February Is Black History Month Directions

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  • 1. February is Black History Month. Earn up to 50 extra credit points in English class by completing the following project: 1. Read one of the seven books determined by Miss Hunter that pertains to Black History.2. Create a collage of images and pictures that relate to the theme of the book. Find a quote that relates to the theme of the book and have it posted on your collage. Be sure to have the name of the book you read and its author somewhere visible on your collage. The collage must be at least the size of one piece of construction paper. Ask Miss Hunter if you need supplies.3. Write one page explaining how your collage relates to the book you read. Make sure you are writing in complete sentences, you have checked your spelling and grammar, and that you use good writing organization skills.4. Present your collage and writing to the class.5. Due on or before February 28th.


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