofreadily available packages from CRAN (the Comprehensive R Archive Network) arealso covered. All of the methods presented take advantage of the core features ofR: vectorization, efcient use of subscripting, and the proper use of the variedfunctions in R that are provided for common data management tasks. Mostexperienced R users discover that, especially when working with large data sets, itmay be helpful to use other programs, notably databases, in conjunction with R.Accordingly, the use of databases in R is covered in detail, along with methods forextracting data from spreadsheets and datasets created by other programs.Character manipulation, while sometimes overlooked within R, is also covered indetail, allowing problems that are traditionally solved by scripting languages to becarried out entirely within R. For users with experience in other languages, guidelinesfor the effective use of programming constructs like loops are provided.SpringerData Mining with Rattle and R978144199889725.02.2011Oprawa: mikka 54,95Graham WilliamsData mining is the art and science of intelligent data analysis. By building knowledgefrom information, data mining adds considerable value to the ever increasing storesof electronic data that abound today. In performing data mining many decisionsneed to be made regarding the choice of methodology, the choice of data, thechoice of tools, and the choice of algorithms. Throughout this book the reader isintroduced to the basic concepts and some of the more popular algorithms of datamining. With a focus on the hands-on end-to-end process for data mining, Williamsguides the reader through various capabilities of the easy to use, free, and opensource Rattle Data Mining Software built on the sophisticated R Statistical Software.The focus on doing data mining rather than just reading about data mining isrefreshing. This book covers data understanding, data preparation, data renement,model building, model evaluation, and practical deployment. The reader will learn torapidly deliver a data mining project using software easily installed for free from theInternet. "Coupling Rattle with R" delivers a very sophisticated data miningenvironment with all the power, and more, of the many commercial offerings.SpringerDynamic Prediction in Clinical SurvivalAnalysis978143983533310.11.2011Oprawa: twarda 59,99Hans van HouwelingenThere is a huge amount of literature on statistical models for the prediction ofsurvival after diagnosis of a wide range of diseases like cancer, cardiovasculardisease, and chronic kidney disease. Current practice is to use prediction modelsbased on the Cox proportional hazards model and to present those as static modelsfor remaining lifetime after diagnosis or treatment. In contrast, Dynamic Prediction inClinical Survival Analysis focuses on dynamic models for the remaining lifetime atlater points in time, for instance using landmark models. Designed to be useful toapplied statisticians and clinical epidemiologists, each chapter in the book has apractical focus on the issues of working with real life data. Chapters conclude withadditional material either on the interpretation of the models, alternative models, ortheoretical background.Taylor & Francis 59. Statystyka 59Equivalence and Noninferiority Tests forQuality, Manufacturing and Test Engineers978146658688815.09.2013Oprawa: twarda 82,00Scott PardoThis work provides readers with a set of statistical methods useful for demonstratingequivalence or noninferiority of new or revised systems either compared topreviously existing systems or previously established performance guidelines. Thesetests are often performed in the context of process or product validation. The authordescribes all the necessary calculations, which can be made using software such asMinitab or JMP. Fully worked examples are provided for each method.Taylor & FrancisFlexible Parametric Survival AnalysisUsing Stata978159718079515.08.2011Oprawa: mikka 49,99Patrick RoystonThrough real-world case studies, this book shows how to use Stata to estimate aclass of exible parametric survival models. It discusses the modeling of time-dependent and continuous covariates and looks at how relative survival can be usedto measure mortality associated with a particular disease when the cause of deathhas not been recorded. The book describes simple quantication of differencesbetween any two covariate patterns through calculation of time-dependent hazardratios, hazard differences, and survival differences.Taylor & FrancisFoundations of InterconnectionNetworks978146655942405.12.2013Oprawa: twarda 57,99A.Yavuz OrucSuitable for researchers and graduate students in computer science, electricalengineering, and applied mathematics, this book presents a concise yet completeaccount of the most signicant results in interconnection network theory. Theauthors give a mathematical classication and characterization of the keyinterconnection functions of networks and establish their switching factorcomplexities using combinatorial methods. The text leads readers through thehistorical development, covering major contributions from Shannon, Clos, Benes,Cantor, Pinsker, and Margulis. It also explores recent results, such as quantumswitching networks.Taylor & FrancisGgplot2978038798140607.08.2009Oprawa: mikka 52,95Hadley WickhamThis book describes ggplot2, a new data visualization package for R that uses theinsights from Leland Wilkisons Grammar of Graphics to create a powerful andexible system for creating data graphics. With ggplot2, its easy to:produce handsome, publication-quality plots, with automatic legends createdfrom the plot specicationsuperpose multiple layers (points, lines, maps, tiles, box plots to name a few)from different data sources, with automatically adjusted common scalesadd customisable smoothers that use the powerful modelling capabilities of R,such as loess, linear models, generalised additive models and robust regressionsave any ggplot2 plot (or part thereof) for later modication or reusecreate custom themes that capture in-house or journal style requirements, andthat can easily be applied to multiple plotsSpringerGuidebook to R Graphics UsingMicrosoft Windows978111802639730.03.2012Oprawa: mikka 46,95Kunio TakezawaThis book introduces the graphical capabilities of R to readers new to the software,taking readers step by step through the process of creating histograms, boxplots,strip charts, time series graphs, steam-and-leaf displays, scatterplot matrices, andmap graphs. Throughout the book, concise explanations of key concepts of Rgraphics assist readers in carrying out the presented procedures. The discussedtechniques are accompanied by a wealth of screenshots and graphics with relatedR code available on the books FTP site, and numerous exercises allow readers totest their understanding of the presented material.WileyHandbook of Partial Least Squares:Concepts, Methods and Applications in978354032825430.05.2007Oprawa: twarda 286Vincenzo Esposito VinziThis handbook provides a comprehensive overview of Partial Least Squares (PLS)methods with specic reference to their use in marketing and with a discussion ofthe directions of current research and perspectives. It covers the broad area of PLSmethods, from regression to structural equation modeling applications, software andinterpretation of results. The handbook serves both as an introduction for thosewithout prior knowledge of PLS and as a comprehensive reference for researchersand practitioners interested in the most recent advances in PLS methodology.Springer 60. Statystyka obliczeniowa60 www.abe.plHandbook of SAS Data StepProgramming978146655238810.05.2013Oprawa: twarda 38,99Arthur LiTo write an accomplished program in the DATA step of SAS, programmers mustunderstand programming logic and know how to implement and even create theirown programming algorithm. Handbook of SAS DATA Step Programming showsreaders how best to manage and manipulate data by using the DATA step.The book helps novices avoid common mistakes resulting from a lack ofunderstanding fundamental and unique SAS programming concepts. It explains thatlearning syntax does not solve all problems; rather, a thorough comprehension ofSAS processing is needed for successful programming. The author also guidesreaders through a programming task. In most of the examples, the author rstpresents strategies and steps for solving the problem, then offers a solution, andnally gives a more detailed explanation of the solution.Understanding the DATA steps, particularly the program data vector (PDV), is criticalto proper data manipulation and management in SAS. This book helps SASprogrammers thoroughly grasp the concept of DATA step processing and writeaccurate programs in the DATA step.Taylor & FrancisImage Statistics and ComputerGraphics978156881725506.11.2013Oprawa: twarda 44,99Tania PouliThe statistics of natural images have attracted the attention of researchers in avariety of elds as a means to better understand the human visual system and itsprocesses. A number of algorithms in computer graphics and vision and imageprocessing take advantage of such statistical ndings to create visually moreplausible results. This book explores the state of the art in image statistics anddiscusses existing and potential applications within computer graphics and relatedareas.Taylor & FrancisIndustrial Statistics with Minitab978047097275514.09.2012Oprawa: twarda 55,00Pere Grima CintasIndustrial Statistics with MINITAB demonstrates the use of MINITAB as a tool forperforming statistical analysis in an industrial context. This book covers introductoryindustrial statistics, exploring the most commonly used techniques alongside thosethat serve to give an overview of more complex issues. A plethora of examples inMINITAB are featured along with case studies for each of the statistical techniquespresented. Industrial Statistics with MINITAB : Provides comprehensive coverage ofuser-friendly practical guidance to the essential statistical methods applied inindustry. Explores statistical techniques and how they can be used effectively withthe help of MINITAB 16. Contains extensive illustrative examples and case studiesthroughout and assumes no previous statistical knowledge. Emphasises datagraphics and visualization, and the most used industrial statistical tools, such asStatistical Process Control and Design of Experiments. Is supported by anaccompanying website featuring case studies and the corresponding datasets. SixSigma Green Belts and Black Belts will nd explanations and examples of the mostrelevant techniques in DMAIC projects.WileyIntroducing Monte Carlo Methods withR978144191575707.12.2009Oprawa: mikka 54,95Christian P. Robert (INSEE, Malakoff, France)Computational techniques based on simulation have now become an essential partof the statisticians toolbox. It is thus crucial to provide statisticians with a practicalunderstanding of those methods, and there is no better way to develop intuition andskills for simulation than to use simulation to solve statistical problems. IntroducingMonte Carlo Methods with R covers the main tools used in statistical simulationfrom a programmers point of view, explaining the R implementation of eachsimulation technique and providing the output for better understanding andcomparison. While this book constitutes a comprehensive treatment of simulationmethods, the theoretical justication of those methods has been considerablyreduced, compared with Robert and Casella (2004). Similarly, the more exploratoryand less stable solutions are not covered here. This book does not require apreliminary exposure to the R programming language or to Monte Carlo methods,nor an advanced mathematical background. While many examples are set within aBayesian framework, advanced expertise in Bayesian statistics is not required.SpringerIntroduction to Digital Systems:Modeling, Synthesis, and Simulation978047090055022.07.2011Oprawa: twarda 76,95Mohammed FerdjallahA unique guide to using both modeling and simulation in digital systems designDigital systems design requires rigorous modeling and simulation analysis thateliminates design risks and potential harm to users. Introduction to Digital Systems:Modeling, Synthesis, and Simulation Using VHDL introduces the application ofmodeling and synthesis in the effective design of digital systems and explainsapplicable analytical and computational methods. Through step-by-stepexplanations and numerous examples, the author equips readers with the toolsneeded to model, synthesize, and simulate digital principles using Very High SpeedIntegrated Circuit Hardware Description Language (VHDL) programming.Extensively classroom-tested to ensure a uid presentation, this book provides acomprehensive overview of the topic by integrating theoretical principles, discretemathematical models, computer simulations, and basic methods of analysis.WileyLarge-Scale Inverse Problems andQuantication of Uncertainty978047069743605.11.2010Oprawa: twarda 79,95Lorenz T. BieglerThis book focuses on computational methods for large-scale statistical inverseproblems and provides an introduction to statistical Bayesian and frequentistmethodologies. Recent research advances for approximation methods arediscussed, along with Kalman ltering methods and optimization-based approachesto solving inverse problems. The aim is to cross-fertilize the perspectives ofresearchers in the areas of data assimilation, statistics, large-scale optimization,applied and computational mathematics, high performance computing, and cutting-edge applications. The solution to large-scale inverse problems critically depends onmethods to reduce computational cost. Recent research approaches tackle thischallenge in a variety of different ways. Many of the computational frameworkshighlighted in this book build upon state-of-the-art methods for simulation of theforward problem, such as, fast Partial Differential Equation (PDE) solvers, reduced-order models and emulators of the forward problem, stochastic spectralapproximations, and ensemble-based approximations, as well as exploiting themachinery for large-scale deterministic optimization through adjoint and otherWiley... 61. Statystyka 61Making Sense of Data Set978111839514130.03.2012Oprawa: mikka 153,00Glenn J. MyattWileyMaximum Likelihood Estimation withStata978159718078815.11.2010Oprawa: mikka 49,99William GouldMaximum Likelihood Estimation with Stata, Fourth Edition is written for researchersin all disciplines who need to compute maximum likelihood estimators that are notavailable as prepackaged routines. Readers are presumed to be familiar with Stata,but no special programming skills are assumed except in the last few chapters,which detail how to add a new estimation command to Stata. The book begins withan introduction to the theory of maximum likelihood estimation with particularattention on the practical implications for applied work. Individual chapters thendescribe in detail each of the four types of likelihood evaluator programs and providenumerous examples, such as logit and probit regression, Weibull regression,random-effects linear regression, and the Cox proportional hazards model. Laterchapters and appendixes provide additional details about the ml command, providechecklists to follow when writing evaluators, and show how to write your ownestimation commands.Taylor & FrancisMethods of Statistical Model Estimation978143985802808.07.2013Oprawa: twarda 57,99Joseph M. HilbeMethods of Statistical Model Estimation provides readers with an examination of themajor methods used by researchers and programmers to estimate statistical modelparameters and associated statistics. Designed for R programmers, the book is alsosuitable for anyone wanting to better understand the optimization algorithms usedfor model estimation. The text focuses on R programming code for the estimation ofa variety of regression procedures using maximum likelihood estimation, iterativelyreweighted least squares regression, the EM algorithm, and MCMC sampling. Fullydeveloped code is constructed in the book for each of the discussed methods ofestimation, including working code for OLS regression, a near complete generalizedlinear models function, one- and two-parameter maximum likelihood models forboth pooled and panel models, a random effects model estimated using the EMalgorithm, and a Bayesian Poisson model using Metropolis-Hastings sampling. Theauthors also discuss a number of ancillary issues.Taylor & FrancisModeling and SimulationFundamentals: Theoretical978047048674014.05.2010Oprawa: twarda 76,50John A. SokolowskiAn insightful presentation of the key concepts, paradigms, and applications ofmodeling and simulation Modeling and simulation has become an integral part ofresearch and development across many elds of study, having evolved from a toolto a discipline in less than two decades. Modeling and Simulation Fundamentalsoffers a comprehensive and authoritative treatment of the topic and includesdenitions, paradigms, and applications to equip readers with the skills needed towork successfully as developers and users of modeling and simulation. Featuringcontributions written by leading experts in the eld, the books uid presentationbuilds from topic to topic and provides the foundation and theoretical underpinningsof modeling and simulation. First, an introduction to the topic is presented, includingrelated terminology, examples of model development, and various domains ofmodeling and simulation.WileyModern Signal Processing978052115821315.07.2010Oprawa: mikka 32,99Daniel N. RockmoreSignal processing is everywhere in modern technology. Its mathematical basis andmany areas of application are the subject of this 2004 book, based on a series ofgraduate-level lectures held at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute.Emphasis is on challenges in the subject, particular techniques adapted to particulartechnologies, and certain advances in algorithms and theory. The book covers twomain areas: computational harmonic analysis, envisioned as a technology forefciently analysing real data using inherent symmetries; and the challenges inherentin the acquisition, processing and analysis of images and sensing data in general[EMDASH] ranging from sonar on a submarine to a neuroscientists fMRI study.Cambridge University PressMultivariate Survival and CompetingRisks978143987521617.05.2012Oprawa: twarda 63,99Martin J. CrowderMultivariate Survival Analysis and Competing Risks introduces univariate survivalanalysis and extends it to the multivariate case. It covers competing risks andcounting processes and provides many real-world examples, exercises, and Rcode. The text discusses survival data, survival distributions, frailty models,parametric methods, multivariate data and distributions, copulas, continuous failure,parametric likelihood inference, and non- and semi-parametric methods. There aremany books covering survival analysis, but very few that cover the multivariate casein any depth. Written for a graduate-level audience in statistics/biostatistics, thisbook includes practical exercises and R code for the examples. The author isrenowned for his clear writing style, and this book continues that trend. It is anexcellent reference for graduate students and researchers looking for grounding inthis burgeoning eld of research.Taylor & Francis 62. Statystyka obliczeniowa62 www.abe.plNetwork and Adaptive SamplingTechniques978146657756522.06.2013Oprawa: twarda 49,99Arijit ChaudhuriCombining the two statistical techniques of network sampling and adaptivesampling, this book illustrates the advantages of using them in tandem to effectivelycapture sparsely located elements in unknown pockets. It shows how networksampling is a reliable guide in capturing inaccessible entities through linkedauxiliaries. The text also explores how adaptive sampling is strengthened ininformation content through subsidiary sampling with devices to mitigateunmanageable expanding sample sizes. Empirical data illustrates the applicability ofboth methods.Taylor & FrancisNumerical Methods of Statistics978052113951918.04.2011Oprawa: mikka 36,99John F. MonahanThis book explains how computer software is designed to perform the tasksrequired for sophisticated statistical analysis. For statisticians, it examines the nitty-gritty computational problems behind statistical methods. For mathematicians andcomputer scientists, it looks at the application of mathematical tools to statisticalproblems. The rst half of the book offers a basic background in numerical analysisthat emphasizes issues important to statisticians. The next several chapters cover abroad array of statistical tools, such as maximum likelihood and nonlinearregression. The author also treats the application of numerical tools; numericalintegration and random number generation are explained in a unied mannerreecting complementary views of Monte Carlo methods. Each chapter containsexercises that range from simple questions to research problems. Most of theexamples are accompanied by demonstration and source code available from theauthors website. New in this second edition are demonstrations coded in R, as wellas new sections on linear programming and the Nelder-Mead search algorithm.Cambridge University PressPractical Statistical Methods: A SASProgramming Approach978143981282225.04.2011Oprawa: twarda 52,99Lakshmi PadgettPractical Statistical Methods: A SAS Programming Approach presents a broadspectrum of statistical methods useful for researchers without an extensivestatistical background. In addition to nonparametric methods, it covers methods fordiscrete and continuous data. Omitting mathematical details and complicatedformulae, the text provides SAS programs to carry out the necessary analyses anddraw appropriate inferences for common statistical problems. After introducingfundamental statistical concepts, the author describes methods used forquantitative data and continuous data following normal and nonnormal distributions.She then focuses on regression methodology, highlighting simple linear regression,logistic regression, and the proportional hazards model. The nal chapter brieydiscusses such miscellaneous topics as propensity scores, misclassication errors,interim analysis, conditional power, bootstrap, and jackknife. With SAS code andoutput integrated throughout, this book shows how to interpret data using SAS andillustrates the many statistical methods available for tackling problems in a range ofelds, including the pharmaceutical industry and the social sciences.Taylor & FrancisProbability and Statistics for ComputerScientists978143987590215.08.2013Oprawa: twarda 63,99Michael BaronPresenting probability and statistical methods, simulation techniques, and modelingtools, this book helps students solve problems and make optimal decisions inuncertain conditions, select stochastic models, compute probabilities and forecasts,and evaluate performance of computer systems and networks. It covers how toread a word problem or a corporate report, realize the uncertainty involved in thedescribed situation, select a suitable probability model, estimate and test itsparameters based on real data, compute probabilities, and make appropriateconclusions. This edition features over 100 pages of new material coveringcategorical data analysis, nonparametric tests, and regression diagnostics.Taylor & FrancisQuasi-Least Squares Regression978142009993506.12.2013Oprawa: twarda 57,99Justine ShultsDrawing on the authors substantial expertise in modeling longitudinal and clustereddata, this book presents a comprehensive treatment of quasi-least squares (QLS)regressiona computational approach for the estimation of correlation parameterswithin the framework of generalized estimating equations (GEEs). The authorspresent an overview and detailed evaluation of QLS methodology, demonstratingthe advantages of QLS in comparison with alternative methods. They describe howQLS can be used to extend the application of the traditional GEE approach to theanalysis of unequally spaced longitudinal data, familial data, and data with multiplesources of correlation. In some settings, QLS also allows for improved analysis withan unstructured correlation matrix.Special focus is given to goodness-of-t analysis as well as new strategies forselecting the appropriate working correlation structure for QLS and GEE.Taylor & FrancisR for SAS and SPSS Users978146140684623.07.2011Oprawa: twarda 89,95Robert A. MuenchenR is a powerful and free software system for data analysis and graphics, with over1,200 add-on packages available. This book introduces R using SAS and SPSSterms with which you are already familiar. It demonstrates which of the add-onpackages are most like SAS and SPSS and compares them to Rs built-in functions.It steps through over 30 programs written in all three packages, comparing andcontrasting the packages differing approaches. The programs and practicedatasets are available for download. The glossary denes over 50 R terms usingSAS/SPSS jargon and again using R jargon. The table of contents and the indexallow you to nd equivalent R functions by looking up both SAS statements andSPSS commands. When nished, you will be able to import data, manage andtransform it, create publication quality graphics, and perform basic statisticalanalyses. This new edition has updated programming, an expanded index, and evenmore statistical methods covered in over 25 new sections.Springer 63. Statystyka 63R for Statistics978143988145317.04.2012Oprawa: mikka 34,99Pierre-Andre CornillonAlthough there are currently a wide variety of software packages suitable for themodern statistician, R has the triple advantage of being comprehensive,widespread, and free. Published in 2008, the second edition of Statistiques avec Renjoyed great success as an R guidebook in the French-speaking world. Translatedand updated, R for Statistics includes a number of expanded and additional workedexamples. Organized into two sections, the book focuses rst on the R software,then on the implementation of traditional statistical methods with R. Focusing on theR software, the rst section covers: Basic elements of the R software and dataprocessing Clear, concise visualization of results, using simple and complex graphsProgramming basics: pre-dened and user-created functions The second section ofthe book presents R methods for a wide range of traditional statistical dataprocessing techniques, including: Regression methods Analyses of variance andcovariance Classication methods Exploratory multivariate analysis Clusteringmethods Hypothesis tests After a short presentation of the method, the bookexplicitly details the R command lines and gives commented results.Taylor & FrancisR Graphics978143983176207.06.2011Oprawa: twarda 52,99Paul MurrellExtensively updated to reect the evolution of statistics and computing, the secondedition of the bestselling R Graphics comes complete with new packages and newexamples. Paul Murrell, widely known as the leading expert on R graphics, hasdeveloped an in-depth resource that helps both neophyte and seasoned usersmaster the intricacies of R graphics. New in the Second Edition Updated informationon the core graphics engine, the traditional graphics system, the grid graphicssystem, and the lattice package A new chapter on the ggplot2 package Newchapters on applications and extensions of R Graphics, including geographic maps,dynamic and interactive graphics, and node-and-edge graphs Organized into veparts, R Graphics covers both "traditional" and newer, R-specic graphics systems.The book reviews the graphics facilities of the R language and describes Rspowerful grid graphics system. It then covers the graphics engine, which representsa common set of fundamental graphics facilities, and provides a series of briefoverviews of the major areas of application for R graphics and the major extensionsof R graphics.Taylor & FrancisSolving Differential Equations in R978364228069607.06.2012Oprawa: mikka 49,95Karline SoetaertMathematics plays an important role in many scientic and engineering disciplines.This book deals with the numerical solution of differential equations, a very importantbranch of mathematics. Our aim is to give a practical and theoretical account of howto solve a large variety of differential equations, comprising ordinary differentialequations, initial value problems and boundary value problems, differential algebraicequations, partial differential equations and delay differential equations. The solutionof differential equations using R is the main focus of this book. It is thereforeintended for the practitioner, the student and the scientist, who wants to know howto use R for solving differential equations. However, it has been our goal that non-mathematicians should at least understand the basics of the methods, whileobtaining entrance into the relevant literature that provides more mathematicalbackground. Therefore, each chapter that deals with R examples is preceded by achapter where the theory behind the numerical methods being used is introduced.SpringerSpatial Analysis Along Networks978047077081827.07.2012Oprawa: twarda 65,00Atsuyuki OkabeIn the real world, there are numerous and various events that occur on andalongside networks, including the occurrence of trafc accidents on highways, thelocation of stores alongside roads, the incidence of crime on streets and thecontamination along rivers. In order to carry out analyses of those events, theresearcher needs to be familiar with a range of specic techniques. Spatial AnalysisAlong Networks provides a practical guide to the necessary statistical techniquesand their computational implementation. Each chapter illustrates a specictechnique, from Stochastic Point Processes on a Network and Network VoronoiDiagrams, to Network K-function and Point Density Estimation Methods, and theNetwork Huff Model. The authors also discuss and illustrate the undertaking of thestatistical tests described in a Geographical Information System (GIS) environmentas well as demonstrating the user-friendly free software package SANET.WileyStatistical Data Mining Using SASApplications978143981075029.06.2010Oprawa: twarda 62,99George FernandezStatistical Data Mining Using SAS Applications, Second Edition describes statisticaldata mining concepts and demonstrates the features of user-friendly data miningSAS tools. Integrating the statistical and graphical analysis tools available in SASsystems, the book provides complete statistical data mining solutions withoutwriting SAS program codes or using the point-and-click approach. Each chapteremphasizes step-by-step instructions for using SAS macros and interpreting theresults. Compiled data mining SAS macro les are available for download on theauthors website. By following the step-by-step instructions and downloading theSAS macros, analysts can perform complete data mining analysis fast andeffectively. New to the Second Edition-General Features Access to SAS macrosdirectly from desktop Compatible with SAS version 9, SAS Enterprise Guide, andSAS Learning Edition Reorganization of all help les to an appendix Ability to createpublication quality graphics Macro-call error check New Features in These SAS-Specic Macro Applications Converting PC data les to SAS data (EXLSAS2 macro)Randomly splitting data (RANSPLIT2) Frequency analysis (FREQ2) UnivariateTaylor & Francis...Statistical Inference978142009343801.06.2010Oprawa: twarda 62,99Murray AitkinThis book sets out an integrated approach to statistical inference using thelikelihood function as the primary measure of evidence for statistical modelparameters, and for the statistical models themselves. The author provides both analternative to standard Bayesian inference and the foundation for a course sequencein modern Bayesian theory at the graduate or advanced undergraduate level. Therestriction of the book to evidence is deliberate: there are already many books onBayesian and non-Bayesian decision theory, and the purpose of this one is lessambitious, but perhaps more relevant scientically, in providing a detailedprescription for the assessment of statistical evidence.Taylor & Francis 64. Statystyka komputerowa64 www.abe.plStatistical Inference: The MinimumDistance Approach978142009965216.06.2011Oprawa: twarda 59,99Ayanendranath BasuThis book gives a comprehensive account of density-based minimum distancemethods and their use in statistical inference. It covers statistical distances, density-based minimum distance methods, discrete and continuous models, asymptoticdistributions, robustness, computational issues, residual adjustment functions,graphical descriptions of robustness, penalized and combined distances,multisample methods, weighted likelihood, and multinomial goodness-of-it tests.The book also introduces the minimum distance methodology in interdisciplinaryareas, such as neural networks and image processing, as well as specializedmodels and problems, including regression, mixture models, survival and Bayesiananalysis, and more.Taylor & FrancisStatistical Learning and Data Science978143986763118.01.2012Oprawa: twarda 59,99Mireille Gettler SummaData analysis is changing fast. Driven by a vast range of application domains andaffordable tools, machine learning has become mainstream. Unsupervised dataanalysis, including cluster analysis, factor analysis, and low dimensionality mappingmethods continually being updated, have reached new heights of achievement inthe incredibly rich data world that we inhabit. Statistical Learning and Data Scienceis a work of reference in the rapidly evolving context of converging methodologies. Itgathers contributions from some of the foundational thinkers in the different elds ofdata analysis to the major theoretical results in the domain. On the methodologicalfront, the volume includes conformal prediction and frameworks for assessingcondence in outputs, together with attendant risk. It illustrates a wide range ofapplications, including semantics, credit risk, energy production, genomics, andecology. The book also addresses issues of origin and evolutions in theunsupervised data analysis arena, and presents some approaches for time series,symbolic data, and functional data.Taylor & FrancisThe R Book978047097392907.12.2012Oprawa: twarda 60,00Michael J. CrawleyHugely successful and popular text presenting an extensive and comprehensiveguide for all R users The R language is recognized as one of the most powerful andexible statistical software packages, enabling users to apply many statisticaltechniques that would be impossible without such software to help implement suchlarge data sets. R has become an essential tool for understanding and carrying outresearch. This edition: Features full colour text and extensive graphics throughout.Introduces a clear structure with numbered section headings to help readers locateinformation more efciently. Looks at the evolution of R over the past ve years.Features a new chapter on Bayesian Analysis and Meta-Analysis. Presents a fullyrevised and updated bibliography and reference section. Is supported by anaccompanying website allowing examples from the text to be run by the user. Praisefor the rst edition: ...if you are an R user or wannabe R user, this text is the onethat should be on your shelf.WileyThe R Primer978143986206325.08.2011Oprawa: mikka 26,99Claus Thorn EkstromNewcomers to R are often intimidated by the command-line interface, the vastnumber of functions and packages, or the processes of importing data andperforming a simple statistical analysis. The R Primer provides a collection ofconcise examples and solutions to R problems frequently encountered by newusers of this statistical software. Rather than explore the many options available forevery command as well as the ever-increasing number of packages, the bookfocuses on the basics of data preparation and analysis and gives examples that canbe used as a starting point. The numerous examples illustrate a specic situation,topic, or problem, including data importing, data management, classical statisticalanalyses, and high-quality graphics production. Each example is self-contained andincludes R code that can be run exactly as shown, enabling results from the book tobe replicated. While base R is used throughout, other functions or packages arelisted if they cover or extend the functionality. After working through the examplesfound in this text, new users of R will be able to better handle data analysis andgraphics applications in R.Taylor & FrancisThe R Student Companion978143987540710.10.2012Oprawa: mikka 25,99Brian DennisR is the amazing, free, open-access software package for scientic graphs andcalculations used by scientists worldwide. The R Student Companion is a student-oriented manual describing how to use R in high school and college science andmathematics courses. Written for beginners in scientic computation, the bookassumes the reader has just some high school algebra and has no computerprogramming background. The author presents applications drawn from all sciencesand social sciences and includes the most often used features of R in an appendix.In addition, each chapter provides a set of computational challenges: exercises in Rcalculations that are designed to be performed alone or in groups. Several of thechapters explore algebra concepts that are highly useful in scientic applications,such as quadratic equations, systems of linear equations, trigonometric functions,and exponential functions. Each chapter provides an instructional review of thealgebra concept, followed by a hands-on guide to performing calculations andgraphing in R. R is intuitive, even fun. Fantastic, publication-quality graphs of data,equations, or both can be produced with little effort.Taylor & FrancisTransforms and Applications Primer forEngineers with Examples and MATLAB978142008931809.03.2010Oprawa: twarda 48,99Alexander D. PoularikasTransforms and Applications Primer for Engineers with Examples and MATLAB[registered] is required reading for engineering and science students, professionals,and anyone working on problems involving transforms. This invaluable primercontains the most essential integral transforms that both practicing engineers andstudents need to understand. It provides a large number of examples to explain theuse of transforms in different areas, including circuit analysis, differential equations,signals and systems, and mechanical vibrations. It includes an appendix withsuggestions and explanations to help you optimize your use of MATLAB Laplaceand Fourier transforms are by far the most widely used and most useful of all integraltransforms, so they are given a more extensive treatment in this book, compared toother texts that include them. Offering numerous MATLAB functions created by theauthor, this comprehensive book contains several appendices to complement themain subjects. Perhaps the most important feature is the extensive tables oftransforms, which are provided to supplement the learning process.Taylor & Francis 65. Statystyka 65Tree-Based Graph