Get the gears moving again with back-to-homeschool essentials for high school homeschool

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It can be difficult to get the gears of our student's minds moving again after a long summer break. Here are some great essentials for homeschool high school to get those gears moving.


  • 1. Get the Gears Moving Again with Back-to-Homeschool Essentials for Homeschooling High School

2. is the premiere website for the homeschool high school community. We offer forums for both parents and students, easy-to-browse information about high school homeschooling and post-graduation preparation, and tons of free printables that you can download and use today. Stop by our main site to see all that we have to offer! 3. Pens, pencils, highlighters After all, what homeschool is complete without these? 4. A computer, tablet, or other internet ready device This has become an absolute essential in our technology saturated world. 5. Index Cards These are great as study tools, for taking notes, and many other uses. 6. An e-reader and a library card During their high school years your students will be required to read many, many books. Most of these can be found as free e-books or in your local library. 7. A printer, printer paper and ink You will need to keep a record of what you are doing for your students' portfolios. 8. Great homeschool Curricula Time4Learning now offers high school classes. 9. A great writing curriculum Time4Writing is a great option. 10. Spiral Notebooks Most homeschoolers prefer to keep their workbooks free of writing. These are a great alternative for recording answers. 11. 3 ring binders These can be used to keep portfolios and other important records safe and organized. 12. A good spelling program Just because your students are in high school doesn't mean they are done learning to spell. 13. Keep up with the latest high school homeschooling info!