How to create great visual content for marketing on Instagram

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Use Rhonna Designs application to create great visual content for marketing on Instagram.


1.How to create great visual content for Marketing on Instagram2. Instagram is a Free Photo application to instantly share images with followers. Rhonna Designs is a text overlay application to create and embellish posts to add variety to Instagram marketing. 3. Rhonna Designs In the App store, Rhonna Designs is listed. This application is $1.99 and is worth it for the content it can provide! 4. When you first open Rhonna Design, thereare 3 options on the bottom. The arrow points to the Camera Roll to access images already on your phone, the second will open your camera to take a photo instantly. 5. Click okay to allow Rhonna access to your camera roll. 6. Select a photo from one of your albums or select Rhonna Backgrounds. 7. There are many differentbackgrounds that are available. Select one that you like! 8. A great feature of Rhonna is that you can select what size format to use specific for socialmedia platforms. To use for Instagram select Square so it fits in your Instagram post. 9. To add text, tap the T. 10. Select a font that you want to use. 11. Click the text box and type out your message. You can change the size of the text by expanding the box with a fingerpinch. 12. There are color options below to select to change the font color.When you are done with your post, click the button in the far right corner to share. 13. There are a few backend canvas options. If you are ready to Share your post, click share on the bottom. 14. Share you Twitter or Facebook, or to share toInstagram simply Save the Image and then upload it as a regular Instagrampost. 15. @KendallClean is a Rockstar at this overlay application! Check out her account for examples. 16. Use Rhonna Designs app to get an edge on Instagram. Click Here to Tweet this tipFor more FREE Online Media Tips Visit