PartitioningConstraint978184821303612.07.2011Oprawa: twarda 63,50Xavier LorcaCombinatorial problems based on graph partitioning enable us to mathematicallyrepresent and model many practical applications. Mission planning and the routingproblems occurring in logistics perfectly illustrate two such examples. Nevertheless,these problems are not based on the same partitioning pattern: generally, patternslike cycles, paths, or trees are distinguished. Moreover, the practical applications areoften not limited to theoretical problems like the Hamiltonian path problem, or K-node disjoint path problems. Indeed, they usually combine the graph partitioningproblem with several restrictions related to the topology of nodes and arcs. Thediversity of implied constraints in real-life applications is a practical limit to theresolution of such problems by approaches considering the partitioning problemindependently from each additional restriction. This book focuses on constraintsatisfaction problems related to tree partitioning problems enriched by severaladditional constraints that restrict the possible partitions topology. On the one hand,this title focuses on the structural properties of tree partitioning constraints.WileyUnderstanding Biplots: Methods andApplications of Biplots978047001255024.12.2010Oprawa: twarda 68,95John C. GowerBiplots are a graphical method for simultaneously displaying two kinds ofinformation; typically, the variables and sample units described by a multivariate datamatrix or the items labelling the rows and columns of a two-way table. This bookaims to popularize what is now seen to be a useful and reliable method for thevisualization of multidimensional data associated with, for example, principalcomponent analysis, canonical variate analysis, multidimensional scaling,multiplicative interaction and various types of correspondence analysis.Understanding Biplots:Introduces theory and techniques which can be applied to problems from avariety of areas, including ecology, biostatistics, nance, demography and othersocial sciences.Provides novel techniques for the visualization of multidimensional data andincludes data mining techniques.Uses applications from many elds including nance, biostatistics, ecology,demography.WileyUnderstanding Computational BayesianStatistics978047004609811.01.2010Oprawa: twarda 79,50William M. BolstadA hands-on introduction to computational statistics from a Bayesian point of viewProviding a solid grounding in statistics while uniquely covering the topics from aBayesian perspective, Understanding Computational Bayesian Statisticssuccessfully guides readers through this new, cutting-edge approach. With itshands-on treatment of the topic, the book shows how samples can be drawn fromthe posterior distribution when the formula giving its shape is all that is known, andhow Bayesian inferences can be based on these samples from the posterior. Theseideas are illustrated on common statistical models, including the multiple linearregression model, the hierarchical mean model, the logistic regression model, andthe proportional hazards model. The book begins with an outline of the similaritiesand differences between Bayesian and the likelihood approaches to statistics.Subsequent chapters present key techniques for using computer software to drawMonte Carlo samples from the incompletely known posterior distribution andperforming the Bayesian inference calculated from these samples.WileyUsing IBM SPSS Statistics for ResearchMethods and Social Science Statistics978145221770302.04.2012Oprawa: mikka 18,99WarnerIdeal either as a companion to a traditional statistics or research methods text or asa stand-alone guide, Using SPSS for Research Methods and Social Statistics is auseful reference for those learning to use the SPSS software for the rst time orthose with only basic knowledge about SPSS. This student-friendly resource showsreaders how to use images and directions drawn from SPSS Version 20 and nowuses the latest version of the General Social Survey (GSS, 2010) as a secondarydata set.SAGEVisual Data Mining: The VisMinerApproach978111996754516.11.2012Oprawa: twarda 45,00Russell K. AndersonThis book introduces a visual methodology for data mining demonstrating theapplication of methodology along with a sequence of exercises using VisMiner.VisMiner has been developed by the author and provides a powerful visual datamining tool enabling readers to visually evaluate models created from the data. Thisbook is designed as a hands-on work book to introduce the methodologies tostudents in data mining, advanced statistics, and business intelligence courses. Itprovides a set of tutorials, exercises, and case studies that support readers inlearning data mining processes.Wiley 66. STATYSTYKAOGLNAPRZEGLDAJ KSIKI 67. Statystyka 67A Career in Statistics: Beyond theNumbers978047040441622.07.2011Oprawa: mikka 46,95Gerald J. HahnA valuable guide to a successful career as a statistician A Career in Statistics:Beyond the Numbers prepares readers for careers in statistics by emphasizingessential concepts and practices beyond the technical tools provided in standardcourses and texts. This insiders guide from internationally recognized appliedstatisticians helps readers decide whether a career in statistics is right for them,provides hands-on guidance on how to prepare for such a career, and shows howto succeed on the job. The book provides non-technical guidance for a successfulcareer. The authors extensive industrial experience is supplemented by insightsfrom contributing authors from government and academia, Carol Joyce Blumberg,Leonard M. Gaines, Lynne B. Hare, William Q. Meeker, and Josef Schmee.Following an introductory chapter that provides an overview of the eld, the authorsdiscuss the various dimensions of a career in applied statistics in three succinctparts: The Work of a Statistician describes the day-to-day activities of appliedstatisticians in business and industry, ofcial government, and various otherapplication areas, highlighting the work environment and major on-the-jobWiley...A Course in Probability978032118954701.08.2003Oprawa: mikka 50,99Neil A. WeissThis text is intended primarily for a rst course in mathematical probability forstudents in mathematics, statistics, operations research, engineering, and computerscience. It is also appropriate for mathematically oriented students in the physicaland social sciences. Prerequisite material consists of basic set theory and a rmfoundation in elementary calculus, including innite series, partial differentiation, andmultiple integration. Some exposure to rudimentary linear algebra (e.g., matrices anddeterminants) is also desirable. This text includes pedagogical techniques not oftenfound in books at this level, in order to make the learning process smooth, efcient,and enjoyable.Pearson EducationA First Course in Bayesian StatisticalMethods978038792299715.06.2009Oprawa: twarda 59,95Peter D. HoffA self-contained introduction to probability, exchangeability and Bayes rule providesa theoretical understanding of the applied material. Numerous examples with R-code that can be run "as-is" allow the reader to perform the data analysesthemselves. The development of Monte Carlo and Markov chain Monte Carlomethods in the context of data analysis examples provides motivation for thesecomputational methods.SpringerA First Course in Probability978032186681302.01.2013Oprawa: mikka 52,99Sheldon M. RossA First Course in Probability, Ninth Edition, features clear and intuitive explanationsof the mathematics of probability theory, outstanding problem sets, and a variety ofdiverse examples and applications. This book is ideal for an upper-levelundergraduate or graduate level introduction to probability for math, science,engineering and business students. It assumes a background in elementarycalculus.Pearson EducationA Whistle-Stop Tour of Statistics978143987748716.01.2012Oprawa: mikka 26,99Brian S. EverittA Whistle-Stop Tour of Statistics introduces basic probability and statistics throughbite-size coverage of key topics. A review aid and study guide for undergraduatestudents, it presents descriptions of key concepts from probability and statistics inself-contained sections. Features Presents an accessible reference to the keyconcepts in probability and statistics Introduces each concept through bite-sizedescriptions and presents interesting real-world examples Includes lots of diagramsand graphs to clarify and illustrate topics Provides a concise summary of ten majorareas of statistics including survival analysis and the analysis of longitudinal dataWritten by Brian S, Everitt, the author of over 60 statistical texts, the book showshow statistics can be applied in the real world, with interesting examples and plentyof diagrams and graphs to illustrate concepts.Taylor & FrancisAdaptive Tests of Signicance UsingPermutations of Residuals with R and SAS978047092225530.03.2012Oprawa: twarda 83,50Thomas W. OGormanAdaptive Tests of Signicance Using Permutations of Residuals with R and SASillustrates the power of adaptive tests and showcases their ability to adjust thetesting method to suit a particular set of data. The book utilizes state-of-the-artsoftware to demonstrate the practicality and benets for data analysis in variouselds of study.Beginning with an introduction, the book moves on to explore the underlyingconcepts of adaptive tests, including:Smoothing methods and normalizing transformationsPermutation tests with linear methodsApplications of adaptive testsMulticenter and cross-over trialsAnalysis of repeated measures dataAdaptive condence intervals and estimatesWiley 68. Statystyka oglna68 www.abe.plAdvances in Statistical Monitoring ofComplex Multivariate Processes978047002819314.09.2012Oprawa: twarda 55,00Uwe KrugerThe development and application of multivariate statistical techniques in processmonitoring has gained substantial interest over the past two decades in academiaand industry alike. Initially developed for monitoring and fault diagnosis in complexsystems, such techniques have been rened and applied in various engineeringareas, for example mechanical and manufacturing, chemical, electrical andelectronic, and power engineering. The recipe for the tremendous interest inmultivariate statistical techniques lies in its simplicity and adaptability for developingmonitoring applications. In contrast, competitive model, signal or knowledge basedtechniques showed their potential only whenever cost-benet economics havejustied the required effort in developing applications. Statistical Monitoring ofComplex Multivariate Processes presents recent advances in statistics basedprocess monitoring, explaining how these processes can now be used in areassuch as mechanical and manufacturing engineering for example, in addition to thetraditional chemical industry. This book: Contains a detailed theoretical backgroundof the component technology.WileyAn Introduction to Applied MultivariateAnalysis with R978144199649728.04.2011Oprawa: mikka 49,95Brian S. EverittThe majority of data sets collected by researchers in all disciplines are multivariate,meaning that several measurements, observations, or recordings are taken on eachof the units in the data set. These units might be human subjects, archaeologicalartifacts, countries, or a vast variety of other things. In a few cases, it may besensible to isolate each variable and study it separately, but in most instances all thevariables need to be examined simultaneously in order to fully grasp the structureand key features of the data. For this purpose, one or another method ofmultivariate analysis might be helpful, and it is with such methods that this book islargely concerned. Multivariate analysis includes methods both for describing andexploring such data and for making formal inferences about them. The aim of all thetechniques is, in general sense, to display or extract the signal in the data in thepresence of noise and to nd out what the data show us in the midst of theirapparent chaos.SpringerAn Introduction to Bootstrap Methodswith Applications to R978047046704602.12.2011Oprawa: twarda 66,95Michael R. ChernickA comprehensive introduction to bootstrap methods in the R programmingenvironment Bootstrap methods provide a powerful approach to statistical dataanalysis, as they have more general applications than standard parametric methods.An Introduction to Bootstrap Methods with Applications to R explores thepracticality of this approach and successfully utilizes R to illustrate applications forthe bootstrap and other resampling methods. This book provides a modernintroduction to bootstrap methods for readers who do not have an extensivebackground in advanced mathematics. Emphasis throughout is on the use ofbootstrap methods as an exploratory tool, including its value in variable selectionand other modeling environments. The authors begin with a description ofbootstrap methods and its relationship to other resampling methods, along with anoverview of the wide variety of applications of the approach. Subsequent chaptersoffer coverage of improved condence set estimation, estimation of error rates indiscriminant analysis, and applications to a wide variety of hypothesis testing andestimation problems, including pharmaceutical, genomics, and economics.WileyAn Introduction to Statistics: An ActiveLearning Approach978145221743702.03.2013Oprawa: mikka 39,99Kieth A. CarlsonIn An Introduction to Statistics Kieth Carlson and Jennifer Winquist encourage anactive approach to learning statistics. While the chapters in this book introducebasic and key concepts, this book is unique in the depth of its active pedagogicalapproach. Carefully placed reading questions throughout each chapter reinforcedifcult concepts and guide student learning: 29 in-depth activities, eachaccompanied by learning objectives, carefully developed scenarios, problem sets,and quiz questions give students the opportunity to test or demonstrate theirunderstanding of basic concepts while they read detailed explanations of morecomplex statistical concepts; and 15 sets of practice problems further solidifystudent learning. When using most traditional text books, students only performstatistical procedures after they read multiple pages of text. This book adopts aworkbook approach that forces students to be actively engaged while they readexplanations. Most of the activities are self-correcting so if students misunderstanda concept their misunderstanding is corrected early in the learning process.SAGEAnalysis of International Large-ScaleAssessment Data978143989512215.10.2013Oprawa: twarda 49,99Leslie RutkowskiInternational large-scale assessments (ILSAs) of educational achievement such asthe Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study and the Programme forInternational Student Assessment are an increasingly important part of theeducational research and policy landscape in the U.S. and internationally. This bookwill bring together recognized scholars in the eld of ILSA, behavioral statistics, andpolicy to develop a detailed guide for ILSA users that goes beyond ILSA usermanuals.Taylor & FrancisANOVA and ANCOVA: A GLM Approach978047038555528.10.2011Oprawa: twarda 73,50Andrew RutherfordProvides an in-depth treatment of ANOVA and ANCOVA techniques from a linearmodel perspective ANOVA and ANCOVA: A GLM Approach provides acontemporary look at the general linear model (GLM) approach to the analysis ofvariance (ANOVA) of one- and two-factor psychological experiments. With itsorganized and comprehensive presentation, the book successfully guides readersthrough conventional statistical concepts and how to interpret them in GLM terms,treating the main single- and multi-factor designs as they relate to ANOVA andANCOVA. The book begins with a brief history of the separate development ofANOVA and regression analyses, and then goes on to demonstrate how bothanalyses are incorporated into the understanding of GLMs. This new edition nowexplains specic and multiple comparisons of experimental conditions before andafter the Omnibus ANOVA, and describes the estimation of effect sizes and poweranalyses leading to the determination of appropriate sample sizes for experiments tobe conducted.Wiley 69. Statystyka 69Applied Categorical and Count DataAnalysis978143980624104.07.2012Oprawa: twarda 57,99Wan TangDeveloped from the authors graduate-level biostatistics course, Applied Categoricaland Count Data Analysis explains how to perform the statistical analysis of discretedata, including categorical and count outcomes. The authors describe the basicideas underlying each concept, model, and approach to give readers a good graspof the fundamentals of the methodology without using rigorous mathematicalarguments. The text covers classic concepts and popular topics, such ascontingency tables, logistic models, and Poisson regression models, along withmodern areas that include models for zero-modied count outcomes, parametricand semiparametric longitudinal data analysis, reliability analysis, and methods fordealing with missing values. R, SAS, SPSS, and Stata programming codes areprovided for all the examples, enabling readers to immediately experiment with thedata in the examples and even adapt or extend the codes to t data from their ownstudies. Designed for a one-semester course for graduate and seniorundergraduate students in biostatistics, this self-contained text is also suitable as aself-learning guide for biomedical and psychosocial researchers.Taylor & FrancisApplied Multivariate Statistical Analysis978013514350630.04.2007Oprawa: mikka 68,99Richard A. JohnsonFor courses in Multivariate Statistics, Marketing Research, Intermediate BusinessStatistics, Statistics in Education, and graduate-level courses in Experimental Designand Statistics. Appropriate for experimental scientists in a variety of disciplines, thismarket-leading text offers a readable introduction to the statistical analysis ofmultivariate observations. Its primary goal is to impart the knowledge necessary tomake proper interpretations and select appropriate techniques for analyzingmultivariate data. Ideal for a junior/senior or graduate level course that explores thestatistical methods for describing and analyzing multivariate data, the text assumestwo or more statistics courses as a prerequisite.Pearson EducationApplied Multivariate Statistical Analysis978364217228101.12.2011Oprawa: mikka 79,95Wolfgang Karl HardleMost of the observable phenomena in the empirical sciences are of a multivariatenature. In nancial studies, assets are observed simultaneously and their jointdevelopment is analysed to better understand general risk and to track indices. Inmedicine recorded observations of subjects in different locations are the basis ofreliable diagnoses and medication. In quantitative marketing consumer preferencesare collected in order to construct models of consumer behavior. The underlyingdata structure of these and many other quantitative studies of applied sciences ismultivariate. Focusing on applications this book presents the tools and concepts ofmultivariate data analysis in a way that is understandable for non-mathematiciansand practitioners who need to analyze statistical data. The book surveys the basicprinciples of multivariate statistical data analysis and emphasizes both exploratoryand inferential statistics. All chapters have exercises that highlight applications indifferent elds.SpringerApplied Regression Modeling978111809728117.08.2012Oprawa: twarda 73,50Iain PardoeThis book offers a practical, concise introduction to regression analysis for upper-level undergraduate students of diverse disciplines including, but not limited tostatistics, the social and behavioral sciences, MBA, and vocational studies. Thebooks overall approach is strongly based on an abundant use of illustrations,examples, case studies, and graphics. It emphasizes major statistical softwarepackages, including SPSS(r), Minitab(r), SAS(r), R, and R/S-PLUS(r). Detailedinstructions for use of these packages, as well as for Microsoft Ofce Excel(r), areprovided on a specially prepared and maintained author web site. Select softwareoutput appears throughout the text. To help readers understand, analyze, andinterpret data and make informed decisions in uncertain settings, many of theexamples and problems use real-life situations and settings. The book introducesmodeling extensions that illustrate more advanced regression techniques, includinglogistic regression, Poisson regression, discrete choice models, multilevel models,Bayesian modeling, and time series and forecasting.WileyApplied Time Series Analysis978143981837424.10.2011Oprawa: twarda 60,99Wayne A. WoodwardVirtually any random process developing chronologically can be viewed as a timeseries. In economics, closing prices of stocks, the cost of money, the jobless rate,and retail sales are just a few examples of many. Developed from course notes andextensively classroom-tested, Applied Time Series Analysis includes examplesacross a variety of elds, develops theory, and provides software to address timeseries problems in a broad spectrum of elds. The authors organize the informationin such a format that graduate students in applied science, statistics, andeconomics can satisfactorily navigate their way through the book while maintainingmathematical rigor. One of the unique features of Applied Time Series Analysis is theassociated software, GW-WINKS, designed to help students easily generaterealizations from models and explore the associated model and data characteristics.The text explores many important new methodologies that have developed in timeseries, such as ARCH and GARCH processes, time varying frequencies (TVF),wavelets, and more.Taylor & FrancisArthur L. Bowley: A Pioneer in ModernStatistics and Economics978981283550516.04.2011Oprawa: twarda 72,00Samuel KotzArthur Lyon Bowley, the founding father of modern statistics, was an important andcolorful gure and a leader in cementing the foundations of statistical methodology,including survey methodology, and of the applications of statistics to economicaland social issues during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In many respects, hewas ahead of his time.The giants in this eld around that time were largelyconcentrated in the British Isles and Scandinavian countries; among thesecontributors, Arthur Bowley was one of the most active in revolutionizing statisticalmethodology and its economic applications. However, Bowley has been vastlyundervalued by subsequent commentators - while hundreds of articles and bookshave been written on Karl Pearson, those on Arthur Bowley amount to a dozen orless. This book seeks to remedy this and ll in an important omission in themonographical literature on the history of statistics. In particular, the recentresurgence of interest in poverty research has led to a renewed interest in Bowleyslegacy.World Scientic Publishing 70. Statystyka oglna70 www.abe.plAssessment Methods in StatisticalEducation978047074532825.03.2010Oprawa: mikka 57,50Neville HuntAssessment Methods in Statistical Education: An International Perspective providesa modern, international perspective on assessing students of statistics in highereducation. It is a collection of contributions written by some of the leading gures instatistical education from around the world, drawing on their personal teachingexperience and educational research. The book reects the wide variety ofdisciplines, such as business, psychology and the health sciences, which includestatistics teaching and assessment. The authors acknowledge the increasinglyimportant role of technology in assessment, whether it be using the internet foraccessing information and data sources or using software to construct and manageindividualised or online assessments. Key Features: Presents successfulassessment strategies, striking a balance between formative and summativeassessment, individual and group work, take-away assignments and supervisedtests. Assesses statistical thinking by questioning students ability to interpret andcommunicate the results of their analysis. Relates assessment to the real world bybasing it on real data in an appropriate context.WileyBasic and Advanced BayesianStructural Equation Modeling978047066952524.08.2012Oprawa: twarda 65,00Sik-Yum LeeBasic and Advanced Structural Equation Models for Medical and BehaviouralSciences introduces the Bayesian approach to SEMs, including the selection of priordistributions and data augmentation, and offers an overview of the subjects recentadvances. This book takes a Bayesian approach to SEMs allowing the use of priorinformation resulting in improved parameter estimates, latent variable estimates, andstatistics for model comparison, as well as offering more reliable results for smallersamples.WileyBasic Statistical Tools for ImprovingQuality978047088949720.05.2011Oprawa: mikka 36,95Chang W. KangThis book is an introductory book on improving the quality of a process or a system,primarily through the technique of statistical process control (SPC). There arenumerous technical manuals available for SPC, but this book differs in two ways: (1)the basic tools of SPC are introduced in a no-nonsense, simple, non-math manner,and (2) the methods can be learned and practiced in an uncomplicated fashionusing free software (eZ SPC 2.0), which is available to all readers online as adownloadable product. The book explains QC7 Tools, control charts, and statisticalanalysis including basic design of experiments. Theoretical explanations of theanalytical methods are avoided; instead, results are interpreted through the use ofthe software.WileyBayesian Analysis of StochasticProcess Models978047074453630.03.2012Oprawa: twarda 60,00Fabrizio RuggeriBayesian analysis of complex models based on stochastic processes has in recentyears become a growing area. This book provides a unied treatment of Bayesiananalysis of models based on stochastic processes, covering the main classes ofstochastic processing including modeling, computational, inference, forecasting,decision making and important applied models. Key features: Explores Bayesiananalysis of models based on stochastic processes, providing a unied treatment.Provides a thorough introduction for research students. Computational tools to dealwith complex problems are illustrated along with real life case studies Looks atinference, prediction and decision making. Researchers, graduate and advancedundergraduate students interested in stochastic processes in elds such asstatistics, operations research (OR), engineering, nance, economics, computerscience and Bayesian analysis will benet from reading this book. With numerousapplications included, practitioners of OR, stochastic modelling and appliedstatistics will also nd this book useful.WileyBayesian Ideas and Data Analysis978143980354706.07.2010Oprawa: twarda 48,99Ronald ChristensenEmphasizing the use of WinBUGS and R to analyze real data, Bayesian Ideas andData Analysis: An Introduction for Scientists and Statisticians presents statisticaltools to address scientic questions. It highlights foundational issues in statistics, theimportance of making accurate predictions, and the need for scientists andstatisticians to collaborate in analyzing data. The WinBUGS code provided offers aconvenient platform to model and analyze a wide range of data. The rst vechapters of the book contain core material that spans basic Bayesian ideas,calculations, and inference, including modeling one and two sample data fromtraditional sampling models. The text then covers Monte Carlo methods, such asMarkov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) simulation. After discussing linear structures inregression, it presents binomial regression, normal regression, analysis of variance,and Poisson regression, before extending these methods to handle correlated data.The authors also examine survival analysis and binary diagnostic testing. Acomplementary chapter on diagnostic testing for continuous outcomes is availableon the books website.Taylor & FrancisBayesian Methods: A Social andBehavioral Sciences Approach978143986248315.06.2013Oprawa: twarda 48,99Jeff GillThis updated, bestselling book continues to be one of the only Bayesian statisticstexts designed for social scientists. Incorporating new research and additionalmaterial, the third edition presents state-of-the-art guidance on Bayesian statisticalcomputing. It emphasizes Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) and computation withR and WinBUGS. Along with doubling the number of exercises, this edition coverstime series, decision theory, nonparametric models, and mixture models. A solutionsmanual is available with qualifying course adoption.Taylor & Francis 71. Statystyka 71Bayesian Model Selection andStatistical Modeling978143983614903.06.2010Oprawa: twarda 62,99Tomohiro AndoBayesian model selection is a fundamental part of the Bayesian statistical modelingprocess. The quality of these solutions usually depends on the goodness of theconstructed Bayesian model. Realizing how crucial this issue is, many researchersand practitioners have been extensively investigating the Bayesian model selectionproblem. This book provides comprehensive explanations of the concepts andderivations of the Bayesian approach for model selection and related criteria,including the Bayes factor, the Bayesian information criterion (BIC), the generalizedBIC, and the pseudo marginal likelihood. It also includes a wide range of practicalexamples of model selection criteria.Taylor & FrancisBayesian Nonparametrics978052151346312.04.2010Oprawa: twarda 42,00Nils Lid HjortBayesian nonparametrics works - theoretically, computationally. The theory provideshighly exible models whose complexity grows appropriately with the amount ofdata. Computational issues, though challenging, are no longer intractable. All that isneeded is an entry point: this intelligent book is the perfect guide to what can seema forbidding landscape. Tutorial chapters by Ghosal, Lijoi and Prunster, Teh andJordan, and Dunson advance from theory, to basic models and hierarchicalmodeling, to applications and implementation, particularly in computer science andbiostatistics. These are complemented by companion chapters by the editors andGrifn and Quintana, providing additional models, examining computational issues,identifying future growth areas, and giving links to related topics. This coherent textgives ready access both to underlying principles and to state-of-the-art practice.Specic examples are drawn from information retrieval, NLP, machine vision,computational biology, biostatistics, and bioinformatics.Cambridge University PressBayesian Statistics: An Introduction978111833257303.08.2012Oprawa: mikka 35,00Peter M. LeeBayesian Statistics is the school of thought that combines prior beliefs with thelikelihood of a hypothesis to arrive at posterior beliefs. The rst edition of PeterLees book appeared in 1989, but the subject has moved ever onwards, withincreasing emphasis on Monte Carlo based techniques. This new fourth editionlooks at recent techniques such as variational methods, Bayesian importancesampling, approximate Bayesian computation and Reversible Jump Markov ChainMonte Carlo (RJMCMC), providing a concise account of the way in which theBayesian approach to statistics develops as well as how it contrasts with theconventional approach. The theory is built up step by step, and important notionssuch as sufciency are brought out of a discussion of the salient features of specicexamples. This edition: Includes expanded coverage of Gibbs sampling, includingmore numerical examples and treatments of OpenBUGS, R2WinBUGS andR2OpenBUGS.WileyCase Studies in Bayesian StatisticalModelling and Analysis978111994182816.11.2012Oprawa: twarda 65,00Clair L. AlstonCase Studies in Bayesian Statistical Modelling and Analysis provides an accessiblefoundation into Bayesian modelling and analysis using real-world models. Eachchapter comprises of a description of the problem, the corresponding model, thecomputational method, results, and inferences as well as the issues that arise in theimplementation of these approaches. Coverage focuses on a real-world problemsdrawn from the editors own experiences while illustrating the way in which theproblem can be analyzed using Bayesian methods.WileyCategorical Data Analysis with SAS andSPSS Applications978041564641303.05.2013Oprawa: mikka 28,00Bayo LawalThis book covers the fundamental aspects of categorical data analysis with anemphasis on how to implement the models used in the book using SAS and SPSS.This is accomplished through the frequent use of examples, with relevant codes andinstructions, that are closely related to the problems in the text. Concepts areexplained in detail so that students can reproduce similar results on their own.Beginning with chapter two, exercises at the end of each chapter further strengthenstudents understanding of the concepts by requiring them to apply some of theideas expressed in the text in a more advanced capacity. Most of these exercisesrequire intensive use of PC-based statistical software. Numerous tables with resultsof analyses, including interpretations of the results, further strengthen studentsunderstanding of the material.Categorical Data Analysis With SAS(R) and SPSS Applications features:detailed programs and outputs of all examples illustrated in the book using SAS(R) 8.02 and SPSS on the books CD;Taylor & FrancisCausality: Statistical Perspectives andApplications978047066556513.07.2012Oprawa: twarda 55,00Carlo BerzuiniThis book looks at a broad collection of contributions from experts in their elds.Providing a thorough treatment on statistical causality. Methods and theirapplications are provided with theoretical background and emphasis is given topractice rather than theory, with technical content kept to a minimum. Step-by-stepinstructions for using the methods are presented with a broad range of examples,including medicine, biology, economics, sociology and political science.Wiley 72. Statystyka oglna72 www.abe.plClassic Problems of Probability978111806325527.07.2012Oprawa: mikka 40,50Prakash GorroochurnClassic Problems of Probability presents a lively account of the most intriguingaspects of statistics. The book features a large collection of more than thirty classicprobability problems which have been carefully selected for their interesting history,the way they have shaped the eld, and their counterintuitive nature.From Cardanos 1564 Games of Chance to Jacob Bernoullis 1713 GoldenTheorem to Parrondos 1996 Perplexing Paradox, the book clearly outlines thepuzzles and problems of probability, interweaving the discussion with rich historicaldetail and the story of how the mathematicians involved arrived at their solutions.Each problem is given an in-depth treatment, including detailed and rigorousmathematical proofs as needed. Some of the fascinating topics discussed by theauthor include:Buffons Needle problem and its ingenious treatment by Joseph Barbier,culminating into a discussion of invarianceVarious paradoxes raised by Joseph BertrandWileyCliffsNotes Statistics Quick Review978047090260827.05.2011Oprawa: mikka 7,99David H. VoelkerInside the Book: Graphic displays Numerical measures Probability SamplingPrinciples of testing Univariate inferential tests Bivariate relationships Reviewquestions Resource center Glossary Common mistakes Tables Why CliffsNotes? Gowith the name you know and trust Get the information you need-fast! CliffsNotesQuick Review guides give you a clear, concise, easy-to-use review of the basics.Introducing each topic, dening key terms, and carefully walking you throughsample problems, this guide helps you grasp and understand the importantconcepts needed to succeed. Access 500 additional practice questions Master the Basics--Fast Complete coverageof core concepts Easy topic-by-topic organization Access hundreds of practiceproblems at Errors in Statistics (and Howto Avoid Them)978111829439026.07.2012Oprawa: mikka 40,50Phillip I. GoodCommon Errors in Statistics (and How to Avoid Them), Fourth Edition provides amathematically rigorous, yet readily accessible foundation in statistics forexperienced readers as well as students learning to design and completeexperiments, surveys, and clinical trials.Providing a consistent level of coherency throughout, the highly readable FourthEdition focuses on debunking popular myths, analyzing common mistakes, andinstructing readers on how to choose the appropriate statistical technique toaddress their specic task. The authors begin with an introduction to the mainsources of error and provide techniques for avoiding them. Subsequent chaptersoutline key methods and practices for accurate analysis, reporting, and modelbuilding. The Fourth Edition features newly added topics, including:Baseline dataDetecting fraudLinear regression versus linear behaviorWileyCompeting Risks and Multistate Modelswith R978146142034718.11.2011Oprawa: mikka 49,95Jan BeyersmannThis book covers competing risks and multistate models, sometimes summarizedas event history analysis. These models generalize the analysis of time to a singleevent (survival analysis) to analysing the timing of distinct terminal events (competingrisks) and possible intermediate events (multistate models). Both R and multistatemethods are promoted with a focus on nonparametric methods.SpringerCondence Intervals for Proportionsand Related Measures for Effect Size978143981278520.09.2012Oprawa: twarda 57,99Robert G. NewcombeCondence Intervals for Proportions and Related Measures of Effect Size illustratesthe use of effect size measures and corresponding condence intervals as moreinformative alternatives to the most basic and widely used signicance tests. Thebook provides you with a deep understanding of what happens when thesestatistical methods are applied in situations far removed from the familiar Gaussiancase. Drawing on his extensive work as a statistician and professor at CardiffUniversity School of Medicine, the author brings together methods for calculatingcondence intervals for proportions and several other important measures, includingdifferences, ratios, and nonparametric effect size measures generalizing Mann-Whitney and Wilcoxon tests. He also explains three important approaches toobtaining intervals for related measures. Many examples illustrate the application ofthe methods in the health and social sciences. Requiring little computational skills,the book offers user-friendly Excel spreadsheets for download, enabling you to easily apply the methods to your own empiricaldata.Taylor & FrancisConstrained Principal ComponentAnalysis and Related Techniques978146655666916.11.2013Oprawa: twarda 57,99Yoshio TakaneDespite the introduction of constrained principal component analysis (CPCA) over20 years ago, there is no single resource that examines its ramications, extensions,implementations, and applications. This book explores how CPCA incorporatesexternal information into PCA of a main data matrix. It