Fun with friends! 6ºc

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1. UNIT FUN WITH FRIENDS! 2. HAVING A PARTYI like having a party. 3. DANCING TO MUSIC Do you likedancing tomusic? No, I dont. 4. GOING SHOPPINGDoes she like going shopping?Yes, she does. 5. WATCHING FILMSDo they like watching films?Yes, they do. 6. HAVING A PICNIC Do you likehaving apicnic? No, I don't. 7. TELLLING JOKESDo you like telling jokes?Yes, I do. 8. PLAYING SPORTSDoes he like playing sports?No, he doesn't. 9. ACT OUT A COMEDY Do they like actout a comedy? No, they don't. 10. GOING TO THE CINEMA Does she likegoing to thecinema? Yes, she does. 11. WATCH A GAME SHOWDo you like watching a game show?Yes, I do. 12. CREDITS SLIDESHOW BYALBERTO PALOMARES6 C PEDRO ALONSO NIO PRIMARY SCHOOL, MOGUER