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Teach children the classics in children's literature with these fun games and puzzles!


1. Weekly Childrens Newspaper www.robinage.comEOTO : Childrens LiteratureFun Learning for KidsWeekly Childrens Newspaper 2. Identify these classic childrens story books!Weekly Childrens Newspaper 3. Match the names of the books with theircovers!Weekly Childrens Newspaper 4. Complete the names of these acclaimed childrensbook authors:1. E _ _ D B_ Y _ _ N2. R_ A_ D _ AH_3. _US_ _ N B _ _ D4. J_A_N_ K_ _H L _ _ N R_ W _ L _ _ GWeekly Childrens Newspaper 5. In the book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,can you tell us how Dorothy and Toto returnhome?Weekly Childrens Newspaper 6. Guess the names of the fairytales from thedescriptions given below:a. Two children, a brother and a sister walk into a forest. They leave a trailof crumbs behindb. The wolf huffed and he puffed and he huffed and he puffed. The houseof straw fell downc. A little bird is bullied by others for being ugly. As he grows, he maturesinto a beautifulWeekly Childrens Newspaper 7. During Alices adventures in Wonderland, Aliceis a guest at a mad tea party with three othercharacters. Can you name the characters?Weekly Childrens Newspaper 8. Answers:1. Rapunzel and Thumbelina2. 1: c, 2: d, 3: a, 4: b3. a: Enid Blyton, b: Roald Dahl, c: Ruskin Bond, d: Joanne KathleenRowling4. Dorothy wears the silver shoes and clicks her heels three times,commanding the shoes to take her and Toto home5. a: Hansel and Gretel, b: The Three Little Pigs, c: The Ugly Duckling6. The Hatter, Mad Hare and DormouseWeekly Childrens Newspaper 9. Thank You!Connect with us Childrens Newspaper www.robinage.comPrint this slideshow to teach kids offline!