provides a systematic, in-depth account of the mathematical underpinnings, special cases, related topics,interesting applications, and implementation details. The author explains how CPCArst decomposes the data matrix according to the external information (externalanalysis) and then applies PCA to decomposed matrices (internal analysis).Taylor & Francis 73. Statystyka 73Data Analysis Using Stata978159718110521.09.2012Oprawa: mikka 49,99Ulrich KohlerData Analysis Using Stata, Third Edition is a comprehensive introduction to bothstatistical methods and Stata. Beginners will learn the logic of data analysis andinterpretation and easily become self-sufcient data analysts. Readers alreadyfamiliar with Stata will nd it an enjoyable resource for picking up new tips and tricks.The book is written as a self-study tutorial and organized around examples. Itinteractively introduces statistical techniques such as data exploration, description,and regression techniques for continuous and binary dependent variables. Step bystep, readers move through the entire process of data analysis and in doing so learnthe principles of Stata, data manipulation, graphical representation, and programs toautomate repetitive tasks. This third edition includes advanced topics, such as factor-variables notation, average marginal effects, standard errors in complex survey, andmultiple imputation in a way, that beginners of both data analysis and Stata canunderstand. Using data from a longitudinal study of private households, the authorsprovide examples from the social sciences that are relatable to researchers from alldisciplines.Taylor & FrancisDesign and Analysis of Experimentswith Examples of SAS978142006060703.05.2010Oprawa: twarda 66,99John LawsonA culmination of the authors many years of consulting and teaching, "Design andAnalysis of Experiments with SAS" provides practical guidance on the computeranalysis of experimental data. It connects the objectives of research to the type ofexperimental design required, describes the actual process of creating the designand collecting the data, shows how to perform the proper analysis of the data, andillustrates the interpretation of results. Drawing on a variety of application areas, frompharmaceuticals to machinery, the book presents numerous examples ofexperiments and exercises that enable students to perform their own experiments.Harnessing the capabilities of SAS 9.2, it includes examples of SAS data stepprogramming and IML, along with procedures from SAS Stat, SAS QC, and SASOR. The text also shows how to display experimental results graphically using SAScodes graphics. The author emphasizes how the sample size, the assignment ofexperimental units to combinations of treatment factor levels (error control), and theselection of treatment factor combinations (treatment design) affect the resultingvariance and bias of estimates as well as the validity of conclusions.Taylor & FrancisDesign of Experiments: An IntroductionBased on Linear Models978158488923627.07.2010Oprawa: twarda 62,99Max MorrisOffering deep insight into the connections between design choice and the resultingstatistical analysis, Design of Experiments: An Introduction Based on Linear Modelsexplores how experiments are designed using the language of linear statisticalmodels. The book presents an organized framework for understanding the statisticalaspects of experimental design as a whole within the structure provided by generallinear models, rather than as a collection of seemingly unrelated solutions to uniqueproblems. The core material can be found in the rst thirteen chapters. Thesechapters cover a review of linear statistical models, completely randomized designs,randomized complete blocks designs, Latin squares, analysis of data fromorthogonally blocked designs, balanced incomplete block designs, random blockeffects, split-plot designs, and two-level factorial experiments. The remainder of thetext discusses factorial group screening experiments, regression model design, andan introduction to optimal design. To emphasize the practical value of design, mostchapters contain a short example of a real-world experiment.Taylor & FrancisDesign of Observational Studies978144191212106.11.2009Oprawa: twarda 76,95Paul R. RosenbaumAn observational study is an empiric investigation of effects caused by treatmentswhen randomized experimentation is unethical or infeasible. Observational studiesare common in most elds that study the effects of treatments on people, includingmedicine, economics, epidemiology, education, psychology, political science andsociology. The quality and strength of evidence provided by an observational studyis determined largely by its design. Design of Observational Studies is both anintroduction to statistical inference in observational studies and a detailed discussionof the principles that guide the design of observational studies. Design ofObservational Studies is divided into four parts. Chapters 2, 3, and 5 of Part I coverconcisely, in about one hundred pages, many of the ideas discussed inRosenbaums Observational Studies (also published by Springer) but in a lesstechnical fashion. Part II discusses the practical aspects of using propensity scoresand other tools to create a matched comparison that balances many covariates.Part II includes a chapter on matching in R.SpringerDirichlet and Related Distributions978047068819913.04.2011Oprawa: twarda 257,00Kai Wang NgThe Dirichlet distribution appears in many areas of application, which includemodelling of compositional data, Bayesian analysis, statistical genetics, andnonparametric inference. This book provides a comprehensive review of the Dirichletdistribution and two extended versions, the Grouped Dirichlet Distribution (GDD) andthe Nested Dirichlet Distribution (NDD), arising from likelihood and Bayesian analysisof incomplete categorical data and survey data with non-response.The theoretical properties and applications are also reviewed in detail for otherrelated distributions, such as the inverted Dirichlet distribution, Dirichlet-multinomialdistribution, the truncated Dirichlet distribution, the generalized Dirichlet distribution,Hyper-Dirichlet distribution, scaled Dirichlet distribution, mixed Dirichlet distribution,Liouville distribution, and the generalized Liouville distribution.WileyDiscovering Statistics Using IBM SPSSStatistics978144624918531.03.2013Oprawa: mikka 41,99Andy FieldUnrivalled in the way it makes the teaching of statistics compelling and accessible toeven the most anxious of students, the only statistics textbook you and yourstudents will ever need just got better! Andy Fields bestselling Discovering StatisticsUsing SPSS 4th Edition, already an immensely comprehensive textbook - takingstudents from rst principles to advanced statistical concepts, and all the whilegrounding knowledge through the use of SPSS - now focuses on providing essentialupdates, better accessibility to its key features, more instructor resources andbroader reach to new student groups - with powerful new digital developments onthe textbooks companion website. New to the 4th Edition - New WebAssign(R)facility. If you adopt this for use on your course it will allow you to produce andmanage assignments online with your students and includes a grading facility tomonitor students progress. Students can practise questions over and over and beprovided with instant feedback and links to the accompanying Ebook where correctsolutions can be found - The mobile study facility encourages students equippedwith smartphones and tablets to access revision material such as CrammingSAGE... 74. Statystyka oglna74 www.abe.plDiscovering Statistics Using R978144620046901.03.2012Oprawa: mikka 46,99FieldKeeping the uniquely humorous and self-deprecating style that has made studentsacross the world fall in love with Andy Fields books, Discovering Statistics Using Rtakes students on a journey of statistical discovery using R, a free, exible anddynamically changing software tool for data analysis that is becoming increasinglypopular across the social and behavioural sciences throughout the world.The journey begins by explaining basic statistical and research concepts before aguided tour of the R software environment. Next you discover the importance ofexploring and graphing data, before moving onto statistical tests that are thefoundations of the rest of the book (for example correlation and regression). You willthen stride condently into intermediate level analyses such as ANOVA, beforeending your journey with advanced techniques such as MANOVA and multilevelmodels. Although there is enough theory to help you gain the necessary conceptualunderstanding of what youre doing, the emphasis is on applying what you learn toplayful and real-world examples that should make the experience more fun than youmight expect.SAGEDiscovering Stats Using SAS978184920092915.02.2010Oprawa: mikka 39,99FieldHot on the heels of the 3rd edition of Andy Fields award-winning DiscoveringStatistics Using SPSS comes this brand new version for students using SAS.Andy has teamed up with a co-author, Jeremy Miles, to adapt the book with all themost up-to-date commands and programming language from SAS 9.2. If youreusing SAS, this is the only book on statistics that you will need!The book provides a comprehensive collection of statistical methods, tests andprocedures, covering everything youre likely to need to know for your course, allpresented in Andys accessible and humourous writing style. Suitable for those newto statistics as well as students on intermediate and more advanced courses, thebook walks students through from basic to advanced level concepts, all the whilereinforcing knowledge through the use of SAS.A cast of characters supports the learning process throughout the book, fromproviding tips on how to enter data in SAS properly to testing knowledge coveredin chapters interactively, and real world and invented examples illustrate theconcepts and make the techniques come alive.SAGEElementary Statistics978032170998101.01.2011Oprawa: mikka 56,99Neil A. WeissWeisss Elementary Statistics, Eighth Edition is the ideal textbook for introductorystatistics classes that emphasize statistical reasoning and critical thinking.Comprehensive in its coverage, Weisss meticulous style offers careful, detailedexplanations to ease the learning process. With more than 2,000 exercises, mostusing real data, there is a wealth of opportunity for students to apply theirknowledge and develop statistical literacy. The text is suitable for a one-semestercourse. Elementary Statistics, Eighth Edition, contains parallel presentation of critical-value and p-value approaches to hypothesis testing. This unique design allowsboth the exibility to concentrate on one approach or the opportunity for greaterdepth in comparing the two. This edition of Elementary Statistics continues thebooks tradition of being on the cutting edge of statistical pedagogy, technology,and data analysis. It includes hundreds of new and updated exercises with real datafrom journals, magazines, newspapers, and Web sites. Elementary Statistics, EighthEdition, takes a data-driven approach with more than 700 data sets documented byseveral hundred data sources.Pearson EducationElementary Statistics978032189401401.01.2013Oprawa: twarda 53,99Mario F. TriolaFrom SAT scores to job search methods, statistics inuences and shapes the worldaround us. Marty Triolas text continues to be the bestseller because it helpsstudents understand the relationship between statistics and the world, bringing lifeto the theory and methods. Elementary Statistics raises the bar with every edition byincorporating an unprecedented amount of real and interesting data that will helpinstructors connect with students today, and help them connect statistics to theirdaily lives. The Twelfth Edition contains more than 1,800 exercises, 89% of whichuse real data and 85% of which are new. Hundreds of examples are included, 91%of which use real data and 84% of which are new. New coverage of Ethics inStatistics highlights new guidelines that have been established in industry.Pearson EducationElementary Statistics Tables978041556347504.08.2011Oprawa: mikka 17,99H.R. NeaveThis book, designed for students taking a basic introductory course in statisticalanalysis, is far more than just a book of tables. Each table is accompanied by acareful but concise explanation and useful worked examples. Requiring littlemathematical background, "Elementary Statistics Tables" is thus not just a referencebook but a positive and user-friendly teaching and learning aid.Taylor & FrancisElementary Statistics Using Excel978032189024513.02.2013Oprawa: twarda 119,99Mario F. TriolaFrom SAT scores to job search methods, statistics inuences and shapes the worldaround us. Marty Triolas text continues to be the bestseller because it helpsstudents understand the relationship between statistics and the world, bringing lifeto the theory and methods. Elementary Statistics raises the bar with every edition byincorporating an unprecedented amount of real and interesting data that will helpinstructors connect with students today, and help them connect statistics to theirdaily lives. The Twelfth Edition contains more than 1,800 exercises, 89% of whichuse real data and 85% of which are new. Hundreds of examples are included, 91%of which use real data and 84% of which are new. New coverage of Ethics inStatistics highlights new guidelines that have been established in industry.Pearson Education 75. Statystyka 75Elementary Statistics Using the TI-83/84Plus Calculator978032164148908.02.2010Oprawa: twarda 113,98Mario F. Triola95% of Introductory Statistics students will never take another Statistics course.What do you want to learn? Discover the Power of Real Data Mario Triola remainsthe market-leading statistics author by engaging readers of each edition with anabundance of real data in the examples, applications, and exercises. Statistics is allaround us, and Triola helps readers understand how this course will impact theirlives beyond the classroom-as consumers, citizens, and professionals. ElementaryStatistics Using the TI-83/84 Plus Calculator, Third Edition provides extensiveinstruction for using the TI-83 and TI-84 Plus (and Silver Edition) calculators forstatistics, with information on calculator functions, images of screen displays, andprojects designed exclusively for the graphing calculator. Drawn from Triola,sElementary Statistics, Eleventh Edition, this text provides the same student-friendlyapproach with material presented in a real-world context. The Third Edition containsmore than 2,000 exercises, 87% are new, and 82% use real data. It also containshundreds of examples; 86% are new and 94% use real data.Pearson EducationElementary Statistics: Picturing theWorld978032170997424.12.2010Oprawa: twarda 67,99Ron LarsonElementary Statistics: Picturing the World, Fifth Edition, offers our most accessibleapproach to statistics-with more than 750 graphical displays that illustrate data,readers are able to visualize key statistical concepts immediately. Adhering to thephilosophy that students learn best by doing, this book relies heavily on examples-25% of the examples and exercises are new for this edition. Larson and Farbercontinue to demonstrate that statistics is all around us and that its easy tounderstand.Pearson EducationElements of Distribution Theory978110763073424.10.2011Oprawa: mikka 29,99Thomas A. SeveriniThis detailed introduction to distribution theory uses no measure theory, making itsuitable for students in statistics and econometrics as well as for researchers whouse statistical methods. Good backgrounds in calculus and linear algebra areimportant and a course in elementary mathematical analysis is useful, but notrequired. An appendix gives a detailed summary of the mathematical denitions andresults that are used in the book. Topics covered range from the basic distributionand density functions, expectation, conditioning, characteristic functions, cumulants,convergence in distribution and the central limit theorem to more advancedconcepts such as exchangeability, models with a group structure, asymptoticapproximations to integrals, orthogonal polynomials and saddlepointapproximations. The emphasis is on topics useful in understanding statisticalmethodology; thus, parametric statistical models and the distribution theoryassociated with the normal distribution are covered comprehensively.Cambridge University PressEmpirical Model Building: Data, Models,and Reality978047046703902.12.2011Oprawa: twarda 83,50James R. ThompsonPraise for the First Edition "This...novel and highly stimulating book, whichemphasizes solving real problems...should be widely read. It will have a positive andlasting effect on the teaching of modeling and statistics in general." - Short BookReviews This new edition features developments and real-world examples thatshowcase essential empirical modeling techniques Successful empirical modelbuilding is founded on the relationship between data and approximaterepresentations of the real systems that generated that data. As a result, it isessential for researchers who construct these models to possess the special skillsand techniques for producing results that are insightful, reliable, and useful.Empirical Model Building: Data, Models, and Reality, Second Edition presents ahands-on approach to the basic principles of empirical model building through ashrewd mixture of differential equations, computer-intensive methods, and data.WileyEmpirical Processes in M-estimation978052112325919.01.2010Oprawa: mikka 28,99Sara A. van de GeerThe theory of empirical processes provides valuable tools for the development ofasymptotic theory in (nonparametric) statistical models, and makes possible theunied treatment of a number of them. This book reveals the relation between theasymptotic behaviour of M-estimators and the complexity of parameter space.Virtually all results are proved using only elementary ideas developed within thebook; there is minimal recourse to abstract theoretical results. To make the resultsconcrete, a detailed treatment is presented for two important examples of M-estimation, namely maximum likelihood and least squares. The theory also coversestimation methods using penalties and sieves. Many illustrative examples are given,including the Grenander estimator, estimation of functions of bounded variation,smoothing splines, partially linear models, mixture models and image analysis.Graduate students and professionals in statistics as well as those with an interest inapplications, to such areas as econometrics, medical statistics, etc., will welcomethis treatment.Cambridge University PressEssentials of Statistical Inference978052154866329.03.2010Oprawa: mikka 21,99G.A. YoungAimed at advanced undergraduate and graduate students in mathematics andrelated disciplines, this 2005 book presents the concepts and results underlying theBayesian, frequentist and Fisherian approaches, with particular emphasis on thecontrasts between them. Computational ideas are explained, as well as basicmathematical theory. Written in a lucid and informal style, this concise text providesboth basic material on the main approaches to inference, as well as more advancedmaterial on developments in statistical theory, including: material on Bayesiancomputation, such as MCMC, higher-order likelihood theory, predictive inference,bootstrap methods and conditional inference. It contains numerous extendedexamples of the application of formal inference techniques to real data, as well ashistorical commentary on the development of the subject. Throughout, the textconcentrates on concepts, rather than mathematical detail, while maintainingappropriate levels of formality. Each chapter ends with a set of accessible problems.Cambridge University Press 76. Statystyka oglna76 www.abe.plEssentials of Statistics978032172169330.04.2010Oprawa: mikka 56,99Mario F. Triola95% of Introductory Statistics students will never take another statistics course.What do you want to learn? Discover the Power of Real Data Mario Triola remainsthe market-leading statistics author by engaging readers of each edition with anabundance of real data in the examples, applications, and exercises. Statistics is allaround us, and Triola helps readers understand how this course will impact theirlives beyond the classroom-as consumers, citizens, and professionals. Essentials ofStatistics, Fourth Edition is a more economical and streamlined introductorystatistics text. Drawn from Triolas Elementary Statistics, Eleventh Edition, this textprovides the same student-friendly approach with material presented in a real-worldcontext. The Fourth Edition contains more than 1,700 exercises (18% more than theprevious edition); 89% are new and 81% use real data. The book also containshundreds of examples; 86% are new and 92% use real data. By analyzing real data,readers are able to connect abstract concepts to the world at large, teaching themto think statistically and apply their conceptual understanding using the samemethods that professional statisticians employ.Pearson EducationEssentials of Stochastic Processes978146143614023.05.2012Oprawa: twarda 49,95Richard DurrettThis book is for a rst course in stochastic processes taken by undergraduates ormaster,s students who have had a course in probability theory. It covers Markovchains in discrete and continuous time, Poisson processes, renewal processes,martingales, and mathematical nance. One can only learn a subject by seeing it inaction, so there are a large number of examples and more than 300 carefully chosenexercises to deepen the reader,s understanding The book has undergone athorough revision since the rst edition. There are many new examples andproblems with solutions that use the TI-83 to eliminate the tedious details of solvinglinear equations by hand. Some material that was too advanced for the level hasbeen eliminated while the treatment of other topics useful for applications has beenexpanded. In addition, the ordering of topics has been improved. For example, thedifcult subject of martingales is delayed until its usefulness can be seen in thetreatment of mathematical nance. Richard Durrett received his Ph.D. in OperationsResearch from Stanford in 1976. He taught at the UCLA math department for nineyears and at Cornell for twenty-ve before moving to Duke in 2010.SpringerEveryday Probability and Statistics978184816762907.08.2012Oprawa: mikka 31,00Michael Mark WoolfsonProbability and statistics impinge on the life of the average person in a variety ofways - as is suggested by the title of this book. Very often, information is providedthat is factually accurate but intended to present a biased view. This book presentsthe important results of probability and statistics without making heavy mathematicaldemands on the reader. It should enable an intelligent reader to properly assessstatistical information and to understand that the same information can bepresented in different ways. The author presents a new chapter exploring scienceand society including the way that scientists communicate with the public on currenttopics such as global warming. The book also investigates pensions and pensionpolicy, and how they are inuenced by changing actuarial tables.World Scientic PublishingExpansions and Asymptotics forStatistics978158488590004.05.2010Oprawa: twarda 62,99Christopher G. SmallAsymptotic methods provide important tools for approximating and analysingfunctions that arise in probability and statistics. Moreover, the conclusions ofasymptotic analysis often supplement the conclusions obtained by numericalmethods. Providing a broad toolkit of analytical methods, Expansions andAsymptotics for Statistics shows how asymptotics, when coupled with numericalmethods, becomes a powerful way to acquire a deeper understanding of thetechniques used in probability and statistics.The book rst discusses the role of expansions and asymptotics in statistics, thebasic properties of power series and asymptotic series, and the study of rationalapproximations to functions. With a focus on asymptotic normality and asymptoticefciency of standard estimators, it covers various applications, such as the use ofthe delta method for bias reduction, variance stabilisation, and the construction ofnormalising transformations, as well as the standard theory derived from the work ofR.A. Fisher, H. Cramr, L. Le Cam, and others. The book then examines the closeconnection between saddle-point approximation and the Laplace method.Taylor & FrancisFisher, Neyman, and the Creation ofClassical Statistics978144199499803.08.2011Oprawa: mikka 26,95Erich L. LehmannClassical statistical theory-hypothesis testing, estimation, and the design ofexperiments and sample surveys-is mainly the creation of two men: Ronald A.Fisher (1890-1962) and Jerzy Neyman (1894-1981). Their contributions sometimescomplemented each other, sometimes occurred in parallel, and, particularly at laterstages, often were in strong opposition. The two men would not be pleased to seetheir names linked in this way, since throughout most of their working lives theydetested each other. Nevertheless, they worked on the same problems, andthrough their combined efforts created a new discipline. This new book by E.L.Lehmann, himself a student of Neymans, explores the relationship betweenNeyman and Fisher, as well as their interactions with other inuential statisticians,and the statistical history they helped create together. Lehmann uses directcorrespondence and original papers to recreate an historical account of the creationof the Neyman-Pearson Theory as well as Fishers dissent, and other importantstatistical theories.SpringerFrequency Curves and Correlation978110760129130.06.2011Oprawa: mikka 16,99William Palin EldertonOriginally published in 1906 by C. & E. Layton, Limited, this work, with its many laterimprovements, became a standard textbook on curve-tting and was several timesreissued. Reprinted here is the 1953 fourth edition of the book, published byCambridge University Press, and containing a preface by the author, Sir WilliamElderton, in which he comments on the changes that he introduced.Cambridge University Press 77. Statystyka 77From Finite Sample to AsymptoticMethods in Statistics978052187722003.01.2009Oprawa: twarda 54,00Pranab Kumar SenExact statistical inference may be employed in diverse elds of science andtechnology. As problems become more complex and sample sizes become larger,mathematical and computational difculties can arise that require the use ofapproximate statistical methods. Such methods are justied by asymptoticarguments but are still based on the concepts and principles that underlie exactstatistical inference. With this in perspective, this book presents a broad view ofexact statistical inference and the development of asymptotic statistical inference,providing a justication for the use of asymptotic methods for large samples.Methodological results are developed on a concrete and yet rigorous mathematicallevel and are applied to a variety of problems that include categorical data,regression, and survival analyses. This book is designed as a textbook for advancedundergraduate or beginning graduate students in statistics, biostatistics, or appliedstatistics but may also be used as a reference for academic researchers.Cambridge University PressFunctional Estimation for Density,Regression Models and Processes978981434373225.03.2011Oprawa: twarda 52,00Odile PonsThis book presents a unied approach on nonparametric estimators for models ofindependent observations, jump processes and continuous processes. Newestimators are dened and their limiting behavior is studied. From a practical point ofview, the book expounds on the construction of estimators for functionals ofprocesses and densities, and provides asymptotic expansions and optimalityproperties from smooth estimators. It also presents new regular estimators forfunctionals of processes, compares histogram and kernel estimators of several newestimators for single-index models, and examines the weak convergence of theestimators.World Scientic PublishingGeneralized Linear Models: withApplications in Engineering and the978047045463316.04.2010Oprawa: twarda 83,50Raymond H. MyersMaintaining the same nontechnical approach as its acclaimed predecessor, thissecond edition of Generalized Linear Models is now thoroughly extended to includethe latest developments in the eld, the most relevant computational approaches,and the most relevant examples from the elds of engineering and physicalsciences. This new edition is more tutorial in nature with added examples, exercises,and step-by-step analyses that can be easily worked using the SAS, Minitab, JMP,and R software packages. Its relevant for upper-undergraduate and graduatestudents as well as engineers, scientists, and statisticians.WileyGraphical Models with R978146142298323.02.2012Oprawa: mikka 49,95Soren HojsgaardGraphical models in their modern form have been around since the late 1970s andappear today in many areas of the sciences. Along with the ongoing developmentsof graphical models, a number of different graphical modeling software programshave been written over the years. In recent years many of these softwaredevelopments have taken place within the R community, either in the form of newpackages or by providing an R interface to existing software. This book attempts togive the reader a gentle introduction to graphical modeling using R and the mainfeatures of some of these packages. In addition, the book provides examples ofhow more advanced aspects of graphical modeling can be represented andhandled within R. Topics covered in the seven chapters include graphical modelsfor contingency tables, Gaussian and mixed graphical models, Bayesian networksand modeling high dimensional data.SpringerHandbook of Fitting StatisticalDistributions with R978158488711901.10.2010Oprawa: twarda 101,00Zaven A. KarianStrengthened by examples taken from the scientic literature, this handbookprovides statisticians and researchers across the physical and social sciences withcutting-edge methods for tting continuous probability distributions. It presentsfamilies with wide-ranging applicability, including Johnsons system, kappadistribution, and generalized lambda distribution. By providing the necessary Rprograms, the book enables practitioners to implement the techniques using Rcomputer code. To cover distribution method combinations not included in thebooks extensive tables, the authors delve into the application of computationalalgorithms and attendant approximation errors.Taylor & FrancisHandbook of Mixed MembershipModels and Their Applications978146650408026.10.2013Oprawa: twarda 63,99Edoardo M Airoldi (Harvard University, Massa-Unlike classical mixture models that are limited by the assumption that each objector individual belongs to only one mixture component, mixed membership modelshandle various data structures and multivariate data of mixed types, includinglongitudinal, sparse, and relational data structures. A compilation of peer-reviewedarticles from researchers in genetics and computer science, this volume examinesthe characteristics of mixed membership distribution. It gives a fresh take on clusterand classical modeling with a focus on posterior membership probabilities.Taylor & Francis 78. Statystyka oglna78 www.abe.plHandbook of Monte Carlo Methods978047017793801.04.2011Oprawa: twarda 96,95Dirk P. KroeseMore and more of todays numerical problems found in engineering and nance aresolved through Monte Carlo methods. The heightened popularity of these methodsand their continuing development makes it important for researchers to have acomprehensive understanding of the Monte Carlo approach. Handbook of MonteCarlo Methods provides the theory, algorithms, and applications that helps provide athorough understanding of the emerging dynamics of this rapidly-growing eld.The authors begin with a discussion of fundamentals such as how to generaterandom numbers on a computer. Subsequent chapters discuss key Monte Carlotopics and methods, including:Random variable and stochastic process generationMarkov chain Monte Carlo, featuring key algorithms such as the Metropolis-Hastings method, the Gibbs sampler, and hit-and-runDiscrete-event simulationTechniques for the statistical analysis of simulation data including the deltamethod, steady-state estimation, and kernel density estimationWileyHandbook of Parametric andNonparametric Statistical Procedures978143985801102.05.2011Oprawa: twarda 115,00David J. SheskinFollowing in the footsteps of its bestselling predecessors, the Handbook ofParametric and Nonparametric Statistical Procedures, Fifth Edition providesresearchers, teachers, and students with an all-inclusive reference on univariate,bivariate, and multivariate statistical procedures. New in the Fifth Edition:Substantial updates and new material throughout New chapters on path analysis,meta-analysis, and structural equation modeling Index numbers and time seriesanalysis applications in business and economics Statistical quality controlapplications in industry Random- and xed-effects models for the analysis ofvariance Broad in scope, the Handbook is intended for individuals involved in a widespectrum of academic disciplines encompassing the elds of mathematics, thesocial, biological, and environmental sciences, business, and education. A referencefor statistically sophisticated individuals, the Handbook is also accessible to thoselacking the theoretical or mathematical background required for understandingsubject matter typically documented in statistics reference books.Taylor & FrancisHandbook of Spatial Point PatternAnalysis in Ecology978142008254825.10.2013Oprawa: twarda 49,99Thorsten WiegandA guidebook to spatial point-pattern analysis for ecologists, this book provides acomprehensive presentation of the theory behind point-pattern analysis targeted atthe non-expert. It contains case studies, worked examples, focus boxes, abibliography, and a glossary. The book uses Programita for the analysis of allexamples and includes detailed step-by-step instructions of how to perform theanalyses within the workbook. An executable copy of Programita and all exampledata sets is available with the workbook. This book meets the growing need for aresource focusing on the applications of point patterns analysis to ecologicalproblems.Taylor & FrancisHigh-Dimensional Data Analysis978981432485415.12.2010Oprawa: twarda 59,00Tony CaiOver the last few years, signicant developments have been taking place in high-dimensional data analysis, driven primarily by a wide range of applications in manyelds such as genomics and signal processing. In particular, substantial advanceshave been made in the areas of feature selection, covariance estimation,classication and regression. This book intends to examine important issues arisingfrom high-dimensional data analysis to explore key ideas for statistical inference andprediction. It is structured around topics on multiple hypothesis testing, featureselection, regression, classication, dimension reduction, as well as applications insurvival analysis and biomedical research. This book will appeal to graduatestudents and new researchers interested in the plethora of opportunities available inhigh-dimensional data analysis.World Scientic PublishingIncomplete Block Designs978981432268331.08.2010Oprawa: twarda 52,00Aloke DeyThis book presents a systematic, rigorous and comprehensive account of the theoryand applications of incomplete block designs. All major aspects of incomplete blockdesigns are considered by consolidating vast amounts of material from the literature- the classical incomplete block designs, like the balanced incomplete block (BIB)and partially balanced incomplete block (PBIB) designs. Other developments likeefciency-balanced designs, nested designs, robust designs, C-designs and alphadesigns are also discussed, along with more recent developments in incompleteblock designs for special types of experiments, like biological assays, test-controlexperiments and diallel crosses, which are generally not covered in existing books.Results on the optimality aspects of various incomplete block designs are reviewedin a separate chapter, that also includes recent results for test-control comparisons,parallel-line assays and diallel cross experiments.World Scientic PublishingIncomplete Categorical Data Design:Non-Randomized Response978143985533116.08.2013Oprawa: twarda 57,99Guo-Liang TianUnlike the established randomized response (RR) technique, non-randomizedresponse (NRR) techniques yield reproducible results in survey design and analysis.This book presents new techniques designed to overcome the bias inherent inposing sensitive questions in sociological or behavioral science surveys, withoutrequiring a means of randomization. The authors provide a systematic introductionto NRR techniques that can overcome the limitations of RR techniques, combiningthe strengths of existing approaches, such as RR models, incomplete data design,expectation-maximization algorithm, data augmentation algorithm, and bootstrapmethod.Taylor & Francis 79. Statystyka 79Industrial Statistics: Practical Methodsand Guidance for Improved978047049716614.04.2010Oprawa: twarda 53,50Anand M. Joglekarndustrial Statistics guides you through ten practical statistical methods that havebroad applications in many different industries for enhancing research, productdesign, process design, validation, manufacturing, and continuous improvement. Asyou progress through the book, youll discover some valuable methods that arecurrently underutilized in industry as well as other methods that are often not usedcorrectly.With twenty-ve years of teaching and consulting experience, author AnandJoglekar has helped a diverse group of companies reduce costs, accelerate productdevelopment, and improve operations through the effective implementation ofstatistical methods. Based on his experience working with both clients andstudents, Dr. Joglekar focuses on real-world problem-solving. For each statisticalmethod, the book:Presents the most important underlying concepts clearly and succinctlyMinimizes mathematical details that can be delegated to a computerIllustrates applications with numerous practical examplesWileyInequalities in Analysis and Probability978981441257522.01.2013Oprawa: twarda 65,00Odile PonsThe book is aimed at graduate students and researchers with basic knowledge ofProbability and Integration Theory. It introduces classical inequalities in vector andfunctional spaces with applications to probability. It also develops new extensions ofthe analytical inequalities, with sharper bounds and generalizations to the sum or thesupremum of random variables, to martingales and to transformed Brownianmotions. The proofs of the new results are presented in great detail.World Scientic PublishingIntro Stats978032189135802.01.2013Oprawa: twarda 53,99Richard D. De VeauxRichard De Veaux, Paul Velleman, and David Bock wrote Intro Stats with the goalthat you have as much fun reading it as they did in writing it. Maintaining aconversational, humorous, and informal writing style, this new edition engagesreaders from the rst page. The authors focus on statistical thinking throughout thetext and rely on technology for calculations. As a result, students can focus ondeveloping their conceptual understanding. Innovative Think/Show/Tell examplesprovide a problem-solving framework and, more importantly, a way to think throughany statistics problem and present their results. New to the Fourth Edition is astreamlined presentation that keeps students focused on whats most important,while including out helpful features. An updated organization divides chapters intosections, with specic learning objectives to keep students on track. A detailed tableof contents assists with navigation through this new layout. Single-conceptexercises complement the existing mid- to hard-level exercises for basic skilldevelopment.Pearson EducationIntroduction to General and GeneralizedLinear Models978142009155705.11.2010Oprawa: twarda 41,99Poul ThyregodSince the mathematics behind generalized linear models is often difcult to followwhile the mathematics behind general linear models is well understood, this textdescribes the methodology behind both models in a parallel setup. After introducinga likelihood framework that is sufcient to cover both approaches, the authorspresent general linear models, including analysis of covariance, before moving on tomore complicated generalized linear models using the same likelihood-basedapproach. Numerous simulated and real-world examples, implemented using R andSAS, illustrate the methods discussed. The text also provides exercises to furtherdevelop understanding.Taylor & FrancisIntroduction to Linear RegressionAnalysis978047054281127.04.2012Oprawa: twarda 90,50Douglas C. MontgomeryPraise for the Fourth Edition "As with previous editions, the authors have produceda leading textbook on regression." -- Journal of the American Statistical AssociationA comprehensive and up-to-date introduction to the fundamentals of regressionanalysis Introduction to Linear Regression Analysis, Fifth Edition continues topresent both the conventional and less common uses of linear regression in todayscutting-edge scientic research. The authors blend both theory and application toequip readers with an understanding of the basic principles needed to applyregression model-building techniques in various elds of study, includingengineering, management, and the health sciences. Following a generalintroduction to regression modeling, including typical applications, a host oftechnical tools are outlined such as basic inference procedures, introductoryaspects of model adequacy checking, and polynomial regression models and theirvariations. The book then discusses how transformations and weighted leastsquares can be used to resolve problems of model inadequacy and also how todeal with inuential observations.WileyIntroduction to Modeling and Analysisof Stochastic Systems978144191771310.11.2010Oprawa: twarda 79,95V. G. KulkarniThis book provides a self-contained review of all the relevant topics in probabilitytheory. A software package called MAXIM, which runs on MATLAB, is madeavailable for downloading. Vidyadhar G. Kulkarni is Professor of OperationsResearch at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.Springer 80. Statystyka oglna80 www.abe.plIntroduction to the Theory of StatisticalInference978143985292725.07.2011Oprawa: mikka 31,99Silvelyn ZwanzigBased on the authors lecture notes, Introduction to the Theory of StatisticalInference presents concise yet complete coverage of statistical inference theory,focusing on the fundamental classical principles. Suitable for a second-semesterundergraduate course on statistical inference, the book offers proofs to support themathematics. It illustrates core concepts using cartoons and provides solutions to allexamples and problems. Highlights Basic notations and ideas of statistical inferenceare explained in a mathematically rigorous, but understandable, form Classroom-tested and designed for students of mathematical statistics Examples, applicationsof the general theory to special cases, exercises, and gures provide a deeperinsight into the material Solutions provided for problems formulated at the end ofeach chapter Combines the theoretical basis of statistical inference with a usefulapplied toolbox that includes linear models Theoretical, difcult, or frequentlymisunderstood problems are marked The book is aimed at advancedundergraduate students, graduate students in mathematics and statistics, andtheoretically-interested students from other disciplines.Taylor & FrancisIntroduction to Time Series Using Stata978159718132708.02.2013Oprawa: mikka 49,99Sean BeckettiRecent decades have witnessed explosive growth in new and powerful tools fortimeseries analysis. These innovations have overturned older approaches toforecasting, macroeconomic policy analysis, the study of productivity and long-runeconomic growth, and the trading of nancial assets. Familiarity with these newtools on time series is an essential skill for statisticians, econometricians, andapplied researchers. Introduction to Time Series Using Stata provides a step-by-step guide to essential timeseries techniques-from the incredibly simple to the quitecomplex-and, at the same time, demonstrates how these techniques can be appliedin the Stata statistical package. The emphasis is on an understanding of the intuitionunderlying theoretical innovations and an ability to apply them. Real-world examplesillustrate the application of each concept as it is introduced, and care is taken tohighlight the pitfalls, as well as the power, of each new tool. Sean Becketti is anancial industry veteran with three decades of experience in academics,government, and private industry.Taylor & FrancisIntroductory Statistics978032174045801.10.2010Oprawa: twarda 63,99Neil A. WeissWeisss Introductory Statistics, Ninth Edition is the ideal textbook for introductorystatistics classes that emphasize statistical reasoning and critical thinking. The text issuitable for a one- or two-semester course. Comprehensive in its coverage, Weisssmeticulous style offers careful, detailed explanations to ease the learning process.With more than 1,000 data sets and more than 2,600 exercises, most using realdata, this text takes a data-driven approach that encourages students to apply theirknowledge and develop statistical literacy. Introductory Statistics, Ninth Edition,contains parallel presentation of critical-value and p-value approaches to hypothesistesting. This unique design allows both the exibility to concentrate on oneapproach or the opportunity for greater depth in comparing the two. This editioncontinues the books tradition of being on the cutting edge of statistical pedagogy,technology, and data analysis. It includes hundreds of new and updated exerciseswith real data from journals, magazines, newspapers, and websites. Datasets andother resources (where applicable) for this book are available here.Pearson EducationIntroductory Statistics: A ConceptualApproach Using R978041599600617.12.2012Oprawa: mikka 60,00William B. WareThis comprehensive and uniquely organized text is aimed at undergraduate andgraduate level statistics courses in education, psychology, and other socialsciences. A conceptual approach, built around common issues and problems ratherthan statistical techniques, allows students to understand the conceptual nature ofstatistical procedures and to focus more on cases and examples of analysis.Wherever possible, presentations contain explanations of the underlying reasonsbehind a technique. Importantly, this is one of the rst statistics texts in the socialsciences using R as the principal statistical package. Key features include thefollowing. Conceptual Focus - The focus throughout is more on conceptualunderstanding and attainment of statistical literacy and thinking than on learning aset of tools and procedures. Problems and Cases - Chapters and sections openwith examples of situations related to the forthcoming issues, and major sectionsends with a case study.Taylor & FrancisIntroductory Statistics: Exploring theWorld Through Data978032132215927.12.2011Oprawa: twarda 75,99Robert GouldWe live in a data-driven world, and this is a book about understanding and workingwith that data. In order to be informed citizens, authors Rob Gould and ColleenRyan believe that learning statistics extends beyond the classroom to an essentiallife skill. They teach students of all math backgrounds how to think about data, howto reason using data, and how to make decisions based on data. With a clear,unintimidating writing style and carefully chosen pedagogy,Introductory Statistics:Exploring the World through Data makes data analysis accessible to all students.Guided Exercises support students by building their condence as they learn tosolve problems. Snapshots summarize statistical procedures and concepts forconvenient studying. While this text assumes the use of statistical software, formulasare presented as an aid to understanding the concepts rather than the focus ofstudy. Check Your Tech features demonstrate how students will get the samenumerical value by-hand as when using statistical software.Pearson EducationIntroductory Time Series with R978038788697801.04.2009Oprawa: mikka 49,95Paul S.P. CowpertwaitYearly global mean temperature and ocean levels, daily share prices, and the signalstransmitted back to Earth by the Voyager space craft are all examples of sequentialobservations over time known as time series. This book gives you a step-by-stepintroduction to analysing time series using the open source software R. Each timeseries model is motivated with practical applications, and is dened in mathematicalnotation. Once the model has been introduced it is used to generate synthetic data,using R code, and these generated data are then used to estimate its parameters.This sequence enhances understanding of both the time series model and the Rfunction used to t the model to data. Finally, the model is used to analyse observeddata taken from a practical application. By using R, the whole procedure can bereproduced by the reader. All the data sets used in the book are available on thewebsite The book is written forundergraduate students of mathematics, economics, business and nance,geography, engineering and related disciplines, and postgraduate students whomay need to analyse time series as part of their taught programme or theirSpringer... 81. Statystyka 81Kendalls Advanced Theory of Statistics978047066954909.02.2010Oprawa: twarda 257,00Alan StuartWileyLarge Sample Inference for LongMemory Processes978184816278501.07.2010Oprawa: twarda 78,00Liudas GiraitisA discrete-time stationary stochastic process with nite variance is said to have longmemory if its autocorrelations tend to zero hyperbolically in the lag, i.e. like a powerof the lag, as the lag tends to innity. The absolute sum of autocorrelations of suchprocesses diverges and their spectral density at the origin is unbounded. This isunlike the so-called weakly dependent processes, where autocorrelations tend tozero exponentially fast and the spectral density is bounded at the origin. In a longmemory process, the dependence between the current observation and the one ata distant future is persistent; whereas in the weakly dependent processes, theseobservations are approximately independent. This fact alone is enough to warn aperson about the validity of the classical inference procedures based on the squareroot of the sample size standardization when data are generated by a long-termmemory process. The aim of this volume is to provide a text at the graduate levelfrom which one can learn, in a concise fashion, some basic theory and techniquesof proving limit theorems for numerous statistics based on long memory processes.World Scientic PublishingLarge-Scale Inference978110761967829.11.2012Oprawa: mikka 24,99Bradley EfronWe live in a new age for statistical inference, where modern scientic technologysuch as microarrays and fMRI machines routinely produce thousands andsometimes millions of parallel data sets, each with its own estimation or testingproblem. Doing thousands of problems at once is more than repeated application ofclassical methods. Taking an empirical Bayes approach, Bradley Efron, inventor ofthe bootstrap, shows how information accrues across problems in a way thatcombines Bayesian and frequentist ideas. Estimation, testing and prediction blend inthis framework, producing opportunities for new methodologies of increased power.New difculties also arise, easily leading to awed inferences. This book takes acareful look at both the promise and pitfalls of large-scale statistical inference, withparticular attention to false discovery rates, the most successful of the newstatistical techniques. Emphasis is on the inferential ideas underlying technicaldevelopments, illustrated using a large number of real examples.Cambridge University PressLatent Class and Latent TransitionAnalysis978047022839512.01.2010Oprawa: twarda 71,95Linda M. CollinsOne of the few books on latent class analysis (LCA) and latent transition analysis(LTA) with a comprehensive treatment of longitudinal latent class models, LatentClass and Latent Transition Analysis reects improvements in statistical computingas the most up-to-date reference for theoretical, technical, and practical issues incross-sectional and longitudinal data. Plentiful examples enable the reader toacquire a thorough conceptual and technical understanding and to apply techniquesto address empirical research questions. Researchers seeking an advancedintroduction to LCA and LTA and graduate students will benet from this text.WileyLatent Variable Models and FactorAnalysis978047097192515.07.2011Oprawa: twarda 55,00David J. BartholomewLatent Variable Models and Factor Analysis provides a comprehensive and uniedapproach to factor analysis and latent variable modeling from a statisticalperspective. This book presents a general framework to enable the derivation of thecommonly used models, along with updated numerical examples. Nature andinterpretation of a latent variable is also introduced along with related techniques forinvestigating dependency. This book: Provides a unied approach showing howsuch apparently diverse methods as Latent Class Analysis and Factor Analysis areactually members of the same family. Presents new material on ordered manifestvariables, MCMC methods, non-linear models as well as a new chapter on relatedtechniques for investigating dependency. Includes new sections on structuralequation models (SEM) and Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods for parameterestimation, along with new illustrative examples. Looks at recent developments ongoodness-of-t test statistics and on non-linear models and models with mixedlatent variables, both categorical and continuous.WileyMaximum Likelihood Estimation andInference978047009482202.09.2011Oprawa: twarda 60,00Russell B. MillarThis book takes a fresh look at the popular and well-established method ofmaximum likelihood for statistical estimation and inference. It begins with an intuitiveintroduction to the concepts and background of likelihood, and moves through tothe latest developments in maximum likelihood methodology, including generallatent variable models and new material for the practical implementation ofintegrated likelihood using the free ADMB software. Fundamental issues of statisticalinference are also examined, with a presentation of some of the philosophicaldebates underlying the choice of statistical paradigm. Key features: Provides anaccessible introduction to pragmatic maximum likelihood modelling. Covers moreadvanced topics, including general forms of latent variable models (including non-linear and non-normal mixed-effects and state-space models) and the use ofmaximum likelihood variants, such as estimating equations, conditional likelihood,restricted likelihood and integrated likelihood. Adopts a practical approach, with afocus on providing the relevant tools required by researchers and practitioners whocollect and analyze real data.Wiley 82. Statystyka oglna82 www.abe.plMethodology in Robust andNonparametric Statistics978143984068930.07.2012Oprawa: twarda 63,99Jana JureckovaRobust and nonparametric statistical methods have their foundation in elds rangingfrom agricultural science to astronomy, from biomedical sciences to the publichealth disciplines, and, more recently, in genomics, bioinformatics, and nancialstatistics. These disciplines are presently nourished by data mining and high-levelcomputer-based algorithms, but to work actively with robust and nonparametricprocedures, practitioners need to understand their background. Explaining theunderpinnings of robust methods and recent theoretical developments,Methodology in Robust and Nonparametric Statistics provides a profoundmathematically rigorous explanation of the methodology of robust andnonparametric statistical procedures. Thoroughly up-to-date, this book Presentsmultivariate robust and nonparametric estimation with special emphasis on afne-equivariant procedures, followed by hypotheses testing and condence sets Keepsmathematical abstractions at bay while remaining largely theoretical Provides a poolof basic mathematical tools used throughout the book in derivations of main resultsTaylor & FrancisMixture978111999389606.05.2011Oprawa: twarda 60,00Christian RobertThis book uses the EM (expectation maximization) algorithm to simultaneouslyestimate the missing data and unknown parameter(s) associated with a data set.The parameters describe the component distributions of the mixture; thedistributions may be continuous or discrete.The editors provide a complete account of the applications, mathematical structureand statistical analysis of nite mixture distributions along with MCMC computationalmethods, together with a range of detailed discussions covering the applications ofthe methods and features chapters from the leading experts on the subject. Theapplications are drawn from scientic discipline, including biostatistics, computerscience, ecology and nance. This area of statistics is important to a range ofdisciplines, and its methodology attracts interest from researchers in the elds inwhich it can be applied.WileyModelling Under Risk and Uncertainty978047069514219.04.2012Oprawa: twarda 70,00Etienne de RocquignyModelling has permeated virtually all areas of industrial, environmental, economic,bio-medical or civil engineering: yet the use of models for decision-making raises anumber of issues to which this book is dedicated: How uncertain is my model ? Is ittruly valuable to support decision-making ? What kind of decision can be trulysupported and how can I handle residual uncertainty ? How much rened shouldthe mathematical description be, given the true data limitations ? Could theuncertainty be reduced through more data, increased modeling investment orcomputational budget ? Should it be reduced now or later ? How robust is theanalysis or the computational methods involved ? Should / could those methods bemore robust ? Does it make sense to handle uncertainty, risk, lack of knowledge,variability or errors altogether ? How reasonable is the choice of probabilisticmodeling for rare events ? How rare are the events to be considered? How far doesit make sense to handle extreme events and elaborate condence gures ? Can Itake advantage of expert / phenomenological knowledge to tighten the probabilisticgures ?WileyModern Elementary Statistics978013174258121.11.2005Oprawa: twarda 55,26Benjamin PerlesThis book is intended for use in a rst course in Statistics. There is a systematicacademic approach in "Modern Elementary Statistics". Its emphasis is onintroduction to meaningful, well-established statistical techniques. The future wouldbe medical doctor, business executive, scientist, teacher, or other professionalspecialist must comprehend and be skillful in the application of baisc statistical toolsand methodology. The students knowledge is greatly enhanced by repeatedexposure to statistical exercises.Pearson EducationModern Multivariate StatisticalTechniques9780387781884Aug 2008Oprawa: twarda 73,95Alan Julian IzenmanThis is the rst book on multivariate analysis to look at large data sets whichdescribes the state of the art in analyzing such data. Material such as databasemanagement systems is included that has never appeared in statistics booksbefore.SpringerModern Research Methods for theStudy of Behavior in Organizations978041588559122.04.2013Oprawa: twarda 57,00Jose M. CortinaThe goal for the chapters in this book SIOP Organizational Frontiers series volumeis to challenge researchers to break away from the rote application of traditionalmethodologies and to capitalize upon the wealth of data collection and analyticstrategies available to them. In that spirit, many of the chapters in this book dealwith methodologies that encourage organizational scientists to re-conceptualizephenomena of interest (e.g., experience sampling, catastrophe modeling), employnovel data collection strategies (e.g., data mining, Petri nets), and/or applysophisticated analytic techniques (e.g., latent class analysis). The editors believethat these chapters provide compelling solutions for the complex problems faced byorganizational researchers.Taylor & Francis 83. Statystyka 83Multi-Armed Bandit Allocation Indices978047067002611.03.2011Oprawa: twarda 68,95John C. GittinsIn 1989 the rst edition of this book set out Gittins pioneering index solution to themulti-armed bandit problem and his subsequent investigation of a wide of sequentialresource allocation and stochastic scheduling problems. Since then there has beena remarkable owering of new insights, generalizations and applications, to whichGlazebrook and Weber have made major contributions. This second edition bringsthe story up to date. There are new chapters on the achievable region approach tostochastic optimization problems, the construction of performance bounds forsuboptimal policies, Whittles restless bandits, and the use of Lagrangian relaxationin the construction and evaluation of index policies. Some of the many varied proofsof the index theorem are discussed along with the insights that they provide. Manycontemporary applications are surveyed, and over 150 new references are included.Over the past 40 years the Gittins index has helped theoreticians and practitionersto address a huge variety of problems within chemometrics, economics,engineering, numerical analysis, operational research, probability, statistics andwebsite design.WileyMultilevel Statistical Models978047074865722.10.2010Oprawa: twarda 62,50Harvey GoldsteinThroughout the social, medical and other sciences the importance of understandingcomplex hierarchical data structures is well understood. Multilevel modelling is nowthe accepted statistical technique for handling such data and is widely available incomputer software packages. A thorough understanding of these techniques istherefore important for all those working in these areas. This new edition of MultilevelStatistical Models brings these techniques together, starting from basic ideas andillustrating how more complex models are derived. Bayesian methodology usingMCMC has been extended along with new material on smoothing models,multivariate responses, missing data, latent normal transformations for discreteresponses, structural equation modeling and survival models. Key Features:*Provides a clear introduction and a comprehensive account of multilevel models.*New methodological developments and applications are explored.* Written by aleading expert in the eld of multilevel methodology.* Illustrated throughout with real-life examples, explaining theoretical concepts.WileyMultiple Comparison Procedures978047056833023.08.2011Oprawa: mikka 60,50Yosef HochbergOffering a balanced, up-to-date view of multiple comparison procedures, this bookrefutes the belief held by some statisticians that such procedures have no place indata analysis. With equal emphasis on theory and applications, it establishes theadvantages of multiple comparison techniques in reducing error rates and inensuring the validity of statistical inferences. Provides detailed descriptions of thederivation and implementation of a variety of procedures, paying particular attentionto classical approaches and condence estimation procedures. Also discusses thebenets and drawbacks of other methods. Numerous examples and tables forimplementing procedures are included, making this work both practical andinformative.WileyMultivariate Generalized Linear MixedModels Using R978143981326320.04.2011Oprawa: twarda 59,99Damon M. BerridgeTo provide researchers with the ability to analyze large and complex data sets usingrobust models, this book presents a unied framework for a broad class of modelsthat can be applied using a dedicated R package (Sabre). The rst ve chapterscover the analysis of multilevel models using univariate generalized linear mixedmodels (GLMMs). The next few chapters extend to multivariate GLMMs and the lastchapters address more specialized topics, such as parallel computing for large-scale analyses. Each chapter includes many real-world examples implementedusing Sabre as well as exercises and suggestions for further reading. Appendicescover selected background topics and computing aspects.Taylor & FrancisMultivariate Statistics978047041169809.02.2010Oprawa: twarda 80,50Yasunori FujikoshiWritten by well-known, award-winning authors, this is the rst book to focus on high-dimensional data analysis while presenting real-world applications and researchmaterial. Emphasizing that high-dimensional asymptotic distribution can be used fora large range of samples and dimensions to achieve high levels of accuracy, thistimely text provides approximation formulas, actual applications, thorough analysisof the real data, and solutions to each problem that are useful to both practical andtheoretical statisticians as well as graduate students.WileyMultivariate Statistics: Theory andApplications978981444939731.03.2013Oprawa: twarda 65,00Tonu KolloThe book aims to present a wide range of the newest results on multivariatestatistical models, distribution theory and applications of multivariate statisticalmethods. A paper on PearsonKotzDirichlet distributions by Professor NBalakrishnan contains main results of the Samuel Kotz Memorial Lecture.Extensions of linear models to multivariate exponential dispersion models andGrowth Curve models are presented, and several papers on classication methodsare included. Applications range from insurance mathematics to medical andindustrial statistics and sampling algorithms.World Scientic Publishing 84. Statystyka oglna84 www.abe.plNegative Binomial Regression978052119815817.03.2011Oprawa: twarda 54,00Joseph M. HilbeThis second edition of Hilbes Negative Binomial Regression is a substantialenhancement to the popular rst edition. The only text devoted entirely to thenegative binomial model and its many variations, nearly every model discussed inthe literature is addressed. The theoretical and distributional background of eachmodel is discussed, together with examples of their construction, application,interpretation and evaluation. Complete Stata and R codes are provided throughoutthe text, with additional code (plus SAS), derivations and data provided on thebooks website. Written for the practising researcher, the text begins with anexamination of risk and rate ratios, and of the estimating algorithms used to modelcount data. The book then gives an in-depth analysis of Poisson regression and anevaluation of the meaning and nature of overdispersion, followed by acomprehensive analysis of the negative binomial distribution and of itsparameterizations into various models for evaluating count data.Cambridge University PressNew Developments and Techniques inStructural Equation Modeling978041565572928.08.2012Oprawa: mikka 28,00George A. MarcoulidesFeaturing contributions from some of the leading researchers in the eld of SEM,most chapters are written by the author(s) who originally proposed the techniqueand/or contributed substantially to its development. Content highlights include latentvariable mixture modeling, multilevel modeling, interaction modeling, models fordealing with nonstandard and noncompliance samples, the latest on the analysis ofgrowth curve and longitudinal data, specication searches, item parceling, andequivalent models. This volume will appeal to educators, psychologists, biologists,business professionals, medical researchers, and other social and health scientists.It is assumed that the reader has mastered the equivalent of a graduate-levelmultivariate statistics course that included coverage of introductory SEM techniques.Taylor & FrancisNonlinear Times Series978146650225316.08.2013Oprawa: twarda 63,99Eric MoulinesThis text emphasizes nonlinear models for a course in time series analysis. Afterintroducing stochastic processes, Markov chains, Poisson processes, and ARMAmodels, the authors cover functional autoregressive, ARCH, threshold AR, anddiscrete time series models as well as several complementary approaches. Theydiscuss the main limit theorems for Markov chains, useful inequalities, statisticaltechniques to infer model parameters, and GLMs. Moving on to HMM models, thebook examines ltering and smoothing, parametric and nonparametric inference,advanced particle ltering, and numerical methods for inference.Taylor & FrancisNonparametric Inference on Manifolds978110701958405.04.2012Oprawa: twarda 50,00Abhishek BhattacharyaThis book introduces in a systematic manner a general nonparametric theory ofstatistics on manifolds, with emphasis on manifolds of shapes. The theory hasimportant and varied applications in medical diagnostics, image analysis, andmachine vision. An early chapter of examples establishes the effectiveness of thenew methods and demonstrates how they outperform their parametric counterparts.Inference is developed for both intrinsic and extrinsic Frechet means of probabilitydistributions on manifolds, then applied to shape spaces dened as orbits oflandmarks under a Lie group of transformations - in particular, similarity, reectionsimilarity, afne and projective transformations. In addition, nonparametric Bayesiantheory is adapted and extended to manifolds for the purposes of density estimation,regression and classication. Ideal for statisticians who analyze manifold data andwish to develop their own methodology, this book is also of interest to probabilists,mathematicians, computer scientists and morphometricians with mathematicaltraining.Cambridge University PressNonparametric Statistical Inference978142007761226.07.2010Oprawa: twarda 66,99Jean Dickinson GibbonsProven Material for a Course on the Introduction to the Theory and/or on theApplications of Classical Nonparametric Methods Since its rst publication in 1971,Nonparametric Statistical Inference has been widely regarded as the source forlearning about nonparametric statistics. The fth edition carries on this tradition whilethoroughly revising at least 50 percent of the material. New to the Fifth EditionUpdated and revised contents based on recent journal articles in the literature Anew section in the chapter on goodness-of-t tests A new chapter that offerspractical guidance on how to choose among the various nonparametric procedurescovered Additional problems and examples Improved computer gures Thisclassic, best-selling statistics book continues to cover the most commonly usednonparametric procedures. The authors carefully state the assumptions, develop thetheory behind the procedures, and illustrate the techniques using realistic researchexamples from the social, behavioral, and life sciences. For most procedures, theypresent the tests of hypotheses, condence interval estimation, sample sizedetermination, power, and comparisons of other relevant procedures.Taylor & FrancisNonparametric Statistical Methods andRelated Topics: A Festschrift in Honor978981436656421.09.2011Oprawa: twarda 88,00F. J. SamaniegoThis volume consists of 22 research papers by leading researchers in Probabilityand Statistics. Many of the papers are focused on themes that ProfessorBhattacharya has published on research. Topics of special interest includenonparametric inference, nonparametric curve tting, linear model theory, Bayesiannonparametrics, change point problems, time series analysis and asymptotic theory.This volume presents state-of-the-art research in statistical theory, with an emphasison nonparametric inference, linear model theory, time series analysis and asymptotictheory. It will serve as a valuable reference to the statistics research community aswell as to practitioners who utilize methodology in these areas of emphasis.World Scientic Publishing 85. Statystyka 85Nonparametric Statistics and MixtureModels978981434055704.01.2011Oprawa: twarda 41,00David HunterThis festschrift includes papers authored by many collaborators, colleagues, andstudents of Professor Thomas P Hettmansperger, who worked in research innonparametric statistics, rank statistics, robustness, and mixture models during acareer that spanned nearly 40 years. It is a broad sample of peer-reviewed, cutting-edge research related to nonparametrics and mixture models.World Scientic PublishingNonparametric Statistics on Manifoldsand Their Applications978143982050615.10.2012Oprawa: twarda 57,99Victor PatrangenaruRequiring only a background in mathematical statistics or analysis, this bookprovides the rst comprehensive look at the statistics of manifolds. It presentslocation and spread parameters for distribution on manifolds, followed by key largesample theory results. The text also addresses inference of two samples,nonparametric MANOVA, principal component analysis, and density estimation onmanifolds. A special section is dedicated to a nonparametric statistical analysis oncertain special manifolds arising in statistics. The nal part of the text focuses onconcrete applications in astronomy, image analysis, medical imaging, bioinformatics,and pattern recognition.Taylor & FrancisNotes on Statistics and Data Quality forAnalytical Chemists978184816617217.02.2011Oprawa: mikka 34,00Michael ThompsonThe book is intended to help analytical chemists feel comfortable with the commonlyused statistical operations and make effective use of the results. The emphasis is oncomputer-based methods that are applied in relation to measurement and thequality of the resulting data. The book is intended for analytical chemists working inindustry but is at the level required for students taking rst degrees or an MSc inanalytical chemistry. The book is divided into quite short sections, each dealing witha single topic. The sections are as far as possible self-contained, but are extensivelycross-referenced. The book can therefore be used either systematically by readingthe sections sequentially, or as a quick reference by going directly to the topic ofinterest. Every statistical method and application covered has at least one examplewhere the results are analysed in detail. This enables readers to emulate thisanalysis on their own examples. All of the datasets used in examples are availablefor download, so that readers can compare their own output with that of the bookand thus verify that they are entering data correctly into the statistical package thatthey happen to use.World Scientic PublishingOptimal Experimental Design with R978143981697424.05.2011Oprawa: twarda 66,99Dieter RaschExperimental design is often overlooked in the literature of applied and mathematicalstatistics: statistics is taught and understood as merely a collection of methods foranalyzing data. Consequently, experimenters seldom think about optimal design,including prerequisites such as the necessary sample size needed for a preciseanswer for an experimental question. Providing a concise introduction toexperimental design theory, Optimal Experimental Design with R: Introduces thephilosophy of experimental design Provides an easy process for constructingexperimental designs and calculating necessary sample size using R programsTeaches by example using a custom made R program package: OPDOE Consistingof detailed, data-rich examples, this book introduces experimenters to thephilosophy of experimentation, experimental design, and data collection. It givesresearchers and statisticians guidance in the construction of optimum experimentaldesigns using R programs, including sample size calculations, hypothesis testing,and condence estimation. A nal chapter of in-depth theoretical details is includedfor interested mathematical statisticians.Taylor & FrancisPractical Multivariate Analysis978143981680612.07.2011Oprawa: twarda 46,99A. A. AThis new version of the bestselling Computer-Aided Multivariate Analysis has beenappropriately renamed to better characterize the nature of the book. Taking intoaccount novel multivariate analyses as well as new options for many standardmethods, Practical Multivariate Analysis, Fifth Edition shows readers how to performmultivariate statistical analyses and understand the results. For each of thetechniques presented in this edition, the authors use the most recent softwareversions available and discuss the most modern ways of performing the analysis.New to the Fifth EditionChapter on regression of correlated outcomes resulting from clustered orlongitudinal samplesReorganization of the chapter on data analysis preparation to reect currentsoftware packagesUse of R statistical softwareUpdated and reorganized references and summary tablesAdditional end-of-chapter problems and data setsTaylor & FrancisPractical Statistics for Geographers andEarth Scientists978047084915607.01.2011Oprawa: mikka 24,95Nigel WalfordPractical Statistics for Geographers and Earth Scientists is a text that all studentscan work through, regardless of their geography or earth science stream degreepathway and their existing mathematical knowledge. The text demysties themathematical component of statistics and presents these techniques in an easy-to-understand fashion. Case studies that illustrate the workings of each techniquethrough photographs and diagrams will help students visualize some of theprocesses involved. Also covered in the book is a clear explanation of how statisticalsoftware packages work.Wiley 86. Statystyka oglna86 www.abe.plPracticing Statistics978032158601827.12.2011Oprawa: twarda 55,99Shonda KuiperBuilding on the introductory course, Practicing Statistics: Guided Investigations forthe Second Course presents a variety of compelling topics for a second course instatistics, such as multiple regression, nonparametric methods, and survivalanalysis. Every topic is introduced in the context of a real-world research question,asking students to explore the concepts rsthand with guided activities andresearch projects. The number of students taking AP Statistics continues to rise,and the number of students taking an introductory statistics course has more thandoubled since 1990. As a result, the goals of the second course have changed.This course must engage students from multiple disciplines and demonstrate thebroad applicability of statistics to their lives. To that end, this text takes an inquiry-based approach that teaches advanced statistical techniques through group workand hands-on exploration using real research questions. The chapters are modular,so that instructors can select only the topics relevant to their course, and teachthem in any order. The only prerequisite is an algebra-based introductory statisticsor AP statistics course.Pearson EducationPrinciples of Applied Statistics978110764445828.07.2011Oprawa: mikka 24,99D. R. CoxApplied statistics is more than data analysis, but it is easy to lose sight of the bigpicture. David Cox and Christl Donnelly distil decades of scientic experience intousable principles for the successful application of statistics, showing how goodstatistical strategy shapes every stage of an investigation. As you advance fromresearch or policy question, to study design, through modelling and interpretation,and nally to meaningful conclusions, this book will be a valuable guide. Over ahundred illustrations from a wide variety of real applications make the conceptualpoints concrete, illuminating your path and deepening your understanding. Thisbook is essential reading for anyone who makes extensive use of statistical methodsin their work.Cambridge University PressR by Example978146141364617.11.2011Oprawa: twarda 54,95Jim AlbertR by Example is an example-based introduction to the statistical computingenvironment that does not assume any previous familiarity with R or other softwarepackages. R functions are presented in the context of interesting applications withreal data. The purpose of this book is to illustrate a range of statistical andprobability computations using R for people who are learning, teaching, or usingstatistics. Specically, this book is written for users who have covered at least theequivalent of (or are currently studying) undergraduate level calculus-based coursesin statistics. These users are learning or applying exploratory and inferential methodsfor analyzing data and this book is intended to be a useful resource for learning howto implement these procedures in R.SpringerRandom Fields: Analysis and Synthesis978981256353823.07.2010Oprawa: twarda 32,00Erik VanMarckeRandom variation is a fact of life that provides substance to a wide range ofproblems in the sciences, engineering, and economics. There is a growing need indiverse disciplines to model complex patterns of variation and interdependenceusing random elds, as both deterministic treatment and conventional statistics areoften insufcient. An ideal random eld model will capture key features of complexrandom phenomena in terms of a minimum number of physically meaningful andexperimentally accessible parameters. This volume, a revised and expanded editionof an acclaimed book rst published by the M I T Press, offers a synthesis ofmethods to describe and analyze and, where appropriate, predict and controlrandom elds. There is much new material, covering both theory and applications,notably on a class of probability distributions derived from quantum mechanics,relevant to stochastic modeling in elds such as cosmology, biology and systemreliability, and on discrete-unit or agent-based random processes. "Random Fields"is self-contained and unied in presentation.World Scientic PublishingRandom Walk in Random and Non-Random Environments978981444750801.05.2013Oprawa: twarda 57,00Pal ReveszThe simplest mathematical model of the Brownian motion of physics is the simple,symmetric random walk. This book collects and compares current results - mostlystrong theorems which describe the properties of a random walk. The modernproblems of the limit theorems of probability theory are treated in the simple case ofcoin tossing. Taking advantage of this simplicity, the reader is familiarized with limittheorems (especially strong ones) without the burden of technical tools anddifculties. An easy way of considering the Wiener process is also given, through thestudy of the random walk. Since the rst and second editions were published in1990 and 2005, a number of new results have appeared in the literature. The rsttwo editions contained many unsolved problems and conjectures which have sincebeen settled; this third, revised and enlarged edition includes those new results. Inthis edition, a completely new part is included concerning Simple Random Walks onGraphs. Properties of random walks on several concrete graphs have been studiedin the last decade. Some of the obtained results are also presented.World Scientic PublishingRegression Analysis by Example978047090584505.10.2012Oprawa: twarda 83,50Samprit ChatterjeePraise for the Fourth Edition: "This book is excellent source of examples forregression analysis. It has been and still is readily readable and understandable." --Journal of the American Statistical Association Regression analysis is a conceptuallysimple method for investigating relationships among variables. Carrying out asuccessful application of regression analysis, however, requires a balance oftheoretical results, empirical rules, and subjective judgment. Regression Analysis byExample, Fifth Edition has been expanded and thoroughly updated to reect recentadvances in the eld. The emphasis continues to be on exploratory data analysisrather than statistical theory. The book offers in-depth treatment of regressiondiagnostics, transformation, multicollinearity, logistic regression, and robustregression. The book now includes a new chapter on the detection and correctionof multicollinearity, while also showcasing the use of the discussed methods onnewly added data sets from the elds of engineering, medicine, and business.Wiley 87. Statystyka 87Regression for Categorical Data978110700965321.11.2011Oprawa: twarda 55,00Gerhard TutzThis book introduces basic and advanced concepts of categorical regression with afocus on the structuring constituents of regression, including regularizationtechniques to structure predictors. In addition to standard methods such as the logitand probit model and extensions to multivariate settings, the author presents morerecent developments in exible and high-dimensional regression, which allowweakening of assumptions on the structuring of the predictor and yield ts that arecloser to the data. A generalized linear model is used as a unifying frameworkwhenever possible in particular parametric models that are treated within thisframework. Many topics not normally included in books on categorical data analysisare treated here, such as nonparametric regression; selection of predictors byregularized estimation procedures; ternative models like the hurdle model and zero-inated regression models for count data; and non-standard tree-based ensemblemethods, which provide excellent tools for prediction and the handling of bothnominal and ordered categorical predictors. The book is accompanied by an Rpackage that contains data sets and code for all the examples.Cambridge University PressResearch Design and StatisticalAnalysis978080586431118.06.2010Oprawa: twarda 75,99Jerome L. MyersResearch Design and Statistical Analysis provides comprehensive coverage of thedesign principles and statistical concepts necessary to make sense of real data. Thebooks goal is to provide a strong conceptual foundation to enable readers togeneralize concepts to new research situations. Emphasis is placed on theunderlying logic and assumptions of the analysis and what it tells the researcher, thelimitations of the analysis, and the consequences of violating assumptions.Sampling, design efciency, and statistical models are emphasized throughout. Asper APA recommendations, emphasis is also placed on data exploration, effect sizemeasures, condence intervals, and using power analyses to determine samplesize. "Real-world" data sets are used to illustrate data exploration, analysis, andinterpretation. The book offers a rare blend of the underlying statistical assumptions,the consequences of their violations, and practical advice on dealing with them.Taylor & FrancisSimplicity, Complexity and Modelling978047074002611.11.2011Oprawa: twarda 60,00Philip DawidSeveral points of disagreement exist between different modelling traditions as towhether complex models are always better than simpler models, as to how tocombine results from different models and how to propagate model uncertainty intoforecasts. This book represents the result of collaboration between scientists frommany disciplines to show how these conicts can be resolved. Key Features:Introduces important concepts in modelling, outlining different traditions in the use ofsimple and complex modelling in statistics. Provides numerous case studies oncomplex modelling, such as climate change, ood risk and new drug development.Concentrates on varying models, including ood risk analysis models, the petrolindustry forecasts and summarizes the evolution of water distribution systems.Written by experienced statisticians and engineers in order to facilitatecommunication between modellers in different disciplines. Provides a glossary givingterms commonly used in different modelling traditions. This book provides a much-needed reference guide to approaching statistical modelling.WileySpatial Statistics and Spatio-TemporalData978047069958423.11.2010Oprawa: twarda 62,50Michael ShermanIn the spatial or spatio-temporal context, specifying the correct covariance functionis fundamental to obtain efcient predictions, and to understand the underlyingphysical process of interest. This book focuses on covariance and variogramfunctions, their role in prediction, and appropriate choice of these functions inapplications. Both recent and more established methods are illustrated to assessmany common assumptions on these functions, such as, isotropy, separability,symmetry, and intrinsic correlation. After an extensive introduction to spatialmethodology, the book details the effects of common covariance assumptions andaddresses methods to assess the appropriateness of such assumptions for variousdata structures. Key features:* An extensive introduction to spatial methodologyincluding a survey of spatial covariance functions and their use in spatial prediction(kriging) is given.* Explores methodology for assessing the appropriateness ofassumptions on covariance functions in the spatial, spatio-temporal, multivariatespatial, and point pattern settings.WileySpatial Statistics978142006976125.04.2011Oprawa: twarda 35,99Mohammed A. KalkhanGeospatial information modeling and mapping has become an important tool for theinvestigation and management of natural resources at the landscape scale. SpatialStatistics: GeoSpatial Information Modeling and Thematic Mapping reviews thetypes and applications of geospatial information data, such as remote sensing,geographic information systems (GIS), and GPS as well as their integration intolandscape-scale geospatial statistical models and maps.The book explores how to extract information from remotely sensed imagery, GIS,and GPS, and how to combine this with eld datavegetation, soil, andenvironmentalto produce a spatial model that can be reconstructed and displayedusing GIS software. Readers learn the requirements and limitations of eachgeospatial modeling and mapping tool. Case studies with real-life examples illustrateimportant applications of the models.Taylor & FrancisSpatio-Temporal Design: Advances inEfcient Data Acquisition978047097429216.11.2012Oprawa: twarda 65,00Jorge MateuBridging classic ideas with modern statistical modeling concepts and the latestcomputational methods, Spatio-temporal Design offers a state-of-the-art accountof how to collect space-time data for monitoring. A common problem set isinterwoven throughout the chapters, providing various perspectives to illustrate acomplete insight to each problem. Motivated by the high demand for statisticalanalysis of data that takes spatial and spatio-temporal information into account, thisbook incorporates ideas from the areas of time series, spatial statistics andstochastic processes, and combines them to discuss optimum spatio-temporalsampling design.Wiley 88. Statystyka oglna88 www.abe.plStatistical Analysis of Spatial andSpatio-Temporal Point Patterns978146656023905.10.2013Oprawa: twarda 49,99Peter DiggleThe rst edition of this perennial bestseller broke new ground in the then emergingsubject of spatial statistics with its coverage of the statistical analysis of spatial pointpatterns. Completely revised and updated, the third edition includes discussion ofspatio-temporal point patterns, covering the acceleration of methodologicaldevelopment and diversication of application. Reecting another majordevelopment since the publication of the second edition, this edition includes Rcode and makes the data sets and R code used in the book available on the booksweb page.Taylor & FrancisStatistical Analysis of StochasticProcesses in Time978110740532519.07.2012Oprawa: mikka 30,00J.K. LindseyThis book was rst published in 2004. Many observed phenomena, from thechanging health of a patient to values on the stock market, are characterised byquantities that vary over time: stochastic processes are designed to study them.This book introduces practical methods of applying stochastic processes to anaudience knowledgeable only in basic statistics. It covers almost all aspects of thesubject and presents the theory in an easily accessible form that is highlighted byapplication to many examples. These examples arise from dozens of areas, fromsociology through medicine to engineering. Complementing these are exercise setsmaking the book suited for introductory courses in stochastic processes. Software(available from is provided for the freely available R system forthe reader to apply to all the models presented.Cambridge University PressStatistical and Managerial Techniquesfor Six Sigma Methodology978047071183523.02.2012Oprawa: twarda 55,00Stefano BaroneSix Sigma methodology is a business management strategy which seeks to improvethe quality of process output by identifying and removing the causes of errors andminimizing variability in manufacturing and business processes. This book examinesthe Six Sigma methodology through illustrating the most widespread tools andtechniques involved in Six Sigma application. Both managerial and statisticalaspects are analysed allowing the reader to apply these tools in the eld.Furthermore, the book offers insight on variation and risk management and focuseson the structure and organizational aspects of Six Sigma projects. Key features: *Presents both statistical and managerial aspects of Six Sigma, covering both basicand more advanced statistical techniques. * Provides clear examples and casestudies to illustrate the concepts and methodologies used in Six Sigma. * Written byexperienced authors in the eld. This textbook is ideal for graduates studying SixSigma for Black Belt and Green Belt qualications as well as for engineering andquality management courses. Business consultants and consultancy rmsimplementing Six Sigma will also benet from this book.WileyStatistical Disclosure Control978111997815217.08.2012Oprawa: twarda 60,00Anco HundepoolA reference to answer all your statistical condentiality questions. This handbookprovides technical guidance on statistical disclosure control and on how toapproach the problem of balancing the need to provide users with statistical outputsand the need to protect the condentiality of respondents. Statistical disclosurecontrol is combined with other tools such as administrative, legal and IT in order todene a proper data dissemination strategy based on a risk management approach.The key concepts of statistical disclosure control are presented, along with themethodology and software that can be used to apply various methods of statisticaldisclosure control. Numerous examples and guidelines are also featured to illustratethe topics covered. Statistical Disclosure Control: Presents a combination of boththeoretical and practical solutions Introduces all the key concepts and denitionsinvolved with statistical disclosure control. Provides a high level overview of how toapproach problems associated with condentiality. Provides a broad-ranging reviewof the methods available to control disclosure. Explains the subtleties of groupdisclosure control.WileyStatistical Distributions978047039063407.01.2011Oprawa: mikka 46,95Catherine ForbesFully updated to reect the latest developments on the topic, StatisticalDistributions, Fourth Edition continues to serve as an authoritative guide on theapplication of statistical methods to research across various disciplines. The bookprovides a concise presentation of popular statistical distributions along with thenecessary knowledge for their successful use in data modeling and analysis.Following a basic introduction, forty popular distributions are outlined in individualchapters that are complete with related facts and formulas. Reecting the latestchanges and trends in statistical distribution theory, the Fourth Edition features:A new chapter on queuing formulas that discusses standard formulas that oftenarise from simple queuing systemsMethods for extending independent modeling schemes to the dependent case,covering techniques for generating complex distributions from simple distributionsNew coverage of conditional probability, including conditional expectations andjoint and marginal distributionsWileyStatistical Inference for FractionalDiffusion Processes978047066568816.07.2010Oprawa: twarda 70,00B. L. S. Prakasa RaoStochastic processes are widely used for model building in the social, physical,engineering and life sciences as well as in nancial economics. In model building,statistical inference for stochastic processes is of great importance from both atheoretical and an applications point of view. This book deals with FractionalDiffusion Processes and statistical inference for such stochastic processes. Themain focus of the book is to consider parametric and nonparametric inferenceproblems for fractional diffusion processes when a complete path of the processover a nite interval is observable. Key features: Introduces self-similar processes,fractional Brownian motion and stochastic integration with respect to fractionalBrownian motion. Provides a comprehensive review of statistical inference forprocesses driven by fractional Brownian motion for modelling long rangedependence. Presents a study of parametric and nonparametric inference problemsfor the fractional diffusion process. Discusses the fractional Brownian sheet andinnite dimensional fractional Brownian motion. Includes recent results anddevelopments in the area of statistical inference of fractional diffusion processes.Wiley 89. Statystyka 89Statistical Methods for Fuzzy Data978047069945428.01.2011Oprawa: twarda 62,50Reinhard ViertlStatistical data are not always precise numbers, or vectors, or categories. Real dataare frequently what is called fuzzy. Examples where this fuzziness is obvious arequality of life data, environmental, biological, medical, sociological and economicsdata. Also the results of measurements can be best described by using fuzzynumbers and fuzzy vectors respectively. Statistical analysis methods have to beadapted for the analysis of fuzzy data. In this book, the foundations of thedescription of fuzzy data are explained, including methods on how to obtain thecharacterizing function of fuzzy measurement results. Furthermore, statisticalmethods are then generalized to the analysis of fuzzy data and fuzzy a-prioriinformation. Key Features: Provides basic methods for the mathematical descriptionof fuzzy data, as well as statistical methods that can be used to analyze fuzzy data.Describes methods of increasing importance with applications in areas such asenvironmental statistics and social science. Complements the theory with exercisesand solutions and is illustrated throughout with diagrams and examples.WileyStatistical Methods for QualityImprovement978047059074423.08.2011Oprawa: twarda 83,50Thomas P. RyanPraise for the Second Edition "As a comprehensive statistics reference book forquality improvement, it certainly is one of the best books available." -TechnometricsThis new edition continues to provide the most current, proven statistical methodsfor quality control and quality improvement The use of quantitative methods offersnumerous benets in the elds of industry and business, both through identifyingexisting trouble spots and alerting management and technical personnel to potentialproblems. Statistical Methods for Quality Improvement, Third Edition guides readersthrough a broad range of tools and techniques that make it possible to quicklyidentify and resolve both current and potential trouble spots within almost anymanufacturing or nonmanufacturing process. The book provides detailed coverageof the application of control charts, while also exploring critical topics such asregression, design of experiments, and Taguchi methods. In this new edition, theauthor continues to explain how to combine the many statistical methods exploredin the book in order to optimize quality control and improvement.WileyStatistical Models and CausalInference: A Dialogue with the Social978052112390718.02.2010Oprawa: mikka 25,99David A. FreedmanDavid A. Freedman presents here a denitive synthesis of his approach to causalinference in the social sciences. He explores the foundations and limitations ofstatistical modeling, illustrating basic arguments with examples from politicalscience, public policy, law, and epidemiology. Freedman maintains that many newtechnical approaches to statistical modeling constitute not progress, but regress.Instead, he advocates a shoe leather methodology, which exploits natural variationto mitigate confounding and relies on intimate knowledge of the subject matter todevelop meticulous research designs and eliminate rival explanations. WhenFreedman rst enunciated this position, he was met with scepticism, in partbecause it was hard to believe that a mathematical statistician of his stature wouldfavor low-tech approaches. But the tide is turning. Many social scientists nowagree that statistical technique cannot substitute for good research design andsubject matter knowledge. This book offers an integrated presentation ofFreedmans views.Cambridge University PressStatistical Pattern Recognition978047068228921.10.2011Oprawa: mikka 55,00Andrew R. WebbStatistical pattern recognition relates to the use of statistical techniques for analysingdata measurements in order to extract information and make justied decisions. It isa very active area of study and research, which has seen many advances in recentyears. Applications such as data mining, web searching, multimedia data retrieval,face recognition, and cursive handwriting recognition, all require robust and efcientpattern recognition techniques. This third edition provides an introduction tostatistical pattern theory and techniques, with material drawn from a wide range ofelds, including the areas of engineering, statistics, computer science and the socialsciences. The book has been updated to cover new methods and applications, andincludes a wide range of techniques such as Bayesian methods, neural networks,support vector machines, feature selection and feature reductiontechniques.Technical descriptions and motivations are provided, and the techniquesare illustrated using real examples.WileyStatistical Principles for the Design ofExperiments978052186214113.09.2012Oprawa: twarda 60,00Roger MeadThis book is about the statistical principles behind the design of effectiveexperiments and focuses on the practical needs of applied statisticians andexperimenters engaged in design, implementation and analysis. Emphasising thelogical principles of statistical design, rather than mathematical calculation, theauthors demonstrate how all available information can be used to extract theclearest answers to many questions. The principles are illustrated with a wide rangeof examples drawn from real experiments in medicine, industry, agriculture andmany experimental disciplines. Numerous exercises are given to help the readerpractise techniques and to appreciate the difference that good design can make toan experimental research project. Based on Roger Meads excellent Design ofExperiments, this new edition is thoroughly revised and updated to include modernmethods relevant to applications in industry, engineering and modern biology. It alsocontains seven new chapters on contemporary topics, including restrictedrandomisation and fractional replication.Cambridge University PressStatistical Reasoning for Everyday Life978032128672727.12.2007Oprawa: twarda 69,99Jeffrey O. BennettStatistical Reasoning for Everyday Life, Third Edition, teaches students how to bebetter consumers of information by showing the role of statistics in many aspects ofeveryday life. This text uses real examples and case studies to build anunderstanding of the core ideas of statistics that can be applied to a variety ofsubject areas. The authors include data from real sources to help students becomebetter critical thinkers and decision makers, whether they decide to start a newbusiness, plan for their nancial future, or just watch the news.Pearson Education 90. Statystyka oglna90 www.abe.plStatistics978032180728102.01.2012Oprawa: twarda 59,99James T. McClaveClassic, yet contemporary. Theoretical, yet applied. McClave & Sincichs Statisticsgives you the best of both worlds. This text offers a trusted, comprehensiveintroduction to statistics that emphasizes inference and integrates real datathroughout. The authors stress the development of statistical thinking, theassessment of credibility, and value of the inferences made from data. The TwelfthEdition infuses a new focus on ethics, which is critically important when working withstatistical data. Chapter Summaries have a new, study-oriented design, helpingstudents stay focused when preparing for exams. Data, exercises, technologysupport, and Statistics in Action cases are updated throughout the book.Pearson EducationStatistics for Compensation978047094334219.04.2011Oprawa: twarda 73,50John H. DavisAn insightful, hands-on focus on the statistical methods used by compensation andhuman resources professionals in their everyday work Across various industries,compensation professionals work to organize and analyze aspects of employmentthat deal with elements of pay, such as deciding base salary, bonus, andcommission provided by an employer to its employees for work performed.Acknowledging the numerous quantitative analyses of data that are a part of thiseveryday work, Statistics for Compensation provides a comprehensive guide to thekey statistical tools and techniques needed to perform those analyses and to helporganizations make fully informed compensation decisions. This self-containedbook is the rst of its kind to explore the use of various quantitative methods--frombasic notions about percents to multiple linear regression--that are used in themanagement, design, and implementation of powerful compensation strategies.WileyStatistics for High-dimensional Data978364220191208.06.2011Oprawa: twarda 89,95Peter BuhlmannModern statistics deals with large and complex data sets, and consequently withmodels containing a large number of parameters. This book presents a detailedaccount of recently developed approaches, such as the Lasso and boostingmethods. It also provides the mathematical theory behind them, proving their greatpotential in a large number of settings. Both the methods and theory are thenillustrated with real data examples.SpringerStatistics for K-8 Educators978041589989530.08.2012Oprawa: mikka 25,99Robert H. RosenfeldThis book offers an introduction to descriptive and inferential statistics tailored to theteaching and research needs of K-8 educators. Using statistics to tell a story,veteran teacher educator Robert Rosenfeld pushes readers away from simplyperforming a calculation to truly understanding the statistical concepts themselves.In addition to helping educators develop this statistical habit of mind, Rosenfeld alsofocuses on developing an understanding of the statistics in published research andon interpreting school data, which can be applied in school assessment andeducational research. Features of this must-read resource include: Numerousexercises and activities throughout that are related specically to the world ofeducators and are designed to foster conversation and small group discussion.Connections drawn between statistics and the regular mathematics curriculum toaid teachers who do classroom-based action research. A section covering the basicconcepts of standardized tests, such as summative versus formative assessment,and standards-based versus norm-referenced tests.Taylor & FrancisStatistics for Research978184920595501.01.2011Oprawa: mikka 30,99ArgyrousThis fully updated edition of Statistics for Research explains statistical concepts in astraight-forward and accessible way using practical examples from a variety ofdisciplines. If youre looking for an easy-to-read, comprehensive introduction tostatistics with a guide to SPSS, this is the book for you!The new edition features:Clear explanations of all the main techniques of statistical analysisA brand new student-friendly, easy-to-navigate designEven more step-by-step screenshots of SPSS commands and outputsAn extensive glossary of terms, ideal for those new to statisticsEnd of chapter exercises to help you put your learning into practiceA new, fully updated companion website ( withcomprehensive student and lecturer resources including additional, disciplinespecic examples and online readings and WebCT/Blackboard quizzes.SAGEStatistics from Data to Decision978047065097401.01.2011Oprawa: mikka 108,00A E WatkinsStatistics teaches a modern approach that uses graphing calculators or statisticalsoftware and allows students and instructors to place more emphasis on statisticalconcepts and data analysis than on following recipes for calculations. The text isintended to be used as much as a dialog as a reference; students will have to bethoughtful as they read. An activity introduces each major topic, allowing students toexperience the major concepts of statistical thinking before going on to conrmthem through further analysis (often involving simulation) and practice with data.Statistics gives the design and analysis of both experiments and surveys an honesttreatment, rather than forcing them into overly simplistic models.The authors are well known for their work in helping the introductory statisticscourse evolve into one that emphasizes activity-based learning of statisticalconcepts while reecting modern statistical practice. This book is a product of whatthey have learned from many others who have been actively involved along withthem in the MAAs STATS project and Focus Group on Statistics, the ASAsQuantitative Literacy projects, and the College Boards AP Statistics course.Wiley 91. Statystyka 91Statistics Tables978041556345104.08.2011Oprawa: mikka 17,99H.R. NeaveAll the features of the rst edition are retained including the full range of best-knownstandard statistical techniques, as well as some lesser-known methods that can behard to track down elsewhere. The explanatory introductions to each section havebeen updated and the Second Edition benets from the inclusion of a valuable andcomprehensive new section on an approach to simple but powerful investigation ofprocess data.Taylor & FrancisStatistics: Informed Decisions UsingData978032181887414.12.2011Oprawa: mikka 54,99Michael Sullivan, IIIMichael Sullivans Statistics: Informed Decisions Using Data, Fourth Edition,connects statistical concepts to students lives, helping them to think critically,become informed consumers, and make better decisions. Throughout the book,"Putting It Together" features help students visualize the relationships among variousstatistical concepts. This feature extends to the exercises, providing a consistentvision of the bigger picture of statistics. This book follows the Guidelines forAssessment and Instruction in Statistics Education (GAISE), as recommended bythe American Statistical Association, and emphasizes statistical literacy, use of realdata and technology, conceptual understanding, and active learning.Pearson EducationStatistics: Principles and Methods978047050577915.03.2010Oprawa: mikka 51,99Richard A. JohnsonJohnson provides a comprehensive, accurate introduction to statistics for businessprofessionals who need to learn how to apply key concepts. The chapters havebeen updated with real-world data to make the material more relevant. The revisedpedagogy will help them contextualize statistical concepts and procedures. Thenumerous examples clearly demonstrate the important points of the methods. NewWhat Will We Learn opening paragraphs set the stage for the material beingdiscussed. Using Statistics Wisely boxes summarize key lessons. In addition,Statistics in Context sections give business professionals an understanding ofapplications in which a statistical approach to variation is needed.WileyStatistics: The Art and Science ofLearning from Data978032180574401.01.2012Oprawa: twarda 54,99Alan AgrestiAlan Agresti and Chris Franklin have merged their research and classroomexperience to develop this successful introductory statistics text. Statistics: The Artand Science of Learning from Data, Third Edition, helps students becomestatistically literate by encouraging them to ask and answer interesting statisticalquestions. It takes the ideas that have turned statistics into a central science inmodern life and makes them accessible and engaging to students withoutcompromising necessary rigor. The Third Edition has been edited for concisenessand clarity to keep students focused on the main concepts. The data-rich examplesthat feature intriguing human-interest topics now include topic labels to indicatewhich statistical topic is being applied. New learning objectives for each chapterappear in the Instructors Edition, making it easier to plan lectures and Chapter 7(Sampling Distributions) now incorporates simulations in addition to themathematical formulas.Pearson EducationStatistics: Unlocking the Power of DataStudent Solutions Manual978047063318213.12.2012Oprawa: mikka 34,95Robin H. LockThis book incorporates the use of available technologies and modern methods ofdata analysis. The text focuses on providing conceptual understanding of the mainthemes of statistical inference, to provide a more solid grasp of the core ideas ofstatistics and make it relatively easy to apply those ideas to more theoretical andadvanced statistics topics. Furthermore, the text offers cutting edge ideas likerandomization and bootstrapping to introduce the fundamental ideas of statisticalinference to enhance understanding, make statistics come alive, and deliverimproved retention.WileyStats: Data and Models978032175372401.01.2011Oprawa: twarda 64,99Richard D. De VeauxStats: Data and Models, Third Edition, will intrigue and challenge students byencouraging them to think statistically and by emphasizing how statistics helps usunderstand the world. Praised by students and instructors alike for its readabilityand ease of comprehension, this text focuses on statistical thinking and dataanalysis. The authors draw from their wealth of consulting experience to craftcompelling examples, which encourages students to learn how to reason with data.This book is organized into short chapters that concentrate on one topic at a time,offering instructors maximum exibility in planning their courses. The text isappropriate for a one-or-two semester introductory statistics course and includesadvanced topics, such as Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), Multiple Regression, andNonparametrics.Pearson Education 92. Statystyka oglna92 www.abe.plStochastic Musings: Perspectives Fromthe Pioneers of the Late 20th Century978041565197414.01.2013Oprawa: mikka 28,00John PanaretosThis new edited volume features contributions from many of the leading scientists inprobability and statistics from the latter part of the 20th century. It is the only bookto assemble the views of these leading scientists--the pioneers in their respectiveelds.Stochastic Musings will appeal to researchers, professionals, and studentsinterested in the history and development of statistics and probability as well as inrelated areas, such as physics, biometry, economics, and mathematics. Academicand professional statisticians will benet from the books coverage of the latestdevelopments in the eld, as well as reections on the future directions of thediscipline.Taylor & FrancisStudy Guide for Basic Practice ofStatistics978142928000608.08.2012Oprawa: mikka 28,99David S. MooreThe study guide accompanies The Basic Practice of Statistics, 6th edition by Moore,Notz and Fligner.Palgrave MacMillanSurvival Analysis: Models andApplications978047097715620.07.2012Oprawa: twarda 60,00Xian LiuSurvival analysis concerns sequential occurrences of events governed byprobabilistic laws. Recent decades have witnessed many applications of survivalanalysis in various disciplines. This book introduces both classic survival models andtheories along with newly developed techniques. Readers will learn how to performanalysis of survival data by following numerous empirical illustrations in SAS. SurvivalAnalysis: Models and Applications: * Presents basic techniques before leading ontosome of the most advanced topics in survival analysis.* Assumes only a minimalknowledge of SAS whilst enabling more experienced users to learn new techniquesof data input and manipulation.* Provides numerous examples of SAS code toillustrate each of the methods, along with step-by-step instructions to perform eachtechnique.* Highlights the strengths and limitations of each technique covered.Covering a wide scope of survival techniques and methods, from the introductory tothe advanced, this book can be used as a useful reference book for planners,researchers, and professors who are working in settings involving various lifetimeevents.WileyThe Association Graph and theMultigraph for Loglinear Models978141297238318.03.2011Oprawa: mikka 14,99Harry J. KhamisThough the graphical model was introduced in 1980, most of the research andapplication of the methodology in this eld has been done by Europeans. The U.S.has lagged somewhat behind; only in recent years has the graphical modelappeared in some of the American textbooks on categorical data, and even then thecoverage is limited. The purpose of this work is to provide an initial source of readingfor someone interested in the topic. This publication distinguishs itself from anyother book by including the multigraph representation of LLMs, a natural and veryeffective extension of the graphical model approach. The books coverage wouldextend from the LLM, already covered by Knoke and Burkes SAGE publication,"Log-Linear Models," through the development and application of the multigraphrepresentation in one coherent, comprehensive treatment.SAGEThe A-Z of Error-free Research978143989737924.08.2012Oprawa: mikka 31,99Phillip I. GoodA Practical Guide with Step-by-Step Explanations, Numerous Worked Examples,and R Code The A-Z of Error-Free Research describes the design, analysis,modeling, and reporting of experiments, clinical trials, and surveys. The book showsyou when to use statistics, the best ways to cope with variation, and how to designan experiment, determine optimal sample size, and collect useable data. It alsohelps you choose the best statistical procedures for your application and takes youstep by step through model development and reporting results for publication.Transition from Student to Researcher Helping you become a condent researcher,the book begins with an overview of when-and when not-to use statistics. It guidesyou through the planning and data collection phases and presents various dataanalysis techniques, including methods for sample size determination. The authorthen covers techniques for developing models that provide a basis for futureresearch. He also discusses reporting techniques to ensure your research efforts getthe proper credit. The book concludes with case-control and cohort studies.Taylor & FrancisThe Cambridge Dictionary of Statistics978052176699919.08.2010Oprawa: twarda 43,00B. S. EverittIf you work with data and need easy access to clear, reliable denitions andexplanations of modern statistical and statistics-related concepts, then look nofurther than this dictionary. Nearly 4000 terms are dened, covering medical, survey,theoretical, and applied statistics, including computational and graphical aspects.Entries are provided for standard and specialized statistical software. In addition,short biographies of over 100 important statisticians are given. Denitions provideenough mathematical detail to clarify concepts and give standard formulae whenthese are helpful. The majority of denitions then give a reference to a book or articlewhere the user can seek further or more specialized information, and many areaccompanied by graphical material to aid understanding.Cambridge University Press 93. Statystyka 93The Elements of Statistical Learning978038784857009.02.2009Oprawa: twarda 69,95Trevor HastieDuring the past decade there has been an explosion in computation and informationtechnology. With it have come vast amounts of data in a variety of elds such asmedicine, biology, nance, and marketing. The challenge of understanding thesedata has led to the development of new tools in the eld of statistics, and spawnednew areas such as data mining, machine learning, and bioinformatics. Many ofthese tools have common underpinnings but are often expressed with differentterminology. This book describes the important ideas in these areas in a commonconceptual framework. While the approach is statistical, the emphasis is onconcepts rather than mathematics. Many examples are given, with a liberal use ofcolor graphics. It is a valuable resource for statisticians and anyone interested indata mining in science or industry. The books coverage is broad, from supervisedlearning (prediction) to unsupervised learning. The many topics include neuralnetworks, support vector machines, classication trees and boosting---the rstcomprehensive treatment of this topic in any book.SpringerThe Essentials of Multivariate DataAnalysis978146658478506.12.2013Oprawa: twarda 34,99SpencerThis text presents an overview of multivariate data analysis suitable for quantitativeresearchers. Instead of providing mathematical details, it gives readers only theessential information needed to decide which method to use, how to apply it, andhow to interpret the results. Each chapter explains how to perform the analysis andhow to use the supporting Excel add-in to implement the analysis. A ctional dataset is used throughout the book to ensure that all particular aspects of the dataanalyses can be readily shown.Taylor & FrancisThe Estimation and Tracking ofFrequency978110741285917.01.2013Oprawa: mikka 27,99B. G. QuinnMany electronic and acoustic signals can be modelled as sums of sinusoids andnoise. However, the amplitudes, phases and frequencies of the sinusoids are oftenunknown and must be estimated in order to characterise the periodicity or near-periodicity of a signal and consequently to identify its source. This 2001 bookpresents and analyses several practical techniques used for such estimation. Theproblem of tracking slow frequency changes over time of a very noisy sinusoid isalso considered. Rigorous analyses are presented via asymptotic or large sampletheory, together with physical insight. The book focuses on achieving extremelyaccurate estimates when the signal to noise ratio is low but the sample size is large.Each chapter begins with a detailed overview, and many applications are given.Matlab code for the estimation techniques is also included. The book will thus serveas an excellent introduction and reference for researchers analysing such signals.Cambridge University PressThe Practitioners Guide to Statistics andLean Six Sigma for Process Improvements978047011494028.01.2010Oprawa: twarda 98,95Mikel J. HarryIn todays business world, Six Sigma, or Lean Six Sigma, is a crucial tool utilized bycompanies to improve customer satisfaction, increase protability, and enhanceproductivity. Practitioners Guide to Statistics and Lean Six Sigma for ProcessImprovements provides a balanced approach to quantitative and qualitativestatistics using Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma methodologies.Emphasizing applications and the implementation of data analyses as they relate tothis strategy for business management, this book introduces readers to theconcepts and techniques for solving problems and improving managerial processesusing Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma. Written by knowledgeable professionalsworking in the eld today, the book offers thorough coverage of the statistical topicsrelated to effective Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma practices, including:Discrete random variables and continuous random variablesSampling distributionsEstimation and hypothesis testsWileyTheory of Factorial Design978146650557515.09.2013Oprawa: twarda 63,99Ching-Shui ChengThis self-contained book provides a rigorous, systematic, and up-to-date treatmentof the modem theory of factorial design. It includes lots of examples, predominantlyfrom engineering and agriculture, to illustrate the methods. The book incorporates afew exercises in each chapter to enable the book to be used for self-study or for aspecial topics course. Topics covered include a general theory of multi-stratumfactorial design, design key for constructing factorial designs, new constructionmethods of resolution IV designs, and some results on their structures taken fromthe literature of projective geometry.Taylor & FrancisTime Series Analysis and ItsApplications978144197864625.11.2010Oprawa: twarda 89,95Robert H. ShumwayTime Series Analysis and Its Applications presents a balanced and comprehensivetreatment of both time and frequency domain methods with accompanying theory.Numerous examples using nontrivial data illustrate solutions to problems such asdiscovering natural and anthropogenic climate change, evaluating pain perceptionexperiments using functional magnetic resonance imaging, and monitoring a nucleartest ban treaty. The book is designed to be useful as a text for graduate levelstudents in the physical, biological and social sciences and as a graduate level textin statistics. Some parts may also serve as an undergraduate introductory course.Theory and methodology are separated to allow presentations on different levels. Inaddition to coverage of classical methods of time series regression, ARIMA models,spectral analysis and state-space models, the text includes modern developmentsincluding categorical time series analysis, multivariate spectral methods, longmemory series, nonlinear models, resampling techniques, GARCH models,stochastic volatility, wavelets and Monte Carlo Markov chain integration methods.Springer 94. Statystyka oglna94 www.abe.plTime Series Analysis: With Applicationsin R978038775958605.05.2008Oprawa: twarda 71,95Jonathan D. CryerThis book has been developed for a one-semester course usually attended bystudents in statistics, economics, business, engineering, and quantitative socialsciences. A unique feature of this edition is its integration with the R computingenvironment. Basic applied statistics is assumed through multiple regression.Calculus is assumed only to the extent of minimizing sums of squares but a calculus-based introduction to statistics is necessary for a thorough understanding of someof the theory. Actual time series data drawn from various disciplines are usedthroughout the book to illustrate the methodology.SpringerWhat is a P-value Anyway? 34 Stories toHelp You Actually Understand Statistics978032162930218.11.2009Oprawa: mikka 22,99Andrew J. VickersWhat is a p-value Anyway? offers a fun introduction to the fundamental principles ofstatistics, presenting the essential concepts in thirty-four brief, enjoyable stories.Drawing on his experience as a medical researcher, Vickers blends insightfulexplanations and humor, with minimal math, to help readers understand andinterpret the statistics they read every day. What is a p-value Anyway? is the perfectcomplement to any introductory statistics textbook and will succeed indemonstrating the everyday importance of statistics to your class.Pearson EducationWorkshop Statistics978047054726728.10.2011Oprawa: mikka 32,50Allan J. RossmanAllan Rossmans 4th Edition of "Workshop Statistics: Discovery with Data," isenhanced from previous issues with more focus and emphasis on collaborativelearning. It further requires student observation, and integrates technology forgathering, recording, and synthesizing data. The text offers more exibility inselecting technology tools for classrooms primarily using technologies other thangraphing calculators or "FathomTM Dynamic Data" software. Furthermore, itpresents more standards for teaching statistics in an innovative, investigative, andaccessible as well as provides in-depth guidance and resources to support activelearning of statistics and includes updated real data sets with everyday applicationsin order to promote statistical literacy.WileyWorkshop Statistics978047062184421.01.2010Oprawa: mikka 16,50Allan J. RossmanThis book/software package includes Workshops Statistics: Discovery with Dataand Minitab, as well as the complete Student Version of the leading statisticalsoftware, Minitab, Release 12. This specially priced package will be of interest tostudents wishing to purchase their own copy of the software.Wiley 95. STATYSTYKAW NAUKACH SPOECZNYCHPRZEGLDAJ KSIKI 96. Statystyka w naukach spoecznych96 www.abe.plA Calculus of Ideas: A MathematicalStudy of Human Thought978981438318928.09.2012Oprawa: twarda 59,00Ulf GrenanderThis monograph reports a thought experiment with a mathematical structureintended to illustrate the workings of a mind. It presents a mathematical theory ofhuman thought based on pattern theory with a graph-based approach to thinking.The method illustrated and produced by extensive computer simulations is relatedto neural networks. Based mainly on introspection, it is speculative rather thanempirical such that it differs radically in attitude from the conventional wisdom ofcurrent cognitive science.World Scientic PublishingA Gentle Introduction to Stata978159718109916.04.2012Oprawa: mikka 49,99Alan C. AcockUpdated to reect the new features of Stata 11, A Gentle Introduction to Stata, ThirdEdition continues to help new Stata users become procient in Stata. After readingthis introductory text, you will be able to enter, build, and manage a data set as wellas perform fundamental statistical analyses.New to the Third EditionA new chapter on the analysis of missing data and the use of multiple-imputationmethodsExtensive revision of the chapter on ANOVAAdditional material on the application of power analysisThe book covers data management; good work habits, including the use of basic do-les; basic exploratory statistics, including graphical displays; and analyses usingthe standard array of basic statistical tools, such as correlation, linear and logisticregression, and parametric and nonparametric tests of location and dispersion.Taylor & FrancisA Primer of Multivariate Statistics978041564558403.03.2013Oprawa: mikka 28,00Richard J. HarrisDrawing upon more than 30 years of experience in working with statistics, Dr.Richard J. Harris has updated A Primer of Multivariate Statistics to provide a modelof balance between how-to and why. This classic text covers multivariatetechniques with a taste of latent variable approaches. Throughout the book there isa focus on the importance of describing and testing ones interpretations of theemergent variables that are produced by multivariate analysis. This edition retains itsconversational writing style while focusing on classical techniques. The book givesthe reader a feel for why one should consider diving into more detailed treatments ofcomputer-modeling and latent-variable techniques, such as non-recursive pathanalysis, conrmatory factor analysis, and hierarchical linear modeling. Throughoutthe book there is a focus on the importance of describing and testing onesinterpretations of the emergent variables that are produced by multivariate analysis.Taylor & FrancisA Statistical Guide for the EthicallyPerplexed978143987368723.10.2012Oprawa: mikka 31,99Lawrence J. HubertFor disciplines concerned with human well-being, such as medicine, psychology,and law, statistics must be used in accordance with standards for ethical practice. AStatistical Guide for the Ethically Perplexed illustrates the proper use of probabilisticand statistical reasoning in the behavioral, social, and biomedical sciences.Designed to be consulted when learning formal statistical techniques, the textdescribes common instances of both correct and false statistical and probabilisticreasoning.Lauded for their contributions to statistics, psychology, and psychometrics, theauthors make statistical methods relevant to readers day-to-day lives by includingreal historical situations that demonstrate the role of statistics in reasoning anddecision making. The historical vignettes encompass the English case of Sally Clark,breast cancer screening, risk and gambling, the Federal Rules of Evidence, "high-stakes" testing, regulatory issues in medicine, difculties with observational studies,ethics in human experiments, health statistics, and much more. In addition to thesetopics, seven U.S. Supreme Court decisions reect the inuence of statistical andTaylor & Francis...Academic Advancement in CompositionStudies978041551563413.12.2011Oprawa: mikka 28,00Richard C. GebhardtThis volume deals with a number of related issues that are becoming increasinglycrucial for English studies during this time when most faculty in the eld are assistantprofessors approaching tenure review or associate professors seeking promotion.These critical issues focus on:The diversity of research and scholarly publication in composition studies;The fact that composition studies faculty are often evaluated by personnelcommittee members, department chairs, and deans unfamiliar with the natureand demands of the eld;The way that American higher education is rethinking "scholarship" and the role itplays in the work and evaluation of faculty members; andThe role composition studies faculty can play in this review of scholarship andprofessional advancement.Taylor & FrancisAdvanced Research Methods inPsychology978041565346622.03.2013Oprawa: mikka 28,00David GilesHow do you perform a MANOVA? What is grounded theory? How do you draw up arepertory grid? These, and many other questions are addressed in this wide-ranginghandbook of methods and analytic techniques which uniquely covers bothquantitative and qualitative methods. Based on a broad survey of undergraduatecurricula, the book takes curious readers through all of the methods that are taughton psychology courses worldwide, from advanced ANOVA statistics throughregression models to test construction, qualitative research and other more unusualtechniques such as Q methodology, meta-analysis and log-linear analysis. Eachtechnique is illustrated by recent examples from the literature. There are alsochapters on ethics, signicance testing, and writing for publication and researchproposals. Advanced Research Methods in Psychology will provide an invaluableresource for advanced undergraduates, postgraduates and researchers who need areadable, contemporary and eclectic reference of advanced methods currently inuse in psychological research.Taylor & Francis 97. Statystyka w naukach 97Advances in Congural FrequencyAnalysis978160623719905.06.2010Oprawa: twarda 41,00Alexander von EyeUsing real-world data examples, this authoritative book shows how to use the latestcongural frequency analysis (CFA) techniques to analyze categorical data. Some ofthe techniques are presented here for the rst time. In contrast to such methods aslog-linear modeling, which focus on relationships among variables, CFA allowsresearchers to evaluate differences and change at the level of individual cells in atable. Illustrated are ways to identify and test for cell congurations that are eitherconsistent with or contrary to hypothesized patterns (the types and antitypes ofCFA); control for potential covariates that might inuence observed results; developinnovative prediction models; address questions of moderation and mediation; andanalyze intensive longitudinal data. The book also describes free softwareapplications for executing CFA.This book will be invaluable to researchers and graduate students in psychology,education, management, public health, sociology, and other social, behavioral, andhealth science disciplines.Taylor & FrancisAgent-Based Computational Sociology978047071174330.03.2012Oprawa: twarda 55,00Flaminio SquazzoniThis book presents an introduction to agent-based computational sociology and thekind of science that is done with agent-based models. The focus is on marking thedifference between what is intended for sociology as a science and what is not,emphasizes is given to the idea that the complexity of social phenomena and thepeculiarities of complex social systems should not condemn sociology but toembrace qualitative un-formalised historical accounts as the only methods to doresearch. Cooperation and Social Norms, Social Patterns and Dynamics and FutureProspects and Challenges feature throughout the book along with an accompanyingwebsite. The website will feature instructions and codes of the models. The websitewill also support new functionalities, such as educational programmes, furtherexamples and research announcements. Agent-Based Computational Sociology iswritten in a common sociological language, along with examples of models that lookat all the traditional explanatory challenges of sociology, with focus onepistemological, methodological and substantive issues, by combining theory andexamples.WileyAn Introduction to Statistical Concepts978041588005304.04.2012Oprawa: twarda 62,99Richard G. LomaxThis comprehensive, exible text is used in both one- and two-semester courses toreview introductory through intermediate statistics. Instructors select the topics thatare most appropriate for their course. Its conceptual approach helps students moreeasily understand the concepts and interpret SPSS and research results. Keyconcepts are simply stated and occasionally reintroduced and related to oneanother for reinforcement. Numerous examples demonstrate their relevance. Thisedition features more explanation to increase understanding of the concepts. Onlycrucial equations are included. In addition to updating throughout, the new editionfeatures: New co-author, Debbie L. Hahs-Vaughn, the 2007 recipient of theUniversity of Central Floridas College of Education Excellence in Graduate TeachingAward. A new chapter on logistic regression models for todays more complexmethodologies. More on computing condence intervals and conducting poweranalyses using G*Power. Many more SPSS screenshots to assist withunderstanding how to navigate SPSS and annotated SPSS output to assist in theinterpretation of results.Taylor & FrancisApplied Missing Data Analysis978160623639002.08.2010Oprawa: twarda 44,00Craig K. EndersWalking readers step by step through complex concepts, this book translatesmissing data techniques into something that applied researchers and graduatestudents can understand and utilize in their own research. Enders explains therationale and procedural details for maximum likelihood estimation, Bayesianestimation, multiple imputation, and models for handling missing not at random(MNAR) data. Easy-to-follow examples and small simulated data sets illustrate thetechniques and clarify the underlying principles. The companion website,, includes data les and syntax for the examples in thebook as well as up-to-date information on software. The book is accessible tosubstantive researchers while providing a level of detail that will satisfy quantitativespecialists.This book will appeal to researchers and graduate students in psychology,education, management, family studies, public health, sociology, and politicalscience.Taylor & FrancisApplied Statistics for Economists978041555468822.09.2011Oprawa: mikka 34,99Margaret LewisThis book is an undergraduate text that introduces students to commonly usedstatistical methods in economics. Using examples based on contemporaryeconomic issues and readily available data, it not only explains the mechanics of thevarious methods, but also guides students to connect statistical results to detailedeconomic interpretations. Because the goal is for students to be able to apply thestatistical methods presented, online sources for economic data and directions forperforming each task in Excel are also included.Taylor & FrancisApplied Statistics for the Social andHealth Sciences978041587536312.06.2012Oprawa: twarda 100,00Rachel A. GordonApplied Statistics for the Social and Health Sciences provides graduate students inthe social and health sciences with the basic skills that they need to estimate,interpret, present, and publish statistical models using contemporary standards. Thebook targets the social and health science branches such as human development,public health, sociology, psychology, education, and social work in which studentsbring a wide range of mathematical skills and have a wide range of methodologicalafnities. For these students, a successful course in statistics will not only offerstatistical content but will also help them develop an appreciation for how statisticaltechniques might answer some of the research questions of interest to them. Thisbook is for use in a two-semester graduate course sequence covering basicunivariate and bivariate statistics and regression models for nominal and ordinaloutcomes, in addition to covering ordinary least squares regression. Key features ofthe book include: interweaving the teaching of statistical concepts with examplesdeveloped for the course from publicly-available social science data or drawn fromthe literature thorough integration of teaching statistical theory with teaching dataTaylor & Francis... 98. Statystyka w naukach spoecznych98 www.abe.plApproaching Multivariate Analysis: APractical Introduction978041564591122.03.2013Oprawa: mikka 28,00Pat DugardThis fully updated new edition not only provides an introduction to a range ofadvanced statistical techniques that are used in psychology, but has beenexpanded to include new chapters describing methods and examples of particularinterest to medical researchers. It takes a very practical approach, aimed at enablingreaders to begin using the methods to tackle their own problems. This bookprovides a non-mathematical introduction to multivariate methods, with an emphasison helping the reader gain an intuitive understanding of what each method is for,what it does and how it does it. The rst chapter briey reviews the main conceptsof univariate and bivariate methods and provides an overview of the multivariatemethods that will be discussed, bringing out the relationships among them, andsummarising how to recognise what types of problem each of them may beappropriate for tackling. In the remaining chapters, introductions to the methods andimportant conceptual points are followed by the presentation of typical applicationsfrom psychology and medicine, using examples with fabricated data. Instructions onhow to do the analyses and how to make sense of the results are fully illustratedTaylor & Francis...Basic Statistics for Social Research978047058798014.12.2012Oprawa: mikka 55,00Robert A. HannemanBasic Statistics for Social Research teaches core general statistical concepts andmethods that all social science majors must master to understand (and do) socialresearch. Its use of mathematics and theory are deliberately limited, as the authorsfocus on the use of concepts and tools of statistics in the analysis of social sciencedata, rather than on the mathematical and computational aspects. Researchquestions and applications are taken from a wide variety of subelds in sociology,and each chapter is organized around one or more general ideas that are explainedat its beginning and then applied in increasing detail in the body of the text.Each chapter contains instructive features to aid students in understanding andmastering the various statistical approaches presented in the book, including:Learning objectivesCheck quizzes after many sections and an answer key at the end of the chapterSummaryKey termsWileyCategorical Data Analysis for theBehavioral and Social Sciences978184872836311.01.2011Oprawa: twarda 41,99Razia AzenFeaturing a practical approach with numerous examples, this book focuses onhelping the reader develop a conceptual, rather than technical, understanding ofcategorical methods, making it a much more accessible text than others on themarket. The authors cover common categorical analyses and emphasize specicresearch questions that can be addressed by each analytic procedure so thatreaders are able to address the research questions they wish to answer. To achievethis goal, the authors: Review the theoretical implications and assumptionsunderlying each of the procedures Present each concept in general terms andillustrate each with a practical example Demonstrate the analyses using SPSS andSAS and show the interpretation of the results provided by these programs. "A LookAhead" section at the beginning of each chapter provides an overview of thematerial covered so that the reader knows what to expect. This is followed by one ormore research questions that can be addressed using the procedure(s) covered inthe chapter. A theoretical presentation of the material is provided and illustratedusing realistic examples from the behavioral and social sciences.Taylor & FrancisCognitive Methods in SocialPsychology978146250913313.10.2012Oprawa: mikka 30,99Karl Christoph KlauerResearchers are increasingly applying cognitive methods to investigate socialpsychological phenomena. This book provides a comprehensive introduction towidely used social cognitive methods and offers practical, nuts-and-bolts guidancefor implementing them. Leading authorities present attentional paradigms, primingparadigms, and response interference tasks; psychobiological approaches, such asneuroimaging; applications of mathematical models; and other methods. Detailedprocedural information helps researchers and students take their rst steps in usingthese state-of-the-art tools. Each chapter is illustrated with recent researchexamples and includes helpful recommendations for further reading.This book will be important reading for researchers and graduate students in socialpsychology. It may also serve as a supplemental text in graduate-level courses insocial cognition and psychology research methods.Taylor & FrancisComplex Surveys: A Guide to AnalysisUsing R978047028430825.03.2010Oprawa: mikka 48,95Thomas LumleySurvey analysis remains the bread-and-butter of sociological research. Highlightingthree main areas of interest--calibration estimators, two-phase designs, and tting ofregression models to survey data-- Complex Surveys is the rst book to describethe use of R in survey analysis in order to meticulously demonstrate new andefcient analyses of survey research methods in the health and social sciences.Written for applied statisticians and sophisticated users of statistics in the health andsocial sciences, the text employs large data sets throughout to illustrate the needfor, and utility of, the R software system.WileyData Analysis with Mplus978146250245525.12.2012Oprawa: mikka 30,99Christian GeiserA practical introduction to using Mplus for the analysis of multivariate data, thisvolume provides step-by-step guidance, complete with real data examples,numerous screen shots, and output excerpts. The author shows how to prepare adata set for import in Mplus using SPSS. He explains how to specify different typesof models in Mplus syntax and address typical caveats-for example, assessingmeasurement invariance in longitudinal SEMs. Coverage includes path and factoranalytic models as well as mediational, longitudinal, multilevel, and latent classmodels. Specic programming tips and solution strategies are presented in boxes ineach chapter. The companion website features data sets, annotated syntax les,and output for all of the examples. Of special utility to instructors and students,many of the examples can be run with the free demo version of Mplus.Taylor & Francis 99. Statystyka w naukach 99Designing and Conducting Your FirstInterview Project978047018351928.05.2010Oprawa: mikka 30,99Bruce K. FriesenConducting an interview is an essential part of social research data collection,requiring an understanding of the scientic method and its application in the eld.Using collaborative, active-learning strategies, Designing and Conducting Your FirstInterview Project turns what is often the most boring part of a social science classthe scientic method into an exciting and engaging experience. In a clear, easy-to-follow style, this workbook teaches students how to conduct the interview, alongwith how to organize, analyze, and interpret their data.WileyDevelopmental Evaluation978160623872113.08.2010Oprawa: mikka 33,99Michael Quinn PattonDevelopmental evaluation (DE) offers a powerful approach to monitoring andsupporting social innovations by working in partnership with program decisionmakers. In this book, eminent authority Michael Quinn Patton shows how toconduct evaluations within a DE framework.Taylor & FrancisDoing Statistical Mediation andModeration978146250815025.04.2013Oprawa: mikka 33,99Paul E. JoseWritten in a friendly, conversational style, this book offers a hands-on approach tostatistical mediation and moderation for both beginning researchers and thosefamiliar with modeling. Starting with a gentle review of regression-based analysis,Paul Jose covers basic mediation and moderation techniques before moving on toadvanced topics in multilevel modeling, structural equation modeling, and hybridcombinations, such as moderated mediation. User-friendly features includenumerous graphs and carefully worked-through examples; "Helpful Suggestions"about procedures and pitfalls; "Knowledge Boxes" delving into special topics, suchas dummy coding; and end-of-chapter exercises and problems (with answers). Thecompanion website provides downloadable sample data sets that are used in thebook to demonstrate particular analytic strategies, and explains how researchersand students can execute analyses using Joses online programs, MedGraph andModGraph. Appendices present SPSS, AMOS, and Mplus syntax for conductingthe key types of analyses.Taylor & FrancisEvaluation Essentials: From A to Z978160623898128.09.2010Oprawa: mikka 30,99Marvin C. AlkinWritten in a refreshing conversational style, this text thoroughly prepares students,program administrators, and new evaluators to conduct evaluations or to use themin their work. The books question-driven focus and clear discussions about theimportance of fostering evaluation use by building collaborative relationships withstakeholders set it apart from other available texts. In 26 concise sections, Marvin C.Alkin explores how to: articulate answerable evaluation questions, collect andanalyze data using both quantitative and qualitative methods, and deal withcontingencies that might alter the traditional sequence of an evaluation. Student-friendly features include handy bulleted recaps of each section, "Thinking Ahead"and "Next Steps" pointers, cautionary notes, annotated suggestions for furtherreading, and an in-depth case study that provides the basis for end-of-chapterexercises.This book will be important reading for instructors and graduate students ineducation, psychology, management, social work, nursing, and public policy;applied researchers who need a refresher on conducting evaluations; educationalTaylor & Francis...Evaluation in the Face of Uncertainty978160623857818.09.2010Oprawa: mikka 27,00Jonathan A. MorellUnexpected events during an evaluation all too often send evaluators into crisismode. This insightful book provides a systematic framework for diagnosing,anticipating, accommodating, and reining in costs of evaluation surprises.Taylor & FrancisEvent History Analysis with R978143983164926.04.2012Oprawa: twarda 49,99Goran BrostromWith an emphasis on social science applications, Event History Analysis with Rpresents an introduction to survival and event history analysis using real-lifeexamples. Keeping mathematical details to a minimum, the book covers key topics,including both discrete and continuous time data, parametric proportional hazards,and accelerated failure times. Features Introduces parametric proportional hazardsmodels with baseline distributions like the Weibull, Gompertz, Lognormal, andPiecewise constant hazard distributions, in addition to traditional Cox regressionPresents mathematical details as well as technical material in an appendix Includesreal examples with applications in demography, econometrics, and epidemiologyProvides a dedicated R package, eha, containing special treatments, includingmaking cuts in the Lexis diagram, creating communal covariates, and creatingperiod statistics A much-needed primer, Event History Analysis with R is adidactically excellent resource for students and practitioners of applied event historyand survival analysis.Taylor & Francis 100. Statystyka w naukach spoecznych100Experimental Philosophy and Its Critics978041550513014.03.2012Oprawa: twarda 85,00Joachim HorvathExperimental philosophy is one of the most recent and controversial developmentsin philosophy. Its basic idea is rather simple: to test philosophical thoughtexperiments and philosophers intuitions about them with scientic methods, mostlytaken from psychology and the social sciences. The ensuing experimental results,such as the cultural relativity of certain philosophical intuitions, has engaged -- andat times infuriated -- many more traditionally minded "armchair" philosophers sincethen. In this volume, the metaphilosophical reection on experimental philosophy isbrought yet another step forward by engaging some of its most renownedproponents and critics in a lively and controversial debate. In addition to that, thevolume also contains original experimental research on personal identity andphilosophical temperament, as well as state-of-the-art essays on centralmetaphilosophical issues, like thought experiments, the nature of intuitions, or thestatus of philosophical expertise. This book was originally published as a specialissue of Philosophical Psychology.Taylor & FrancisFive Ways of Doing Qualitative Analysis978160918142013.05.2011Oprawa: mikka 36,99Frederick J. WertzThis unique text provides a broad introduction to qualitative analysis together withconcrete demonstrations and comparisons of ve major approaches. Leadingscholars apply their respective analytic lenses to a narrative account and interviewfeaturing "Teresa," a young opera singer who experienced a career-changing illness.The resulting analyses vividly exemplify what each approach looks like in action. Theresearchers then probe the similarities and differences among their approaches;their distinctive purposes and strengths; the role, style, and subjectivity of theindividual researcher; and the scientic and ethical complexities of conductingqualitative research. Also included are the research participants responses to eachanalysis of her experience. A narrative account from another research participant,"Gail," can be used by readers to practice the kinds of analysis explored in the book.This book will be important reading for graduate students, instructors, andresearchers in psychology, education, social work, family studies and humandevelopment, sociology, and nursing.Taylor & FrancisFunctional Analytic Psychotherapy978041560404815.03.2012Oprawa: mikka 12,99Mavis TsaiHow can I supercharge the therapy I currently use? This volume distils the coreprinciples, methods, and vision of the approach. Each Functional AnalyticPsychotherapy (FAP) principle is presented in terms of its intended purpose and isclearly linked to the underlying theory, thus providing clinicians with a straightforwardguide for when and how to apply each technique. FAP embraces awareness,courage, and love as integral to the treatment process. Part I of this volume reviewsthe history of FAP and the basic behavioral principles on which it is based. Part IIprovides an easy to use step-by-step guide to the application of FAP techniques.FAP is an approach undergoing a renaissance, and this volume uniquelysummarizes the full history, theory, and techniques of FAP, resulting in a handbookperfect for clinicians and graduate students with or without a behaviouralbackground.Taylor & FrancisHandbook of Developmental ResearchMethods978160623609320.12.2011Oprawa: twarda 83,99Brett P. LaursenThis is the rst methods handbook specically designed to meet the needs oftodays developmental scholars. Leading developmental methodologists describecutting-edge approaches to measurement and design, data collection, andinterindividual and intraindividual longitudinal analysis. For each method or analytictool - whether created to measure change or adapted for this purpose - chaptersdescribe key issues, assumptions, and applications. Chapters also include researchexamples that demonstrate the procedures in action and give readers a betterunderstanding of how to match research questions to developmental methods.Taylor & FrancisHandbook of Ethics in QuantitativeMethodology978184872855418.02.2011Oprawa: mikka 43,00Abigail T. PanterThis comprehensive Handbook is the rst to provide a practical, interdisciplinaryreview of ethical issues as they relate to quantitative methodology including how topresent evidence for reliability and validity, what comprises an adequate testedpopulation, and what constitutes scientic knowledge for eliminating biases. Thebook uses an ethical framework that emphasizes the human cost of quantitativedecision making to help researchers understand the specic implications of theirchoices. The order of the Handbook chapters parallels the chronology of theresearch process: determining the research design and data collection; dataanalysis; and communicating ndings. Each chapter:Explores the ethics of a particular topicIdenties prevailing methodological issuesReviews strategies and approaches for handling such issues and their ethicalimplicationsProvides one or more case examplesTaylor & FrancisHandbook of Implicit Social Cognition978160623673416.07.2010Oprawa: twarda 57,00Bertram GawronskiThis tightly edited volume provides the rst comprehensive overview of the eld.Foremost authorities synthesize the latest ndings on how automatic, implicit, andunconscious cognitive processes inuence social judgments and behavior.Taylor & Francis 101. Statystyka w naukach 101Handbook of Nonresponse inHousehold Surveys978047054279814.01.2011Oprawa: twarda 100,00Jelke BethlehemA comprehensive, one-stop guide to identifying, reducing, and managingnonresponse in household surveysNonresponse and its impact on the sample selection mechanism of a survey is acommon problem that often arises while collecting survey data. Handbook ofNonresponse in Household Surveys is a complete guide to handling thenonresponse problem, outlining statistical methods and techniques for improvingresponse rates and correcting response data.The authors begin with an introduction to the nonresponse problem along with basicconcepts and denitions. Subsequent chapters present current theories andmethods that enable survey researchers to skillfully account for nonresponse in theirresearch. Exploring the latest developments in the eld, the book also features:An introduction to the R-indicator as an indicator of survey qualityDiscussion of the different causes of nonresponseExtensive treatment of the selection and use of auxiliary informationWileyHandbook of Research Methods forStudying Daily Life978160918747717.12.2011Oprawa: twarda 83,99Matthias R. MehlBringing together leading authorities, this unique handbook reviews the breadth ofcurrent approaches for studying how people think, feel, and behave in everydayenvironments, rather than in the laboratory. The volume thoroughly describesexperience sampling methods, diary methods, physiological measures, and otherself-report and non-self-report tools that allow for repeated, real-time measurementin natural settings. Practical guidance is provided to help the reader design a high-quality study, select and implement appropriate methods, and analyze the resultingdata using cutting-edge statistical techniques. Applications across a wide range ofpsychological subelds and research areas are discussed in detail.Taylor & FrancisHandbook of Research Methods inPersonality Psychology978160623612305.03.2010Oprawa: mikka 37,99Richard W. RobinsBringing together leading investigators, this comprehensive Handbook is a one-stopreference for anyone planning or conducting research on personality.Taylor & FrancisHandbook of Statistical Data Editingand Imputation978047054280411.03.2011Oprawa: twarda 100,00Ton de WaalA practical, one-stop reference on the theory and applications of statistical dataediting and imputation techniques Collected survey data are vulnerable to error. Inparticular, the data collection stage is a potential source of errors and missingvalues. As a result, the important role of statistical data editing, and the amount ofresources involved, has motivated considerable research efforts to enhance theefciency and effectiveness of this process. Handbook of Statistical Data Editing andImputation equips readers with the essential statistical procedures for detecting andcorrecting inconsistencies and lling in missing values with estimates. The authorssupply an easily accessible treatment of the existing methodology in this eld,featuring an overview of common errors encountered in practice and techniques forresolving these issues. The book begins with an overview of methods andstrategies for statistical data editing and imputation.WileyHandbook of Structural EquationModeling978160623077020.07.2012Oprawa: twarda 84,99Rick H. HoyleThe rst comprehensive structural equation modeling (SEM) Handbook, thisaccessible volume presents both the mechanics of SEM and specic SEMstrategies and applications. The editor, contributors, and editorial advisory board areleading methodologists who have organized the book to move from simpler materialto more statistically complex modeling approaches. Sections cover the foundationsof SEM; statistical underpinnings, from assumptions to model modications; steps inimplementation, from data preparation through writing the SEM report; and basicand advanced applications, including new and emerging topics in SEM. Eachchapter provides conceptually oriented descriptions, fully explicated analyses, andengaging examples that reveal modeling possibilities for use with readers data.Many of the chapters also include access to data and syntax les at the companionwebsite,, allowing readers to try their hands atreproducing the authors results.Taylor & FrancisHandbook of Web Surveys978047060356720.12.2011Oprawa: twarda 100,00Jelke BethlehemHandbook of Web Surveys presents a self-contained guide to methodologicalissues related to web surveys, covering both theoretical and practical aspects of thetopic. The book rst approaches the subject of web survey design, addressing themain question: How can an electronic questionnaire be designed such thatrespondents can complete it on the Internet without introducing (too many) errors?The second portion of the book is devoted to sampling issues and helping readersunderstanding how proper samples for web surveys can be selected to allow forunbiased estimation of population characteristics. The authors also explore thetopics of under-coverage, self-selection, adjustment weighting, and propensityscores as they pertain to effective web survey development. Each chapter followsthe same easy-to-follow format. Following an introduction, a description of theory ispresented along with key formulae. Next, the discussed theory is applied to a realdata set and accompanied with illustrative descriptions. Example sets and exercisesare spread throughout each chapter, and a summary provides a brief overview ofmain points and concepts.Wiley 102. Statystyka w naukach spoecznych102How to Study Psychology978184872106728.11.2012Oprawa: mikka 14,99Warren DaviesDo you want to spend less time studying but end up with better grades, and adeeper understanding of the subject? Studying psychology is a skill that can belearned. In this unique and practical how to guide, Warren Davies offers somesimple techniques that will enable students to retain information, organise theirworkload, and be more productive. By applying some simple and easy-to-makechanges to your study habits, you will learn how to: Get more work done in less timeUse memory techniques to help you breeze through exams Beat procrastinationDevelop a deep grasp of difcult topics Write excellent essays (including how toavoid the seven most common essay errors) Cut your study time in half Understandthe results section of research papers Write a dissertation to publishable standard.This book is written specically with psychology undergraduate students in mind,and as such will enhance your learning and improve your grades with techniquesthat actually work.Taylor & FrancisIBM SPSS for Intermediate Statistics:Use and Interpretation978041588047307.06.2011Oprawa: mikka 31,99Nancy L. LeechDesigned to help readers analyze and interpret research data using IBM SPSS, thisuser-friendly book shows readers how to choose the appropriate statistic based onthe design, perform intermediate statistics, including multivariate statistics, interpretoutput, and write about the results. The book reviews research designs and how toassess the accuracy and reliability of data: whether data meet the assumptions ofstatistical tests; how to calculate and interpret effect sizes for intermediate statistics,including odds ratios for logistic and discriminant analyses; how to compute andinterpret post-hoc power; and an overview of basic statistics for those who need areview. Unique chapters on multilevel linear modeling, multivariate analysis ofvariance (MANOVA), assessing reliability of data, and factor analysis are provided.SPSS syntax, along with the output, is included for those who prefer this format.Taylor & FrancisIBM SPSS for Introductory Statistics:Use and Interpretation978184872982714.08.2012Oprawa: mikka 29,99George A. MorganDesigned to help students analyze and interpret research data using IBM SPSS, thisuser-friendly book, written in easy-to-understand language, shows readers how tochoose the appropriate statistic based on the design, and to interpret outputsappropriately. The authors prepare readers for all of the steps in the researchprocess: design, entering and checking data, testing assumptions, assessingreliability and validity, computing descriptive and inferential parametric andnonparametric statistics, and writing about outputs. Dialog windows and SPSSsyntax, along with the output, are provided. Three realistic data sets, available onthe Internet, are used to solve the chapter problems. The new edition features:Updated to IBM SPSS version 20 but the book can also be used with older andnewer versions of SPSS. A new chapter (7) including an introduction to Cronbachsalpha and factor analysis. Updated Web Resources with PowerPoint slides,additional activities/suggestions, and the answers to even-numbered interpretationquestions for the instructors, and chapter study guides and outlines and extra SPSSproblems for the students.Taylor & FrancisIBM SPSS Statistics 19 Made Simple978184872069516.08.2011Oprawa: mikka 26,99Colin D. GrayThis new edition of one of the most widely read textbooks in its eld introduces thereader to data analysis with the most powerful and versatile statistical package onthe market: IBM SPSS Statistics 19. Each new release of SPSS Statistics featuresnew options and other improvements. There remains a core of fundamentaloperating principles and techniques which have continued to apply to all releasesissued in recent years and have been proved to be worth communicating in a smallvolume. This practical and informal book combines simplicity and clarity ofpresentation with a comprehensive treatment of the use of IBM SPSS Statistics 19for the description, exploration and conrmation of data. As in earlier editions,coverage has been extended to address the issues raised by readers since theprevious edition. In this edition, there is an introduction to the Analysis of Covariance(ANCOVA). Each statistical technique is presented in a realistic research contextand is fully illustrated with annotated screen shots of SPSS dialog boxes and output.The rst chapter sets the scene with a survey of typical research situations, keyterms and clear signposts to the location of each technique in the book.Taylor & FrancisIBM SPSS Statistics 21 Made Simple978184872225501.11.2013Oprawa: mikka 28,99GrayThis new edition of one of the most widely read textbooks in its eld introduces thereader to data analysis with the most powerful and versatile statistical package onthe market: IBM SPSS Statistics 21.Each new release of SPSS Statistics features new options and other improvements.There remains a core of fundamental operating principles and techniques whichhave continued to apply to all releases issued in recent years and have been provedto be worth communicating in a small volume.This practical and informal book combines simplicity and clarity of presentation witha comprehensive treatment of the use of IBM SPSS Statistics 21 for the description,exploration and conrmation of data.Each statistical technique is presented in a realistic research context and is fullyillustrated with annotated screenshots of SPSS dialog boxes and output. The rstchapter sets the scene with a survey of typical research situations, key terms andclear signposts to the location of each technique in the book. It also offers guidanceon the choice of statistical techniques, and advice (based on APA guidelines) onTaylor & Francis...Improving Natural ResourceManagement978047066113025.02.2011Oprawa: twarda 55,00Timothy C. HaasThe decision to implement environmental protection options is a political one. These,and other political and social decisions affect the balance of the ecosystem and howthe point of equilibrium desired is to be reached. This book develops a stochastic,temporal model of how political processes inuence and are inuenced byecosystem processes and looks at how to nd the most politically feasible plan formanaging an at-risk ecosystem. Finding such a plan is accomplished by rst tting amechanistic political and ecological model to a data set composed of observationson both political actions that impact an ecosystem and variables that describe theecosystem. The parameters of this tted model are perturbed just enough to causehuman behaviour to change so that desired ecosystem states occur. This perturbedmodel gives the ecosystem management plan needed to reach desired ecosystemstates. To construct such a set of interacting models, topics from political science,ecology, probability, and statistics are developed and explored. Key features:Explores politically feasible ways to manage at-risk ecosystems. Gives agent-basedmodels of how social groups affect ecosystems through time.Wiley 103. Statystyka w naukach 103Improving Survey Response978047051669025.03.2010Oprawa: twarda 57,50Ineke StoopHigh response rates have traditionally been considered as one of the main indicatorsof survey quality. Obtaining high response rates is sometimes difcult andexpensive, but clearly plays a benecial role in terms of improving data quality. It isbecoming increasingly clear, however, that simply boosting response to achieve ahigher response rate will not in itself eradicate nonresponse bias. In this book theauthors argue that high response rates should not be seen as a goal in themselves,but rather as part of an overall survey quality strategy based on random probabilitysampling and aimed at minimising nonresponse bias.Key features of Improving Survey Response: A detailed coverage of nonresponse issues, including a unique examination ofcross-national survey nonresponse processes and outcomes. A discussion of the potential causes of nonresponse and practical strategies tocombat it. A detailed examination of the impact of nonresponse and of techniques foradjusting for it once it has occurred.WileyIntensive Longitudinal Methods978146250678127.03.2013Oprawa: twarda 33,99Niall BolgerA complete, practical guide to planning and executing an intensive longitudinalstudy, this book provides the tools for understanding within-subject social,psychological, and physiological processes in everyday contexts. Intensivelongitudinal studies involve many repeated measurements taken on individuals,dyads, or groups, and include diary and experience sampling studies. A range ofengaging, worked-through research examples with datasets are featured. Coverageincludes how to: select the best intensive longitudinal design for a particularresearch question, model within-subject change processes for continuous andcategorical outcomes, distinguish within-subject from between-subjects effects,assess the reliability of within-subject changes, assure sufcient statistical power,and more. Several end-of-chapter write-ups illustrate effective ways to present studyndings for publication. Datasets and output for the examples are available forreaders use at the companion website. The website also includes HLM, MLwin, andR code as an alternative to the SPSS, SAS, and Mplus code presented in the book.Taylor & FrancisInterviewing for Qualitative Inquiry: ARelational Approach978146251000916.05.2013Oprawa: mikka 18,99Ruthellen JosselsonEngagingly written, this book builds the readers skills for conducting in-depthinterviews designed to address a particular research question. With an emphasis onthe dynamics of the research relationship, Ruthellen Josselson artfully demonstratesthe steps of a successful interview. Each step is illustrated with excerpts frominterviews on diverse topics. The book describes how to structure interviewseffectively, develop questions that elicit meaningful narratives, cultivate skills forempathic listening and responding, avoid common pitfalls, and deal with problemsthat develop in an interview. Pedagogical features include:Practice exercises adapted from Josselsons popular workshopsAnnotated examples of "good" and "bad" interviewsA chapter on interviewing dos and dontsAppendices with interview aids, sample follow-up questions, and a sampleconsent form.Taylor & FrancisInvariant Measurement978041587125925.01.2013Oprawa: mikka 27,99George Engelhard, Jr.This introductory text describes the principles of invariant measurement, howinvariant measurement can be achieved with Rasch models, and how to useinvariant measurement to solve measurement problems in the social, behavioral,and health sciences. Rasch models are used throughout but a comparison of Raschmodels to other item response theory (IRT) models is also provided. Written withstudents in mind, the manuscript was class tested to help maximize accessibility.Chapters open with an introduction and close with a summary and discussion.Numerous examples and exercises demonstrate the main issues addressed in eachchapter. Key terms are dened when rst introduced and in an end-of-text glossary.All of the books analyses were conducted with the Facets program. The data setsused in the book, sample syntax les for running the Facets program, Excel les forcreating item and person response functions, links to related websites, and othermaterial are available at & FrancisLatent Class Analysis of Survey Error978047028907530.12.2010Oprawa: twarda 63,50Paul P. BiemerCombining theoretical, methodological, and practical aspects, Latent Class Analysisof Survey Error successfully guides readers through the accurate interpretation ofsurvey results for quality evaluation and improvement. This book is a comprehensiveresource on the key statistical tools and techniques employed during the modelingand estimation of classication errors, featuring a special focus on both latent classanalysis (LCA) techniques and models for categorical data from complex samplesurveys. Drawing from his extensive experience in the eld of survey methodology,the author examines early models for survey measurement error and identies theirsimilarities and differences as well as their strengths and weaknesses. Subsequentchapters treat topics related to modeling, estimating, and reducing errors in surveys,including:* Measurement error modeling forcategorical data* The Hui-Walter modeland othermethods for two indicators* The EM algorithm and its role in latentclassmodel parameter estimation* Latent class models for three ormore indicators*Techniques for interpretation of modelparameter estimates* Advanced topics inLCA, including sparse data, boundary values, unidentiability, and local maximaWileyLatent Variable and Latent StructureModels978041564961203.03.2013Oprawa: mikka 28,00George A. MarcoulidesThis edited volume features cutting-edge topics from the leading researchers in theareas of latent variable modeling. Content highlights include coverage of approachesdealing with missing values, semi-parametric estimation, robust analysis, hierarchicaldata, factor scores, multi-group analysis, and model testing. New methodologicaltopics are illustrated with real applications. The material presented brings togethertwo traditions: psychometrics and structural equation modeling. Latent Variable andLatent Structure Models thought-provoking chapters from the leading researchersin the area will help to stimulate ideas for further research for many years to come.This volume will be of interest to researchers and practitioners from a wide variety ofdisciplines, including biology, business, economics, education, medicine,psychology, sociology, and other social and behavioral sciences. A workingknowledge of basic multivariate statistics and measurement theory is assumed.Taylor & Francis 104. Statystyka w naukach spoecznych104Longitudinal Data Analysis978041587415117.08.2011Oprawa: mikka 34,99Jason T. NewsomThis book provides accessible treatment to state-of-the-art approaches to analyzinglongitudinal studies. Comprehensive coverage of the most popular analysis toolsallows readers to pick and choose the techniques that best t their research. Theanalyses are illustrated with examples from major longitudinal data sets includingpractical information about their content and design. Illustrations from popularsoftware packages offer tips on how to interpret the results. Each chapter featuressuggested readings for additional study and a list of articles that further illustratehow to implement the analysis and report the results. Syntax examples for severalsoftware packages for each of the chapter examples are provided Although many of the examplesaddress health or social science questions related to aging, readers from otherdisciplines will nd the analyses relevant to their work. In addition to demonstratingstatistical analysis of longitudinal data, the book shows how to interpret and analyzethe results within the context of the research design.Taylor & FrancisLongitudinal Structural EquationModeling978146251016009.05.2013Oprawa: twarda 46,99Todd D. LittleFeaturing actual data sets as illustrative examples, this book reveals numerous waysto apply structural equation modeling (SEM) to any repeated-measures study. Initialchapters lay the groundwork for modeling a longitudinal change process, frommeasurement, design, and specication issues to model evaluation andinterpretation. Covering both big-picture ideas and technical "how-to-do-it" details,the author deftly walks through when and how to use longitudinal conrmatoryfactor analysis, longitudinal panel models (including the multiple-group case),multilevel models, growth curve models, and complex factor models, as well asmodels for mediation and moderation. User-friendly features include equation boxesthat clearly explain the elements in every equation, end-of-chapter glossaries, andannotated suggestions for further reading. The companion website provides datasets for all of the examples-which include studies of bullying, adolescent studentsemotions, and healthy aging-with syntax and output from LISREL, Mplus, and R(lavaan).Taylor & FrancisMaking Sense of Statistical Methods inSocial Research978184787287625.03.2010Oprawa: mikka 24,99Keming YangMaking Sense of Statistical Methods in Social Research is a critical introduction tothe use of statistical methods in social research. It provides a unique approach tostatistics that concentrates on helping social researchers think about the conceptualbasis for the statistical methods theyre using. Whereas other statistical methodsbooks instruct students in how to get through the statistics-based elements of theirchosen course with as little mathematical knowledge as possible, this book aims toimprove students statistical literacy, with the ultimate goal of turning them intocompetent researchers. "Making Sense of Statistical Methods in Social Research"contains careful discussion of the conceptual foundation of statistical methods,specifying what questions they can, or cannot, answer. The logic of each statisticalmethod or procedure is explained, drawing on the historical development of themethod, existing publications that apply the method, and methodologicaldiscussions. Statistical techniques and procedures are presented not for thepurpose of showing how to produce statistics with certain software packages, butas a way of illuminating the underlying logic behind the symbols.SAGEMaximum Likelihood Estimation forSample Surveys978158488632702.05.2012Oprawa: twarda 49,99Raymond L. ChambersSample surveys provide data used by researchers in a large range of disciplines toanalyze important relationships using well-established and widely used likelihoodmethods. The methods used to select samples often result in the sample differing inimportant ways from the target population and standard application of likelihoodmethods can lead to biased and inefcient estimates. Maximum LikelihoodEstimation for Sample Surveys presents an overview of likelihood methods for theanalysis of sample survey data that account for the selection methods used, andincludes all necessary background material on likelihood inference. It covers a rangeof data types, including multilevel data, and is illustrated by many worked examplesusing tractable and widely used models. It also discusses more advanced topics,such as combining data, non-response, and informative sampling. The bookpresents and develops a likelihood approach for tting models to sample surveydata. It explores and explains how the approach works in tractable though widelyused models for which we can make considerable analytic progress.Taylor & FrancisMeasurement and Statistics on Scienceand Technology978041564999512.09.2012Oprawa: mikka 28,00Benoit GodinHow do we objectively measure scientic activities? What proportion of economicactivities should a society devote to research and development? How can public-sector and private-sector research best be directed to achieve social goals?Governments and researchers from industrial countries have been measuringscience and technology for more than eighty years. This book provides the rstcomprehensive account of the attempts to measure science and technologyactivities in Western countries and the successes and shortcomings of statisticalsystems. Godin guides readers through the historical moments that led to thedevelopment of statistics on science and technology and also examines the socio-political dynamics behind social measurement. This enlightening account will be ofinterest to students and academics investigating science measurement as well aspolicy makers working in this burgeoning eld.Taylor & FrancisMethods and Applications of Statisticsin the Social and Behavioral Sciences978047040507906.11.2012Oprawa: twarda 130,00N. BalakrishnanBased on the multifaceted Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences, Second Edition ,this concise book outlines the statistical concepts and techniques for applicationthat are essential for understanding data gathered from modern research in thesocial and behavioral sciences. Methods and Applications of Statistics in the Socialand Behavioral Sciences combines both previously published and newly developedcontributions written by over 100 leading academics, researchers, and practitionerin a comprehensive, approachable format. This succinct reference unveils modern,cutting-edge approaches to acquiring and analyzing data across diverse subjectsfor students, academics, and researchers.Wiley 105. Statystyka w naukach 105Modeling Intraindividual Variability WithRepeated Measures Data978041565561303.03.2013Oprawa: mikka 28,00Scott L. HershbergerThis book examines how individuals behave across time and to what degree thatbehavior changes, uctuates, or remains stable.It features the most current methods on modeling repeated measures data asreported by a distinguished group of experts in the eld. The goal is to make thelatest techniques used to assess intraindividual variability accessible to a wide rangeof researchers. Each chapter is written in a "user-friendly" style such that even the"novice" data analyst can easily apply the techniques.Each chapter features:a minimum discussion of mathematical detail;an empirical example applying the technique; anda discussion of the software related to that technique.Taylor & FrancisModels in Statistical Social Research978041553421521.02.2012Oprawa: mikka 28,00Gotz RohwerModels in Statistical Social Research provides a comprehensive insight of modelsused in statistical social research based on statistical data and methods. Whiletraditionally understood statistical models relate to data generating processes whichpresuppose facts, this book focuses on analytical models which relate to substantialprocesses generating social facts. It formally develops individual-level, population-level, and multilevel versions of such models and uses these models as frameworksfor the denition of notions of functional causality. The book further develops adistinction between the representation of states and events, which is then used toformally distinguish between comparative and dynamic notions of causality. It isshown that, due to the involvement of human actors in substantial processesconsidered in social research, the conceptual framework of randomized experimentsis of only limited use. Instead, modelling selection processes should become anexplicit task of social research.Taylor & FrancisModern Analysis of Customer Surveys:with Applications Using R978047097128406.01.2012Oprawa: twarda 65,00Ron KenettCustomer survey studies deals with customers, consumers and user satisfactionfrom a product or service. In practice, many of the customer surveys conducted bybusiness and industry are analyzed in a very simple way, without using models orstatistical methods. Typical reports include descriptive statistics and basic graphicaldisplays. As demonstrated in this book, integrating such basic analysis with moreadvanced tools, provides insights on non-obvious patterns and importantrelationships between the survey variables. This knowledge can signicantly affectthe conclusions derived from a survey. Key features: Provides an integrated, case-studies based approach to analysing customer survey data. Presents a generalintroduction to customer surveys, within an organizations business cycle. Containsclassical techniques with modern and non standard tools. Focuses on probabilistictechniques from the area of statistics/data analysis and covers all major recentdevelopments. Accompanied by a supporting website containing datasets and Rscripts.WileyModern Statistics for the Social andBehavioral Sciences978143983456514.07.2011Oprawa: twarda 52,99Rand R. WilcoxIn addition to learning how to apply classic statistical methods, students need tounderstand when these methods perform well, and when and why they can behighly unsatisfactory. Modern Statistics for the Social and Behavioral Sciencesillustrates how to use R to apply both standard and modern methods to correctknown problems with classic techniques. Numerous illustrations provide aconceptual basis for understanding why practical problems with classic methodswere missed for so many years, and why modern techniques have practical value.Designed for a two-semester, introductory course for graduate students in the socialsciences, this text introduces three major advances in the eld: Early studiesseemed to suggest that normality can be assumed with relatively small sample sizesdue to the central limit theorem. However, crucial issues were missed. Vastlyimproved methods are now available for dealing with non-normality. The impact ofoutliers and heavy-tailed distributions on power and our ability to obtain an accurateassessment of how groups differ and variables are related is a practical concernwhen using standard techniques, regardless of how large the sample size mightTaylor & Francis...Multilevel Analysis: Techniques andApplications978184872846224.05.2010Oprawa: mikka 31,99Joop J. HoxThis practical introduction helps readers apply multilevel techniques to theirresearch. Noted as an accessible introduction, the book also includes advancedextensions, making it useful as both an introduction and as a reference to students,researchers, and methodologists. Basic models and examples are discussed in non-technical terms with an emphasis on understanding the methodological andstatistical issues involved in using these models. The estimation and interpretation ofmultilevel models is demonstrated using realistic examples from various disciplines.For example, readers will nd data sets on stress in hospitals, GPA scores, surveyresponses, street safety, epilepsy, divorce, and sociometric scores, to name a few.The data sets are available on the website in SPSS, HLM, MLwiN, LISREL and/orMplus les. Readers are introduced to both the multilevel regression model andmultilevel structural models. Highlights of the second edition include: Two newchapters-one on multilevel models for ordinal and count data (Ch. 7) and another onmultilevel survival analysis (Ch. 8).Taylor & FrancisMultilevel and Longitudinal Modelingwith IBM SPSS978041581711003.09.2013Oprawa: mikka 28,99Ronald H. HeckThis book demonstrates how to use multilevel and longitudinal modeling techniquesavailable in the IBM SPSS mixed-effects program (MIXED). Annotated screen shotsprovide readers with a step-by-step understanding of each technique andnavigating the program. Readers learn how to set up, run, and interpret a variety ofmodels. Diagnostic tools, data management issues, and related graphics areintroduced throughout. Annotated syntax is also available for those who prefer thisapproach. Extended examples illustrate the logic of model development to showreaders the rationale of the research questions and the steps around which theanalyses are structured. The data used in the text and syntax examples are availableat a Highlights of the new edition include:Updated throughout to reect IBM SPSS Version 20. Further coverage of growthtrajectories, coding time-related variables, covariance structures, individual changeand longitudinal experimental designs (Ch.5). Extended discussion of other types ofresearch designs for examining change (e.g., regression discontinuity, quasi-experimental) over time (Ch.6).Taylor & Francis 106. Statystyka w naukach spoecznych106Multilevel and Longitudinal Modelingwith PASW / SPSS978184872863920.05.2010Oprawa: mikka 28,99Ronald H. HeckThis is the rst book to demonstrate how to use the multilevel and longitudinalmodeling techniques available in IBM SPSS Version 18. The authors tap the powerof SPSS Mixed Models routine to provide an elegant and accessible approach tothese models. Readers who have learned statistics using this software will no longerhave to adapt to a new program to conduct quality multilevel and longitudinalanalyses. Annotated screen shots with all of the key output provide readers with astep-by-step understanding of each technique as they are shown how to navigatethrough the program. Diagnostic tools, data management issues, and relatedgraphics are introduced throughout. SPSS commands show the ow of the menustructure and how to facilitate model building. Annotated syntax is also available forthose who prefer this approach. Most chapters feature an extended exampleillustrating the logic of model development. These examples show readers thecontext and rationale of the research questions and the steps around which theanalyses are structured. The data used in the text and syntax examples are availableat website.Taylor & FrancisMultivariate Analysis for theBiobehavioral and Social Sciences978047053756524.01.2012Oprawa: twarda 66,95Bruce L. BrownAn insightful guide to understanding and visualizing multivariate statistics using SAS(r), STATA(r), and SPSS(r) Multivariate Analysis for the Biobehavioral and SocialSciences: A Graphical Approach outlines the essential multivariate methods forunderstanding data in the social and biobehavioral sciences. Using real-world dataand the latest software applications, the book addresses the topic in acomprehensible and hands-on manner, making complex mathematical conceptsaccessible to readers. The authors promote the importance of clear, well-designedgraphics in the scientic process, with visual representations accompanying thepresented classical multivariate statistical methods . The book begins with apreparatory review of univariate statistical methods recast in matrix notation,followed by an accessible introduction to matrix algebra. Subsequent chaptersexplore fundamental multivariate methods and related key concepts, including: *Factor analysis and related methods * Multivariate graphics * Canonical correlation *Hotellings T-squared * Multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA)WileyNew Developments in Categorical Data Analysisfor the Social and Behavioral Sciences978041565042703.03.2013Oprawa: mikka 28,00L. Andries van der ArkCategorical data are quantied as either nominal variables--distinguishing differentgroups, for example, based on socio-economic status, education, and politicalpersuasion--or ordinal variables--distinguishing levels of interest, such as thepreferred politician or the preferred type of punishment for committing burglary. Thisnew book is a collection of up-to-date studies on modern categorical data analysismethods, emphasizing their application to relevant and interesting data sets. Thisvolume concentrates on latent class analysis and item response theory. Thesemethods use latent variables to explain the relationships among observedcategorical variables. Latent class analysis yields the classication of a group ofrespondents according to their pattern of scores on the categorical variables. Thisprovides insight into the mechanisms producing the data and allows the estimationof factor structures and regression models conditional on the latent class structure.Item response theory leads to the identication of one or more ordinal or intervalscales. In psychological and educational testing these scales are used for individualmeasurement of abilities and personality traits.Taylor & FrancisNonparametric Statistics for Social andBehavioral Sciences978146650760906.12.2013Oprawa: twarda 57,99Kraska-MillerThis textbook covers concepts, principles, and procedures used in performingnonparametric statistical procedures. The subject is covered using explanations,demonstrations, examples, and exercises. SPSS screen shots are used todemonstrate steps of the procedures and offer explanations and interpretations ofresults. The academic level is for upper undergraduates and for graduate students.Taylor & FrancisPrimer of Public Relations Research978159385595615.09.2010Oprawa: twarda 37,00Don W. StacksThis practical, comprehensive work is widely regarded as the standard course textand practitioner reference on public relations research. Don W. Stacks explains thekey role of research in all aspects of contemporary PR practice, from planning aprogram or campaign to making strategic changes and measuring outcomes. Step-by-step guidelines and tools are provided for using a wide range of qualitative andquantitative methods to accomplish essential research objectives. The book clearlyexplains technical aspects of data collection and analysis for readers new tomeasurement and statistics. Every chapter features review questions and a detailedpractice problem.New to This Edition:Thoroughly updated to reect the growth of social media and other technologicalchangesExpanded coverage of measuring return on investment (ROI)Restructured based on classroom experience: learning statistical concepts rst willhelp students master the methodsTaylor & FrancisPrinciples and Practice of StructuralEquation Modeling978160623876907.09.2010Oprawa: mikka 37,99Rex B. KlineThis bestselling text provides a balance between the technical and practical aspectsof structural equation modeling (SEM). Using clear and accessible language, Rex B.Kline covers core techniques, potential pitfalls, and applications across thebehavioral and social sciences. Some more advanced topics are also covered,including estimation of interactive effects of latent variables and multilevel SEM. Thecompanion Web page offers downloadable syntax, data, and output les for eachdetailed example for EQS, LISREL, and Mplus, allowing readers to view the resultsof the same analysis generated by three different computer tools.New to This Edition:thoroughly revised and restructured to follow the phases of most SEM analysessyntax, data, and output les for all detailed research examples are now providedonlineexercises with answers, which support self-studytopic boxes on specialized issues, such as dealing with problems in the analysis;the assessment of construct measurement reliability; and moreTaylor & Francis 107. Statystyka w naukach 107Program Evaluation Theory andPractice978146250315512.04.2012Oprawa: mikka 50,99Donna M. MertensThis engaging text takes an evenhanded approach to major theoretical paradigms inevaluation and builds a bridge from them to evaluation practice. Featuring helpfulchecklists, procedural steps, provocative questions that invite readers to exploretheir own theoretical assumptions, and practical exercises, the book providesconcrete guidance for conducting large- and small-scale evaluations. Numeroussample studies many with reective commentary from the evaluators reveal theprocess through which an evaluator incorporates a paradigm into an actual researchproject. The book shows how theory informs methodological choices (the specicsof planning, implementing, and using evaluations). It offers balanced coverage ofquantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods approaches.Useful pedagogical features include:Examples of large- and small-scale evaluations from multiple disciplinesBeginning-of-chapter reection questions that set the stage for the materialcoveredTaylor & FrancisPsychophysiological Measurement andMeaning978041599414927.09.2011Oprawa: mikka 34,99Robert F. PotterThis research volume serves as a comprehensive resource for psychophysiologicalresearch on media responses. It addresses the theoretical underpinnings,methodological techniques, and most recent research in this area. It goes beyondcurrent volumes by placing the research techniques within a context ofcommunication processes and effects as a eld, and demonstrating how the real-time measurement of physiological responses enhances and complements moretraditional measures of psychological effects from media. This volume introducesreaders to the theoretical assumptions of psychophysiology as well as theoperational details of collecting psychophysiological data. In addition to discussingspecic measures, it includes brief reviews of recent experiments that have usedpsychophysiological measures to study how the brain processes media. It will serveas a valuable reference for media researchers utilizing these methodologies, or forother researchers needing to understand the theories, history, and methods ofpsychophysiological research.Taylor & FrancisQualitative Research from Start toFinish978160623701412.11.2010Oprawa: mikka 34,00Robert K. YinThis lively, practical text presents a fresh and comprehensive approach to doingqualitative research. The book offers a unique balance of theory and clear-cutchoices for customizing every phase of a qualitative study. A scholarly mix of classicand contemporary studies from multiple disciplines provides compelling, eld-basedexamples of the full range of qualitative approaches. Readers learn about adaptiveways of designing studies, collecting data, analyzing data, and reporting ndings.Key aspects of the researchers craft are addressed, such as eldwork options, theve phases of data analysis (with and without using computer-based software), andhow to incorporate the researchers "declarative" and "reective" selves into a nalreport. Ideal for graduate-level courses, the text includes:Discussions of ethnography, grounded theory, phenomenology, feminist research,and other approachesInstructions for creating a study bank to get a new study startedEnd-of-chapter exercises and a semester-long, eld-based projectQuick study boxes, research vignettes, sample studies, and a glossaryTaylor & FrancisQuantitative Data Analysis with IBMSPSS 17, 18 & 19: A Guide for Social978041557919312.05.2011Oprawa: mikka 26,99Alan BrymanThis latest edition has been fully updated to accommodate the needs of users ofSPSS Releases 17, 18 and 19 while still being applicable to users of SPSS Releases15 and 16. As with previous editions, Alan Bryman and Duncan Cramer continue tooffer a comprehensive and user-friendly introduction to the widely used IBM SPSSStatistics. The simple, non-technical approach to quantitative data analysis enablesthe reader to quickly become familiar with SPSS and with the tests available tothem. No previous experience of statistics or computing is required as this bookprovides a step-by-step guide to statistical techniques, including: Non-parametrictests Correlation Simple and multiple regression Analysis of variance and covarianceFactor analysis. This book comes equipped with a comprehensive range ofexercises for further practice, and it covers key issues such as sampling, statisticalinference, conceptualization and measurement and selection of appropriate tests.The authors have also included a helpful glossary of key terms.Taylor & FrancisQuestion Evaluation Methods:Contributing to the Science of Data978047076948512.08.2011Oprawa: mikka 53,50Kristen MillerInsightful observations on common question evaluation methods and best practicesfor data collection in survey research Featuring contributions from leadingresearchers and academicians in the eld of survey research, Question EvaluationMethods: Contributing to the Science of Data Quality sheds light on questionresponse error and introduces an interdisciplinary, cross-method approach that isessential for advancing knowledge about data quality and ensuring the credibility ofconclusions drawn from surveys and censuses. Offering a variety of expert analysesof question evaluation methods, the book provides recommendations and bestpractices for researchers working with data in the health and social sciences.Based on a workshop held at the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), thisbook presents and compares various question evaluation methods that are used inmodern-day data collection and analysis. Each section includes an introduction to amethod by a leading authority in the eld, followed by responses from other expertsthat outline related strengths, weaknesses, and underlying assumptions.WileyRegression Analysis for the SocialSciences978041599154431.03.2010Oprawa: twarda 100,00Rachel A. GordonThe book provides graduate students in the social sciences with the basic skills thatthey need to estimate, interpret, present, and publish basic regression models usingcontemporary standards. Key features of the book include: interweaving theteaching of statistical concepts with examples developed for the course frompublicly-available social science data or drawn from the literature. thoroughintegration of teaching statistical theory with teaching data processing and analysis.teaching of both SAS and Stata "side-by-side" and use of chapter exercises inwhich students practice programming and interpretation on the same data set andcourse exercises in which students can choose their own research questions anddata set. This book is for a one-semester course.Taylor & Francis 108. Statystyka w naukach spoecznych108Sampling978047040231330.03.2012Oprawa: twarda 76,95Steven K. ThompsonSampling provides an up-to-date treatment of both classical and modern samplingdesign and estimation methods, along with sampling methods for rare, clustered,and hard-to-detect populations. This Third Edition retains the general organization ofthe two previous editions, but incorporates extensive new materialsections,exercises, and examplesthroughout. Inside, readers will nd all-new approachesto explain the various techniques in the book; new gures to assist in bettervisualizing and comprehending underlying concepts such as the different samplingstrategies; computing notes for sample selection, calculation of estimates, andsimulations; and more.Organized into six sections, the book covers basic sampling, from simple random tounequal probability sampling; the use of auxiliary data with ratio and regressionestimation; sufcient data, model, and design in practical sampling; useful designssuch as stratied, cluster and systematic, multistage, double and network sampling;detectability methods for elusive populations; spatial sampling; and adaptivesampling designs.WileySecrecy and Silence in the ResearchProcess978041560517530.09.2010Oprawa: mikka 28,00Roisin Ryan-FloodFeminist research is informed by a history of breaking silences, of demanding thatwomens voices be heard, recorded and included in wider intellectual genealogiesand histories. This has led to an emphasis on voice and speaking out in the researchendeavour. Moments of secrecy and silence are less often addressed. This givesrise to a number of questions. What are the silences, secrets, omissions and andpolitical consequences of such moments? What particular dilemmas andconstraints do they represent or entail? What are their implications for researchpraxis? Are such moments always indicative of voicelessness or powerlessness? Ormay they also constitute a productive moment in the research encounter?Contributors to this volume were invited to reect on these questions. The resultingchapters are a fascinating collection of insights into the research process, making animportant contribution to theoretical and empirical debates about epistemology,subjectivity and identity in research. Researchers often face difcult dilemmas aboutwho to represent and how, what to omit and what to include.Taylor & FrancisSocial Statistics: The Basics andBeyond978041580501818.01.2011Oprawa: twarda 84,00Thomas J. LinnemanWith just the right level of detail, and a graphically innovative approach, this bookcarefully guides students through the statistical techniques they will encounter in thereal world. The basics are covered in a non-intimidating way for your students, plusmultiple regression, interaction effects, logistic regression, non-linear effects. Thebook uses three datasets throughout: General Social Survey, American NationalElection Studies, World Values Survey, and includes SPSS demonstrations at theend of each chapter. Most of your students will likely take only one stats course anduse only one stats book in their college careers. This one innovatively equips themfor their worlds ahead, regardless of the career paths they follow.Taylor & FrancisStatistical Approaches to MeasurementInvariance978184872819613.05.2011Oprawa: mikka 26,99Roger E. MillsapThis book reviews the statistical procedures used to detect measurement bias.Measurement bias is examined from a general latent variable perspective so as toaccommodate different forms of testing in a variety of contexts including cognitive orclinical variables, attitudes, personality dimensions, or emotional states.Measurement models that underlie psychometric practice are described, includingtheir strengths and limitations. Practical strategies and examples for dealing withbias detection are provided throughout. The book begins with an introduction to thegeneral topic, followed by a review of the measurement models used inpsychometric theory. Emphasis is placed on latent variable models, withintroductions to classical test theory, factor analysis, and item response theory, andthe controversies associated with each, being provided. Measurement invarianceand bias in the context of multiple populations is dened in chapter 3 followed bychapter 4 that describes the common factor model for continuous measures inmultiple populations and its use in the investigation of factorial invariance.Identication problems in conrmatory factor analysis are examined along withTaylor & Francis...Statistical Concepts: A Second Course978041588007704.04.2012Oprawa: mikka 47,99Richard G. LomaxStatistical Concepts consists of the last 9 chapters of An Introduction to StatisticalConcepts, 3rd ed. Designed for the second course in statistics, it is one of the fewtexts that focuses just on intermediate statistics. The book highlights how statisticswork and what they mean to better prepare students to analyze their own data andinterpret SPSS and research results. As such it offers more coverage of non-parametric procedures used when standard assumptions are violated since thesemethods are more frequently encountered when working with real data. Determiningappropriate sample sizes is emphasized throughout. Only crucial equations areincluded. The new edition features: New co-author, Debbie L. Hahs-Vaughn, the2007 recipient of the University of Central Floridas College of Education Excellencein Graduate Teaching Award. A new chapter on logistic regression models fortodays more complex methodologies. Much more on computing condenceintervals and conducting power analyses using G*Power. All new SPSS version 19screenshots to help navigate through the program and annotated output to assist inthe interpretation of results.Taylor & FrancisStatistical Methods with Applications toDemography and Life Insurance978146650573512.04.2013Oprawa: twarda 49,99Estate V. KhmaladzeSuitable for statisticians, mathematicians, actuaries, and students interested in theproblems of insurance and analysis of lifetimes, Statistical Methods with Applicationsto Demography and Life Insurance presents contemporary statistical techniques foranalyzing life distributions and life insurance problems. It not only contains traditionalmaterial but also incorporates new problems and techniques not discussed inexisting actuarial literature. The book mainly focuses on the analysis of an individuallife and describes statistical methods based on empirical and related processes.Coverage ranges from analyzing the tails of distributions of lifetimes to modelingpopulation dynamics with migrations. To help readers understand the technicalpoints, the text covers topics such as the Stieltjes, Wiener, and Ito integrals. It alsointroduces other themes of interest in demography, including mixtures ofdistributions, analysis of longevity and extreme value theory, and the age structure ofa population. In addition, the author discusses net premiums for various insurancepolicies. Mathematical statements are carefully and clearly formulated and provedwhile avoiding excessive technicalities as much as possible.Taylor & Francis 109. Statystyka w naukach 109Statistical Power Analysis for the Socialand Behavioral Sciences978184872981012.11.2013Oprawa: mikka 26,99Xiaofeng Steven LiuSubjects1. Power Analysis & Effect Sizes2. Quantitative Methods3. Research Methods in Education4. Quantitative Methods5. Introductory & Intermediate StatisticsTaylor & FrancisStatistics and the Public Sphere978041587894421.04.2011Oprawa: twarda 85,00Tom CrookContemporary public life in Britain would be unthinkable without the use of statisticsand statistical reasoning. Numbers dominate political discussion, facilitating debatewhile also attracting criticism on the grounds of their veracity and utility. However,the historical role and place of statistics within Britains public sphere has yet toreceive the attention it deserves. There exist numerous histories of both modernstatistical reasoning and the modern public sphere; but to date, there are no workswhich, quite pointedly, aim to analyse the historical entanglement of the two.Statistics and the Public Sphere: Numbers and the People in Modern Britain, c.1800-2000 directly addresses this neglected area of historiography, and in so doingplaces the present in some much needed historical perspective.Taylor & FrancisStatistics for Psychologists: AnIntermediate Course978041565196703.03.2013Oprawa: mikka 28,00Brian S. EverittBuilt around a problem solving theme, this book extends the intermediate andadvanced students expertise to more challenging situations that involve applyingstatistical methods to real-world problems. Data relevant to these problems arecollected and analyzed to provide useful answers. Building on its central problem-solving theme, a large number of data sets arising from real problems are containedin the text and in the exercises provided at the end of each chapter. Answers, orhints to providing answers, are provided in an appendix. Concentrating largely onthe established SPSS and the newer S-Plus statistical packages, the authorprovides a short, end-of-chapter section entitled Computer Hints that helps thestudent undertake the analyses reported in the chapter using these statisticalpackages.Taylor & FrancisStatistics for Sensory and ConsumerScience978047051821218.06.2010Oprawa: twarda 85,00Tormod NasThis book by a group of established scientists gives a comprehensive, up-to-dateoverview of the most common statistical methods for handling data from bothtrained sensory panels and consumer studies of food. It presents the topic in twodistinct sections: problem-orientated (Part I) and method orientated (Part II), makingit to appropriate for people at different levels with respect to their statistical skills.This text is an excellent resource for food scientists and food engineers working inresearch and industry, as well as food science students at the master and PhD level.In addition, applied statisticians with special interest in food science will also ndrelevant information within the book.WileyStatistics for Sport and ExerciseStudies978041559557529.03.2012Oprawa: mikka 29,99Peter ODonoghueStatistics for Sport and Exercise Studies guides the student through the full researchprocess, from selecting the most appropriate statistical procedure, to analysingdata, to the presentation of results, illustrating every key step in the process withclear examples, case-studies and data taken from real sport and exercise settings.Every chapter includes a range of features designed to help the student grasp theunderlying concepts and relate each statistical procedure to their own researchproject, including denitions of key terms, practical exercises, worked examples andclear summaries. The book also offers an in-depth and practical guide to usingSPSS in sport and exercise research, the most commonly used data analysissoftware in sport and exercise departments. In addition, a companion websiteincludes more than 100 downloadable data sets and work sheets for use in or out ofthe classroom, full solutions to exercises contained in the book, plus over 1,300PowerPoint slides for use by tutors and lecturers. Statistics for Sport and ExerciseStudies is a complete, user-friendly introduction to the use of statistical tests,techniques and procedures in sport, exercise and related subjects.Taylor & FrancisStatistics in Plain English978041587291105.07.2010Oprawa: mikka 24,99Timothy C. UrdanThis inexpensive paperback provides a brief, simple overview of statistics to helpreaders gain a better understanding of how statistics work and how to interpretthem correctly. Each chapter describes a different statistical technique, ranging frombasic concepts like central tendency and describing distributions to more advancedconcepts such as t tests, regression, repeated measures ANOVA, and factoranalysis. Each chapter begins with a short description of the statistic and when itshould be used. This is followed by a more in-depth explanation of how the statisticworks. Finally, each chapter ends with an example of the statistic in use, and asample of how the results of analyses using the statistic might be written up forpublication. A glossary of statistical terms and symbols is also included.New features in the third edition include:a new chapter on Factor and Reliability Analysis especially helpful to those who doand/or read survey research,new "Writing it Up" sections demonstrate how to write about and interpretstatistics seen in books and journals,Taylor & Francis 110. Statystyka w naukach spoecznych110Statistics in Psychology Using R andSPSS978047097124609.12.2011Oprawa: twarda 55,00Dieter RaschStatistics in Psychology covers all statistical methods needed in education andresearch in psychology. This book looks at research questions when planning datasampling, that is to design the intended study and to calculate the sample sizes inadvance. In other words, no analysis applies if the minimum size is not determinedin order to full certain precision requirements. The book looks at the process ofempirical research into the following seven stages: Formulation of the problemStipulation of the precision requirements Selecting the statistical model for theplanning and analysis The (optimal) design of the experiment or survey Performingthe experiment or the survey Statistical analysis of the observed resultsInterpretation of the results.WileyStatistics in the Social Sciences978047014874705.03.2010Oprawa: twarda 59,50Stanislav KolenikovFashioned after the 2006 Winemiller Symposium on Recent Advances in SocialScience Statistics, and bringing together top researchers from around the world,this book provides overviews of the most important advanced techniques in thesocial sciences, including latent variable models, multilevel models, social networks,missing data techniques, educational measurement, cluster analysis, and treatmenteffects. The aim of the book is to foster collaboration among mathematicalstatisticians and quantitatively oriented social science researchers and to highlightthe interface between developments in each area.WileyStatistics Translated978146250301803.05.2012Oprawa: mikka 36,99Steven R. TerrellWritten in a humorous and encouraging style, this text shows how the mostcommon statistical tools can be used to answer interesting real-world questions,presented as mysteries to be solved. Engaging research examples lead the readerthrough a series of six steps, from identifying a researchable problem to stating ahypothesis, identifying independent and dependent variables, and selecting andinterpreting appropriate statistical tests. All techniques are demonstrated bothmanually and with the help of SPSS software. The book provides students andothers who may need to read and interpret statistically based research with theessential knowledge and skills needed to make decisions based on data.Useful pedagogical features include:Checklists of key words and formulas in every chapterExamples of SPSS screenshots used for analyzing dataCautionary notes plus "putting it all together" section recapsEnd-of-chapter self-quizzes (with full answers and explanations)Taylor & FrancisStructural Equation Modeling withMPlus978184872839401.01.2010Oprawa: mikka 29,99Barbara M. ByrneModeled after Barbara Byrnes other best-selling structural equation modeling (SEM)books, this practical guide reviews the basic concepts and applications of SEMusing Mplus Versions 5 & 6. The author reviews SEM applications based on actualdata taken from her own research. Using non-mathematical language, it is writtenfor the novice SEM user. With each application chapter, the author "walks" thereader through all steps involved in testing the SEM model including: an explanationof the issues addressed illustrated and annotated testing of the hypothesized andpost hoc models explanation and interpretation of all Mplus input and output lesimportant caveats pertinent to the SEM application under study a description of thedata and reference upon which the model was based the corresponding data andsyntax les available at . Therst two chapters introduce the fundamental concepts of SEM and important basicsof the Mplus program.Taylor & FrancisStructural Equation Modeling978111997829914.09.2012Oprawa: twarda 65,00Jichuan WangA reference guide for applications of SEM using M plus Structural EquationModeling: Applications Using M plus is intended as both a teaching resource and areference guide. Written in non-mathematical terms, this book focuses on theconceptual and practical aspects of Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). Basicconcepts and examples of various SEM models are demonstrated along withrecently developed advanced methods, such as mixture modeling and model-basedpower analysis and sample size estimate for SEM. The statistical modeling program,M plus , is also featured and provides researchers with a exible tool to analyze theirdata with an easy-to-use interface and graphical displays of data and analysisresults. Key features: Presents a useful reference guide for applications of SEMwhilst systematically demonstrating various advanced SEM models, such as multi-group and mixture models using M plus . Discusses and demonstrates variousSEM models using both cross-sectional and longitudinal data with both continuousand categorical outcomes.WileySurvey Methods in Multicultural,Multinational, and Multiregional Contexts978047017799028.05.2010Oprawa: mikka 56,50Janet A. HarknessWritten and edited by experts in the elds, S urvey Methods in Multicultural,Multinational, and Multiregional Contexts provides an overview of comparativemultinational, multiregional, and multicultural issues in survey methodology. Part ofthe Wiley Series in Survey Methodology, this volume explores the issue of quality inmultipopulation surveys and the level of methodological expertise in comparativesurvey research. The text, including models of design, multilingual issues, and moreon developing countries, is fundamental for statisticians, researchers, and studentsinterested in design and implementation of international, national, and culturalcomparative surveys.Wiley 111. Statystyka w naukach 111Surveying Cultures978047047907028.01.2010Oprawa: twarda 59,50David R. HeiseSurveying Cultures uniquely employs techniques rooted in survey methodology todiscover cultural patterns in social science research. Examining both classical andemerging methods that are used to survey and assess differing norms amongpopulations, the book successfully breaks new ground in the eld, introducing atheory of measurement for ethnographic studies that employs the consensus-as-culture model.The book begins with a basic overview of cross-cultural measurement of sentimentsand presents innovative and sophisticated analyses of measurement issues and ofhomogeneity among respondents. Subsequent chapters explore topics that are atthe core of successful data collection and analysis in culture studies, including:The role of bipolar scales and Internet data collection in measuring sentimentsKey methodological variables that determine the quality of quantitative data,including measurement errors, validity, and reliabilityNew approaches to reliability and several new methods of assessing arespondents degree of inculcation into group cultureWileyThe Mutual Construction of Statisticsand Society978041581105706.09.2012Oprawa: mikka 20,50Ann Rudinow SaetnanStatistics are often seen as simple, straightforward, and objective descriptions ofsociety. However, what we choose to count, what we choose not to count, whodoes the counting, and the categories and values we choose to apply whencounting, matter. This volume addresses the ways in which statistics and numbersare gathered and applied in social science research. The contributors argue that wemust become more aware of the power and the limitations of statistics. Learningstatistics needs to be about more than simply mastering the techniques of using thetool; it needs to also be about learning the dangers of that tool and learning tocontrol it within social and ethical bounds. These dangers lie in the routines throughwhich statistics are applied; the discourses from which they emerge and into whichthey are deployed; the power relations created by those discourses; and theassumptions, meanings, and categories statistics carry with them in thosediscourses. This volume will be necessary reading for students and scholars usingquantitative data within the social sciences.Taylor & FrancisThe Research Journey: Introduction toInquiry978146250512808.05.2012Oprawa: mikka 23,99Sharon F. RallisDesigned to foster "inquiry-mindedness," this book prepares graduate students todevelop a conceptual framework and conduct inquiry projects that are linked toongoing conversations in a eld. The authors examine different ways of knowing andshow how to identify a research question; build arguments and support them withevidence; make informed design decisions; engage in reective, ethical practices;and produce a written proposal or report. Each chapter opens with a set of criticalquestions, followed by a dialogue among ve ctional graduate students exploringquestions and concerns about their own inquiry projects; these issues are revisitedthroughout the chapter. Other useful features include end-of-chapter learningactivities for individual or group use.Useful pedagogical features include:Framing questions for exploration and reectionChapter-opening dialogues that bring in perspectives from multiple disciplinesExample boxes with detailed cases and questions for the readerTaylor & FrancisThe Visualisation of Spatial SocialStructure978111996293903.08.2012Oprawa: twarda 27,50Danny DorlingHow do you draw a map of 100,000 places, of more than a million ows of people,of changes over time and space, of different kinds of spaces, surfaces and volumes,from human travel time to landscapes of hopes, fears, migration, manufacturing andmortality? How do you turn the millions of numbers concerning some of the mostimportant moments of our lives into images that allow us to appreciate theaggregate while still remembering the detail? The visualization of spatial socialstructure means, literally, making visible the geographical patterns to the way ourlives have come to be socially organized, seeing the geography in society. To astatistical readership visualization implies using data. More widely dened it impliesfreeing our imaginations. "The Visualization of Spatial Social Structure" introducesthe reader to new ways of thinking about how to look at social statistics, particularlythose about people in places. The author presents a unique combination ofstatistical focus and understanding of social structures and innovations invisualization, describing the rationale for, and development of, a new way ofvisualizing information in geographical research.WileyTheory Construction and Model-building Skills978160623340526.02.2010Oprawa: twarda 43,99James JaccardMeeting a crucial need for graduate students and newly minted researchers, thisinnovative text provides hands-on tools for generating ideas and translating theminto formal theories. It is illustrated with numerous practical examples drawn frommultiple social science disciplines and research settings. The authors offer clearguidance for dening constructs, thinking through relationships and processes thatlink constructs, and deriving new theoretical models (or building on existing ones)based on those relationships. Step by step, they show readers how to use causalanalysis, mathematical modeling, simulations, and grounded and emergentapproaches to theory construction. A chapter on writing about theories containsinvaluable advice on crafting effective papers and grant applications. Usefulpedagogical features in every chapter include: Application exercises and conceptexercises Lists of key terms and engaging topical boxes Annotated suggestions forfurther reading.Taylor & FrancisTheory Construction and Model-building Skills978160623339918.02.2010Oprawa: mikka 24,00James JaccardMeeting a crucial need for graduate students and newly minted researchers, thisinnovative text provides hands-on tools for generating ideas and translating theminto formal theories. It is illustrated with numerous practical examples drawn frommultiple social science disciplines and research settings. The authors offer clearguidance for dening constructs, thinking through relationships and processes thatlink constructs, and deriving new theoretical models (or building on existing ones)based on those relationships. Step by step, they show readers how to use causalanalysis, mathematical modeling, simulations, and grounded and emergentapproaches to theory construction. A chapter on writing about theories containsinvaluable advice on crafting effective papers and grant applications. Usefulpedagogical features in every chapter include: Application exercises and conceptexercises Lists of key terms and engaging topical boxes Annotated suggestions forfurther reading.Taylor & Francis 112. Statystyka w naukach spoecznych112Understanding and Applying ResearchDesign978111809648218.01.2013Oprawa: twarda 80,00Martin Lee AbbottThis introductory guide provides a fresh approach to integrating design andstatistics in a hands-on fashion that incorporates the power of SPSS (r) software tosolve real-world problems. It explores the areas of design and causation--allowingreaders to pose, test, and interpret research questions with live data. By integratingexercises and worksheets, the book allows readers to examine real world data fromvarious elds of research--making it an ideal text for professionals and upper-levelstudents involved in the social sciences.WileyUnderstanding Research in Clinical andCounseling Psychology978041599221315.03.2011Oprawa: mikka 39,99Jay C. ThomasUnderstanding Research in Clinical and Counseling Psychology, Second Edition, iswritten and designed for graduate students in the psychology and counseling elds,for whom the value of psychological research is not always readily apparent.Contributed to by experts in their respective elds, this text presents research as anindispensable tool for practice, a tool that is used every day to advance knowledgeand improve assessment, treatment choice, and client outcomes. The book isdivided into four logical parts: Research Foundations, Research Strategies,Research Practice, and nally, Special Problems. Included is a chapter thataddresses one of the most important controversies, the distinction between realisticand "gold standard" efcacy studies. The remainder of the book addresses salientissues such as conducting research in various cultures, operating an empirically-oriented practice, and performing research with families, children, and the elderly.Students and professors will nd the coverage ample and penetrating, without beingtoo overwhelming.Taylor & FrancisUnderstanding The New Statistics978041587968210.08.2011Oprawa: mikka 31,99Geoff CummingThis is the rst book to introduce the new statistics - effect sizes, condenceintervals, and meta-analysis - in an accessible way. It is chock full of practicalexamples and tips on how to analyze and report research results using thesetechniques. The book is invaluable to readers interested in meeting the new APAPublication Manual guidelines by adopting the new statistics - which are moreinformative than null hypothesis signicance testing, and becoming widely used inmany disciplines. Accompanying the book is the Exploratory Software forCondence Intervals (ESCI) package, free software that runs under Excel and isaccessible at The books exercises use ESCIssimulations, which are highly visual and interactive, to engage users and encourageexploration. Working with the simulations strengthens understanding of keystatistical ideas. There are also many examples, and detailed guidance to showreaders how to analyze their own data using the new statistics, and practicalstrategies for interpreting the results.Taylor & FrancisValidity Generalization: A CriticalReview978041565311403.03.2013Oprawa: mikka 28,00Kevin R. MurphyThis volume presents the rst wide-ranging critical review of validity generalization(VG)--a method that has dominated the eld since the publication of Schmidt andHunters (1977) paper "Development of a General Solution to the Problem of ValidityGeneralization." This paper and the work that followed had a profound impact onthe science and practice of applied psychology. The research suggests thatfundamental relationships among tests and criteria, and the constructs theyrepresent are simpler and more regular than they appear. Looking at the history ofthe VG model and its impact on personnel psychology, top scholars and leadingresearchers of the eld review the accomplishments of the model, as well as thecontinuing controversies. Several chapters signicantly extend the maximumlikelihood estimation with existing models for meta analysis and VG. Reviewing 25years of progress in the eld, this volume shows how the model can be extendedand applied to new problems and domains. This book will be important toresearchers and graduate students in the areas of industrial organizationalpsychology and statistics.Taylor & FrancisWhen to Use What Research Design978146250353706.04.2012Oprawa: mikka 26,99W. Paul VogtSystematic, practical, and accessible, this is the rst book to focus on nding themost defensible design for a particular research question. Thoughtful guidelines areprovided for weighing the advantages and disadvantages of various methods,including qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods designs. The book can beread sequentially or readers can dip into chapters on specic stages of research(basic design choices, selecting and sampling participants, addressing ethicalissues) or data collection methods (surveys, interviews, experiments, observations,archival studies, and combined methods). Many chapter headings and subheadingsare written as questions, helping readers quickly nd the answers they need tomake informed choices that will affect the later analysis and interpretation of theirdata. Useful features include: easy-to-navigate part and chapter structure engagingresearch examples from a variety of elds end-of-chapter tables that summarize themain points covered detailed suggestions for further reading at the end of eachchapter integration of data collection, sampling, and research ethics in one volumecomprehensive glossary.Taylor & Francis 113. SKADANIE ZAMWIEOnline info@abe.plFax: Tel.:+48 22 652 07 67+48 22 654 06 75801 777 223Znajd najbliszego przedstawicielahandlowego(zobacz list kontaktw na nastpnej stronie)DANE FIRMYABE-IPS Sp. z o.oul. 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